Kingsway parkrun, Gloucester is cancelled on 26 September 2020: COVID-19 (Coronavirus)

Event Cancellations

Hi everyone!
Its a strange feeling I have right now, usually at this time on a Friday evening Im thinking about the end of a busy week at work and really looking forward to my Saturday morning parkrun fix.

Amongst the team, we are checking the roster and that all the posts are filled and for any last minute changes, if there are there any milestones this weekend and of course keeping an eye on the weather!
Instead we are twiddling our thumbs!

Maybe a bit of cabin fever has set in already for those of us (like me) that are already working from home and an opportunity to meet up with friends, get some excercise and maybe indulge in some post-parkrun cake would be really welcome right now!

Sadly, for the first time in parkruns 15 year history, there will be no parkrun this weekend or next weekend - anywhere in the world.

PLEASE, I implore you NOT to arrange runs with friends or even on your own initiative around any parkrun venue on Saturday mornings. There are 23 other hours in a day and 6 other days in a week! By choosing to go against the specific request of parkrun and the local core team hosts, you will become part of the problem instead of being part of the solution! It also brings the event into disrepute with the wider community and our local supporters.
One of the very best things about parkrun is its community, please lets all be sensible and make sure as many people as possible remain healthy as possible and we all get our Saturday morning fix of parkrun back as soon as possible (and cake)!

We can still take part in parkrun - just separately and at a different time! You can log a freedom run if you wish and for the Strava fanatics add it to the Kingsway parkrun group (dont ask me how to do it. - no idea but if you need help - someone here is smart enough to know how)
There will also be a parkrun quiz on the parkrun Youtube channel on Saturday morning. At 9am of course!

Feel free to flood our facebook page with selfies of you out and about enjoying a free weekly 5k (somewhere else )

We will continue to share updates and ideas to pass the time for those that are having to keep themselves safe so watch this space!

Take care everyone and we hope to see you all really soon on a Saturday morning at Kingsway parkrun!


Here is a pic of happier times from 2 years ago - lets all be Superheroes and #stayinat9am

Kingsway core team:
Jane, Tracey, the 2 Amanda’s, Glyn, Trevor, Antony, and the 2 Gary’s !



Kingsway parkrun, Gloucester 07/03/2020 | #241

With the clouds intimidatingly hovering over us, the runners at Kingsway were ready for their weekly parkrun. Many were dressed with a purple theme along with a purple ribbon; which had been generously handed out by the high-viz heroes. This was in honour of it being International Women’s Day, and appropriately, there were more women than men running! Aswell as this, there were some people from the This Girl Can organisation both running and supporting, giving out flyers, representing the strength of girls world-wide.

As if this wasn’t enough, it was also pacers week as it was the first Saturday of March. Thank you to our amazing pacers!

First timers and tourists

first timers 

There was an amazing number of 42 people running at Kingsway for the first time, and we hope that all of you will come again. However there were 21 people doing their first ever parkrun! Welcome:

Rachel Whitten • Gina Vidgen • Clare Nicholls • James Brit • Sara Choupani • Steven Hollingsbee • Joe Meason • Chris Elliot-Jones • Madison Costello-Byrne • Sonya Whitfield • Rowan Elliot-Jones • Carla Maclean • Barbara Williams • Michaela Black • Anne-Lise Lazenby • Alicia Adams • Stephanie Ogden • Tyler Meason • Sharon Curtis • Tia Dunn • Julie Gannaway-Pitts


There were also some tourists from: Rogiet, Swindon and all the way from Cheltenham!

Results and milestones

first finishers

Edward Leech (17.21), Rupert Denny (18.32) and a Darren Jewell (18.44) were the first three men to finish, whilst Gemma Collier (20.13), Jo Fifield (20.14) and Natalie Cranfield (21.19) were showing the power of women as our first three women to finish. Amazing running, well done!


Congratulations to Emily Edgeworth for your 10th parkrun, and also Martine Sessions and Jodie Kerslake for your 50th parkrun’s.

Also, well done to our pacer Claire Balchin for 150th parkrun.


There was an incredible amount of 40 PBs this week, congratulations and I’m sure there’ll be many more to come!

