KWP Run 321 – A Marvellous report – November 9th 2019

Before I start – did I tell you that I’ve got a new dog?

This week brought us to KWP parkrun 321. For those of you not old enough to remember the game show of the 70's, it featured smooth host Ted Rogers leading contestants through a maze of obscure clues in the hope of eliminating the booby prize of Dusty Bin and walking away with something often rather unconventional. In fact, the first episode featured the contestants winning an actual pet dog. Just like me. I kid you not.

Before parkrun this week there was an immaculately observed minutes silence in memory of those who fell in the Great War. Thank you to all who took part.

It was a little like coming home for me this week. Having not been at KWP for a while due to cancellations, tourism and rugby it was definitely a welcome return. Thinking about the run before Saturday I was hit with the thought that the only reason I have been able to be away for a while safe in the knowledge that I could come back at any time, is because of the volunteers. For week after week many, many people have given up either their run and/or their time to ensure that others can run. If we were to all give up just 2 or 3 a year we would easily fill our volunteer roster week after week. Please have a think about that and speak to whoever is the Communications rep for the next week and put your name down on the sheet for a forthcoming week.

The wet weather has continued and so we’re still on the out and back course. This obviously suited our first runner home. There was a cracking PB for our first place marvel Ashley BALDWIN; congratulations to Ashley for hitting a great time of 17:14. Reinis BALTINS and Rob MACE rounded out the top 3. First female home was Zara BUCHANAN in 32nd place overall in a time of 22:10. Zara is in the 11-14 category! Evie FOREST was 2nd female but I must give a special mention to our 3rd finishing female runner Jo JOHNSON who, with a time of 23:09 in the 55-59 age category, hit an age-rating of an incredible 81.50% which parkrun class as ‘National Class Level’. Outstanding!

We had 25 First Timers this week, 12 of whom ran their first ever parkrun. We had 27 PBs out of a total field of 349.

Just the one official milestone this week. Congratulations go to Carl Holyoak who earned a red t-shirt for 50 parkruns completed. Familiar face Tim Gould hit an unofficial milestone this week with his 200th run. Congratulations Tim and we hope to see you getting your green t-shirt in a year or so if you don’t miss any.

Finally, did I mention that I’ve got a new dog?
See you all next week!


Kingsbury Water Park Parkrun number 320, 2-November 2019

The day of the Rugby world cup final, and as the whistle blew to start the England vs. South Africa match off in Yokohama, the run director Matthew Green also started the 229 runners on the 320th run off here at Kingsbury Water! This date also marks the closest Saturday to bonfire night too, so my work is cut out fitting appropriate puns into the report (as seems to be the tradition). Should I go with references to rugby, or fireworks? Or should I just stand back from any puns altogether? (25 metres?). Oh no…


First of all – big thanks to all of the volunteers who came out and made this event happen!

Allan BEAN • Amanda Jayne HANSON • Bill HOWES • Brian ADAMS • Cameron BARNES • Claire PERRY • Hannah COOGAN • Jane BARRETT • Jonathan ALSOP • Karen GOPSILL • Kirsty SMITH • Lil SOUTER • Lisa BARNES • Mark CROWE • Matthew GREEN • Mike SHELTON • Paul DANIELS • Reuben PERRY • Robert Ian RAINSLEY • Sandra INGRAM • Sarah OAKES • Sharon JACKSON • Sharon WHITEHEAD • Sheila Ann DUNN • Susan HANN • Teigan INGHAM • Vikki SMITH • Wendy BOWYER

Without the hi-vis heroes, as well as many others behind the scenes, the run can’t take place. Please consider giving volunteering a go if you can, as many weeks the KWP parkrun struggles to fill the rota.

The Conditions

Well done to all of you who managed to get out to tackle the course. Conditions were a little on the damp side, with rain starting right on cue at about 8.30. There was a slight breeze with temperatures around 8’C, but there was a lot of puddle dodging going on (or running straight through them) and many wet leaves meant that the PB (Personal Best) bell didn’t get much use today. Eight runners in total kept their eye on the ball and did manage a PB, so well done to those.

The results

Our first over the line today was John Jenkins (19:13) - a great try. Thomas Ainsworth (19:26) converted a great run into a 2nd place, rounding off a 1st and 2nd for Tamworth AC. Sam Yates of Nuneaton Harriers came in 3rd (19:33) to complete our front row. He was also the first Junior runner – a great effort.

The second row (4th and 5th) was Benjamin Musson (19:59) and Rob Stead (20:16), who held it together well until the end, avoiding some tricky rucks and mauls.

First lady over the line was Evie Forest (23:08) who had a great finish out from beyond the 22 metre line.

A big welcome to the 26 runners who ran Kingsbury for the first time, the away fans (tourists) and the 7 newcomers who came off the bench and ran their first ever Parkrun.


