Kingston parkrun Event number 477 13th April 2019

It’s a day for congratulations…a number of milestones were achieved today:

  • Jacob Chang –10th
  • Pavneet Dhadwar – 10th
  • Tia Garrard – 50th
  • Jerome Kenyon – 50th
  • Reyadh Mallam-Hassam – 50th
  • Matthew Hilton – 25th volunteer

We had a great number of personal bests at Kingston today, with 58 runners achieving this, a few of which I was lucky enough to witness or at least witness the celebration at YMCA Hawker.

A great big welcome to the whopping 44 first timers.  Great results, well done to not only you but all 352 participants.

As always I would also like to thank all the volunteers, your help was greatly appreciated.  If anybody would like to volunteer in the future weeks please do let us know, we will be happy to add you to the roster in any role you would be comfortable in.

See you same time, same place next Saturday or hopefully one Saturday in the near future.
Kate (today’s RD)


Kingston parkrun Event number 476 6th April 2019

It was a perfect morning for a run this week - not cold, not hot, minimal midges and we are still loving the new path.

A little plea to be mindful when using the carpark to park sensibly and not use the grass. Of course, if you can walk, cycle, jog or use public transport then that would be great also.

See you on the towpath,

Jacqueline Chang.

This week 339 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 40 were first timers and 65 recorded new Personal Bests. Representatives of 37 different clubs took part.

The event was made possible by 13 volunteers:

Jacqueline CHANG • Joanna WATSON • Helen NANCE • Tom REAY • Sarah POVEY • Gary WOODARD • Jacob CHANG • Melanie TUFFEN • Leanne COLES • Justin OLIVER • Thomas CHANG • Kevin JONES • Chris BUTCHER

Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Kingston parkrun Results Page.

The female record is held by Isabel CLARK who recorded a time of 17:46 on 24th March 2018 (event number 422).
The male record is held by Nick EARL who recorded a time of 14:52 on 29th September 2018 (event number 449).
The Age Grade course record is held by Jane DAVIES who recorded 99.29% (21:03) on 16th May 2015 (event number 270).

Kingston parkrun started on 20th March 2010. Since then 8,635 participants have completed 63,910 parkruns covering a total distance of 319,550 km, including 8,865 new Personal Bests. A total of 522 individuals have volunteered 4,468 times.


Run report for March 30th by Josie Event 475

We start with baffling news this week. Thirteen people dragged themselves out of bed yesterday, laced up their trainers, ran their faces off (in between 21 and 44 minutes) and then didn't get a time for their parkrun because they didn't bring their barcode along. I mean, I know it's not the catchiest intro, but it's just baffling. Really? It's like buying the rarest of steaks and then cooking it to within an inch of its life and shrugging your shoulders as if to say "what?"

Ok. Moan over. And on to the good stuff. There was a whopping great crowd at Kingston this week. A lovely 351 of us lined up to hear Event AND Run Director Jacqueline Chang remind us to share the footpath, keep the river on the left going out and the river on the right coming back, and to just run through the muddy puddles,  rather than trying to run around them. Except she didn't have to say that last bit because (1) it was flipping hot and dry and (2) the muddy puddles are no longer. No more will we be able to hurtle back to base and compare who has the muddiest calves, because the council has tarmacked the entire parkrun course now, bar the Ham Lands. Personally, I'm a bit sad about that. I used to wear my mud-splashed leggings like a weird badge of honour and I used to love splashing certain runners (especially those running back when I'm still heading out to the turn). However not everyone is sad at the demise of the pot holes, certainly not the 71, yes 71, people who got a PB yesterday. Of course there are too many to mention - but mention Hannah Whiteman (JW15-17) I must. She's on fire that girl. She PB'd last week and she PB'd this week, lopping a nice eight seconds off in seven days. That's the way to keep PB'ing. Nice and steady Hannah, nice and steady. Very well done.

Milestones wise we had three shrinking violets and two gobby ones.   Lucy Molden (Thames Hare and Hounds) and Emily Farr, both JW10, did not raise their hands when Jacqueline asked if we had any junior ten milestones. Neither, to my knowledge, did Ryan Lambrix (26.2 RRC) who clocked up his 100th parkrun. It's a shame the same couldn't be said for Becky Stopford and yours truly. Yep, those two clowns with the balloons were also celebrating their 100th parkrun together. As I remarked to Becky, as we ran in our 26.2 RRC tops, we were ugly evidence, if it was needed, that cuddly, more mature, injured women can be accepted by a running club and the parkrun community and no-one judges (or if they do, they weren't showing it). So whilst Ryan was probably running another 10 miles after his parkrun, Becky and I re-hydrated with prosecco and re-fuelled with cake and generally gave grudging thanks to Kevin Stone and his band of merry helpers from 26.2 RRC  who encouraged us to do our first parkrun just four weeks into our zero to hero course one rainy Saturday in February 2016. We've never looked back and we'll continue to bring up the rear on Saturday mornings for the foreseeable future (although now we're not at the very back, so progress has been made).

For those who like the stats, do pop over to the results page for the nitty gritty. What you do need to know though is that the first three home all got PBs and all came in sub 18 minutes. Dear Lord! Oliver Bowers from the Stragglers came in at 17:17. He was followed closely by Christopher Fawcett (Hart Road Runners) in 17:24, and Christopher was followed in  by Jonathan Fawcett who was clearly desperate to keep up with his brother/cousin/ man who shares the same surname and was just 26 seconds behind. Wowza people, that's flipping fast.

As ever, thank you to the volunteers who made all the magic happen, and to the Hawker Centre who host us every week and who give us a lovely 15% off our tea and coffee. Nice touch eh?

Have a good week people. I'm doing Sizewell Nuclear Power station parkrun next Saturday, with my husband Richard and our doggy Ned.  I'll be back at Kingston the week after, hopefully not glowing too much........

So until we meet again. Keeeeeeeeep running.


You can find the journalist report for Kingston parkrun, event 475 on 2019-03-30 here. Please note that this service only displays the journalist report for your most recent run - so if you want to save a copy make sure you do so before your next run.

Kingston parkrun 23rd February 2019 no. 471

What on earth was going on at Kingston this week? Was it the gloriously mild weather, the lack of mud, the classy first time briefing given by the lovely gentleman who is Paul Wallis, or the simple fact that we were all up and alive to see another day? Whatever it was, it propelled 341 of us to jump out of bed and yell "IT'S SATURDAY - IT'S PARKRUN DAY. WHERE'S MY BARCODE? I'VE GOT TO GOI!!!

 And go we did:

 * Seventeen lucky souls took part in their first parkrun EVER. Big clap to you lot. Best decision you made this week. Come back next week and do it all again. Obvs it won't be your first time again, but your second one will be pretty special too. You won't be considered a newbie. 

* 44 people, including the 17 above, ran for the first time at Kingston. Now you've done that you'll all be back next Saturday, since you now know that there is no better parkrun than ours. Scientific fact.

* 47 very smug fit runners got themselves a lil 'ole PB. PBs are the Holy Grail of parkrun. We know it's not a race, eh Danny Norman, don't we, it's a run. But it is a race against yourself, if you so wish, and to come through the finish funnel knowing you have just clocked up your fastest ever parkrun time leaves a delicious taste in your mouth (unlike the retching taste if you really did push it). There are too many to mention by name, but I'll have to pick on three - Rob Corlett came home in 22:11 - I like the look of that time. Very neat. Reyadh Mallam-Hassam threw himself over the finish in 28:05 and young Charlotte Pritchard JW10  (who appeared to be out running with her entire family) finished in 32:04. Well done young lady - tell me your secret.......

 If you want to look at the serious stats, pop across to the Kingston parkrun , where you can spend all the time you like poring over the info, clicking columns and re-arranging all the times, positions and general configurations to your heart's content. However big kudos to the first three home, who not content to be first, second and third also ALL got themselves PBs:

 Tom Curtis  17:22 (yep, you read that right), VM40-44, Fulham RC.

Kai Pischke 17:52 (slacker...), JM15-17, Tiffin Boys.

Dimitry Selemir, 18:39, VM40-44, 26.2 RRC.

 Now, allow me just a little self-indulgence if you will. If not you can safely stop reading here and you won't miss a thing. Although just a reminder before you go that there is NO KINGSTON PARKRUN on Saturday 9th March. This is due to the Thames Meander taking place the same day and for the need for Kingston to keep its numbers to below 400 each week. Use it as an excuse to go and be a tourist at another parkrun and then clearly we will expect you back the following week, hopefully telling us how awful and unfriendly it was (it won't be) but that's what we'll want to hear.

 So, we had three people celebrating milestone runs this week. Big shout out to Charlotte Sutherland (JW11-14) who ran her 10th parkrun. Well done you. You are a marvellous machine and will just go from strength to strength. Shout out too to Amy Burton (VW40-44 - really? She looks about 23.....) who celebrated her 100th run. 26.2 RRC Amy was her usual quiet composed self and slipped into the starting area with little fanfare. The same could not be said for the third milestone runner - my daughter Emma Bate, who clocked up her 50th run this week. Emma's first run was at Crystal Palace in April 2016 when she found herself unexpectedly staying with her crazy aunty Michele Golden who is a Crystal Palace stalwart (both football team AND parkrun - poor deranged human being). Michele dragged Emma around the course that fateful morning in a grumpy 39 minutes and 42 seconds. I hear the finish was not a pretty sight, as Emma, having never run (and clearly missing her mum) was not happy to be there and was not impressed. Fast forward to February 2019 and Miss Bate enjoyed a run along the towpath yesterday in 27:35, with her PB of 26:14 telling me that my Emma has shaved an astonishing 13 minutes and 28 seconds off her first run.   She's joined 26.2 RRC and now runs three times a week, even taking her running gear to Portugal this week when on a school trip. 

 It was her many friends at 26.2 who dressed her up in glasses, a sash, a tiara, a badge and a balloon yesterday and made sure they celebrated this momentous moment with her and of course the lovely Amy. We shared cake and fizz, not just with 26.2 runners but also with other friends from parkrun who joined in the fun. And that is the beauty of this whole parkrun community. There are no strangers, just ordinary people who are out on a Saturday morning, doing their very best to keep fit with a flipping amazing supportive friendly crowd. Whether you're Charlotte clocking up ten runs, Emma on 50 or Amy on 100 - parkrun is so much more than just a 5k. Apply for your t-shirts ladies, and wear those milestones with pride.

Love life? Gotta love parkrun

Kingston parkrun
Event number 471
23rd February 2019

This week 341 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 44 were first timers and 47 recorded new Personal Bests. Representatives of 25 different clubs took part.

The event was made possible by 16 volunteers:

Ian CALLANDER • Terri HARRIS • Josie BATE • Chris AMIES • Paul WALLIS • Janet ROBINSON • Pip TODD • Sheila HAWKINS • Andy THOMAS • Jane WATERMAN • Megan JONES • Aurelio BAX • Ralph OSBORN • Chris BUTCHER • Bonita SANTHAKUMAR • Ivy WILSON

Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Kingston parkrun Results Page.

The female record is held by Isabel CLARK who recorded a time of 17:46 on 24th March 2018 (event number 422).
The male record is held by Nick EARL who recorded a time of 14:52 on 29th September 2018 (event number 449).
The Age Grade course record is held by Jane DAVIES who recorded 99.29% (21:03) on 16th May 2015 (event number 270).

Kingston parkrun started on 20th March 2010. Since then 8,441 participants have completed 62,196 parkruns covering a total distance of 310,980 km, including 8,566 new Personal Bests. A total of 514 individuals have volunteered 4,397 times.


Update on Council permission

Kingston parkrun has been given a provisional licence by the London Borough of Richmond Upon Thames for up to 400 hundred finishers. This is great news and I am very grateful to the Council for this. However this permission can be revoked at any time should we break any of the conditions. The main condition is keeping our numbers below 400 and I have had to make some assurances as to how we will endeavour to manage this. Largely we are under 400 and usually we are under 300 but I do know that there are 3 parkrundays a year where our numbers inflate and these 3 parkrundays endanger the other 49. Therefore myself and my able team of Run Directors have decided that on the Thames Meander weekends we will cancel Kingston parkrun due to "another event in the park". The dates of these are: March 9th, August 10th and November 2nd.
I hope you take the opportunity to visit another parkrun either nearby or further afield as being a parkrun tourist is awesome and I fully recommend it.
I hope this doesn't disappoint anyone. If anyone would like to chat with me about it then please stop me on a Saturday (after the run though!).

See you on the towpath,
Jacqueline Chang
Event Director.

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