Event #296 Easter Bunny Pacers

British bank holiday weekends are often associated with umbrellas, cardigans and the occasional anorak. The weather for event number 296 broke tradition, as open toed sandals, man crocs and Bermuda shorts were flying off the shelves faster than a Galaxy Easter egg.
I’m no Wincey WILLIS…but I will hazard a guess that todays event was the hottest in 2019. (made hotter by the appearance of local heartthrob Rich BENHAM)
604 parkrun lovers embraced the sunshine. 91 were 1st timers and 124 runners left with a new PB.
A big thank you as always to all the volunteers. (32 this weekend)
Fantastic work and huge credit to the core team. With pacers on hand and chocolate bunnies for all the young runners, the stage was set.

Run director Judy PARKES led the line, serenading the crowd with a mahooosive loud speaker.
In just 4 weeks time the event will be celebrating parkrun number 300…fantastic.

The 1st PB of the day belonged to Jason BURGESS. The Burton AC athlete powered home finishing first back in a quality 16:53.
Phil CLAMP had it nailed down, as the Tipton Harriers runner followed in an equally impressive 17:22.
With the 3rd place finisher unknown, 1st timer Ricky COLEMAN was the toast of Arena 80 AC, completing the circuit in 17:41.

The agile Olivia HARRIS had the distinction of 1st female finisher. (21:19)
Coventry runner Jane EDWARDS ran a new course personal best for Sphinx AC. (21:24)
Young Natasha LEE was 3rd female home much to the delight of Tamworth AC. (22:38)

Now the Easter Bunny (also called the Easter Rabbit or Easter Hare) is a folkloric figure and symbol of Easter, depicted as a rabbit bringing Easter eggs.
Originating among German Lutherans, the Easter Hare originally played the role of a judge, evaluating whether the children were good or disobedient in behaviour at the start of the season of Eastertide. (honestly I surprise myself at times)
The young runners at Kingsbury are fantastic…here are our latest youth super hero parkrun PB’s.
Isaac CARTWRIGHT (21:27 Royal Sutton Coldfield AC), Joseph GORST (21:49 Tamworth AC), Alfie BARLOW (22:20), Joel CARTWRIGHT (22:53 Royal Sutton Coldfield AC), Eva CARTWRIGHT (23:24 Royal Sutton Coldfield AC), Evan MARSHALL (23:27), George HADDOCK (23:29), Holly CHILD (23:34 Cliff Lakes OCR), William PAGE (23:43), Libbie JOYCE (23:49), Evie FOREST (24:39), Owen WOODS (27:08), Daniel SLAUGHTER (27:11), Georgia COLEMAN (27:16), Robyn LEE (28:22 Tamworth AC), Henry BOWYER (28:55), Hannah JONES (29:39), Bobby WOOD (33:14), Jack HADDOCK (33:32), Elizabeth DRUST (33:44) and Lily PEGG (42:54)…Superb everyone.

On the subject of Easter and bunnies, how ironic that Danny WARREN was first BADGER back. (18:18)
Another furry symbol associated with Easter is the chick.
First timers Gary (25:03), Matthew (24:41) and Sarah (28:45) PECK all featured.
David BIRD ran 26:11 with Lisa SPARROW greeting the spectators in 34:41.
Vicki “Fowl”er…(sorry)…59:21 ran with debutant Steven MALE (58:59)
A proud moment as young Daniel MALE completed his first parkrun. (57:05)

29 that took part today feature next. All ran a milestone more than worthy of a mention.
1st timer Steven HAND (41:27) ran his 10th parkrun. The following also completed parkrun number 10.
Young Natasha LEE (22:38 Tamworth AC PB), Matt BAILEY (20:04 Macclesfield Harriers @ AC 1st timer), Christine MORTIMER (33:45 This Girl Runs – Tamworth), Lucinda CARDER (24:59), Gary ALLEN (25:11 PB), Peter STEPHENSON (25:17 1st timer), Neil GRIFFIN (26:21), Mandy PEARSON (27:09), Joanne ELLIS (31:34) and Liz ROBERTS (32:24).

Youngster Matthew BANKS (30:41) successfully navigated his 25th parkrun. Other runners achieving the same milestone were Alex RESTALL (21:20 PB), Helen LAWRENCE (31:27), Javier GARCIA (22:30 PB), Sarah ATKINS (31:27), 1st timer Carlitros CATALAN (22:55), Ben HALL (23:27 Lonely Goat RC), Simon HILL (25:05) and Andrew STATHAM (25:31).

Neil THORNE celebrated his 50th run. (32:54)
Ben DORKINS (22:22) and Isabelle DOHERTY (34:32) left with 75 runs to their name.

It was a day to remember in the Dennis household. Young Toby DENNIS was triumphant in run number 100. (26:51)
Bethany DENNIS remarkably hit the 125 mark. (30:21)…top achievements from 2 of the venues regular youth runners.

4 runners also joined the 100 club. Gale KING (31:35), Kay MOHANNA (34:03), Kwabena OSAYANDE (35:40 Bermuda Striders) and Michy’s Marvel Sally HATTON (30:49).

Elsewhere 1st timer Jazzy DREW was the fresh prince of Kingsbury, as he represented Beaumont RC. (25:17)
Real gone kid Jo SMITH ran her quickest time since 2017. The “Abba” of park runners stormed to a super trooper time of 23:35.
Musician and marathon trainer Claire WEBBER homed in on run number 200, as she ran her 199th parkrun in 30:58.
Popular Gemma FOLLIS (27:24) rightly so rang the PB bell, as did Ian JACKSON. (24:54)…in fact rumour has it that Ian spent so long ringing the bell, he left with it attached to his right hand. Wife Sharon (24:25) demonstrated her known attributes in a family clearly blessed with running talent.

Ashley I say Ashley Bullock featured. (PB 19:24)…he certainly didn’t see red and neither did Nick HERRING, as he too finished with an identical time for a new PB.
Garth COX is another regular often appearing on the volunteer roster. The Peel Road Runner made heads turn as he ran a new best of 22:25, as he closes in on parkrun number 50…Tom Selleck ran 19:43.

Mark ROBINSON fresh from his 50th parkrun appearance, ran with the returning Ian MCNAMARA.
Imran ALI (Sphinx AC 23:31), Leanne TURVEY (23:32), Chris BENNETT (23:47) and Ross FERRIS (24:11) all joined the PB club.

A Mohican is a haircut often referred to as a Mohawk. In the most common variety both sides of the head are shaven, leaving a strip of noticeably longer hair in the centre console. Glyn BROADHURST continued his form with a fashionable new PB of 18:21.
Paul COOPER warmed up for his first marathon (London) with his latest PB (31:38)
20/20 was a fruity drink reminiscent of my youth. Cameron BARNES no doubt raised a glass as he finished in 20:20 (PB). Another shifting through the gears is Leon MILLERSHIP, as he cruised to another best of 22:16.
A special mention to Lil SOUTER. If there was an award for sheer determination she would be up there for sure. To see how hard she worked for yet another PB made my parkrun. (24:21)

It wouldn’t be a Norm run report without mentioning Paul DANIELS. Next week I’m in Blackpool for the ½ marathon and I’ve always wanted to buy one of them “damn seagulls” baseball caps.
I’m gonna get an “I LOVE DANIELS” t-shirt and wear it to the next event.

Happy Easter all and have a fantastic bank holiday.


I popped my name on the roster …… Event #295

So, I popped my name on the roster to write the run report this week mainly because my parking permit’s expired and I knew I wouldn’t get to a cashpoint before the weekend. Little did I know that I’d get the laptop out this afternoon only to be hit with writer’s block! Writing’s always felt personal to me, and I usually spend some time thinking of a suitable a premise in my head before I write a report. We have had so many creative reports recently... so please forgive me if this one feels less than inspired, and overly peppered with exclamation marks.

Today’s event was sponsored by sunshine, and cool temperatures – it felt like it would be a good day for PB’s, and boy you didn’t disappoint! A whopping 126 parkrunners achieved their personal best times at KWP today, that’s more than 20% of everyone who came today... stunning! Just over 14% of today’s field was made up of First Timers! Massive congratulations to each and every one of you – the first one is always the hardest; just arriving this morning ready to join in makes you all superstars in my eyes.

As always, our “little” parkrun wouldn’t be possible without our dedicated team of volunteers – made up of our beloved CORE team, our equally beloved regular volunteers and of course everyone who’s doing their bit to ensure we can keep coming back each week. ROLECALL! Please put your hands together for Brian ADAMS, Richard BENHAM, Richard CHESTER, Mark CROWE, Laura EDWARDS, Ian GOURLAY, Matthew GREEN, Jules GREGORY, Simon HILL, Fiona HILL, Pauline HOWES, Olivia JENNINGS, Brian JONES, Eve LEAR, Lesley PALMER, Penny RANDELL, Alex SANDHAM, Kirsty SMITH, Dean SNOWDEN, Lil SOUTER, Sam STARKEY, Matthew STEPHENS, Andy STRETTON, Ashley TAYLOR, Susan THOULD & Sharon WHITEHEAD. I’m sure that, like me, you recognise most of these names from countless previous events. Volunteering at parkrun for the first time was a massive step for me, but has really made me feel like a part of the community; I would urge each and every one of you to give it a go.

Now back to the event... today’s first parkrunner home was Chris BAXTER – bringing it home in a mere 2 seconds over his PB at 16:29. A mere 5 positions later in an impressive 18:00 and with a stunning WAVA grading of 87.31% was Junior Olivia JENNINGS in first position for the ladies.

Let’s talk milestones! There were 26 parkrunners on the course today who are part of the V25 club – the best one in my opinion. Emelia CHILD joined the other 22 Junior runners who have now completed parkrun at least 10 times. 108 of us have completed at least 50 parkruns now; with 4 joining the club today. Well done & congratulations to Hannah BOLGER, Kevin LANGTREE, Peter RATHBONE, and Jackie RUTHERFORD. Hannah & Peter marked the occasion with New PB’s - well done! There were 80 parkrunners out there in the 100 club – including new recruit Bill HOWES – great commitment there to parkrun. No-one joined the 3 out there today in the 250 club.

Talking of parkrun clubs puts me in the mind of running clubs... and what a turnout there was today – a whopping 41 different clubs were represented today with their members making up nearly 25% of the field. The Badgers, perhaps unsurprisingly as prolific and local as they are, were the most represented. The Peel Road Runners were the second most represented club, with This Girl Runs – Tamworth coming in third. I also happen to know that there were a small contingent of Runderbirds out there today – a supportive Facebook group with a fabulous name. Well done all!

This report wouldn’t be complete without a small mention going to those mad-hatters who ran multiple laps of the course this morning. Starting out at 8:15, a group of regular parkrunners made it round the course between 2 and 5 times each this morning – all in support of Tamworth Wellbeing Cancer and Support Centre in Stonydelph.

What else is left to say? ...probably quite a lot, but I’m hungry and need to cook dinner so that’s your lot for this week. See you next Saturday to do it all again!


The KWP National 2019 #294

Welcome back to the delightful Kingsbury Water Park as we prepare for the 294th running of KWP Parkrun. The weather has decided to keep us cold but dry this year and we might see some quick times, mud permitting. The runners are gathering by the railway station and it looks like we’re in for a bumper field this time out.
Over in the corner we have FIRST TIMER’S BRIEF being supported ably by Lil Souter, with RUN DIRECTOR’S HORN being well looked after by Rich Benham. WHAT HAPPENED TO THE TENT is a notable absentee today but there’s still time for SPECIAL MENTIONS to get, well, a special mention. Good luck to all those with a milestone or a birthday today. As always SNEAKING TO THE FRONT tries to get right on the start line, and it’s DFYB for everybody else. Over to the starters.
And with a 3-2-1 GO, it’s MAD RUSH making an early break towards the bridge. START THE WATCH follows just behind, but it’s a disaster for LOST MY GPS who doesn’t seem to know where he’s going. LEAD BIKE stayed well out of trouble and we hope for no spills there.
The rest of the pack charge across the line and we’re all away safely. Eventually. PARTY AT THE BACK and THE FI-RAH-RAHS complete the start, along with DEFINITELY NOT TAKING THIS TOO SERIOUSLY, who I hope I don’t have to mention too often.
Over the bridge and TRAFFIC JAM is finding it difficult to get going, DODGE THE CROWD has made a strong start and SLIGHT STUMBLE is in close attendance. We’re into the trees now and MIND THAT METAL POST makes an appearance here, watch out for injuries.
We’re already past the first km and it’s BLOODY SELFIE making a good run through the puddles and, as we approach marshal point 1, we see HIGH 5 for the first time. AROUND THE LAKE and STINKY BRIDGE make their move and as we cross the road for the first time, there’s HIGH 5 again at marshal point 2.
As we move through the narrow section it’s TAKING A BREATHER, from WATCH OUT FOR THE POO. HIGH 5 shows up yet again at marshal points 3 and 4, and then WHAT MUD surprises everyone at the corner. Along the straight heading for the two-mile point and THAT KM MARKER IS NEVER IN THE RIGHT PLACE pops up before yet again HIGH 5 turns up at marshal point 5. PARKRUN LEGEND is putting in another strong performance, and ON THE WAY BACK is looking strong with WATCH CHECKER and SWEATY VEST.
Into the final km now and it’s ANOTHER QUICK CHILD flying towards home and SPRINTED TOO EARLY is now starting to feel the pace. With 200m to go it’s FINAL BEND AHEAD making a big noise, surely a contender for horse of the year, and DETERMINED GRIMACE is battling it out with SIDEWAYS GLANCE. KEEP PUSHING is trying to stay strong in the home straight and as they dip for the line it’s a bunch finish with TIMEKEEPERS NIGHTMARE just ahead of KEEP MOVING, NEW TOKENS and DON’T BARF. RING THE BELL scores a massive PB but yet again LOVE PARKRUN is the clear winner! There’s still time for MASSIVE HUG to finish strongly, with PHOTO FRAME and TOKEN SORTER always popular runners. What a race!

Apparently there was some other minor horse race on the same day at a place called Aintree. Nowhere near as exciting as Kingsbury of course but apparently quite popular.
Our first finisher today was a KWP first timer, all the way from Aldershot, Farnham and District RC, Mike BOUCHER. Mike finished just ahead of today’s first Badger Danny WARREN, with Jason BROTHERHOOD coming in 3rd, all three finishing in under 18 minutes. First lady today was Esther MCCULLAGH, also a Badger. Congratulations to Rachael SHELTON, second lady and with a new PB too. Val CARTER was next home in her 166th parkrun.
Of the junior runners, first home was Joe WATTS who was 7th overall! Fantastic running from Joe who finished in 19:08. A big well done also to Mackenzie BLOXHAM in the 11-14 category who flew round in just under 20 minutes.
We had over 100 PBs this week, that’s over 20% of runners who got round KWP faster than they have ever done before. That’s an awesome effort from you all.
There were 2 runners earning their black t-shirts today. That’s 100 parkruns, in case you’d forgotten. First we have Michelle GREAVES who turned up in her own custom-made tshirt and brought cake too. Secondly Graham ENGLEY who charged around and arrived back in a whisker over 20 minutes. Well done to both of you.
There were some runners earning their red 50 t-shirts today too. Congratulations to Neil TAYLOR, Paul BURNS, Terry ARGYLE and Mark ROBINSON, with Mark guiding Ian MCNAMARA around the course again.
We’re well into race season now and good luck to everyone who’s doing a race this weekend or any time soon. Whether it’s 5k or all the way up to marathon and beyond the one thing we all generally share is a love for parkrun and everything that goes with it.
A quick shout out to the volunteers, without whom none of this would go ahead. From the core team to the marshals, timekeepers, course setter-uppers, lead bikers (who then still find the time to go and run the course!) and everyone else, a big KWP THANK YOU to you all.


A sunny spring morning at Kingsbury

Oi Oi!!!...hands up if you enjoyed todays parkrun, venue, volunteers, support, weather and core team organisation…wasn’t it just a blast!
My enjoyment started as soon as I got out of bed. The opportunity to run in a pair of pyjamas was simply an opportunity I couldn’t afford to turn down.

Now I’ve yet to meet KWP’s very own Paul DANIELS (37:37)…but tonight I promise you that 1 whole hour will disappear.
Yes you’ve got it. It’s the weekend we all look forward to and embrace with open arms. It’s “adios” Winter and “how you doing” Spring. (said in a Joey TRIBBIANI voice)

Doing more than fine today were 552 sun loving park runners. 108 celebrated a new PB time and 71 were first timers, who no doubt enjoyed the picturesque scenery.

Gary WHITEHOUSE representing Tipton Harriers made a course debut. Not only did he record a fantastic time of 16:58, he was also first back on what was event number 293.
Another first timer John HAYMAN followed next. Royal Sutton Coldfield AC are one of many local clubs that impress weekly. (17:41)
Thomas BRADLEY was on more familiar territory, as he notched a quality new PB of 17:56. (Hatton Darts RC)

It was a good day for 1st time runners, as Sarah BURTON finished first lady back in a rapid 20:17.
Not for the first time and I’m sure not for the last, I write the name of Claire Louise MARTIN. The Canicross Midlands runner crossed the line in 20:48.
Flying the flag for Coventry running club Northbrook AC , Jill PITTARD will no doubt be delighted to head back to the Sky Blue City with a new PB of 21:03. (PUSB)

Now Pyjamas originated from the Indian subcontinent. In the Western world they are loose fitting garments worn chiefly for sleeping, or lounging around.
In fairness in modern day society, it’s not unusual to see such attire worn on the school run such is their popularity. On the odd occasion I’ve done a 10k social run in them and nipped for a paper.
A few wore PJ’s today as part of a competition to win a King Sized mattress for best photo. There were certainly some bobby dazzlers on show. (I just worn mine for sheer liberation)

Margaret DOWNES deserves the plaudits, as she ran her 200th parkrun. (36:15)
Charlotte BARR chalked up her 125th. (26:47)
Michy’s Marvels are certainly 1 of many local favourites. Louise SHEPHERD was the toast of the Tamworth based club, as she notched a ton! (100th 31:37)

Lapping up that well renowned Kingsbury parkrun crowd support, was Steve LAPHAM. Is it any wonder as he dug in to celebrate his 50th run with a top new PB of 21:32.
Taz YOUSAF is not only popular but held in high regard. The Lonely Goat RC athlete shared the same milestone, finishing in 27:02.
Rebecca ROBERTS(27:23), Alison UPTON(29:49 Peel Road Runners) and Ruth MEEK(31:52) all rightly so enjoyed a fantastic achievement of 50 parkruns.
Lil SOUTER is a name most regulars associate with KWP parkrun. She also clocked up running event number 50. The BADGERS runner is also a regular volunteer, often sacrificing her own parkrun to make these weekly events possible. With colourful pom poms and more Tikiboo than a cat walk fashion show, she as all the above deserved her well earnt milestone.

