New Year, New Decade, New Attendance Record!

Well a new year and decade kicked off with a venue attendance record. Yes 824 runners arrived at Kinsgbury for run number 327. 38 volunteers were well drilled, not to mention highly appreciated, as an incredible 54 personal bests were marked and 183 sampled the occasion for the first fitting that one 1st timer was young Delilah KINGSBURY. (49:15)

It was more a case of "MY MY MY" than "WHY WHY WHY". Popular 80's music fan Hannah COOGAN was today's run director and addressed the masses stood on a park picnic bench, equipped with the new tannoy system. With a heavy swell of traffic eager to enter the park, the start time was delayed in order to allow everyone to be able to take part. Organised, smooth and executed to perfection not only from Hannah but to all involved...some might call the planning regimental.

How fitting then that first back today was 1st timer Daniel TITCOMB. The British Army runner left with the distinction of first back in 2020, with a quality performance and time of 16:43.

Another 1st timer was next home representing Wycombe Phoenix Harriers @ AC. Liam BUSBY hared around the circuit impressing with a top time of 17:22.
Locally based Peter HACKETT was the toast of running club Tamworth AC, as he made up the top 3 in a rapid 17:36.

There was more local success for the ladies. Olivia HARRIS was first back breaking sub 20 minutes. (19:53 Royal Sutton Coldfield AC)

Coventry based SPHINX AC athlete Ellie S DAVIES followed next in 23:15.
Lorraine BEASLEY was another to make a debut and did so in style for Aldridge RC. (23:21)

It's a true honour not only to write the first run report of 2020, but to mark the occasion with the new attendance record...I just love a good record me and a personal best.
In 2018 "Mr CHERRY" held various records including the most shuttlecocks caught with chopsticks in 1 minute and the most socks put on a foot in 30 seconds.

In the same year Andre ORTOLF held the record for the fastest 100 metres in an office chair and the most mustard tubes drunk in 1/2 a minute. (all of which are huge huge remarkable achievements)

