Kingsway parkrun, Gloucester #146 – 14/04/2018

Well, well, well that thing we haven’t seen in months turned up today- the sun. With the last-minute cancellation of Gloucester City and Gloucester North still like a swamp, race director Tracey Fairless and her team were pleased to welcome a bumper 354 brave men, women, children, dogs and buggy runners to the 146th running of Kingsway parkrun. Spectators at the side betting on who would win in preparation for Aintree was mentioned but too many runners appeared to know everyone’s name.

Thanks and well done to all the wonderful volunteers and marshals, especially with the extra numbers, without you parkrun would not be possible.

Among the army of volunteer heroes for the morning was Deb Peak who achieved the milestone of 25 parkrun tasks. Well done Deb who I’m led to believe also ran her 50th parkrun too. Don’t forget to get the t-shirt! Talking about volunteers and volunteering if you want to give it a try feel free to get in touch.!

Anyway, down to the scores on the doors, 1st place runner went to Chris Brown (not the American singer) in 18.00 followed by Alex Rawlings in 18.21 and third place Darren Jewell in 19.09.
First lady was Amy Gomer in 19:58 who also obtained a PB, followed by Amy Walker in 21:41 and third lady was Hayley Bennett in 22.22.First Junior today was Alex Rawlings
Well done to the 59 first timers and a massive congratulation to the 39 people who obtained a PB. Special mention also to junior Holly Clark who ran her 10th parkrun. parkrun is an all-inclusive sport and it was fantastic to see so many people out running together when a lie in would have surely been an option.

Anyway, sorry if I have missed anyone, spelt your name incorrectly or got things completely wrong, please refer to the official events and results page and I look forward to next week’s run.



Please do take the time to read.

We have been advised by Quedgeley Town Council of a complaint raised by a local resident that runners are effectively taking over the park and in their experience believe that parkrun has priority use of the park over other park users.
Many of you Im sure are aware that is the not our intention and that we regularly highlight this in our communications.
However if you are new to parkrun, you may not be aware of this policy.
It is equally important that if you are volunteering (particularly as a marshal) you may only make other park users aware the event is taking place, you MUST NOT ask them to move away, eg if they are on the run route. It is the runners that must give way and should give plenty of space so as not to appear intimidating.
If a marshal (or runner) deems it safer and more courteous to do so, parkrun participants should stop and allow non parkrun participants to pass particularly on narrow sections such as by the bridge.
Only by wholly adopting this policy can we be sure not to have a negative effect in the local community in which we strive to have a positive effect.
I need your full support on this issue and it extends of course to all parkrun events you may be touristing around the world!
In addition to the above, they also raised concerns regarding parking at ASDA.
Please do not park close to the store entrance thus causing restrictions to store users whilst you are at parkrun and only do so if you are a patron of the store.
Please also consider using the park and ride carpark which is only a few hundred metres away or of course run/walk/cycle!
The person that took the time to contact the QTC must feel that concerns are valid enough to raise and as such we must respond in a way that respects their views where an issue has been highlighted.
We are fortunate enough to have the support of the QTC, but equally we must be mindful that we do not become a nuisance!
If you have any questions or require clarification on this or parkrun etiquette in general, comment below or see a member of the core team on saturday morings or email us:
Thank you for your support, which Im sure I can rely on.
Gary. Kingsway parkrun Event Director.


Message from Kingsway parkrun


We have received notification late Friday Evening from Police and local authorities that although the parkrun can and will go ahead as normal a minor course adjustment will be in place.

The area affected is near the moated site at Manor farm which dates back to the Medieval ages and where a dog walker found his pet had uncovered what appeared to be an 8 inch mummified creature resembling a fairy. Police have recovererd the specimen and further forensic examinations are taking place.

Fairy Opal Olds




Police reference: Friday Sola Pol


Who’s who at Kingsway parkrun – #002 Amanda Valder


Name: Amanda Valder

Age Cat: Old

Number of parkruns: 50

Number of Volunteers: 25

Home parkrun: Kingsway

How did you get involved in parkrun?

My son started with his football coach, then my husband so I thought if they can do it so can I.

What do you like about parkrun?

You don’t have to be a runner to do it, they welcome everyone and encourage everyone, there is a great core team and there is always cake at Kingsway.

Favourite Volunteer role? Tail runner


Most memorable or funniest parkrun moment?

There are so many, Halloween fancy dress and Christmas Boxing Day run are among the favourites.  Having a life size Hellraiser run past you is definitely memorable.

Favourite place in the whole world to parkrun? 

Mmmm, well as I’ve only ever done Kingsway with the exception of one and that was due to Kingsway being cancelled, so would say Kingsway!

Which Celebrity would you like to partner on a parkrun?

Ant and Dec

What is your favourite post run piece of cake?

Gary’s mums chocolatey nutty cake – its lush

What is your favourite music track(s) to run to?

I’ve got various, something upbeat.

Which Charity do you Support when running?

Dementia UK

Your Sporting hero(es)?

David Weir.  When I was growing up Steve Bontrager of Kingston Basketball Club.(Editor: Hope this is him?)


What are your running aims? To finish!

Nominate your parkrunner – Jane Morgan


Kingsway parkrun, Gloucester #73 – 29/10/2016

This week's run headlines……….’Halloween, the P.B. Thriller and Gray Davis runs his 100th

Topic of the Week: Naturally this week’s theme was Halloween and many runners dressed for the occasion with some very artistic outfits on show. It would be fair to say great fun was had by all. Check out our facebook site, there are many picturesof the run and are well worth a look.

Run Director Brief:Gary carried out the run brief and we were provided with a bit of light culture in the form of a Poem Entitled the ‘PB Thriller’. As Vincent Price was unavailable to perform, a similarly old creepy guy Glyn took up the role, any similarities to the lyrics of an eighties song by Michael Jackson are purely coincidental

The PB thriller

Darkness falls across the land
Directors run brief, close at hand
Tourists crawl in search of blood
To terrorise Kingsway’s neighbourhood

And whosoever shall be found,
Without their bar code when they get round
Must stand and face the scanners wrath
the funnel manager, a psychopath

The foulest stench is in the air,
First timers, wet buggies and doggy hair
And grizzly pacers from every tomb,
are closing in to seal your doom

And though you run to stay ahead,
your body starts to shiver
For no parkrunner can resist,

The evil of the PB thriller………

Announcement: Gray Davis completed is 100th run, a great achievement and also his 50th run at Kingsway. It is fair to say Gray is a popular figure at Kingsway, always supports other runners and a regular volunteer. We thank you for your contribution and privileged that you should choose to celebrate your 100th run with us. Good luck on your way to 250!

Onto the Running Stats:
Paul Keating (VM35-39) was first over the line in 17:48, Chris Brown (VM35-39) of Severn AC of Gloucester, was second over the line in 18:07 and Russell Langley was third over the line in 18:17.
Current standing in the Men's annual points competition: Steven Proud  1546 pts. Will Cronshaw 1526 pts. Andrew Brown 1265 pts.
Joanna Parr (SW25-29) of Stroud & District AC, was first (13th overall) over the line in 21:09, Lindsay Freeman (VW35-39) of Chippenham Harriers, was second (23rd overall) over the line in 22:32 and Ruth Hayden-Cox (SW30-34) of Newent Runners, was third (26th overall) over the line in 23:13.
Current standing in the Women's annual points competition: Charlotte BIGNELL 1930 pts. Sally KING  1719 pts. Tracie TOMLINSON 1242 pts.

The following runners recorded the best Age Grade scores: Chris LEE (VM60-64) was graded 76.22% for the time 21:14 (15th overall). Richard PITTS (VM50-54) was graded 74.64% for the time 19:55 (6th overall). Paul KEATING (VM35-39) was graded 74.06% for the time 17:48 (first overall).

This week there were 204 runners, 41 recorded new Personal Bests. Representatives of 20 different athletics clubs took part.

Of the 25 first timers at Kingsway this week 17 were actual first timers which is fantastic, so welcome Neil Jackson, Chris Clarke, Stacy Jellyman, Lucy Robinson, Georgina Davenport, Hayley Rimmer, Erin and Amber Wheeler, Sam Puddy, Austin Degge, Maisy Dyer, Ian Brown, Kerry Stenner, Tracy Knox, Alan Bryan, Richard Hill and Lynsey Flynn. We hope you enjoyed your first runs.

Finally……..a special shout out to the Marshals and Volunteers. It wasn’t easy this week, lots of runners in weird and wonderful costumes made for not only a strange sight but a longer timed run than usual, well done Marshals for sticking to your tasks so well and in fact to all the Volunteers who helped the event run smoothly.

For those of you that have never done it to before it is fun and there is a role for everyone. You can see our future volunteer roster via the future roster page on our website or to get in touch with the event directly, just send an email to it is also the easiest way for us to notify and contact you if there should be any changes to our normal schedule.

Next Week We hope to see you again this coming Saturday along with any newcomers who are thinking of joining us for Kingsway parkrun #74 when we will be holding our Guy Fawkes 5K run…….for those of you with face paint and make up left over might want to use your artistic talents again.


Kingsway parkrun #72 – 22/10/2016

This weeks run headlines are ‘Water features’ and Nicci Luffmans 50th run’

Topic of the Week The parkrun uk brief made a request that water features should be made a feature for this week. At Kingsway we are lucky to have two, the first one is the moat at Manor Farm which is in a relatively undisturbed condition. Moated sites were built throughout the medieval period, they were often intended as a status symbol rather than of any practical military defence. The original construction probably occurred between 1250 and 1350 and the buried remains of earlier buildings are considered likely to survive.

Parkrun 72
Our second water feature is the stream to the south of the course near to what was the RAF Site. Lined by Hedgerows you cannot fail to be impressed by the bulrushes that populate the stream and wildlife is never far away.

Parkrun 72This Week’s Announcement. This weeks run was made more enjoyable for one runner Nicci Luffman as she completed her 50th parkrun. Well done Nicci! As 49 of those were at Kingsway we all want to thank you for your continued support. As recently as parkrun #70 Nicci achieved a new PB with an age graded score of 59.51%, (very impressive). We hope you get your 50th shirt soon and good luck on your way to reaching your 100th run.

Parkrun 72Parkrun 72Parkrun 72

Run Director Brief was carried out by Andy………later to have a narrow escape when a dodgy piece of chicken crossed his plate (his words not mine) but his brief fortunately went without incident as always. On the touristy front, we enjoyed support from Cheltenham, Bedford, Sheffield and Edinburgh. To all of you who travelled and are reading this report…… thank you for your support and hope you enjoyed your run.

Running Stats Mark James was first over the line in 17:15, Andy Gardiner was second in 17:33 and Andrew McPeake of Gloucester AAC, was third over the line in 19:24. The female placings had Lauren Blair finishing first and 8th overall in 20:18, Leanne Meredith second and 16th overall in 21:22 and Amy Hillel was third, 24th overall in 22:20. The following runners recorded the best Age Grade scores: Mark JAMES (VM35-39) was graded 78.55% for the time 17:15 (first overall). Lauren BLAIR (JW11-14) was graded 77.42% for the time 20:18 (8th overall). Andy GARDINER (SM25-29) was graded 73.60% for the time 17:33 (second overall). This week there were 165 runners, of whom 21 were first timers and 49 recorded new Personal Bests. Representatives of 20 different athletics clubs took part.

Finally No parkrun would be complete without recognising the dedication of our Volunteers ………Thank you. For those of you that have never done it to before I encourage you to volunteer occasionally and help make the morning go smoothly. It is fun. You can see our future rosters via the future roster page on our website or get in touch with the event directly, just send an email to it is also the easiest way for us to notify and contact you if there should be any changes to our normal schedule.

Next Week We hope to see you again this coming Saturday along with any newcomers who are thinking of joining us for Kingsway parkrun #73 when we will be holding our Halloween run…………so please dress accordingly, preferably no Clown costumes this year, in particular we are looking for Pacers in Halloween attire to help everyone get around safely because........ grizzly marshals from every tomb, are closing in to seal your doom.


Kingsway parkrun event #71 18/101/16

197 intrepid souls turned up raring to go for Kingsway parkrun #71 amidst autumnal weather. There was a selection of Kingsway first-timers (28 to be exact), including Helen and Mandy from Atlanta, Georgia USA who joined us and were 2 of the 28 first timers! Welcome to parkrun everyone. A huge thankyou as always to the volunteers who make parkrun possible, not only do they give their time but they also give their dedication. They make the mornings run smoothly and we give many thanks to volunteers, past and present. If you want to get that warm fuzzy feeling that you get from volunteering, not to mention some CAKE, then drop a line to: The run brief was carried out by Glyn, although it was his first time as run director he was like a seasoned pro, and delivered the brief smoothly and calmly. The runners were reminded about the parkrun code and about how lucky we are to have such a good facility to enjoy our parkrun at. This led nicely into the announcement that Pratik Pradhan was running his 100th parkrun. Pratik has also volunteered 28 times and his support is valued immensely. He has completed Kingsway 40 times, Cheltenham 57, Gloucester North 2 and Black Park once. Not only was Pratik running his 100th parkrun but he topped off the day by running a new PB of 21:49. It was also a day where two juniors crossed the line for their tenth parkrun. Poppy Brenton & Isla Vickers both took to the course and completed it to gain their T-shirt, something which they can be very proud of as under 11’s. Now the results, Peter Woodward was first over the line in 17:13 (first time in two appearances), after him was Mike Crompton in 17:51, and an unknown runner was third. For the women Tina Gomer was first across the line in 20:03, this was her second time in three appearances. Next was Jennifer Creed in a very respectable time of 20:41 and third, making it a family affair as Tina’s daughter, was Jessie Gomer in 21:57. Both Tina and Peter were given very high age grade scores, Tina was graded 80.80% and Peter 74.93%, along with 11 others who gained a score over 70%. This week’s run has meant that 2,585 different runners, representing 192 different athletic clubs, have taken on our course. 12,346 runs have been recorded covering a total distance of 61,730 km, and there have been 3,137 new personal bests. We are also welcoming a new local neighbour to the parkrun family, at Wotton, starting 22nd October. Best of luck to the core team and runners there, we wish you the best start possible (and some good weather).   I hope you’re all looking forward to next Saturday; see you soon for Kingsway parkrun #72.   note from ED: no idea why part of this post has been underlined and I cant remove it either :)


Kingsway parkrun event#68

It was a lovely, if slightly blustery morning for Kingsway parkrun number 68 and 151 people took part, a lot of people seemed to be saving themselves for the Cheltenham half the following day. We continue to grow however with five people doing their first ever parkrun at Kingsway today, and another nine people who tried the Kingsway course for the first time.

Thank you to everyone who volunteered today – parkrun is provided free every week, we rely on the generosity of the council to loan us the park, and the many volunteers who turn up, not just on Saturday morning but through the week, organising volunteers, charging scanners and updating social media and website so that we can all take part in a fun run on a Saturday and get our weekend off to a cracking start. If you have never volunteered please consider signing up – honestly its just as much fun as running.

There was a junior theme in the male first finishers today with first place going to Rhys Colenutt (JM 15-17) in 20.20, he was hotly pursued by Luke Mayo, also in the JM15-17 category in 20.24. Will Cronshaw took 3rd place in 21.00 exactly.

Grace Vido (VW-45-49) showed that it wasn’t just juniors that had all the fun as she led the ladies home in a time of 21.55. This gave her an age graded score of 73.16% - we done Grace. She was followed home by Anne Harris in a time of 22.57 and third place went to Sally King in 23.20.

In addition to Grace there were two other people making age graded scores over 70%. (For an explanation of age grading see the parkrun website but it is a way to compare performance across both genders and all age groups). George Scully in the VM65-69 category with a score of 70.07% and the award for parkrunner of the day goes to Michael Ward in the VM80-84 category with a score of 70.66% which puts him above the top placed male in age comparison!

Whilst it is always nice to achieve good scores parkrun is not a race, it is a weekly timed run and the only person you are competing against is yourself – and that is only if you really want to, if you want to come and plod round and look at the trees in the orchard as a gentle jog you can do that as well. If you are trying for a pb how great is it to be able to start the day doing something better than you have ever done something in your life before.

Today 39 people did just that and got a PB right here at Kingsway. The PB roll of honour is Luke Mayo, Alex Jenkins, Pete Dunn, James Hoskins, Max Holford, Kyle Neal, Madeleine Collins, Stuart Lowe, Gregory Leyshon, Edward Loughlin, Derek Winskill, Sue Coates, Leo Davis, Kerry Oddie, Neville Grigg, Sarah Mahon, Carys Hoskins, Dionne Mead, Jade Adlam, Tracey Fairless, Chloe Avery, Mark Fletcher, Nicola Hudman, Olivia Hudman, Jenny Mandeville, Deb Peake, Sally Cross, Jo Fearns, Katherine Pitts, Sarah Fowkes, Karen Paice, Steve Paice, Sarah Martin, Graham Bailey, Veronica Higgins, Cristopher Cocks, Steve Berry, Andy Meade and Lisa Parker!

If you enjoyed yourself today please come back, we will be doing it all again, same time, same place next week.


Kingsway parkrun event #67

The ‘Charlotte five-O’ Run

Starting with the weather it was quite simply lovely, a slight NNW wind of about 11mph and a temperature of 13 Celsius…..everything added up to a perfect morning for running and so the times would prove.
Run Director brief was carried out by Andy………cool, calm and collected he delivered with aplomb and sporting a classic red Tribesports 50 shirt it led nicely into the announcement that Charlotte Palmer was about to hit the 50 run mark too. Charlotte is a regular both running and volunteering and is a great supporter of Kingsway parkrun and its friends. Thank you Charlotte, it is always a pleasure when you join us at Kingsway and good luck with your next 50 runs.

Keeping it a family affair, Lucie completed her 10th run as a Junior. Well Done! I hope you both get your milestone T Shirts soon and will be showcasing them at some future event. If there were other milestones this rookie run reporter missed please let me know I will update the report ………it is important.
On the touristy front the geographical destinations kind of passed me by sorry, but from memory, there were runners from Swindon, Forest of Dean, Little Stoke, Bristol, Frampton Cotterell, Brackla (exactly what I was thinking, so I googled it and it is near Bridgend so nice one guys) so unless I am corrected the parkrun miles award this week goes to Charlotte from Birchfield. To all of you who travelled to Kingsway today………… thank you for your support and hope you enjoyed your run.
Onto the Stats;
218 runners completed the course, 60 achieving new Personal bests, testament to the kind conditions. There were also 19 first timers registered with bar codes……… this was fantastic and it is always heartening to see new people enjoying Kingsway in such numbers.
Female placings:
Charlotte FOXALL (SW20-24) of Birchfield Harriers, was first (13th overall) over the line in 20:50 - first time in 2 appearances.
Amy HILLEL (SW18-19) (Unattached) was second (41st overall) over the line in 23:21.
Cat LANE (SW30-34) of Hucclecote Harriers, was third (42nd overall) over the line in 23:30. Special mention also goes to Teresa Tranter from Forest of Dean for finishing closely in fourth but more about her later.
Male placings:
Dan SCHOFIELD (SM25-29) of Bristol and West AC, was first over the line in 18:10 - first time in 4 appearances.
Thomas SMITH (JM15-17) of Dursley Running Club was second over the line in 18:49.
Mark TAYLOR (VM40-44) of Frampton Cotterell Harriers, was third over the line in 18:57.
Notable times in the Junior category besides the excellent one by Thomas were, Luke Mayo, Kyle Neal, Peter Mortimer and Callum Marsh who all achieved times under 25mins.
The Age graded score of the week that caught this run reporter’s eye anyway was Teresa Tranter with 86:06%, her 34th run in total and 6th at Kingsway, a great effort and please return Kingsway soon Teresa. Other impressive scores were John WITHERS (VM50-54) with 78.58% for the time 19:04 (5th overall) and Simon DENMAN (VM50-54) graded 77.16% for the time 19:16 (7th overall).
Please note that for those runners who may have noticed and finished after position 70 your position in the final results will have appeared one place lower do not panic this is correct and was due to a slight hiccup with a first timer who missed the finish and then their token.
Finally, to the heroes of parkrun……the volunteers! Every parkrun only happens because of the time and dedication of our volunteers. Many thanks to all of you, past and present. As this run reporter is volunteer coordinator next week please sign up to our email alerts at not only do we encourage you to volunteer occasionally and help make the morning go so smoothly but it is also the easiest way for us to notify and contact you if there should be any changes to our normal schedule.
If you have read this far then thank you……….for continuing to be part of our Saturday mornings and we hope to see you again this coming Saturday along with any newcomers who are thinking of joining us for Kingsway parkrun #68

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