High-viz heroes 

Parkrun would never have happened if it weren’t for our amazing volunteers, with their endless positivity and dedication to parkrun. Their new pink hi-vizes were sparkling this week! So, thank you to:

Nicola Arnot • Claire Balchin • Judith Clayton • Chris Cox • Edwina Danks • Tracey Fairless • Heath GWilliam • Joanne GWilliam • Rebecca Hale • Tracey Honey • Lynne Hood • Oliver Hood • Sophie Hope • Vanessa Jackson • Emelia Johnstone • Nicci Luffman • Sarah Luter • Zara-Mai Luter • Bernadette Mcinnes • Jane Morgan • Patrick Morgan • Tracey Peacy • Deb Peake • George Perrins • Gary Philpott • Jenny Powell • Andrea Preedy • Kay Searle • Madeleine Spinner • Sarah Spinner • Janet Stevens • Helen Tatham • Alison Thomas • Amanda Valder • Amber Wheeler • Gail Wheeler • Clair Williams • Victoria Wills

The run director this week, Tracey, had the opportunity to talk to Faye Hatcher from BBC Radio Gloucestershire at about 9.45, very exciting!

If you fancy trying volunteering or are interested in the possible roles you can email or speak to them on a Saturday morning.

About the writer 

I’m volunteering at parkrun for my DofE Silver award, I’ve been running in parkrun since around 2016 and am delighted to be giving back to parkrun by volunteering. All of the volunteers have been welcoming and have helped me become more confident and independent. So, thank you! Millie Johnstone



IWDparkrun blog: Amanda McPeake

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Thank you Amanda for sending in your IWD blog and for your continued support of Kingsway parkrun and core team member with excellent skills on the stopwatch! (from which I have a self imposed ban as I’m useless at that role - too easily distracted! Gary)

I was 47, I was fairly fit through swimming and cycling but I could not run – 5 minutes on the treadmill was my limit. Then a friend told me that she had just got into running using the NHS couch to 5k app, where you gradually build up to running 5k over 8 weeks – who knew?

Sounded great but there was no way I could run outside on my own – just imagine all those people staring at me. My son, Andrew, decided that he would also like to start running and so, in July 2013, our running journey began.

I took Andrew and his sister, Laura, to Cheltenham parkrun but lacked the confidence to actually run myself until a friend “persuaded" me to run with her family and on 22/11/2014 I completed my first parkrun in 32:14. I was hooked but not for long. Each week I pushed for a PB and soon ended up hating each run – PB or not.

Then along came Kingsway parkrun. I discovered that parkrun is so much more than a run in the park. The whole family got involved from the first test run to time keeping, scanning and token sorting. My proudest moment has to be when Andrew took on the RD role and wrote a poem for the occasion.

                     .........               8888ECD3-35ED-4D58-8C78-64553BE23A72

I was honoured when Gary invited me to join the core team. I love volunteering and the social side of parkrun – catching up with friends, celebrating milestones, encouraging new runners and, of course, eating cake (especially Steve's beer cake).

I have now run 139 parkruns at 36 different locations including Italy and Poland and volunteered over 100 times, with my favourite role being time keeper.


Celebrating my 50th and 100th parkruns in superhero costumes were amazing mornings. Trevor – you rocked that dress!

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No PB for over 2 years but that’s ok because I now run with no time pressure, often just chatting my way round the course (although I do love a sprint finish!)



Run report 240 – Georgina McMasters

Kingsway parkrun, Gloucester: run report #240

Celebrating the first leap day parkrun

Report by Georgina McMasters (A360135)


Leaping for leapday!

With the heavens unleashing bucketloads of heavy rain as we made our way to parkrun, we were braced for a very wet run and I was teased for turning up with my sunglasses on my head. But it’s always good to be prepared, and my optimism was rewarded when the sun came out and the rain held off for the duration of the run.

The first ever leap day parkrun attracted 245 walkers, joggers and runners to Kingsway. No amount of puddles on the course was going to prevent these hardy souls from running on this special day. 2048 will be the next opportunity to take part in parkrun on a 29th February, and there was general enthusiasm amongst the crowd that we’d all be back for another leap day parkrun then.

Birthday celebrations

What better way to kick off a birthday than with a parkrun, and that’s what Sarah Spinner chose to do in celebration of her 11th. When you only get one birthday every four years, it’s hardly surprising that you’re going to be excited. Sarah was so caught up in the moment that one of her celebratory balloons made a bid for freedom. We hope you had a good parkrun, Sarah, and a great day celebrating.

First timers and tourists

33 people ran for the first time at Kingsway parkrun this week, of whom nine took the plunge and did their first ever parkrun. Welcome to the family:

Andy Morford • Rosa Mills • Laura Hawkins • Alison Baillie • Lisa Healey • Clare Lowman • Kelly-Marie Hodgson • Stacey Moore • Katie Tucker

We hope you’ll all run with us again!

Special congratulations to the ladies from Tewkesbury Jolly Jeffers who completed their couch to 5km programme at parkrun today.

As well as the first timers, visitors came from South Wales, Southend-on-Sea, Lydney, Tewkesbury and Cheltenham, among others.


We love puddles!