Three runners clocked their 100th run today. Steve Perry (23:59) has been a regular runner and volunteer at Kingsbury since his first run here in August 2017, he also kindly supplied some chocolates to celebrate! Wayne Repton (24:23) has also come a long way since his first run here in March 2017, knocking well over 10 mins off his time since then, clearly joining the Badgers running club has helped him improve his running in recent times! Clara Walton (27:12) also achieved her 100th run, a Kingsbury regular who first ran here in April 2016, some great passing in the second half, she then went on to put another one over the line! Well done all three on earning your black 100 t-shirt.

John Hansen (30:02) cruised around the course soaking up the atmosphere (and rain) on his 300th Parkrun, a fantastic achievement! John is a regular runner and volunteer at Kingsbury, who ran the first ever Kingsbury Parkrun over six years ago on 20th July 2013 & his 200th at KWP today! Well done John!

Until next time folks, keep yourselves safe out there if running in the dark!


A thrilling run report

Thriller Pacer

For the full effect please click the link to listen while reading: from 4 minutes 38 seconds (very long introduction)

It's close to 9 o’clock and something wonderful is lurkin' in the park
Under the pacemakers sign you see a sight that almost stops your heart
You try to run but pacers take you before you panic
You start to freeze as pacemakers look you right between the eyes, You're alive

You hear the “go” shouted and realize you have to run

You feel the cold wind and wonder if you'll ever see the finish line
You see the puddles and hope that this is just imagination,
But all the while you hear a creature pacer' up behind, You're outta time

They're out to help you, there's runners closing in on every side
They will pace you unless you change that number on your garmin
Now is the time for you and I to pb close together
All through the parkrun pacers save you from the terror on the results,
They'll make you pb

Fancy dress falls across the park
The volunteers are close at hand
Runners run in search of pbs
To terrorize y'all's Facebook page
And whomsoever shall be found
Without the barcode for getting round
Must stand and face the results of hell
And rot inside a unknown's shell

The foulest stench is in the air
The wet shoes of 255 of parkrunners
And pacers from every time
Are closing in to seal your pb
And though you fight to get over the puddles
Your body starts to shiver
For no mere mortal can resist
The spirit of the parkrun

'Cause this is pacers, kingsbury parkrun
And no one's gonna save you from the addictiveness that is about to strike
You know it's pacers , kingsbury parkrun
You're fighting for your Saturday lie-in inside a parkrun addict.

Pacers, kingsbury parkrun
'Cause it can thrill you more than any solo run could ever dare try
pacers, kingsbury parkrun
So let me hold my barcode tight and share a killer, thriller, chiller
parkrun here next week

Unfortunately, I can’t work the stats into this song so….

Thank you to the volunteers who froze so we could run Richard Benham, Paul Wallace,
David Price, Andy Stretton, Hannah Coogan, Gemma Follis, Judy Parkes, Sharon Whitehead, Alison Dolphin, Claire Perry, Reuben Perry, Christine Norris, Stephen Andrews, Teresa Satchell, Susan Hann, Jessica Harper, Teigan Ingham, Sarah Dennis, David Price, Katie Pearce, Alex Sandham, Tina Maye, Ian Maye, Karen Gopsill, Ian Jackson, Rachael Shelton, Corey Shelton, Bradley Shelton, Laura Edwards, Hayden Bailey, Lil Souter, Fiona Hill, Laura Ashwood, Sharon Jackson, Alison Upton, Richard Marvin, Sean White, Howard Bush, Gavin Crockwell, Colin Hann and Owen Hann.

First finishers were men=Benjamin Musson (19.24), Howard Bush (19.51) and Sam Starkey (20.30) and ladies= Erin Bush (21.04), Elsa Buchanan (21.40) and Zara Buchanan (21.43.)
Wava heroes were Howard Bush 73.13 %, Zara Buchanan 72.37 % and Andrew Mason-Williams 71.99 %

Well done to people celebrating milestones this week. Congratulations to Carolyn Carter on her 50th parkrun on her first trip to Kwp. Well done to Rob Bull, Matthew Atkins and Colin Hann on their 100th parkrun. Thank you to the pacers who help 29 people to a new pb today. There were 32 First timer to Kingsbury to jump in the puddles. Congratulations to Clair Burnham and Tom Huntley who chose the wettest parkrun for a while to do their first ever parkrun. It was nice to see 30 tourist come to visit the park.


PAs and Puns a plenty!

Yes it’s that time of year again. The summer bug spray is replaced by winter garments, gloves and bobble hats. In fact I need no second invitation to dress up and next week I will be taking full advantage of the venues Halloween pacing event “The route of all evil”.

With the clocks due to go back next weekend, 425 runners enjoyed the beauty of the park. Regulars at Kingsbury will see the water park in all its guises, as 1 season rolls onto the next.