Obviously this weeks run report has taken slightly longer to go through and pick out individual milestones. If anyone has been missed off I can only apologise.
It’s a joy to see so many first timers hitting individual milestones. Kate Elizabeth ADAMS ran her 150th. (28:15 Intrepid ESU). It was run number 200 for Sam OWEN. (24:48 Kings Heath RC 1st timer). Another 1st timer Thomas PALMER celebrated his 175th parkrun for Kidderminster @ Stourport AC (18:24), as did Chris JONES (28:02).
Mention the name "Matt GREEN" at Kingsbury and even the fish salute. The hard working volunteer and all round nice guy chalked up his 175th running 23:20 (BADGERS).
Louisa KINGSBURY certainly picked the right place to register run number 125. (49:26 Bournville Harriers)
Marcus FAIRBURN delighted his running colleagues at Peel Road Runners, as he enjoyed his century of outings. (27:16) Another Colin MICHAEL completed his 100th venue run.
2 BADGERS runners were joyous as they navigated parkrun 75. John DULSON is no stranger to the odd record himself, owning the current Midlands title for the most bottles of Lambrini consumed in 12 months. A feat that has resulted in him being recognised in the Queens new years honours list, as he is officially made a Prince. (33:03)
Another record breaker is KWP's very own pom pom queen Lil SOUTER. (28:09). Well done and thank you for the fundraising calendar.
There were nearly as many unicorns as runners this week. The highly regarded Simon (54:51) and Fiona (54:52) HILL were again in action, as they both completed their 50th parkruns together. Team HOLYOAK got in on the act (26:35) with Joanne DAVIES achieving her 50th for North Warwickshire based club BADGERS. (27:17)
There was more success for Peel Road Runners as Wendy BOWYER (36:10) hit the magic 50. (much to the delight of Paul DANIELS (43:58) )
Andrew GODBER did his 50th run in 32:38, as Rich PRICE turned on the style with a PB for double delight. (30:13)
Young Evie FOREST hit the 25 mark. (23:42)
The following all finalised their 10th parkruns: Ryan HUGHES (24:25 1st timer Lonely Goat RC), Francois JEAN (32:39), Jason KING (30:57 1st timer), Alex MCINTOSH (21:27 1st timer), Shellie REEVES (27:05), Jack ROSS (30:37), Mandip THANDI (23:22 1st timer Aldridge RC), Mandy RESTELL (30:02 BADGERS), Jason PITCHER (Knowle and Dorridge RC 21:33 1st timer), Alice MASON-WILLIAMS (32:08), Sandra CAIRNS (33:06 1st timer Chasewater Runners), Steven SMITH (37:25), Samantha COLES (1:08:37), Emelia PICKETT (36:32), Alex HALL (32:07), Aimee CLARK (27:40 Tamworth AC), Jenson PICKETT (27:33), Kester WATERMAN (27:25 1st timer Colchester @ Trending AC) and George ALLEN (1st timer Halesowen A @ CC 25:23).
Mark ROBINSON (38:01)raised a glass to his 25th volunteer stint, as he made a welcome return with running buddy Ian MCNAMARA. (38:01)
Julie GARBETT started the new year in fine form, as she completed a parkrun PB double. Kelly SMILEY was no doubt delighted, as she kick started 2020 with a PB. (41:03)
"Mr Sleek" Richard CHESTER propelled himself to PB stardom, (25:20) as Kingsbury hardman Rich BENHAM closed in on his 100th parkrun with a time of 30:14.
Kevin DICK from Sphinx AC got a new PB (23:29) and Gary BEECHEY bagged himself a new best, much to the delight of the crowd. (32:58)
Fiona REIDY (35:12) kicked off her London marathon training, as did avid Birmingham City FC fan Pierre MANN (27:29 PB).
Several young talents got to ring the "PB BELL": Jayden MARSH (36:24), Henry WHITEHILL (32:52), Henry HOWES (27:00), Harvey HOWES (22:09) and Ashley ONEIL (21:52) all shone.
Zoe COPE (33:00) was excitedly spurred on by her own personal play list on her 4 year parkrun favourite being Careless Whisper by Wham.
Retired semi professional tennis player and former Steps backing dancer Rachael SHELTON (27:34) jostled with a bloke wearing a dressing gown. In fact there was controversy in the finish funnel as both desperately tried to be the first to cross the line. (finally settling it with a game of rock, paper, scissors)
Fantasy football king and bearded wonder Gavin CLINTON (25:02), the elegant Laura ASHWOOD (28:14) and this Saturdays run director Judy PARKES (28:18) all got involved.
Crowd pleaser Susan THOULD popped a unicorn horn headband on my silvery locks for a selfie. Nivette CHESTER (30:54) dressed as an inflatable unicorn but it was the 14/1 favourite Stephanie WHITE who galloped in next following a photo selfie finish! (30:55)
In 2019 I had so many great moments at Kingsbury. After several weeks away it was superb this weekend to see so many friends again. I don't think I stopped smiling from when I arrived until I left...then carried on smiling when I got home. Hugs, high 5's, kisses, support, respect and genuine love.
I wish you all a very happy new year and 2020 x

KWp #284!