Now this might sound like a register…a roll call even…but all the following ran their 10th parkrun…and it’s a fantastic feat, let alone a step onto the ladder for that next milestone.
Joshua MORGAN(22:04), Elizabeth INNIS(25:00),Lee WILLIAMS(26:04),Karen OLDACRES(27:28 1st timer),Lucy CADDICK(28:55 PB),Kimberley LEES(29:00 Cliff Lakes OCR),Karen GEBHARD(30:06 PB),Ruth DORKINS(30:49),Colin HILL(31:36),Lynzi AGAR(31:43),Adrian PARKES(33:11 a regular KWP volunteer),Lorraine HOWELL(34:00),Phillip ALLSOPP(34:43) and This Girl Runs Tamworth Jenny RAITHBY(44:59)…Wow.

Ashley TAYLOR volunteered and was a welcome addition.
Loyal Sharon WHITEHEAD and Sue THOULD navigated the parkrun ship, successfully guiding in all participants…2 of many volunteers appreciated.

Many have grappled with that finish line PB bell. Ashley BULLOCK firmly grabbed it by the horns as he finished in a rapid 19:36.
Young Adam WHITTAKER(25:27) pipped Chris PARSONS(25:28) by a nose, as both left with a new personal best.
Julie DENT(29:28) took a chunk out of her previous course time.(PB)
He may not have arrived with his bed robes, but Paul GILLETT left with a time…a new PB to be precise(29:31)

The one sure fire thing when I write the run report is I can’t include everyone. What I can guarantee though is I will include as many as I can.

The experienced Michael BAILEY(24:01) was the toast of local club BADGERS, as he ran a new PB.
This Girl Runs Tamworth had a great weekend. Gail FINDON lead the way with a quality time of 35:12(PB)
John BARRY(32:56), Mary BARRY(28:16) and Ken ARCHER(27:30) all rang that PB bell.

Let me give you 2 words…”young runners”.
Here is another list of every young parkrun champ that bagged a PB!
Charlie SMITH(18:58 Birchfield Harriers), Thomas Lloyd(19:09 Royal Sutton Coldfield AC), George DRINKWATER(21:21), Harvey OLIVER(24:04), Bethany DENNIS(24:50), Evie FOREST(25:35), Benjamin DALY(26:38), Faith GOLDSWORTHY(26:55), Roma TYSON(27:21), Rose KENNEDY(28:04), Robyn HARPER(28:13 Cliff Lakes OCR), Grace STARKEY(30:35) and Dan NEEDHAM(34:39).

Today I spotted Little Miss PJ’s, Betty Boop, Elmo, Darth Vader…even Santa.
David Mcgowan though couldn’t hide the glare of this weeks run reporter. I might be wrong but I’m sure I saw him in an Arsenal onesie, as he looked on in admiration as Charlene DUNN(BADGERS)ran a well deserved PB(22:54).
Jake BRADFORD(20:58), Robert OLIVER(22:03), Bill GUTHERIDGE(22:34) and Joanne HADDON(38:16) all celebrated the clocks changing with a personal best.

Nicola ORTON and Nicola STANLEY literally bossed the show.
Nicola ORTON took an astonishing 4 minutes off for a new PB(36:48)
Nicola STANLEY made it 3 consecutive PB times in a row, having felt the lucky chin.(27:31)
Michelle RENDER furnished a new PB of 35:04. Robert DO arrived with no doubt(32:14 PB)
Jonathan WALL laid the foundations for his own PB(24:12)

Much kudos to “Storm trooper” Sarah VINE.
4th in her age category today and in fine form, as she looks towards her 1st marathon this year. (26:14)

And last but by no means least, Katie Oliver celebrated her birthday in style by joining us for Parkrun.

As another run report, month and season draws to a close. Next weekend I’m hoping to navigate my first marathon in Manchester…hard to believe from someone overweight 2 years ago that struggled to run for 5 minutes.

Just be the best you can be and always think the impossible is possible #fatboyslim


KWP event No 291

High winds again this week didn’t put our parkrunners off, as 466 people put one foot in front of the other to run, walk or run/walk around one of the best parkrun courses in the country. This included an amazing 45 first timers!!

It is great to celebrate the youngsters’ achievements and in particular this we focus on Jacob Marrett, the junior parkrunner who celebrated his 100th parkrun at Kingsbury this week. Jacob has been an exceptional parkrunner because he has also raised money for charity along the way. When he first started running he put 50p per run into a pot and after his 50th parkrun donated the £25.00 to KWP funds. This is an amazing idea. We know it’s a free event but 50p out of his pocket money went directly towards improving KWParkrun!!!!!. Many thanks Jacob. He has continued to raise money for his 100th parkrun, donating funds to Birmingham Children’s hospital. Well done Jacob, we are very proud of you.

Isn’t it amazing what parkrun can do for individuals, families and communities?!

72 new PBs were recorded today including the first three runners Jonathan Ingram (Junior 11-14) 15:33, Vikki Hubbard and Toby Oury. All three running with their dogs. Other Juniors to achieve PBs were Jacob Marrett (24:43); Owen Hann (25:19); Evie Forest (25:56); William Upton (26:01); Noah Cunliffe (26:41); Rose Kennedy (28:22); Roma Tyson (30:31) and Bethany Matts (43:56). Well done Juniors.

61 other amazing adults also managed PBs today!! That is exciting to see. Don't forget to ring that bell so that everyone knows what you have acheived!

The clubs were out in force today too: Titan Triathlon (3 runners) This girl runs Tamworth (4 runners) Tamworth Athletic club (3 runners) Sleaford striders, Staffordshire Trinamites, Poppyfields Cricket club (3 runners) Peel Road Runners (11 runners), Nuneaton Harriers, Northbrook, Michy’s Marvells (6 runners); Lichfield, Ivanhoe, Cliff Lakes OCR (11 runners), Canicross, Birchfield Harriers, Badgers (26 ish runners).

