Leamington parkrun #446 Be kind


This week saw visitors from the NHS promoting the IAPT (Improving Access to Psychological Therapies) and other mental health services locally. I spoke to Steph after my run to find out more about what the service can offer. Many of us have suffered with mental health challenges during our lifetime as a result of temporary life changes, stresses and strains at home or work and disorders of the brain. If you are struggling, you can access the IAPT services via GP or self-referral (just call 02476 671090).


You will be assessed, usually within a week. The team may then offer you group sessions such as mindfulness, worry management and sleep management or one-to-one sessions for therapy and counselling. I am not ashamed to admit that I take long-term medication to control anxiety and depression and I really struggled during my university years. Sometimes living inside my own head is difficult. I am not alone. I am a veterinary surgeon- part of a profession with the highest suicide rate. This is not just because we have access to drugs, but also because we suffer massive pressures trying to deal with the needs of our business, clients and patients all pulling us in different directions. What I have realised over the years of dealing with the public is that often people are wearing a thin mask of ‘coping’ over a sea of inner troubles. If I could give advice to everyone it would be this: be kind. You have no idea whether the person you are speaking to has just lost their spouse, has a missing relative, has just been diagnosed with cancer or whether your vet has just had to put their own pet to sleep. Be kind.


Running is another way to cope with life, especially in the warm, supportive environment of parkrun. Exercise gives the opportunity to decompress, use up some of that excessive adrenaline from stress, is good for your general health and has been shown to really improve mental wellbeing. And that leads me to ask you all to volunteer at parkrun at least 1 in 10 runs. I am desperate to get my purple t-shirt (25 volunteers) and this week was able to sort tokens, write the run report and still run. I got to meet Trevor who had volunteered more times than he has run (115 vs 108) and walks 2 miles to get to parkrun. Trevor admitted it took him 3 years of running to volunteer and now he is hooked. Many of our parkrun volunteers are regulars to the role and it would be great to help them out a bit and give them an opportunity to run.


Now I’m off to walk the dogs and practise my mindfulness...


Congratulations to all those who ran a milestone today: Susie BRYANT and Emma WILSON who ran their 50th, Steven TAYLOR and Richard WALKER who ran their 100th and anyone who ran on their birthday.

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And HUGE congratulations to Pamela HOLDER, who not only took part in her first parkrun at the age of 93, but also now holds the age category record for Leamington parkrun in the VW 90-94 category.Screenshot 2019-10-19 at 20.33.00

Here are the stats for today's run:

Leamington parkrun
Event number 446
19th October 2019

This week 372 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 25 were first timers and 45 recorded new Personal Bests. Representatives of 35 different clubs took part.

The event was made possible by 40 volunteers:

Sarah BARFIELD • