Plastic FREE Leamington parkrun

“One Small Step / One Giant Leap

We’re all aware by now of the damage that plastic is causing to the environment and so we at Leamington parkrun have decided that we need to play our part in helping to mitigatthis.

We’re letting you know that, in the near future, we will no longer be supplying cups at Leamington parkrun. This will apply from the 31 August parkrun.  We’re giving advance notice for the benefit of those small number of parkrunners who sometimes forget to bring their bottles, mugs, cups and other drinking vessels, so they have time to get used to the change.

We shall continue to use plastic cups for the next few weeks, until our existing supply is used up. After that, for just a few weeks we will be issuing paper cups. However, starting from 31 August we will no longer be supplying cups of any type. (Even paper cups have a carbon footprint.From that date, it’s down to all of you to bring your own bottles and cups, etc., or… well there isn’t an “or”. As with bar codes where the rule is “no bar code, no time”, with drinking receptacles the mantra will be “no bottle, no drink”.

Just to clarify, parkrun has no obligation to provide drinks – most parkruns don’t provide drinking facilities – and so it’s up to you to provide your own means of hydration and re-hydration. We’re lucky that we have facilities at Leamington to enable this. Again, just to emphasise, most parkruns don’t. Therefore, not only do parkrunners have to bring their own bottles at these locations, they have to bring their own water!

We’re sure you’ll all support this initiative. After all, what can be more important than saving the planet? Planet Earth is our only home so we need to look after it – for ourselves and, perhaps even more importantly, for future generations. There is no Planet B!

On the subject of planets, it was 50 years ago today (20 July) that a human being landed on the moon and uttered the immortal words: “One small step for (a) man, one giant leap for mankind.” So, fifty years on, we are proud to announce our own version: One small contribution to saving the planet, one giant leap for Leamington parkrun. Not very catchy, we’ll be the first to admit, but hopefully it will do.

One of our environment advocates, Richard Barr, will be in the kitchen area on our launch date (geddit?) of 31 August to help Mrs Doyle supply water (and hot drinks) to those who have brought their own mugs, cups and bottles, and to help with any queries you may have concerning this initiative, as well as to receive your comments and compliments! You shouldn’t have any problem recognising Richard, he’ll be dressed up in an astronaut suit. Or maybe not.

On Saturday 31st August ‘Plastic Free Warwick & Leamington’ will be joining us too. Just another way that Leamington parkrun is trying to support the community.

Thanks for your support.

The Core Team