Lancaster parkrun is cancelled on 2021-11-27 – Trees down in the park

Christmas and New Year Day parkruns

Thanks to our wonderful volunteer Run Directors and the support of the park, we are able to host parkrun on both Christmas and New Year's Day. Both events will start at the usual time of 9am.

We cannot hold these without plenty of wonderful volunteers - please get in touch if you'd like to help out on either date! 


#DFYB Lancaster parkrun report – Saturday 16th October

Thank you to Rebecca Shepherd for this weeks run report.


This parkrun report comes as a cautionary tale as to what will happen if you forget your barcode.

I love running in the drizzle, it’s my favourite kind of running weather. I was able to run without any small children in tow. I went to bed early on Friday night and refrained from having a glass of wine. I am not far off my 100th parkrun. As such, I was ready and raring for a good run, and significantly managed my best run time since having baby no. 2.


And we all know the golden rule, no (printed) barcode, no time, no exception...

I normally have my wristband faithfully on my wrist, with my barcode and emergency contact details on it, but in my giddy excitement to be running sans family, it got left at home. As such, I’ve been thinking about all the ways to prevent me running barcode-less in future.

Here’s my list:

  • Keeping spare printouts in my car glove box
  • Keeping a laminated copy in my trainer
  • Sliding a copy behind my phone case
  • Having one of the barcode tags on my shoelaces
  • Burying barcodes in various places around the park to dig up when needed
  • Tattooing the barcode on my forehead

Any further suggestions on ways to remember your barcode will be appreciated.

Anyway, in total, 228 people turned out in the drizzle to complete the course today. From those of you smug runners with barcodes upon their person there were 14 first time runners, 24 juniors and 46 personal bests.

Excitingly, we had two milestone runs this week, so big congratulations to junior parkrunner George Starr for running his 25th parkrun (and gaining a new PB) and to Matthew Barnes for running his 100th parkrun.

This event was made possible by 31 wonderful volunteers (listed below). We are still short of volunteers next week. Lancaster parkrun cannot take place without volunteers so please consider volunteering. There are loads of different roles to have a go at, none are too taxing, you get to meet lots of friendly people and altruism always makes you feel good. So, in the poetic words of Mrs Doyle from Father Ted - ‘Go on, go on, go on, go on’.

Our volunteers were: Phoebe ATKIN, Sara ATKIN, Stewart ATKIN, Kirstie BANKSLYON, James BATESON, Alice DAVIES, Andrew FIRKINS, Jim FLETCHER, Abi GUILDER, Benjamin GUILDER, Jennifer GUILDER, Andrew HOLME, Pam HOLME, David JACKMAN, Martin LORD, Thomas LORD, Ruth MEWIS, Ryan MEWIS, Rosie MUTTON, Paul PARKES, Annabelle ROBINSON, David ROSEN, Rebecca SHEPHERD, Steve SMITH, Thomas SOMERS, Julie WARDLOW, Harriet WHITE, Andy WILBY and last, but not least, George WILBY.


Run Report Event 226 25th September 2021

Run report by Katy Cleece


It was warmer than expected this morning as we arrived at Lancaster parkrun for 2 of our younger runners to run their milestone 10th run. Normally these young ones spend their Sundays volunteering and running at Worden Park junior parkrun. For the adults, our home run was formerly Cuerden Valley, but as this sadly hasn’t returned post covid, we have been enjoying touring local parkruns on Saturdays. I can safely say that Lancaster is the toughest course we have found in Lancashire in terms of elevation, but definitely beautiful running through the autumnal wooded area, where we were lucky enough to find conkers too. There were also some blackberries- very handy if you’re looking for a mid run snack! The run is 2 fabulous undulating laps with a short stepped area, that was easy to navigate with the pram. Jack did take a tumble on one downhill section - it’s hard not to run too fast on those downhills especially when you are 6! However we were soon up and running again, and made it to the finish safely, which is helpfully located by a brilliant playground. All the way around the course we were cheered on by enthusiastic marshals, we definitely needed that especially on the hills!