Like 536 other runners and 20 other volunteers, I set my alarm to get myself up on a Saturday morning – for me, to run for the 43rd time. An amazing 56 of you took that step for the first time this morning at Kingsbury, and 32 of you for the first time ever... welcome to each and every one of you, and I truly hope we’ll see you come back.
As usual, we were all greeted by volunteer extraordinaire Brian Adams at the gate. Brian’s at Kingsbury week in, week out – the first to arrive, and likely the last to leave. He opens up the shed containing all the physical things which make parkrun possible, helps set us up, cheers us on, and then packs us all away again... Because Brian had everything ready, Richard Chester (who doubled up on his volunteering today, also being the proverbial hare for the frontrunners to chase – thank you), was able to set the course up nicely in time for us to run around it.
Today’s Run Director was Tim Gould. Without him, the rest of the core team, and today’s team of volunteers, we would not have had a parkrun to go to!!! An unthinkable prospect! I don’t know about you, but I’d be completely lost without my parkrun kick-starting me on a Saturday. Co-ordinating his team of volunteers – another familiar name – was Richard Benham. Today, he was the guy making sure all the volunteers knew what they were doing and where they were going – and a very good job of it he did too!
After Trevor Gasper – another Kingsbury regular – had briefed all 56 new parkrunners and tourists this morning on what to expect on the course, and what to expect from parkrun, Tim gave us all a quick briefing. Among the things he mentioned were, of course, today’s milestones! Well done to Darren Thomas and Anna Gordon on completing your 50th parkruns today! Congratulations to Anthony Balance, Greg Marrett, Nick Dennis and David Bailey on completing their 100th parkruns today! Truly fantastic accomplishments.
Soon enough, we were off! Through the woods, over/around/through/in the puddles (depending on your preference – you know who you are), enjoying the mud, and taking in the scenery... Keeping us safe and cheering us on along the route were today’s marvellous marshals. Thank you, Gavin Clinton (and your two high-fivers, they were great), Sarah Davis, Karen Gopsill (who was also handing out treats, amazing), and Gervase Lancaster. Because of you, a whopping 73 people were able to achieve personal bests today – no mean feat.
Today’s first runner to meet our fantastic funnel team this morning was Chris Horton, who also managed the highest WAVA score today too. It seems that the men dominated today’s parkrun – with all of the first 60 positions going to the lads. Keeping up the lady’s side was Louise Andrews who was our first female finisher, and Sylvia Phillips who had today’s second highest WAVA score. Well done!
And of course, where would we have been without our fantastic funnel team?! I don’t know about you, but even just seeing their faces after coming around that last bend (well, the high-vis at least – my glasses tend to steam up) encourages me to push a little harder. Regardless of whether you sprint, run, jog, jeff, speedwalk, walk, dawdle, shuffle, or crawl across that line, Richie & Tricia Bunn – timekeeping duo - will have captured your time. Has anyone else noticed that they seem to volunteer far more than they run... a common theme among many of our amazing volunteers.
Keeping us all in line today through that funnel was Sharon Whitehead. Such an important job – keeping the funnel moving, redirecting and looking after the occasional person who’s pushed a little too hard. Thank you. I also saw Brian again in today’s funnel, full of smiles and generally helping things run smoothly.
Greeting us at the end of the funnel, and handing out those 537 finish tokens today, was Felicity Gray – supporting her today was Amanda Gould. Thanks ladies.
Now, I don’t know about you, but once I’ve got my token I have this bad habit of running back to find my parkrun friends instead of heading straight to scanning central like I should do... Waiting for us today were Katharine Gould, Tom Smith & Louie Harrison, along with Madeleine Gould who was there ready to help if any of had unscannable barcodes. Thank you!
Following us all today and essentially tidying up after us; picking up the cones, the distance markers and shutting the gates today were tailwalkers Sarah Maddaford and Alex Sandham. One of the things I love about parkrun is that no-one finishes last.
I’m not the “scoop” that our semi-regular journo Norman Cook is, but whilst looking through today’s stats, I counted that 18 of today’s 537 runners are also part of the Volunteer 25 club! Thanks guys, and I’m sure that in most of your cases, you’ve volunteered far in excess of 25 times, I hope you enjoyed your well-earned runs today.
Kingsbury Water parkrun started on 20th July 2013. Since then 11,762 participants have completed 87,344 parkruns covering a total distance of 436,720 (or 271,365 miles in old money). A total of 720 individuals have volunteered 5,723 times. I find it absolutely incredible that more than 11,000 people have never experienced the sheer joy of volunteering at Kingsbury. To be part of such an inclusive team has been a life changer for me – and I truly hope that those of you out there who are wavering about getting stuck in take the plunge. Take a look at the future roster, email, ask one of us about it if you’re not too sure but want to give it a go. And for those of you wanting more of a baptism of fire, I’m marshalling next week and you’re welcome to join me... pompoms are optional.


Event 271 Newsletter

Today was a notable day for many reasons. November 3rd is National Housewives day, National Bison day and believe it or not,also National Sandwich day! according to the web page regarding National Sandwich day, the best way to celebrate is to spend time with friends (obviously eating a sandwich)...Statistics tell us that some of the most common sandwiches include "Muffuletta" and "Sloppy Joe", and the sandwich is believed to be the namesake of John MONTAGU,4th Earl of Sandwich, following the claim that he was the inventor of this popular lunch time treat.