Junior parkrunners to achieve their 10 this week: Bethany Matts, Millie Prestwood and Tilli-Beau Tyson. We look forward to seeing you in white shortly!
Red T shirts for 50 parkrunners will soon be adorned by Adam Robinson, Timothy Gray, Jenny Sadler, and Julie Heathcote.
A black T shirt will be winging its way to Jacob Marrett – a fantastic week with a PB to boot !! Well done!
And another achievement for Chris Jones who has now run 150 parkruns – Well done.

Lastly we cannot have parkrun without our fantastic volunteers. A special mention goes to Alex Sandham who has now volunteered 50 times in various roles. Thank you for giving up your Saturday mornings Alex!! Trevor Gasper, a longstanding and well known member of our community has also achieved his purple volunteer T shirt today, having completed 25 volunteering roles. Thankyou Trevor for giving up your time for us.

Today’s event was made possible by 23 fantastic volunteers- if you would like to volunteer then please do get in touch. This week we say a special thank you to:

Richie BUNN • Tricia BUNN • Tim GOULD • Darren O'LEARY • Brian WELSH • Trevor GASPER • Brian ADAMS • Judy PARKES • Jane BARRETT • Leon MILLERSHIP • Katharine GOULD • Matthew GREEN • Madeleine GOULD • Sharon WHITEHEAD • Alex SANDHAM • Richard BENHAM • Fiona HILL • Susan THOULD • Leah FOX • Susan HANN • Lil SOUTER • Simon HILL • Gemma FOLLIS
See you all next week!


A blustery morning at Kingsbury

On a blustery morning with the weather decidedly unsure, the younger runners featured heavily in run number 290.
587 parkrunners took part this morning, after heavy midweek rain and strong winds. 85 battled the less than favourable conditions to bag a new PB time(16 of which were young super heroes).

4 youngsters also hit new milestones and 64 of today’s attendees were first time runners.

26 volunteers made the event possible, many of which braved the elements. These people are called hi vis heroes for a reason, as they dedicate their time, often sacrificing their own parkrun. It really is a rewarding role and I'm sure the event core team would welcome new faces on the weekly volunteer roster.
Cool mum Hannah COOGAN was todays run director and took centre stage. (talking of centre stage Paul DANIELS featured running 39:05). Thank you to Hannah and Italian referee Pierluigi COLLINA lookalike (Rich BENHAM) for his Facebook and social media contributions. Hannah’s daughter Natasha ‘unicorn’ O’CALLAGHAN earnt her purple t-shirt by volunteering for the 25th time.

I've been previously called Jessica FLETCHER (amongst various other names) due to my 1 finger typing exploits and moderate investigational skills ...so can you imagine my delight when I saw that J FLETCHER was first across the line! (Parkrun he wrote).
Yes, it was first timer Jamie FLETCHER who greeted the funnel manager in a fantastic time of 17:19.(Hatton Darts RC)
BADGERS athlete David "Felix" MCGOWAN missed out by "a whisker", as he rang the PB bell pocketing a quality 17:29. (The man)
Lichfield RC flyer Duncan COOPER made up the top 3. (18:03)
Claire Louise MARTIN had the accolade of first lady back.(20:39 Canicross Midlands)
Katherine SNOWDEN again came to prominence. The consistent Tamworth AC ace finished in 21:16.
Chaselife.uk Runner Sarah HETHERINGTON ran with a certain degree of panache, as she finished 3rd lady home in 21:31.

Richard JOHNSON (22:37) celebrated his 125th parkrun.
Young Roshan GHEDIA hit the 100 mark and I'm delighted to be able to report this.(31:07)
2 runners marked their 75th parkrun with a new PB.
Philip MCCARRON representing Massey Ferguson RC ran a swift 23:23.
Angela HINEY-BANCROFT made it a day to remember with a personal best of 34:39.

Another 2 young runners enjoyed their 50th parkrun. Congratulations to Ethan ASHBOLT (29:36) and Eleanor MULHERON (34:26).
James FORDE joined the half century party as he completed the route in 33:53.
The experienced Christine NORRIS did herself and local club Peel Roadrunners proud, as she enjoyed a time of 38:27.

David HETHERINGTON worked hard for a top time of 21:14, as he ran his 25th. (Chaselife.uk Runners)
Dave BIRD (26:28) and Chris PERKINS (27:32 PB) both registered run number 25 on the official stats pages.

13 dedicated runners achieved their 10th parkrun.
Young Rose KENNEDY(28:42 PB), Ian GOULD(21:32 Chaselife.uk Runners PB), Stephen BAKER(21:33 Cliff Lakes OCR), Jonathan WATTS(21:40 PB), Lee MEYRICK(24:34), Holly TURNER(27:31), Kirsty SMITH(30:42), Rachel TAYLOR(30:50 BADGERS PB), Abigail EVANS(31:35), Jen ELLIS(35:25), Michelle INGHAM(49:02), Neil SHOTT(40:15) and James INGHAM(38:47).

Such is her love for parkrun the only way today was Kingsbury, as Juliet ESSEX ran 34:07.
The popular Ian JACKSON(26:09), Laura ASHWOOD(25:09 PB) and Trevor GASPER(30:16) all got in on the act.
1st timers Katie MACRAE(30:15) and Steven MCLAREN(26:12) were both quick off the mark, as they accelerated towards the chequered flag.
With local Midlands neighbours Birmingham City and Aston Villa due to play tomorrow, all was well in todays DARBY as Isobelle DARBY(28:57) and Robert DARBY(24:31) both ended up honours, even with new PB times.
Andy WILLIAMS was just too good to be true, as he entertained the crowd with his own PB(29:44)...I've just put this on my phone on YouTube while I finish the report.(da da da da daaaaaaa da da da da da)

Todays young superstars deserve great credit and their names in lights...here are this weeks PB heroes that haven’t already been mentioned.
Joe WATTS(19:40), Oliver GOLDSWORTHY(21:06 Tamworth AC), Joseph GORST(22:25 Tamworth AC), Jenson PICKETT(23:05), William ORME(25:18), Luke ASPREY(25:28), Adam WHITTAKER(26:06), Evie FOREST(26:33), Robyn HARPER(28:57 Cliff Lakes OCR), Oliver STATHAM(30:24), Poppy HANCOCK(30:40), Emelia PICKETT(31:37), Jacob HASTILOW(32:32 Chaselife.uk Runners), George HARRISON(33:35) and Sophia INGHAM(38:46).