With recent heavy rain forcing several cancellations due to flooding, Michael WYANT (27:07) quite literally dipped his toe into the water, with the suggestion of a footballing kick about after future parkruns.
Several are keen to meet up with all ages and genders welcome, with jumpers used for goalposts. Early indications show “Man – Chest – Hair United” tops a local poll as a potential team name.

I also heard a rumour that Bedworth parkrun may be putting together a team of their own, with a future friendly match being touted as a distinct possibility. I approached Jenna DAVIES from Bedworth parkrun who said. “There is some truth in the rumours and if we did form a footballing team we would call it “Knowing me knowing you – ZAHA.”

Event 318 welcomed 73 first timers and collectively there were 36 new personal bests. No fewer than 35 different running clubs were represented and it was the “Ice man” himself Tim Gould who directed this weeks show. The core team were also grateful to The Titan Triathlon Club for their volunteer takeover and to all the volunteers for completing this weeks roster.

With several “unknown” finishers including the first runner back, Chris JORDAN from Leicester Coritanian appeared 1 st on the results list in a quality time of 17:28.

Adam BRAITHWAITE crossed the line next in a speedy 18:24, while BADGERS runner David HILL completed his 10th parkrun in 19:22.

Young Sian DUVAK had the distinction of first female home on the listings, as she greeted the bar code scanners in a rapid 21:37. (Royal Sutton Coldfield AC)

Another youngster Evie FOREST impressed with her time of 23:18.
1st timer Kerstine HERBERT no doubt enjoyed her visit, as she marked her 75th parkrun with a sub 24 minute time of 23:39. (Kimberley @ District Striders)

As always there were flashes of brilliance and inspiration a plenty.
Local volunteer Matt GREEN ran his 150 th venue parkrun. The Peter CROUCH of runners marked the occasion with a top 10 finish (20:48), before heading off towards the café performing “the robot”.

Anne WEAVER (42:27) initially attended Sutton parkrun only to find the event cancelled. Remarkably she then made it to Kingsbury after the start of the event, but still completed the course finishing in front of the tail walkers.

The supportive Claire CARTMELL (35:39) rang the PB bell, as she demonstrated that true parkrun spirit. Sarah SHANNON worked hard and deserves all the plaudits as she finished in 35:41.

Paul CHARLTON (28:13) recorded his 150th parkrun, as the popular Rob ANDREWS marked his 125th representing Boldmere Bullets. (30:10)

Hinckley RC athlete Rachel EDWARDS chalked up her century. (31:58)
There were 75th outings for Royal Sutton Coldfield AC ace Daniel MUSSON (23:34), and BADGERS duo Lesley PALMER (40:19) and Yvonne FEASEY (35:47).

The following all safely navigated their 50th parkruns.
David DOUGLAS (24:20), Paul MCNAMARA (25:25), Young Benjamin DALY (27:18) and Sara FARRELL (29:41 Lonely Goat RC)

Neil GRIFFIN (24:38) ran his 25 th event, an achievement shared by John BARRY (33:41) and Jane HUGHES (43:24 This Girl Runs – Tamworth).

Rounding up this weeks milestones are those proud to have notched their 10th .

Madeline WOODWARD (24:19 1st timer), Rob KELLY (28:39), Michael KENNY (28:47 PB), Lorraine GODBER (29:01), Lloyd BRADSHAW (30:04), young Chole JORDAN (31:08 1 st timer), Charlotte BARTON (32:42 1 st timer), Sara HAWKINS (37:14) and Rebecca MYNETT (42:44).

Elsewhere and it was a case of “come on down” to Kingsbury for Mandy HANSON (35:18), as she collected a Garmin Forerunner for husband John, courtesy of slimming world sensation David PRICE (27:56 Lonely Goat RC).

It was an education for 1st timer Clair COLLEDGE as she passed with flying colours. (36:08)

Katie SHARPE was more than to the point as she cut through the crowds finishing in 31:10 for a new best.

Paul “the dog” COOPER was another to benefit from his year of hard work, as he smiled his way over the line for a new PB. (29:51)
There were also welcome returns from injury for BADGERS duo Sam STARKEY (22:02) and Justin HAYWOOD (22:29).

Our young runners were as always in dazzling form. The following all left with a new PB time. 1) William PAGE (21:42), 2) Joe CLEARY (28:04), 3) Nathan HUNT (30:17), 4) Jacob HARRIS (31:46), 5) Charlie THOULD (40:57) and 6) Lily-May DEAKIN (43:49).

Ian JACKSON (30:38) was loitering with intent gratefully receiving donations towards a new PA system. Sufficient funds have since been raised and on behalf of the organisers thank you to everyone for your support.

Crowd favourites Sara DENNIS (Lichfield RC), Sarah MADDAFORD and Fiona HILL (Run Mummy Run) all ran together. A formidable sight as the trio attacked the finish line like the Liverpool FC front 3.

There were further PB’s for Waseem AHMED (26:51), Fran LORETTO (26:13) and 1st timer Don CAWTHERA. (27:21 Sidmouth RC).

Finally the vibrant Rachael SHELTON was in attendance with her 2 boys, Corey (1:04:01) and Bradley (1:04:03 PB). With young Matt JACKSON in tow the quartet all safely crossed the line, showing that there is so much more to parkrun than just times.

I’m not sure when the new PA system will be available for use however, I am reliably informed the new speaker will be referred to by the core team as “The Rachael”.

Well done everyone and I will look forward to seeing you at next weeks pacing event.


Parkrun #317 We are back!! .

On the same morning that Eliud Kipchoge set out to run a marathon in under two hours, 345 people set out at Kingsbury to run, walk or jog their way round 5k. Some, like Kipchoge, had a time in mind to beat and others came to just let their brains and bodies unwind and enjoy the space.
After two weeks of cancellation due to flooding it was good to be back to the flat – muddy- home course, which for this week featured the return of the out and back ( the marmite section!). Especially pleased that we were back on was Carol Speight who had been waiting to tourist with us all the way from Sheffield, and was made most welcome, which is what we do well at KWp. Another 40 first timers joined us this week, hopefully not for the last time, and 26 PB’s were recorded. There were joint birthday celebrations and Glen Swindell celebrated his 100 parkrun.
Everyone comes to parkrun for their own reasons and everyone completes it in a time and way that is right for them. One of the many things I love about parkrun, and especially KWp, is the support and friendship that develops from going week in week out and how much encouragement there is to be all you can be and achieve whatever it is you want to achieve, be it a PB or someone to talk to about your week or a shared celebration and cake after the run.
Kipchoge said “I am here because of teamwork” so thank you to this weeks volunteer team Robert Ian RAINSLEY • Richard KING • Tim GOULD • Hannah COOGAN • Darren O'LEARY • Trevor GASPER • Brian ADAMS • Mike SHELTON • Judy PARKES • Jo SMITH • Andy STRETTON • Katharine GOULD • Matthew GREEN • Madeleine GOULD • Jenny REEVE • Sharon WHITEHEAD • Alex SANDHAM • Fiona HILL • Karen GOPSILL • Paul MCNAMARA • Sam STARKEY • Susan THOULD • Steve PERRY • Neil THORNE • Lucie BRADY • Teresa SATCHELL • Jon JERRARD-DINN • Gemma FOLLIS • Allen KING • Margaret JORDAN • Ken JORDAN because without your help parkrun simply wouldn’t happen.
Finally a very special mention this week must go to Brian Adams who completed his 250th volunteer role this week. He is a HiVis Hero indeed, making sure that everything is out and ready and then stored away each week, greeting people at the barriers, managing funnel, marshalling…you name it and he has been part of it. We are so very lucky to have Brian and are extremely grateful for all the time and effort he gives to Kingsbury. A huge thank you from all of us to you, Brian.


21st September another day in history Kingsbury Water Park event #316

As the crisp morning dew started to disappear on the grass and foliage, the mist on the lakes rose as the warmth of the sun shining brightly clearing the way and setting the scene for 496 runners all united in one common goal; to participate in the Saturday morning phenomenon that is Parkrun, running, jogging or walking 5k, all with their own reasons, challenges and goals, all making history.
1957 "Perry Mason" TV series based on the character by author Erle Stanley Gardner, starring Raymond Burr premieres on CBS-TV. Today was the premiere for 72 first timers, 36 of those were Parkrun newbies and 36 were first timers at KWP.
1980 Richard Todd of NY Jets completes 42 passes in a game (NFL record), today was no exception for records, as 40 Parkrunners beat their own records and walked away earing a well-deserved pat on the back as they all achieved new personal bests.
1955 In his last fight, undefeated world heavyweight boxing champion Rocky Marciano KOs light heavyweight Archie Moore in the 9th round at Yankee Stadium, NYC. As we all know the 10th round follows the 9th and making his 10th debut and milestone was Noah ASPREY (29:33) who also chose to celebrate his 10th Parkrun with a New Personal Best.
1990 Pirate Bobby Bond is 2nd to hit 30 HRs & steal 50 bases in a season (so he can play in 6 decades) because it is a publicity stunt. Taking their 50th Parkrun milestones today were Reinis BALTINS (17:57) who celebrated the occasion with a new Personal Best, Michael BAILEY (22:51), David HUTCHINSON (23:47) and Tracy VICKERS (31:13).
1988 Saw the Suriname swimmer Anthony Nesty win the 100m butterfly at the Seoul Olympics; Suriname's first gold; first black to win individual Olympic swim gold medal; thwarts Matt Biondi's attempt at 7 gold medals. Brad KERMODE (25:19) took his own gold as he completed the milestone that is 100 Parkruns.
37 different running clubs were represented this week. To date there has been 316 events with 13, 867 runners covering a total distance of 518, 675km, which is equivalent to climbing Mount Everest 58.6 times, or 1.3 trips to the moon from earth.
"Heroes" is the 12th studio album by the late great musician David Bowie, released on RCA Records on 14 October 1977. Today 33 volunteers donned a Hi viz vet to become heroes, on behalf of the core team thank you for your dedication and valued support. Your heroes today were Sam BLENKIRON, Hannah COOGAN, Peter COOGAN, Julie GARBETT, Samantha GARBETT, Katharine GOULD, Madeleine GOULD, Matthew GREEN, Jessica HARPER, Teigan INGHAM, Alexander INGHAM, Ian JACKSON, Sharon JACKSON, Margaret JORDAN, Ken JORDAN, George KING, Sue KING, Kay MOHANNA, Daisy MULLEN, Poppy MULLEN, Corinne OLDHAM, Graham PERRY, David PRICE, Alex SANDHAM, Rachael SHELTON, Mike SHELTON, Lil SOUTER, Sam STARKEY, Andy STRETTON, Susan THOULD, Alex WHITE, Sean WHITE, Sharon WHITEHEAD


Sparrow farts and other bird noises!! Event #315

Up at the crack of sparrow fart on a sunny Saturday morning. First chance in the week for a lie in and 425 parkrunners are bucking convention and lacing up their runners, greasing up the chaff zones and wolfing down their porridge/banana/last nights cold pizza or whatever may be the fuel of choice. 425 with a common goal to complete 5km of flat, peaceful, lake hugging trails for KWP's 315th outing. A course punctuated with wildlife, including path hogging geese, a railway for the steam enthusiasts, a play area, lake views - the glass like calm periodically disturbed by the the roar of a jetski or the silent speed of a Feilun FT011 2.4G 4 Channel Frequency 4WD Function 14.8V 2200mA powered racing boat with 150 metres control distance and auto roll correct feature - and a few Blair Witch structures through the muddy wood. 425 including experienced runners chasing down the next PB (91 achieved today) and first timers (43 to KWP) nervously excited about the unknown. Club members (40 represented) sporting their colours with pride. Some aiming for 5km survival, some incorporating parkrun into their weekend long run training session of 20 miles, some supporting a friend, some justifying their chocolate intake but everyone looking to improve themselves. Whichever camp you fall in and everywhere in between to us Marshals you're a friend worthy of an encouraging shout, whoop, finger wave or sarcy remark. The lead runner whizzing by clinging onto her rapidly racing dog gets the same support as the little 'un with teary eyes who's had enough or the the leader in the 'broken foot and on crutches' category or the person taking on the tail walkers making sure no one gets left behind.
If you completed today you're one of 13,795 to have done so since Kingsbury Water parkrun started on 20th July 2013 contributing to a total distance of 516,195km or 589.94 trips from John O'Groats to Lands End!
Personally, as a currently crocked ill disciplined runner It's always a joy and privilege to support everyone safely round the course as a Marshal.
Theodore Roosevelt once said "I may not be able to save the free world but damn me if I ain't gonna get my backside down to my local parkrun each Saturday" - or words to that effect. I don't think such prophetic vision can be ignored.
Thank you to the 425 for the effort, the smiles, the positivity and for making it so much fun for the volunteers particularly us lot at Michy's Marvels as we had a blast. Second lap is always optional.
PS the volunteers that make it possible this week included a Magician, a Stone, a Canadian Rocker, a Ken and a Professor no less. Give it up for Michelle DARLASTON • Brian ADAMS • Georgina DANN • Judy PARKES • Paul DANIELS • Brian JONES • Amanda ARNOLD • Andy STRETTON • Emma SMITH • Felicity GRAY • Matthew GREEN • Helen SMYTH • Andy SMYTH • Sharon JACKSON • Sharon WHITEHEAD • Fiona HILL • Susan HANN • Lil SOUTER • Lucie BRADY • Lynzi AGAR • Simon HILL • Averil CATON • Catrina GILL • Helen WILKES • Michelle WINDRIDGE • Helen CAIN • Sarah JENKINS • Margaret JORDAN • Ken JORDAN


Run Report – KWP Park Run #314 boom boom boom boom finished.

A slight chill in the air turned to beautiful sunshine at event number 314. The venue really is a treat and as we prepare to say goodbye to the Summer months, we look forward to seeing Kingsbury Water Park in all its Autumn splendour.

31 volunteers took centre stage with music provided for extra motivation and smiles. In fact one of my favourite films is the musical "The Blues Brothers". A film quite literally littered with musical stars and top talent.

One cast member was Matt "Guitar" MURPHY, another was "MR FABULOUS", but it was our very own giant star of Kingsbury Matt GREEN who stepped up to make his run directing debut.

The Blues Brothers was a box office smash generating $115.2 million. Today the man who resembles ex footballer and Coventry City FC midfielder Carlton PALMER deserves all the plaudits.

407 participants congregated eager for the 09:00am start. No doubt some were chasing a new personal best and 65 achieved their goal leaving with those much sought after words next to their finishing position "NEW PB!".

45 were visiting for the first time and I sincerely hope everyone enjoyed the friendliness, the scenery and the party atmosphere.

It was a ladies 1/2 today as 2 runners assisted by their loving dogs finished in 1st and 2nd position.

Elaine SHERWIN was first across the line in a magnificent time of 16:11. Running her 149th parkrun the Leamington C @ AC athlete demonstrated her running talent.

The impressive Vikki HUBBARD was next back also breaking sub 17 minutes for Canicross Midlands. (16:55)

Olivia HARRIS was 3rd lady home finishing in 12th place recording a great time of 19:21.

It was a PB for Bournville Harriers ace Paul COUGHLAN, as he celebrated his new time as first male home. (17:43)

Lawrence WILLIAMSON was the toast of Peel Road Runners as he crossed next in a rapid 17:45.

Not only was it Adam BRAITHWAITES 25th parkrun it was also his first appearance at Kingsbury. A day to remember as he marked the occasion as 3rd male back in 18:00.

Donald "Duck" Dunn performed in the Blues Brothers band. Entertaining the crowds today was Jon JERRARD-DINN as he danced away with a new PB. (20:31)

Trombone player "BONES MALONE" was another. Today Peter RATHBONE hit all the right notes. (32:08)

It was a case of "BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM" for the following 4 runners who are notched a new best. 1) Glynn BROADHURST (BADGERS 18:01), 2) Omar TAREK (22:49), 3) Stephen BAGSHAW (23:35) and 4)Averil CATON (27:01).

Richard KING was certainly king of the milestones this week, as he chalked up run 150. (28:54)

Youngster Samuel RHODES celebrated his 100th. Well done young man. (23:53)

There were 75th outings for Darren THOMAS (27:15) and Ken ARCHER (30:01).

Michy's Marvel Georgina DANN (32:01) ran parkrun number 50, as did young William PARKES (35:16).

It was parkrun 25 for Cliff Lakes OCR duo Jenny GILL (35:55) and Samuel GILL (29:18). Sharing the same milestone were Paul BAKER (21:35), Nick DANN (31:04 Lichfield RC) and Laura POWELL (31:55).

A further 5 runners all notched that first sacred 10th milestone. 1) Warren JONES (28:12), 2) Megan LINSTER (31:58 PB), 3) Oliver DEAKIN (33:00), 4)Julie GARBETT (35:49) and 5) Jo LUCAS (50:51).

Janice WOODS had a big surprise as she ran a PB. (37:57) One runner who did go down in the woods today was Anne DEVENNEY (38:28 BADGERS). Thankfully she was ok to continue with several runners stopping and demonstrating that fantastic parkrun community spirit.

A runner that did manage to stay on his feet was Anthony BALLANCE on his 124th parkrun (22:03). Bradley DUKES was another to avoid the hazards as he also ran a new PB. (25:43)

With a musical theme how fitting that youngsters Sam SMITH (31:06) and George HARRISON (32:35) both achieved new bests. Fellow youngsters Elizabeth DRUST (33:27) and Jessica OWEN (34:44) also left delighted.

Elsewehere Nicolas BLUNT looked sharp as he sliced seconds off his previous time for a new PB. (18:36) It was a gold star with distinction for Natasha MERRITT, as she found all the right answers on her way to a new best. (23:41)

Popular Fiona HILL was captured tickling the PB bell, as she powered home for her own PB in 47:30. Regulars and crowd favourites Paul OWEN (47:02) and Sue THOULD (46:13) also ran with young Charlie THOULD making a parkrun debut. (45:14)

Another young man making his first appearance was Alfie SMITH.(37:39) A proud moment for spectating mum Vikki and dad Steven who also got to chime the bell after a rigorous intensive training plan (27:12 PB)

Ellie DARLASTON (Michy's Marvels 35:15) celebrated her 18th birthday. She chose to raise money for the Birmingham Childrens Hospital instead of receiving presents. On behalf of the family thank you to everyone who supported this and on behalf of the KWP core team we hope you had a wonderful birthday.

It was a pleasure to see Mark WILLIAMS back in action. (29:44) Someone that is hugely respected and highly thought of.