Sharing these momentous occasions (and one day they might even name a sandwich after him) is Rich BENHAM.  Likened to Eastenders heart throb Max BRANNING, Rich arrived early for his first role as run director. With a willing army of volunteers including Judy PARKES who helped set up today's event, Rich stood centre stage with his trusty loud speaker addressing the masses!...Really pleased for him, because he's earnt that opportunity, and so deserves it through continued hard work, commitment and multiple event volunteer roles.

Having read various posts from runners and those that have taken part today, I don't think i've ever been so touched with personal stories,battles and individual victories.
430 took part today, during event #271 on the return of the winter course. This included 27 volunteers, 62 were first time runners and 82 left with a new PB!

One person certainly on a roll today was lead biker Dean SNOWDEN. Unable to run through injury, Dean took up his volunteer role and after coming off his bike (thankfully uninjured) was able to continue and see all runners safely across the finish line. This was one of many posts I read before starting to write this weeks run report. What a great example especially from a volunteer. Great work Dean and hope to see you back running soon.

During the week of Halloween, Chris LOCKHART took off like a rocket to finish first back. Representing #I AM THE STORM CANICROSS, Chris finished in a breathtaking 15:52 minutes. What makes this performance even more incredible and also inspiring, is Chris stopped to assist Dean, missing out on a new PB by 2 seconds. Superb Chris.
What better way to start this weeks run report...people leading,volunteering and running from the off...all working for each can't buy that!

Aldridge RC athlete Toby OURY exploded into action for a new PB to finish 2nd! (16:53)
Marc STAIT made up the top 3 with a cracking time of 18:32.

Katherine SNOWDEN ran superb for Tamworth AC. Her reward was first female back in 21:09.  Stacey HORNER (22:29) and young Royal Sutton Coldfield AC runner Amber HOEY (22:32), proved to be a pair of sparklers...both ran hard to leave with a new PB, finishing 2nd and 3rd female. Top running both.

Milestone time...
Michael WYANT ran his 100th parkrun today...a huge well done to you.
Stephen FRETTER and Tina MAYE both clocked their 50th parkruns.
The following all competed in their 10th...George DRINKWATER, William UPTON, Isobel WATTIS, Marc STAIT, Catherine DRURY, Jason BROWN, Neill KETT, Abbie TAYLOR, Hannah FOX, Stuart HINES-RANDLE, Kate ALEXANDER, Sarah MADDEN and Samantha KEATING.

I always enjoy giving a shout out to the younger runners, and this week they have been on top form. The following not already mentioned, all left with a new PB time, and its big thumbs up from me!
1) Morgan BENNETT (18:47), 2) Jack WAKEFIELD (19:30 Royal Sutton Coldfield AC), 3) Reinis BALTINS (21:08), Tobey BRAIN (21:14 Badgers), Charlie CONROY (21:26), George DRINKWATER (22:30), Oliver LEWIS (22:41), Joseph GORST (23:08 Tamworth AC), Briar LEWIS (27:50), Isobel WATTS (29:15) and Nathan COOPER (29:27)

Finally elsewhere...
Peel Road Runners enjoyed 3 new PB course times. Malcolm BEMBRIDGE (20:57), Mark BOFFEY (22:40) and Simon GORDON (22:58) all finished in the top 50.
A big shout out to all the first time runners from THIS GIRL RUNS - TAMWORTH, and I hope you enjoyed the course.

Also enjoying 3 new PB times were a trio of Badgers ladies. Nicola STANLEY took nearly 2 minutes off for a well earnt course PB (28:38), Tracy PIPER (32:16) and Vikki SMITH (33:15) both excelled representing the local running club.
Deb POCKLINGTON was 2 minutes quicker than last week, finishing in 36:39...well done Deb.

In light of recent events, Paul DANIELS didn't want to miss a trick, as he treated himself to a time of 39:24.

It was a proud moment for Badgers runner Lesley PALMER (34:06), who ran with grandson Ollie HEMMING on his first parkrun. (34:02)
The ever improving Mervyn JONES shrugged off seasonal man flu, to grab another PB! (25:30)

Mark ROBINSON and Ian MCNAMARA ran together, both finishing in a quality 33:20 minutes. Another inspiring example of teamwork and solidarity. Having ran his first ever 10k last year at Market Drayton, Ian is chipping away at his parkrun times and sub 30 minutes will surely follow in 2019 as he goes from strength to strength.