After a photo stop at Williamson memorial we headed to the cafe. We can highly recommend the sausage ciabattas and cooked breakfasts! 

Well done Lancaster on a well organised run, set in a stunning location that has something to offer parkrunners young and old. 

Here is a lovely dedication from visiting run director Matthew Stobant:

"Thank you for a great parkrun, almost as hilly as ours at Trelissick in Cornwall, lovely synergy and a splendid view from the top of the memorial."


Below is some event specific stats, I also noticed there were 13 runners running their first ever parkrun- so a huge well down and welcome to you:

Chris Plant, Adam Wilcox, Tim Bennett, Fraser Newton, Ali Sheen, Mark Taylor, Daniel Gosney, Emily Munro, Laura Murphy, Clare Bennett, Paula Wilson, Joan Kinnings and Joyce TSE. 

This week 217 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 37 were first timers and 27 recorded new Personal Bests. Representatives of 31 different clubs took part.

The event was made possible by 32 volunteers:

Rachel BARTON • Harriet WHITE • David DOWNES • Phil CORRIS • Andy WILBY • Stephen RALSTON • George WILBY • Peter JONES • Matt YATES • Francesca CITRON • Emily WINTER • Annabelle ROBINSON • Anne SOMERS • Alice DAVIES • Ian ROBERTS • Eileen DODWELL • Evan YATES • Katy CLEECE • Paul YATES • Valerie GILL • Katharina JANKE • Robert CLAYTON • Andrew FIRKINS • Rachael SHUTTLEWORTH • Ully KRITZLER • Derek LONGSTAFF • Jim FLETCHER • Paul PARKES • Vicky BOOTH • Peter SMITH • Lucy MORRIS • Stephen BAKER

Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Lancaster parkrun Results Page.




Run Report Event 216 7th March 2020

My favourite thing about today was meeting new people at Lancaster parkrun.

As we were setting up, Connor Block from Canada introduced himself, he was a complete parkrun newbie, so we explained the course and how parkrun works. Assured him that if he wasn’t a superfast 5km runner he would have someone to follow. Turns out he was superfast and my advice wasn’t especially sensible as he didn’t have anyone to follow. However, the marshals all pointed him in the right direction and completely aced the course finishing first in a very impressive time!

Then after the run I got chatting to Edwin and Lorraine Adlam who usually participate in parkrun at Goole. This was their first time at Lancaster parkrun and after a pretty tough first lap they were thinking about calling it a day. However, with encouragement from the Tail Walkers they were happy to have completed the entire course.

How amazing is it that people can come along and participate from wherever they come from, do it at any speed they can and start the weekend in such a positive way.

This can’t happen without volunteers. We had a great response to our midweek appeal and had a brilliant team who made the run run smoothly. A big cheer went out to David and Olivia Kilburn who have reached the volunteering milestone of volunteering at 25 separate events. They are brilliant volunteers who you will often see marshalling where the course changes for the second lap, however, they’re also happy to go wherever I need them and they’re always smiling. Thank-you for your continued support! If you would like to volunteer then we will always find something for you to do, please email us if you’re interested or have any questions

Two other milestones were reached at our parkrun today, junior runner Sumayya Yaseen ran her 10th and Anita Taylor ran her 50th parkrun. Congratulations to you both!

Thanks again to all of our volunteers:

Sara ATKIN, Fay BIRD, Bernie CHESHIRE, Peta-Jane CLAYTON, Joseph COTTAM, Paul COTTAM, Eileen DODWELL, Madeleine DORAN, Helen DRING, Andrew FIRKINS, Jim FLETCHER, David JACKMAN, Erwin KALIS, David KILBURN, Olivia KILBURN, Peter MCDONALD, Simon MCVEY, Christine PERRY, Stephen PERRY, Ian ROBERTS, Holly SATTERLY, Elaine SIMMILL, Steve SMITH, Thomas SOMERS, Emily STAPLETON, Andrea TOWSE, Russell WAREING, Maggie WILD, Emily YATES, Heidi YATES, Paul YATES



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