Results and milestones

First finishers

Natalie Cranfield (22:09), Jasmine Fern (22:30) and Rosie Brown (23:25) were the first women home, whilst Steve Kenyon (17:25), Max Sheppard (18:06) and Charlie Worsfold (18:23) were the first men to finish. Great running all of you!


Well done to Madeleine Spinner on your 10th run today - your first official parkrun milestone, and hopefully the first of many!

Congratulations also to Stephen Johnstone on your 200th run.

Personal bests

Despite the puddles, 14 parkrunners achieved a personal best time over the course. Impressive performances given the splishy, splashy conditions. Congratulations to:

Dan Nurse • Rosie Baldwin • Tom Burt • Richard Elliott • Julian Hasinski • Ian Smith • Connor Costello-Byrne • Munir J A Tholley • Ajmal T K Tholley • Grace Beard • Alfie Spinner • Susan Howes • Nicola Fear • Andrew Murfin


The sheer joy of parkrun - whatever the weather!


parkrun cannot happen without our amazing High-Viz heroes. Huge thanks to the 29 volunteers who joined Run Director, Antony Greensweig, to make event #240 possible:

Jane Morgan • Sian Morgan • Patrick Morgan • Georgina McMasters • Gary Philpott • Chris Cox • Amanda Valder • Trevor Stevens • Andy Jarrett • Emelia Johnstone • Glyn Matthews • Jon Schofield • Phil Cole • Amber Wheeler • Oscar Stenner • Nicola Oakey • Thomas Oakey • Madeleine Spinner • Richard Meadows • Kay Searle • Andrea Preedy • Joanne Knight • Andy Watts • Janet Stevens • Malachi Youngs • George Perrins • Kathryn Murfin • Jo Foster • Sebastian Foster

If you fancy being a High-Viz hero, take a look at the available roles on our website - future roster page and email us

Sixty seconds with Julie Dennis

Julie and I have been friends since we met at college back in 1992. Neither of us could’ve been described as sporty back then, although we did manage the odd game of tennis when the sun was shining. One day we decided we’d go for an early(ish) morning run along the Thames in Henley. Unfortunately Julie didn’t turn up (from memory, her bed was just too cozy), so I trundled up and down the riverbank alone. It took more than 20 years before we finally managed our first run together…

Tell me about your involvement with parkrun — how did you first hear about it, and has it become a regular fixture in your life?

Well, some crazy ass friend dragged me to Essex and made me go for a parkrun in Hockley Woods. Since then, it’s become a slight obsession in my life - visiting different parkruns and collecting various challenges - I recently became a pirate! My dad thinks I’m barking!

For those who might be slightly confused at this point as to how Julie became a pirate, the clever folk Andy and Laura have created "Running Challenges", a Chrome extension / Firefox Add-on that allows you to play games with your parkrun results, including tourist challenges and tracking your volunteering at parkrun. Each completed challenge gives you a badge on your profile to show off to all your friends. I urge you to check it out, but be warned - your parkrunning experience will never be the same again!

Had you been much of a runner before?

I’d never done any physical exercise until I hit 40. At that point I did couch to 5km and I haven’t looked back.

You sometimes run with your husband and two children (aged 14 and 10). Do they share your enthusiasm?

My son and daughter generally prefer marshalling to running at the moment. My husband likes to come to parkrun occasionally, but tends to prefer running on his own. 

How things change! I remember the first time I mentioned parkrun to you, I managed to get your husband, Chris, to come out with me but you weren’t so keen. Now you wouldn’t miss one when you have a free weekend.

You’ve volunteered 21 times so far. How did you get involved with volunteering at parkrun and do you have a favourite role?

I feel the volunteers at every parkrun do an amazing job, and thought it very important to give something back. After all, parkrun doesn’t happen without volunteers.

My favourite spot for marshalling is at the top of Heartbreak Hill at Barry Island parkrun, where you can really give the runners a boost. We always have music playing and give everyone a big cheer.

Iaim to volunteer once for every four parkruns I do. That seems like the right balance to me and I like round numbers so the one in four ratio appeals from that perspective too!

You've been on the tourist trail, running at 30 different parkruns now, visiting places such as Jersey and Severn Bridge, along the way. Other than your ‘locals’ (Barry Island, Cosmeston and Porthcawl in Wales, and Henley-on-Thames, just beyond Julie’s parents’ back garden), which has been your favourite so far and why?

The one that really stands out for me is Forest of Dean. They have a brilliant volunteer team, give excellent and very funny briefings, and it’s a beautiful course.

parkrun is incredibly popular, with many runs regularly attracting hundreds of runners and walkers each week. What do you think makes it so popular?