Jane HUBBLE embraced the KWP parkrun did Rachael SHELTON.

I started this report off talking about inspiration and I'm going to finish it that way.
Louise VERNON is a KWP regular and another that contributes not only to the event, but also on the group page.

Today after battling back against illness, she ran solo to finish just seconds from a new PB. Not only that she finished 2nd in her age category. Sometimes those personal bests or greatest achievements are those registered closer to the heart. Thank you for sharing your post earlier Louise...and I will be delighted when you get that new PB.

Thank you everyone for what has been quite an emotional run report to write.
If the Mario Balotelli of run report writers has missed anyone out, it's certainly not intentional.

A big thank you as always to all of today's volunteers, including Miss Atherstone 1998 Yvonne FAULKNER.

I'm just off now to share Sue THOULD'S box of celebrations!


Event 267: A ParkRun game of puddle dodging!

I looked out of the window at the rain and realised that my first attempt at walking Parkrun for several months would be completed on the first truly wet Saturday that we’ve had for months! This was reflected in the turnout as only 247 participants felt it was worth getting drenched so early on a weekend morning that could have been better spent at home in the warm.

Rain aside there was the usual buzz as everyone waited for the run brief for event number 267, which this morning was delivered by Run Director Hannah Coogan. Volunteer co-ordinator Rich Benham ensured that the volunteers safely found all of their positions, ready to cheer on the hardy bunch that were running, jogging or walking their way round the soggy course. The ever popular winter Parkrun game of puddle dodging was much in evidence, and by the end of the event many looked like they had taken part in a mud run!

First male home today was Chris Smith from Leeds in a phenomenal time of 17.03 mins, closely followed by well known Kingsbury Parkrunner Chris Horton (17.36mins), with Peter Merritt coming third (17.56mins). Well done gentlemen!

First Lady home today was Stacey Horner in 23.16mins, with second lady home Kathryn Berry (24.12mins), and third place for the ladies achieved by Morgan Barr (25.10 mins). Great effort ladies!

Amongst those finishing today there were 35 people taking part in their first ever Parkrun, and 32 participants achieved a personal best time in challenging conditions. A big shout out should also go to Simon Pearson and Stephen Parker who both became holders of the much coveted red shirt for completing 50 Parkruns – brilliant achievement guys!

Talking of atrocious conditions, a big thank you to the 26 volunteers who ensured that today’s event could go ahead.  These people stood at various points on the course, in the cold and wet, encouraging and cheering on those came for their Saturday fix – we couldn’t do it without you, so thanks again to:

Richie BUNN, Tricia BUNN, Peter COOGAN, Hannah COOGAN, Trevor GASPER, Brian ADAMS, Paul DANIELS, Brian JONES, Jo SMITH, Joanne GILBERT, Matthew GREEN, Jenny REEVE, Sharon WHITEHEAD, Alex SANDHAM, Richard BENHAM, Garth COX, Graham ENGLEY, Susan THOULD, Adrian PARKES, Natasha O’CALLAGHAN, Julian MATTHEWS, Lil SOUTER, Amy WAKELIN, Jonathan ALSOP, Simon CLIFFORD, Susan WAKELIN.

Volunteering at Parkrun is incredibly rewarding, so if you fancy giving it a go check out the future roster section on the web page – 25 volunteer days will earn you the stunning purple shirt, which can be alternated with the red 50 run shirt, or even the black 100 run shirt.  Add your name to the roster either via the web page, or on the roster that’s always available on Saturday mornings at the desk.


Hopefully next week will see a return to our warmer, drier Parkrun event, so we look forward to seeing you all there ready for the 09.00hrs start.


Kingsbury Water parkrun event #13 Newsletter

Welcome to the thirteenth KWP park run newsletter. This has certainly been a special week for us all at KWP. We had our first wet park run, our first teddy bear park runner by the name of Trev, ably accompanied by Tracy Elsdon plus, to be the number one park run out of two hundred and twenty four, for pb’s in the UK, is certainly something to shout about.