It was a pleasure to welcome UK PARKRUN TOURISTS Elliott LINE at todays run.(45:58)
Young Austin LINE also made his debut(45:02).

Finally several local Kingsbury regulars celebrated with Laura EDWARDS, as she also ran her 50th parkrun.
The film loving athlete sports a well groomed fringe which she is rightly proud of. One of my favourite film fringes was that of Jim CARREY character Lloyd CHRISTMAS in Dumb and Dumber.
Today there was certainly "something about Laura".
Mrs MAGNUM has shaved over 11 minutes off her parkrun time since her first run. This in large has been down to extra training and going that extra length.
Known affectionately by her Auntie Rach and Uncle Rich as "LUL", It really is a pleasure to congratulate both Laura and Sam as they announced they are expecting their first child together.
A huge congratulations both from KWP and your extended parkrun family.

KWP and parkrun in general is a weekly event that brings people closer together. To have the opportunity to witness such events let alone write about them is a real privilege.


KWP Parkrun #289

Kingsbury Water – what a change from a year ago! – event #289

So, hands up who actually managed a parkrun the first week in March last year? Remember the Beast from the East? Or officially Anticyclone Hartmut? Today couldn’t have been more different. Today marked the first parkrun in 2019 where a good number had moved from thick running garb into lighter weight, spring style kit. Agreed, Storm Freya was getting psyched up for Sunday, but this was my first proper sunny, chatty run of the year.

From the tourist and voluntourist perspective, Kingsbury Water is a lot closer to Warwick than the GPS thought it would be on the Friday, so Harriet WHITE (barcodes) and I arrived along with the pre-event set up team. Parking is good (it’s very very good at 8am, #justsayin) and the team was ultra friendly. We chatted, posed with the selfie frame, and admired both lake and railway. Some days parkrun is about chasing a time. Others it’s getting out no matter how dreadful the weather. Today it was about enjoying the water, the bird, the trees and the joy of putting one foot in front of another. It’s quite a slow, steady start from the ‘level crossing’ and I settled in, quite by chance, to run with Sophie WALKER and her buggy passenger.

There were 34 people who ran their very first parkrun today and it looked as if it were a graduation run from a couch to 5k program or similar. Well done to everyone – and welcome to the parkrun family. Moving up the number of runs, Daniel SLAUGHTER joined the most exclusive junior 10 club. Shelley ASHBOLT, Evie WHITEHEAD (with a shiny new PB) and Ellie DARLASTON joined the 50 club with Edward SANDFORD joining the 100 club. May all your tshirt links go live quickly. Of the 567 parkrunners, 86 got new PBs to join the 51 first timers.

Breakfast afterwards was a delight. We were due to go to a show at the NEC and we had to be well fuelled. We sat outside because it was warm enough, not just because there was no seating inside, and continued the parkrun chat. It was also warm enough to go to the excellent playpark and delay any adulting.

I had a ball, I had a blast, I’d love to come back and improve myself: we might try Crufts one year instead of careers and post 18 plans. Thankyou.

Pippa WHITE, Queen Elizabeth.


event No. 288

Wowzers…It seems ages… bare time even, since I appeared at my home parkrun (let alone do the run report) I can’t begin to tell you how much I’ve missed the venue, course and those associated with the event. Luckily for me this week I also had the opportunity to run.

The last time I wrote the run report the sun and warmer weather was a distant memory. Fast forward several weeks and here we are enjoying the early stages of spring, with the clocks due to change as we approach the month of March. The feel good factor is back and what a glorious morning to run.

The magic of parkrun is certainly not lost on me (or Paul DANIELS for that ma-er (39:51) )…I’ve missed this.

It was a pleasure to see familiar faces that have now become friends. Take todays run director for example Judy PARKES (who I’m reliably informed had a smashing time).

This weekend was event number 288 in what was a fantastic sporting weekend. Boxing, Rugby, Football, the Midlands Tiddlywinks world championships (literally something for every avid sporting fan). 597 runners descended upon a venue, I think most would agree is hard to rival. It is the creme de la creme of parkruns. Quite literally the icing on the cake or the prized chocolate hobnob of the biscuit tin.

27 volunteers featured, most of which appear every week dedicating their time. A huge thank you to everyone for their continued commitment, to ensure the run takes place. 78 first timers enjoyed the venue for the first time…123 (as easy as ABC) left with a new PB!

Jonathan JENNINGS (17:19) was first across the line representing Birmingham Running Athletics and Triathlon RC. Bang on that Jonathan and superb running.
Howard BUSH is a runner that has caught my eye when compiling the run report. The Tamworth AC ace made his way towards the bar code scanners with a time of 17:36.
Gloucester Athletic Club had Jason TILLEY in attendance. No doubt the club and the man himself were delighted, as he finished 3rd with a new PB time of 17:48.

Tracy HINXMAN led a trio of female runners who all bagged a new PB on the day. The Derby AC athlete finished in a quality 18:29. ( she also topped the age grading with 86.47%...wow)
Claire Louise MARTIN (Canicross Midlands) followed next in 19:48.
Katherine SNOWDEN made it a good day for Tamworth AC, as she pocketed a 20:15 PB.

The reverend William WEBB ELLIS was a clergyman and the alleged inventor of Rugby football.
Andrew ELLIS (23:29) and Martin ELLIS (25:18) both impressed.
With England playing Wales in the 6 Nations, Brian WELSH converted his 175th parkrun (25:23)…well done sir.
Footballing namesakes Darren CARTER (26:53 PB) and Paul ALLEN (23:57 1st timer) got in on the action. Paul VARDY was another first timer as he struck to seal a watch time of 22:38.
Garth CROOKS is an ex footballer and TV pundit. Regular Garth COX ran strong for Peel Road Runners (23:19).
Paul TYSON (32:01), Roma TYSON (31:41) and young Tilli-Beau TYSON (23:38) all delivered.

It was a celebratory day for both Peel Road Runners and Cliff Lakes OCR, as many of their members achieved milestones. Here is a list of all runners that feature.

