Leamington parkrun from a different view!

Writing the report, whilst not running, has allowed me another insight at Leamington parkrun. This week I got to feel the anticipation of the first runners arriving, feeling nervous about how I would get on scanning with the parkrun Volunteer app, saw the first aid book get two entries (grazed and very sore knees from what I saw) and grabbed a tea from Mrs Doyle before a runner had finished. It was also great to applaud the first finishers, something I don’t normally do nor witness!

You always meet friendly folk and this week Mike, who is a regular at Slough, was running with Naomi in a pram, see my picture. Naomi looked happy enough at the start and was asleep at the end, Mike did mention the hill was a bit more than he was expecting. Welcome to Leamington Mike and Naomi. I’ve never run with a pram nor a dog, maybe one day. 

As always thanks to all volunteers, your time and effort is appreciated. Please do add yourself to the register to volunteer. It is not onerous and everyone has a smile. 

Using the parkrun Volunteer phone app was easy. Once you have the app, follow the prompts and start scanning. Always runner first then token, I scanned nearly 45 runners, it is super rapid. Once you have finished the prompts send your results to the Run Director, really simple. It does speed things up for sure. 

A quick reminder that the parking wardens will ticket parkrun cars parked on the pavement on the Radford Road. If the car park is full then you will need to park elsewhere. OK let’s park the parking now. Here are the results from this week.

Written by Martin Brown (yes, this is also a volunteer position to write the run report)