Today saw sixty seven runners venture out in the very autumnal conditions with the results as follows:

Men’s placings:

  1. William Ingram 17.27
  2. James Coombes 17.53
  3. Richard Hugh Nash 19.05

Women’s placings:

  1. Sarah Terry 21.22
  2. Liz Bailey 26.52
  3. Elsa Lily Buchanan 26.53

The points table standings are currently:

  1. Lee Richards
  2. James Coombes
  3. Chris Coldham


  1. Rachael Thompson
  2. Jennifer Reynolds
  3. Karen Missen

William Ingram of Wakefield District Harriers & AC  completed a double by having the best age grade result 78.51% , followed by Neil Sheward 75.87% and Glynn Clarke 72.15%.

Tracey Elsdon

Without our volunteers our event would not take place and a very big thank you to the following:

Anna Savin-Baden, Becky Chester, Bill Howes, Chris Horton, Claire Wood, John Morgan, Luke Rivers, Maggi Savin-Baden, Mark Crowe, Mike Taylor, Nivette Mullen, Patrick Cleall, Pauline Howes, Richard Chester, Stephanie White, Susan Fairburn and Tim Baker.

The current male recorder holder is Patrick Roddy in 16:04, with Laura Johnson holding the Women’s record at 18:53. The age grade record is held by Michael Morley who recorded 84.56% on the fourteenth of September 2013.

KWp has had 686 different runners, representatives of 81 different clubs have taken part with Badgers and Peel Road Runners leading the way. 390 personal bests have been recorded.

Please keep an eye open for exciting developments regarding our win in the Adidas Boost Weekend Competition.

Entry to the water park is free upon production of your barcode.

To volunteer please contact or contact our facebook page.

Please feel free to visit the following pages.

Kingsbury Water parkrun every Saturday at 9am.

Email us on .., like us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter. See you soon !


Kingsbury Water parkrun event #12 Newsletter

Welcome to the twelfth KWP parkrun newsletter. A belated happy ninth birthday to Parkrun.

Saturday's run saw Patrick Roddy break the course record in an outstanding 16:04, his second win in two outings. In the ladies run Rachael Thompson continued her very impressive form with a sixth win.

The first three in the men's run were as follows:

  1. Patrick Roddy in 16:04
  2. Matt Andrews in 17:49
  3. Damien Taylor in 17:56

and in the ladies run:

  1. Rachael Thompson in 20:54
  2. Liz Peel in 23:33
  3. Sarah Grimes in 24:16

Leading positions in the Ladies table are as follows:

  1. Rachel Thompson
  2. Jennifer Reynolds
  3. Karen Missen

and in the men's table:

  1. Lee Rickards
  2. James Coombes
  3. Chris Coldham

Patrick Roddy recorded the best age grade result with an impressive 82.05% in the JM 15-19 category, followed by Neil Sheward 75.74% in the VM 45-49 category and Clive Pearce 74.87% in the VW 45-49 age category.

Patrick Roddy holds the male record at 16:04, Laura Johnson the female record at 18:53 with Michael Morley the age grade best 84.56%

This week saw Tim Baker win the Sweatshop monthly prize with Tim's constant improvement bringing him four PB's on the trot. Tim is a new member of the Badgers running club and attributes his membership as the reason for his rapid improvement. Having only taken up running this summer in an effort to beat his brothers, he now looks forward to his Saturday morning speed “fix”, which he states sets him up nicely for the weekend. Tim always has his young family for morale support around the 3.5k mark (playground). The running bug has well and truly bitten with the next challenge being the Tamworth 10k. We all hope it goes well and that you enjoy your visit to Sweatshop to choose your brand new running shoes.

Tim Baker

Without the volunteers our event would not take place and a very big thank you to the following for giving up their time:

Ben Mullan, Bill Howes, Billie Spawton, John Hanson, Nivette Mullan, Richard Hill, Richard  and Tricia Bunn, Stephanie White, Carla Boardman,Maggie Savin-Baden, Danny Warren, James Coombes, Nicola Prestwood, Andrew, Fiona and Jake Southey.

To volunteer please contact or contact our facebook page.

Please feel free to visit the following pages.

Kingsbury Water parkrun would like to thank John A Cooper for his photography skills. Event #12 photos are available here Photos

Kingsbury Water  parkrun every Saturday at 9am.

Email us on .., like us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter. See you soon !

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