The following all ran their 10th parkrun. Nicola CHILD (31:43 Cliff Lakes OCR), Emma RIDDELL (30:08 PB), Andrew CLAYTON (30:59), Emily CARTER (35:43 Cliff Lakes OCR 1st timer), Tim HOLMES (36:50), Julie PRESTON (36:57) and Jenny GILL (37:07 Cliff Lakes OCR PB).

Simon HARPER enjoyed his 25th parkrun completing the course in a swift 22:02.
Jamie WEETMAN (27:03), Peter HACKETT (28:11) and Ann HILL (33:09 Peel Road Runners) all left with the same milestone.

The next roll of honour is for all those that hit the 50 parkrun mark.
Darren TRUMAN (25:01 Peel Road Runners), Sandra INGRAM (27:02 Peel Road Runners), Steve O’NEIL (28:03), Andrea WEBSTER (28:05), Ken ARCHER (28:17), Sarah FRENCH (33:09 Peel Road Runners) and William Peter MULHERON (34:46).

Wayne REPTON (22:09 PB BADGERS), Noel MURPHY (27:15) and Sharon GRAY (30:01) all reached the 75 target.

Omar TAREK was no doubt delighted as he left with 100 parkruns to his name. (25:04)

Gill SNOWDEN navigated todays course with the proud distinction of run number 125.

Regulars will know that the young runners always take centre stage. A jaw dropping 16 all had the opportunity to ring todays PB bell. Here is a list of all of our young super heroes.
Reinis BALTINS (19:46), Luke TORPEY (21:59 Shpinx AC), Hayden RUTHERFORD (23:41), Henry BAKER-YEARWOOD (24:30), Daniel PALMER (24:41), Samuel VERNON (25:25), Evie FOREST (27:29), Julian ROBERTS (27:34 Nuneaton Harriers AC), Adam WHITTAKER (28:04), Thomas PRESTON (29:48), Grace STARKEY (30:41), Cheyanne HARVEY (32:42), Megan POWELL (35:58), Sophia INGHAM (43:02), Alexander INGHAM (44:08) and Teigan INGHAM (44:30)…brilliant.

Gavin, Norman and Norville are my favourite names.
3 males named Gavin featured this weekend. Bearded crowd favourite Gav CLINTON warmed up for the April Brighton marathon. He demonstrated why he is much revered with a top notch finish time of 20:49.
The also bearded Nuneaton George CLOONEY Gavlar CROCKWELL, posed for a PB selfie after ringing the bell, as he prepares for the Manchester marathon. (20:59)
I have no idea if Gav BAKER has a beard (but wouldn’t it be nice…we could form our own parkrun bearded boy band)..Well done Mr BAKER on your own PB time of 26:02.

Talking of boybands, John HANSON was quite simply different gravy. Not only did he finish in 20:55 he also got a WAVA rating of 75.38%...brilliant John and well deserved with all the hard work and training…cruising on Ocean Drive.

Local club BADGERS chipped in with their own PB times. Merv DENNIS aka Merv “The Swerve” JONES was at it again. Half man half machine the PB master did it again. (24:23)
Leon MILLERSHIP is a man who has been eyeing up the PB bell for several weeks. In fact a rumour sweeping around KWP is he was last seen winking at it, having been spotted midweek polishing it with a chamois leather. (22:27 PB)
Carl SAVAGE ran a new PB of 23:28.
Emma MASSER took full advantage of her own recent marathon training. (22:48 PB)
Rachel TAYLOR finalised her 8th parkrun with a new PB (31:55).
The “Measham Maestro” Alan ARGYLE also featured. (21:25)

A special mention though for David JACKSON. (19:39)
The diminutive BADGER known locally as “Big D” has quite literally had to watch on, as he makes his comeback from a lengthy injury. Here’s to a successful comeback and 2019!

It really has been a treat for me this weekend. It’s a pleasure to write the run report on any given week.
Thank you to everyone that supports this fantastic event.

On a final note keep your eyes peeled for the popular local BADGERS 10K opening for entries…a 10k event in the running for the National awards.


Event #287 – Roses are RED, Violets are BLUE #fact

Kingsbury Water Park – Event #287

Love was in the air at Kingsbury Water Park on Saturday as 501 runners gathered to share the love of running the stunning Park Run course. As a marker for celebrating Valentines Day, many wore red to create that lovin’ feeling! To create a bit more spice, the event was extra special as 11 volunteers offered themselves as pacers. Whatever your pace, they had it covered and out in force determined to support others to a PB. Unbelievably, and thanks to Steve Weller for working out the Maths on this, 27% of the field achieved a personal best, or in raw numbers, 137 PBs which is more than 1 in 4 runners! Absolutely outstanding efforts all round a huge thank you to the pacers for sacrificing your run to support others to reach their goals. I remain in the majority, nearly 2 years since a PB has come my way!
First back was Badgers Runner Chris Baxter who stormed home in 16:27 setting a new PB. I’d like to think that by Chris warming up with me made the difference, but that’s probably unlikely!! First lady back was Cannicross Midlands runner Claire Martin who also secured an impressive new PB in 20:18. To complete the hat trick, first Junior home was the ever impressive Matthew Jackson who smashed his PB, crossing the line in 19:27. Congratulations to you speedy bunch!
As always, it’s great to welcome newbies to Kingsbury 44 of you ran the course for the first time. I hope you enjoyed the course, the weather, and above all, us lot who regularly turn up on Saturdays to enjoy the inclusive community of runners and volunteers that epitomises the spirit of Park Run. I hope you’ll be back very soon!
Joining a running club is a great way to meet new people and improve your running. 34 separate running clubs were represented at the event on Saturday from near and far. Well done to all those representing your clubs.
As milestones go, well there were a few again for us to celebrate. Congratulations to our juniors Thomas Gill, Samuel Gill and Lewis Howard who all completed their 10th run. A special mention to Morgan Barr who is another youngster with great potential and completed 100 park runs, fantastic achievement. Shout out to Andy Smith who now gets the honour of donning the red 50 t shirt; and Charlotte Pearce and Leanne Sandford who both join the 100 club. Terrific achievements and commitment.
Each week we are indebted to our band of merry volunteers who give up their time so the rest of us can run like Mo Farah and Laura Muir. If it wasn’t for them, the park would be there but without an organised run to enjoy. Volunteering is varied, fun and you get to see the other side of park run, usually the pain in runners faces!! Those who made sure the event happened this week were:
Brian ADAMS, Jane BARRETT, Adia Joy BARRETT, Richard BENHAM, Richie BUNN, Tricia BUNN, Layla Rose CARVER, Gavin CLINTON, Paul DRAKE, Graham ENGLEY, Gemma FOLLIS, Trevor GASPER, Michelle GREAVES, Matthew GREEN, Carolyn HALL, Susan HANN, John HANSON, Amanda Jayne HANSON, Sharon JACKSON, Brian JONES, Rob MACE, Sarah MADDAFORD, Richard MARVIN, Alex SANDHAM, Dean SNOWDEN, Susan THOULD, Helen TIBBY, Louise VERNON, Rob VERNON, Amy WAKELIN, Nicky WALL, Sharon WHITEHEAD, Michael WYANT
A mention to Park Run stalwart Mr John Hanson, who, with over 250 Park Runs to his name and has been a regular at KWP Park Run since its inception, volunteered on his birthday. Happy birthday mate!
Finally, forget Brexit and all the uncertainty that brings, vote for me as Prime Minister as I pledge to reduce the week to 3 days, thus bringing Park Run Day around much quicker! Who wouldn’t want that! But until then, see you in 6 days….