Having scanned the pages looking for as much to include as possible, I was delighted to read about Claire CARTMELL running for the first time. (39:57) I love to hear about things like this and I honestly hope you savoured and enjoyed every second.

Finally it was good news for cheeky face Rachael SHELTON (24:35 BADGERS) as she was over the moon having been asked to be a bridesmaid at fellow parkrunners Laura EDWARDS and Sam MAGNUMS wedding. Rumour has it my invitation to drive them to the church in the red Ferrari has been lost in the late post.

(Best wishes Sam on a speedy full recovery)

Well thats it for this week. I just wanted to apologise for the report being slightly later than usual...I do have several valid excuses...honest.........................................................................................My tux didn't come back from the cleaners. An old friend of mine came in from out of town. Someone stole my car. There was an earthquake. A terrible flood. Locusts (ok mosquitos)...Carlton PALMER it wasn't my fault I swear to Goooooooooooodddddd!



parkrun #313 run report!

Kingsbury Water Park event #313 31st August

On this day in history there were some interesting and pretty grim, sad events that occurred; in 1888 the first victim of Jack the Ripper was murdered. 1955 William Cobb demonstrated the first solar powered car, and the saddest news on this day in history was in 1997 when we mourned the death of Princess Diana.

However today there was history of a more pleasant nature made at Kingsbury Water park at event #313, starting with my 1st time writing the run report, as you can imagine I am a bit nervous and apprehensive, not uncommon with 1st timers of which there were 64 new to Kingsbury Water Park today, of those 31 were new to Parkrun and ventured out for the very 1st time, hopefully many more to follow and writing their own history.

Those who do get the “running bug” and continue to run chase down personal milestones either in the form of PB’s or Parkrun run milestones. Today was no exception with an amazing 52 personal bests being achieved and 5 milestones today.

Joining the milestone clubs were Benjamin MUSSON (18:46), Olivia HARRIS (19:31), Cameron BARNES (23:58), Jason BROWN (26:36) all celebrating their 50th Parkrun. Savita GHEDIA (44:21) celebrated her 100th Parkrun milestone, a huge well done to all.

A special shout out goes to one of the KWP regular hi viz heroes who ran a new Personal best today Fiona Hill (48:17) 37 different running clubs were represented this week and 544 people ran, jogged and walked the course. Since the very first event on 20th July 2013 13,706 participants have chosen to KWP, completing 102, 407 Parkruns and covering a total distance of 512,035 km, 18,087 new Personal bests. A total of 819 individuals have volunteered 6,528 times.

Without the hi viz heroes none of these stats would be possible or happen and for which we are extremely grateful. 32 volunteers were key today and on behalf of the core team thank you for your dedication and valued support, donning the hi vis vests were Brian ADAMS, Keith ASHWOOD, Allan BEAN, Gary BEECHEY, Ann BEECHEY, Richard BENHAM, Richie BUNN, Tricia BUNN, Averil CATON, Gemma FOLLIS, Vicki FOWLER, Trevor GASPER, Kevin GEARY, Tim GOULD, Matthew GREEN, Carolyn HALL, Susan HANN, Fiona HILL, Jon JERRARD-DINN, Sarah MADDAFORD, Steven MALE, David PRICE, Wayne REPTON, Alex SANDHAM, Jo SMITH, Gill SNOWDEN, Lil SOUTER, Susan THOULD, Samuel VERNON, Louise VERNON, Rob VERNON, Sharon WHITEHEAD


Bank holiday weekend report!

Today I have altered the format of my run report. Having gone through the results list and made notes, it became clear that a high number of runners this week were celebrating individual milestones.

50 different running clubs were represented this week and 77 were 1st timers to the water park. (several of which chose the venue to mark a personal milestone)
This weekly event is always made possible thanks to the high vis heroes who volunteer their services. 30 volunteers were key today and on behalf of the core team thank you for your dedication and valued support.

One runner that kicks off this weeks run report is not only a regular volunteer, he also celebrated his 200th parkrun this morning. Huge congratulations to Paul DANIELS as the majestic one conjured up a time of 39:32.

In fact Paul himself was no doubt impressed with the running Marvel that is Michelle DARLASTON. (37:58) It’s a big thumbs up to Tamworth based Michy’s Marvel Michelle as she ran her 125th.

No stranger to Kingsbury, Stuart HALL hit a century running 25:25. 1st timer John TAYLOR ran his 75th timed event representing Shropshire Shufflers. (34:51) as did Matthew STEPHENS (28:21).

No fewer than 9 runners reached their 50th parkrun milestone.

1st timers Lucy CAPEL (25:14) and Matthew CAPEL (43:53) celebrated together for running club Black Pear Joggers. An occasion made more memorable for the family, as young 6 year old daughter Charlotte ran her 20th parkrun.

It was party time for the fresh princess of KWP, as Jasmine “Jazzy Jeff” JEFFERIES notched a new personal best to mark her ½ century run. (25:14)…She was last seen dancing like Carlton as she approached the bar code scanners.

Amanda PEASLAND was another to profit from her hard work, as she also ran a 50th PB. (26:03) Mark REPTON marked his 50th run just shy of 20 minutes. (BADGERS 20:03) Club colleague Gavin CROCKWELL completed his “red t-shirt day run” in typically low key fashion. The young maverick bounded around in cookie monster attire listening to 50 cent “In da club”and Lemar hit 50/50. (24:35)

Also celebrating their 50th runs were Samantha PEASLAND (26:19), Dale ROE (26:26) and George KING (28:18).

Coventry triathlete Peter MATTHEW ran his 25th parkrun (23:51) as did first timer Amy BARON-HALL for Canicross Midlands. (23:55)

BADGERS lady duo Pip WESTON (26:03) and Vikki SMITH (35:08) took some deserved time away from their busy BA10K committee roles, as they enjoyed their 25th outings.

Young Thomas GILL completed his 25th much to the delight of Cliff Lakes OCR. (36:40). There were further 25th milestones for Carol HIGGS (31:47) and John O’MALLEY (34:18).

It was a good day for Tamworth AC and youngster Oliver GOLDSWORTHY impressed on his 10th parkrun. (20:16)

Fellow youth runners Levi GRANT (24:52), Henry BAKER-YEARWOOD (Birchfield Harriers 26:31), Henry BOWYER (28:07) and Lily PEGG (37:34) all reached their 10th.

Also pocketing that 10th milestone were Tom CLARKESON (24:08), Daniel GUTHERIDGE (27:45), Carol FLINT (28:08), Vanessa WHITE (34:37), Sheryl MCKAY (36:41) and Carolyn BATTERSEA (37:41 Beginners2Runners)

Today was the venues 312th event and 448 shared the experience. 71 recorded a PB in humid conditions which also saw a small section of mud between the trees.
Under the stewardship of todays run director Rich BENHAM (a man often mistaken for the host of TV programme The Crystal Maze) Kevin GEARY set the pace as he put a shift in on lead bike.

It was Alex SEABRIGHT who was first back on the day in a quality time of 17:37. Representing Ely Runners the talented athlete also galloped to a new PB.

Local Tamworth AC runner Howard BUSH followed in close proximity. (17:43)  It was another personal best time for todays 3rd runner home Matthew WILLS. (18:04)

Tamworth AC continued their running success. Katherine SNOWDEN was again 1st female back representing the club, as she finished in 20:30.
Young Tamworth AC talent Erin BUSH produced a stunning time of 21:01 (PB). Clearly one of many up and coming stars at the club.

Kenilworth Runners starlet Louise ANDREWS made up the top 3 back for the ladies, with a formidable time of 21:38.

Following tea and cake I had to dash off to catch the bus to see Coventry City FC play at “home” in Birmingham.

3 runners also leaving in good spirits all recording new personal bests were Charlotte (21:56 Bristol and West AC ) and David (38:53) BERMINGHAM and Emily BUSS (37:17 This Girl Runs – Tamworth).

1st timer Julie FRISBY went full circle for Desford Striders. (31:39) Hector ARENAS was another to grace the stage recording 21:10.

It was a champagne moment for the magnificent Monique MAGNE as she ran 32:28. Today also saw a welcome return for Sarah O’DONOGHUE as she made it look easy scanning in with a time of 33:06.

Our young talent was again on show. Here are the names of all runners not previously mentioned that left with a new best. (incredible) Reinis BALTINS (18:08), Luke TORPEY (21:32 SPHINX AC), Levi GRANT (24:52), Luke FLINT (26:19) and Aidan CROOKES (40:15).

Elsewhere Adrian PARKES continued his fine form with a PB. (22:20)  Rob STEAD bolted for his own best (18:56), as animal and rhino fan Rebecca KINSON chalked up her own PB (24:32) with Stephanie ATTENBOROUGH clocking 33:37 (PB).

Finally Timmy MALLETT was an amusing often eccentric TV childrens programme host. Known for his early morning show Wacaday and vibrant dress sense (an everyday occurrence for me) he hosted a regular stand off game using Malletts Mallett. Today Tim HALLETT ventured back unscathed in a time of 33:42.
As a report writer you scan the results with eagle eyes looking for that elusive “Scoop”. Regulars will appreciate my delight when 1st timer Eddie MURPHY featured on the official results list. It was certainly a case of “Coming to Kingsbury” for the Kettering Town Harrier. (35:02)
Rachael SHELTON was distraught to miss out, especially when she found out the god of love was in attendance Barry WHITE. (1st timer 26:27)…but you know what. Whether you are our first, or our last but by no means least…you really are our everything.


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