Lancaster parkrun no. 195 12th October 2019

I first got into volunteering at parkrun for my Bronze D of E award. During my time at Park Run, I undertook many different roles such as marshalling, at many different points around the course. During the 13 weeks, I also had the opportunity to do some other roles such as barcode scanning, token management and timekeeping. Park Run has enabled me to become more responsible and confident in myself whilst having an amazing time and making new friends along the way. It has allowed me to develop my skills, such as management, and given me the insight on helping to manage a race. I loved it so much that I am still continuing to volunteer and is a great way to involved.

Olivia Kilburn

This week 264 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 32 were first timers and 36 recorded new Personal Bests. Representatives of 33 different clubs took part.

The event was made possible by 34 volunteers:

Stephen PERRY • Andrew HOLME • Rachel BARTON • Constanze VAGELER • Christine PERRY • Phil CORRIS • Philip BOYLE • Matt YATES • Holly SATTERLY • Heather YATES • Anna HARRISON • John RODGERS • Ian ROBERTS • Tom PALMER • Evan YATES • Rowan YATES • Lucy HARRISON • Heather HARRISON • Mia READ • Erwin KALIS • Madeleine DORAN • Katharina JANKE • Stephanie LARKIN • David JACKMAN • Vicky BOOTH • Sara ATKIN • Julia WESTAWAY • Phoebe ATKIN • Olivia KILBURN • Chibby DIMGBA • Liam EICHMEYER • Stewart ATKIN • Franco YIM • Thea WESTAWAY

Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Lancaster parkrun Results Page.


Lancaster parkrun no. 194 October 5th 2019

This week parkrun celebrated its 15th birthday and we welcomed 246 people to our lovely course, assisted by 30 hi-vis heroes.

Run report by Eleanor Sowerby, Queen Square Medical Practice, Lancaster

I did my first parkrun in Lancaster on the 23rd January 2016.  I remember coming along to watch the very first one at Williamson Park to ‘check it out’ before I plucked up the courage to do it two weeks later. I’ll be honest, I’m a bit of a ‘yo-yo’ runner: I don’t warm up before I run, I push myself too hard and run too far, too soon. Invariably this ends up hurting which deters me from running again for a while.  I’m glad to say that I’m slowly turning things around with the support of ‘Couch to 5k’!   This is a brilliant nine-week plan designed for total beginners or for people like me that need a bit of extra support to build their running ability.  I’m currently about to start on week 4, and I have been humorously encouraged along by the voice of comedian Sarah Millican who tells me when I need to warm up, walk, run, and cool down. It is such an excellent app that is encouraging me to get back to running again.  

For me the ‘Couch to 5k’ is proving to be excellent preparation for parkrun.  However, the beauty of the parkrun is that it is a free event, accessible to all, even if you are not a runner.  You can simply take part by watching, admiring the view across Morecambe Bay or by walking, rather than running. You can bring your dog, children, have a cuppa or even volunteer.  It doesn’t matter, it’s all about the atmosphere, the people and having fun!

I am part of the research team at Queen Square Medical Practice.  As an affiliated parkrun practice, we recognise the value that parkrun brings to our local communities; promoting health, connection, friendship, fun and overall wellbeing.  Whilst taking part I have heard many inspiring stories showing what parkrun means to people: from a carer who gets respite to recharge and renew, to a child raising money for a local charity, amongst many other examples.  None of this would be possible without the amazing dedication and commitment shown each week by a host of fabulous volunteers. 

Don’t be deterred by the mud, hills or lycra – come along, say ‘Hello’ and join in!   

This week 246 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 25 were first timers and 34 recorded new Personal Bests. Representatives of 27 different clubs took part.

