Leamington parkrun #437, 17th August 2019


With the weather being unpredictable all week, it was a great treat to run the course without the rain pouring down or any significant wind. It was my first time ever running Leamington parkrun and I was happy to know that after the field start, the ground was much like my home parkrun Daventry albeit a little wet and muddy from the rain. I can’t say I felt the same when I saw the hill but who doesn’t love a challenge on a Saturday morning?! Well, this week apparently 493 runners, joggers and walkers loved the challenge, 76 of them were first timers and 37 recorded new Personal Bests. With representatives of 42 different clubs taking part.

Daventry Road Runners were out in force at Leamington parkrun this week to promote their 10k Race on Sunday September 22nd. You may have noticed the purple wigs on the photographer and the club chairman.

I wanted to give a special shout-out to one of the first timers this week Merryn who I ran with for the last 1.5km. Despite a stitch early on and being a junior who has never run 5k before, and saying she had no energy left at the end of a tough 5k, she found an impressive sprint for the finishing 100m and left me and her responsible adult fending very much for ourselves. 

IMG_2467  IMG_2468 IMG_2487

The event was made possible by 51 volunteers:

Sarah BARFIELD • Susie TAWNEY • Malcolm FRY • Nick TAWNEY • Mrs DOYLE • Marti DHESI • Saty KANDOLA • Ruby BHACHU • Milly COLE • Emma TEEVAN • Mark WAINWRIGHT • Martin BENNETT • Claire DAY • Stephen TRAYNOR • Jade LETTS • Helen BRAITHWAITE • Bill LILLY • Paul BARKER • Lizzie ROURKE • Helen PUGH • Catherine TAYLOR • Neil METCALFE-SHEPPARD • Joseph WAINWRIGHT • Anthony BAKER • Tejay DE KRETSER • Ian BEASLEY • Dominic TRANTER • Daljeet BHACHU • Kathleen HEALY • Lizette HUMMEL • Sarah BROOKE-TAYLOR • Alison NIXON • Jennifer BRADY • Claudia HUMMEL • Annie BRYAN • Rachel TEMPLE-FRY • Lorna WAINWRIGHT • Juan MARTIN • Simon PACKMAN • Julie SMITH • Jill COATES • Paul ELWELL • Margaret WEBSTER • Judith POLLACCO • Lucy WAINWRIGHT • Peter BARFIELD • Neesha MEMETOVIC • Louis WYATT • Rebecca COUCH • Rohan MADAN • Jay MADAN

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Another shout out to the milestone runners, we had Finlay, a junior runner who has now completed 10 parkruns, Alex BLOWER and Jane BRANSCOMBE who reached the big 50, Heather SIMS on an impressive 100, and Stuart GREENWAY who ran his Minty 300.  Although not a recognised milestone there was also Julian M BOON who has done a whopping 379 parkruns and this was his first at Leamington. Congratulations to everyone who took part this week though. The full results and a complete event history can be found on the Leamington parkrun Results Page.

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The male record is held by Matthew ARMSTRONG who recorded a time of 15:22 on 6th October 2012 (event number 77).
The female record is held by Charlotte TAYLOR who recorded a time of 17:09 on 23rd February 2013 (event number 97).
The Age Grade course record is held by Monica WILLIAMSON who recorded 94.26% (19:44) on 29th September 2018 (event number 391).

Leamington parkrun started on 23rd April 2011. Since then 17,013 participants have completed 146,666 parkruns covering a total distance of 733,330 km, including 23,721 new Personal Bests. A total of 1,666 individuals have volunteered 10,589 times.