Event number 285

2nd February 2019
The first parkrun of February and what a beautiful spring-like day to run…..

Did you know that February is named after the “Ice Moon”?. It struck me that we might have had an ice moon this week. The sky has been so clear and on Friday there were lots of calls into the BBC asking what the two bright planets were either side of the crescent moon… if you saw them it was Jupiter and Venus!

The lack of cloud cover brought a very chilly and frosty morning to Kingsbury. I love the park at this time of year… sound travels further because of the lack of leaves on the trees.. you can hear the dogs barking excitedly at the start, the birds singing more clearly in the trees as well as hear the excitement of the finish line as you turn the bend at the bottom of the lake. I love the sounds of parkrun.

This week we did wonder whether we would need to use the double lap course to avoid the slippery tarmac but the decision of the early risers, Rich and Hannah, was that we were good to go on the usual route. We hardly ever have to cancel parkrun- if you stayed in bed because it felt cold you missed a treat today.. and you missed the great afternoon self satisfied glow... I know I did this week.

And what a morning it was. You can’t get more “fabulous” on a crisp cold but sunny morning than 444 people running, jogging or walking the course. 29 of these were experiencing this for the first time. We really hope that these first timers will be back. You saw the park on a beautiful “spring like” morning and you heard the birds singing, but the beauty of this parkrun is experiencing this every week as the seasons change.

It was just the right conditions for PBs too… Did you know that since Kingsbury Waterparkrun started 15,667 new Personal Bests have been recorded!. Today 76 runners recorded new Personal Bests – of note were Martin CLUTTERBUCK (Royal Sutton Coldfield AC), David SMITH (Hatton Darts) and Ian HORTON all recording new PBs after doing well over 100 runs.. that is good going!!

In total 29 clubs took part today and there were lot of PBs for local clubs:

CLIFF LAKES OCR: Daniel HISCOKE, Holly CHILD, Samuel GILL, Keely HARPER, Robyn HARPER, Emelia CHILD and Nichola ALBUTT.

BADGERS: Cameron BARNES and keeping it in the family Lisa BARNES, and Pip WESTON.

MICHYS MARVELLS: Catrina GILL, Michelle ORME and Jayne HOLMES. Jayne’s hubby Tim HOLMES also recorded a PB


But well done to all runners and walkers who recorded PBs today.

Michy’s Marvells are increasing their turnout at parkrun and we have to say a huge congratulations to the wonderful Michelle DARLASTON for achieving her award for coaching Michy’s Marvells runners at the Round Table awards at Drayton Manor last night. It was also lovely to see that her niece Poppy GUILDER- who is often seen cheering the family on at parkrun- won an award for being such an inspiration to others.

What I love about parkrun is that it is for all people, no matter what their age. Becky RIDGE (J11-14) joined the 10 club today, Samuel KEY and Peter GRAY joined the 50 club, David SMITH joined the 100 club, the fabulous Mike SHELTON of the PEELERS and Jack JOHNSON (11-14) both completed their 150th parkrun today and Paul DANIELS completed his 175th parkrun. It feels to me like Jack JOHNSON (like so many other youngsters) have grown up through parkrun and it is great to see them week in week out. Well done to these runners!!

Chris HORTON was first runner back again this week in 17:18 and Till-Beau TYSON (11-14) was first female back in a time of 22:25. The highest WAVA scorers were Chris HORTON (81.31%) David PETTIFER (79.66%) Martin CLUTTERBUCK (77.98%) closely followed by fabulous Syvia PHILLIPS (77.33%) and Pip WESTON (75.87%).

But Kingsbury waterparkrun is about more than figures and stats, it is a great community of regulars that make parkrun a fun and inclusive experience for all. So this is a shout out to all those who haven’t been mentioned! You are all amazing!!

Of course we love to give a shout out to the volunteers, without whom there would be no parkrun for us to celebrate the times, pbs, club memberships and birthdays. This week we are indebted to the following 26 volunteers:
Richie BUNN • Hannah COOGAN • Brian ADAMS • Judy PARKES • Paul DANIELS • Jane BARRETT • Andy STRETTON • Lisa ARNOLD • Kevin GEARY • Sarah DENNIS • Rachael SHELTON • Matthew JACKSON • Neal DEMPSEY • Toby DENNIS • Jackie RUTHERFORD • Steve RUTHERFORD • Sharon WHITEHEAD • Alex SANDHAM • Richard BENHAM • Bethany DENNIS • Nick DENNIS • Natasha O'CALLAGHAN • Laura EDWARDS • Susan HANN • Lil SOUTER • Gemma FOLLIS

Since Kingsbury waterparkrun started a total of 720 individual have volunteered 5,749 times. In total we have had 11,791 participants. Could you join the ranks of the 720 who give up a week for others to run? If so please contact the core team through email to volunteer at Kingsburywateroffice @parkrun.com

Don't panic!! It is now only 6 days til the next parkrun. Have a good week!!

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