The event was made possible by 30 volunteers:

Marian DE SILVER • Patrick CORBETT • Constanze VAGELER • Maggie WILD • Russell WAREING • Mary ECKERSLEY • Amanda CHAPMAN • Eleanor SOWERBY • Philip BOYLE • Lester SMITH • Holly SATTERLY • Francesca CITRON • Anna HARRISON • Alice DAVIES • Eileen DODWELL • Tom PALMER • Mia READ • Erwin KALIS • Paul YATES • Madeleine DORAN • Katharina JANKE • Stephanie LARKIN • Jim FLETCHER • Carly SPARKS • Julia WESTAWAY • Lucy MORRIS • Michael BONNER • Chibby DIMGBA • Franco YIM • Thea WESTAWAY

Lancaster parkrun started on 9th January 2016. Since then 7,403 participants have completed 49,021 parkruns covering a total distance of 245,105 km, including 9,129 new Personal Bests. A total of 516 individuals have volunteered 4,438 times


Lancaster parkrun no.192 September 21st 2019

This weeks run report is from regular runner and volunteer Sara Atkin. If you would like to share your love of parkrun writing a report or volunteering, please drop us a line,

On a mild September morning our runners arrived at Williamson Park ready to tackle Lancaster’s plan B route. The call had gone out previously, that it would be the alternative course and if people wanted to tourist then, we would not be offended. 184 hardy souls turned up!

Last time route B was in action, I was barcode scanning and feeling relieved that I wasn’t running 3 and a half laps of Fenham Carr. This week I had planned to run and had committed to the First Timers Briefing, when I found out it was the alternative route, I will admit I had second thoughts.

It was much more challenging than I thought it would be, with navigating the narrow sections, remembering how many laps you had done, being mindful of the other runners and the inclines (many many inclines!) but it was very, very rewarding when we finished - 12 people smashed a PB on the course today so a huge well done to them.

We were joined by 17 first timers, 6 of whom were absolutely brand new to parkrun, we really hope you enjoyed it and we see you again. We had 11 tourists, so a huge thanks to them for coming to visit to Lancaster and please come and see us again.

Stephen Ralston and Jonny Viney hit the big 5-0 and we look forward to seeing you in your milestone tee shirts soon. We have 5 members of Lancaster parkrun who are within 5 runs of reaching their next milestone. So keep going and when you hit your milestone, please do let the Run Director know so we can give you your very well deserved shout out.

We had 19 unknowns this week, so if you haven’t registered on the main parkrun website please do, it’s quick and easy and don’t forget to print your barcode off. If you have your barcode, make sure you bring it with you - so you can be on your way to your next milestone tee shirt.

A huge shoutout to all our volunteers this week, for making sure everyone had an enjoyable and safe run with the alternative route. Thank you all so much!

We are on the alternative route again next Saturday (28th September) and normal service will be resumed from Saturday 5th October.

As ever will sign off by saying, have a good week, be good, take care, see you next Saturday and don’t forget your barcode.


This week 184 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 17 were first timers and 12 recorded new Personal Bests. Representatives of 22 different clubs took part.

The event was made possible by 30 volunteers:

Ruth MEWIS • Patrick CORBETT • Ryan MEWIS • Rachel BARTON • Constanze VAGELER • Christine PERRY • John HOWARTH • Emma BROOKS • Holly SATTERLY • Heather YATES • David HARRISON • Anna HARRISON • Alice DAVIES • Tom PALMER • Mia READ • Erwin KALIS • Mariana RUFINO • Ted DEMPSEY • Sonya HENDY-IBBS • Toby HENDY-IBBS • Zac HENDY-IBBS • David JACKMAN • Anna RICHINGS • Sara ATKIN • Phoebe ATKIN • David KILBURN • Olivia KILBURN • Chibby DIMGBA • Stewart ATKIN • Franco YIM

Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Lancaster parkrun Results Page.


Lancaster parkrun no.191 September 14th 2019

What a lovely morning!

It started with beautiful light falling on Ashton Memorial as we arrived in the park. We were very fortunate to have lots of volunteers to help set up the course this morning, this meant that almost as soon as we had started, we had finished and then had time for a good chat before everybody else started to turn up.

It was a great mixture of volunteers today, some very experienced indeed and others taking part for their very first time. We were happy to see Harry Fox with us today; Harry has volunteered on 26 separate occasions taking on a variety of roles in order to complete the volunteering section of his Duke of Edinburgh Award. Congratulations on getting there Harry!

As the volunteers were being welcomed, I was given lots of great things to add to the runners’ brief. So many milestones and birthdays, lots of positive stories and smiling faces. Lee Metcalfe and Kath Mossop enjoyed their 50th runs with Hazel Morbey and Rowan Yates taking part in their 100th parkrun. I’m used to congratulating juniors on their 10th parkrun and recently a few reaching their 50th, so it’s really encouraging to see the commitment from Rowan at only 11 years old running his 100th parkrun. Congratulations to you all! Keep going at you’ll end up with one of these lovely looking 250 t-shirts modelled beautifully by Marion De Silver and Sharon Whitworth (one of today’s many tourists!).


Regular runner Mike ‘Spike’ Breslin celebrated his 80th birthday in the best possible way – a run at Lancaster parkrun! He ran with 4 generations of his family and there was an extra special appearance from Ben, his retired dog. Happy Birthday Spike and to Jo Moss and Ruth who were also starting their birthdays in style.

There was a real buzz around the finish line today, loads of support from spectators and runners who had already finished, clapping and cheering everyone who was crossing the line. It was lovely to see.

Another milestone was reached today, Ian Roberts has officially volunteered at 25 separate events. It’s great that he will now join the purple t-shirt club, but in all fairness, Ian has helped tail walking and leant a hand here and there on many more than 25 events. Thank-you for your continued support Ian. Thank-you as well, as always, to our other amazing volunteers:

Ruth MEWIS • Stephen PERRY • David ROSEN • Patrick CORBETT • Bernie CHESHIRE • Ryan MEWIS • Andrea TOWSE • Louise WAREING • Imelda HATTON • Christine PERRY • Phil CORRIS • Peter MCDONALD • Harry FOX • Ian ROBERTS • Erwin KALIS • Maureen ROBERTS • Tim WEBB • Sonya HENDY-IBBS • Mark BLEWITT • Toby HENDY-IBBS • Zac HENDY-IBBS • Stephanie LARKIN • Jim FLETCHER • David JACKMAN • Vicky BOOTH • Rachael BARTON • Julia WESTAWAY • Chibby DIMGBA • Thea WESTAWAY

Please remember that the next two weeks we have our ‘B Course’ which is 3.5 laps of Fenham Carr. This is to make sure that we minimise disruption of weddings being held in the memorial. It will be a lot of fun, but we won’t be offended if you decide to take the opportunity to visit our flatter neighbours at Morecambe, Fleetwood or even Fell Foot parkruns.

See you soon!



Lancaster parkrun No.190 7th September

After being away for a few weeks it was lovely to be back at Lancaster parkrun today. It was great to see the friendly faces of volunteers and participants and to be back in the beautiful Williamson Park with gorgeous views across the bay.


It was also nice to see some new faces, we had six brand new parkrunners and tourists from places including Ludlow, Bradford, Leeds, Stockport, Ashton-Under-Lyme and Birmingham. Although new to Lancaster, one of these parkrunners is very experienced indeed having run over 300 parkruns. A special mention should go to father and son team from Stockport, Ben and Charlie Batho, they have notched up way over 500 parkruns between them, both managed new PBs and finished in first and third positions! We hope to see you all again.


One of the things that I noticed this week is how many of our participants have already claimed their 100 T-shirts and how many are nearly there, not bad for a parkrun that has only put on 190 events. It’s fantastic to see the commitment that people have made to parkrun. Commitment not only from runners, we see volunteers coming up to the park regularly too and Christine Perry, one of today’s tail runners, has volunteered at 180 of those events! Two junior runners reached running milestones today: Patrick Haughton reached his Junior 10 milestone today with a brand new PB and Sam Ennis, also under 10, ran his 50th parkrun. Although he didn’t get a new PB he matched his old one! Great running boys!

Many thanks, as always, to our fantastic team of volunteers:

Linda STAPLETON • Stephen PERRY • David ROSEN • Bernie CHESHIRE • Myles HEYWOOD • Andrea TOWSE • Helen BARNES • Christine PERRY • Phil CORRIS • Kirstie BANKSLYON • Jack BAXTER • Pam HOLME • Anna HARRISON • Ian ROBERTS • Tom PALMER • Lucy HARRISON • Heather HARRISON • Stephanie LARKIN • Louise GILL • David JACKMAN • Diane MCGRATH • Phil MCGRATH • Helen ENGLEFIELD • Julia WESTAWAY • Phoebe ATKIN • David KILBURN • Olivia KILBURN


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