It’s free, it’s friendly, and it’s accessible to all. And after you’ve done a parkrun on a Saturday morning, you feel you’re set up for the weekend.

What would you say to someone who's considering coming along for the first time but who might feel a bit intimidated to join so many parkrunners?

Don’t be afraid. Everyone at parkrun is very welcoming and friendly. parkrun isn’t a race - it has a completely different vibe.

What's been the highlight of your parkrun life so far?

Running the first leap day parkrun with the same person who got me running my first ever parkrun, and looking forward to running the next leap day parkrun together in 2048 (fingers crossed!). Although I hope we’ll manage to fit in another one or two before then!

What did you make of your first run at Kingsway?

It was extremely wet today, and it has got me over my dread of running through puddles, as I had no choice. By the end of the last lap, I was a convert. All the marshals on the course were really smiley, cheery and encouraging, which made it great fun running here.

And finally, if you weren't at parkrun, what would you be doing on a Saturday morning?


I’m happy to report that, despite the fact that Julie and I now live at opposite sides of the country, we always make time to meet up. And when we do, there’s also always a parkrun involved. 


Julie & Georgina: Thanks for having us at Kingsway parkrun!

Kingsway parkrun by numbers

Kingsway parkrun, Gloucester started on 6th June 2015. Since then 7,414 different runners, including participants from 482 athletics clubs, have completed 53,270 parkruns covering a total distance of 266,350 km. There have been 9,905 Personal Bests, and 161 different first finishers. The average number of runners per week is 222, with 7.2 runs per person, on average. 29.43 is the average run time. The total hours run is 3 years, 4 days, 16 hours, 15 minutes and 0 seconds. A total of 774 individuals have volunteered 6,626 times. The biggest attendance was 427 on 13th May 2017.

  • The female record is held by Lucy Marland who recorded a time of 18:25 on 15th August 2015 (event number 11).
  • The male record is held by Tom Mortimer who recorded a time of 15:26 on 1st April 2017 (event number 94).
  • The Age Grade course record is held by Jane Wassell who recorded 90.95% (19:09) on 1st June 2019 (event number 204).

Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Results page of our website.


Pirates are always at home on the water


See you next time - #DFYB!


IWD parkrun blog: Becky Martin

Stop thinking cant and start thinking CAN!


#illneverruntoicantstop #freedom #strength #health #friendship #beliefyoucan 
In January 2018 I did my first unofficial Park run - dragged by my good friend Karen who had to for 57 minutes listen to me whinging that my hair was getting wet and that I couldn’t breath - when would the torture end ? I tipped the scales at nearly 17 stone and felt ashamed and really disappointed with myself! I honestly look back and remember thinking , “it is New Years Day I should be inside, warm recovering from my hangover“and I felt really fed up and certainly like I would never return to Park run! 

Over 2018 I started a boot camp and joined a slimming class and as the pounds slowly shed and the sun came out I was encouraged to do 5k runs with close friends and actually with their support and huge patience it got easier! I did a bubble run and then back to Park runs! To see my time improve from 57 mins to 37 mins gave me a real buzz and to see so many different people all with their own reasons for doing park run was something I enjoyed being around! 

In 2019 my running habit exploded in to a full blown addiction and I was running over 100km a month, wait for it for “fun”. One of the greatest parts of my 2019 was seeing my addiction inspire others to start running from my slimming group and friends and the high of seeing others take charge of their health and well being has been amazing for me genuinely to be part of! Another great ambition I met was running 2 half marathons last year - one in NYC in which I game 2nd in my age range despite it being 1oc the whole run! 
The other important thing running gave back to me along side changing my diet was a 6 stone weight loss in 18 months and months of sorting out larger clothes and shopping for smaller clothes and my feet shrinking to a minute 3.5??

Park run I cannot stress enough is not a race it’s so much more then that - an amazing start to the weekend , challenging when you could be curled up in a warm bed eating pizza from the night before but your out wading through puddles and mud! My park run now is down to just over 26 minutes at my local Kingsway event and the improvement in my technique, approach and commitment has really empowered me to take on my first marathon in May 2020 in Worcester. I guess the reason I’ve wrote this blog when there are so many inspiring women that are doing so , is with the hope of one person reading this and thinking about running slightly differently!

Is it hard - absolutely, is it worth it - that’s up to you - to me running takes you away from thinking about all the can’ts and concerns in your life and gives you back just you - and the ability to smash lots of CANs and create so much positivity instead! So I’d say go for it and then do it again and then again because you ll be surprised just how much strength you have within you and the actual pleasure and sense of achievement it can give you! 

Ps massive thank you to Karen Newman, Leigh Winchcomb and Julian Smith for the constant encouragement and support you gave me to take the running leap! 


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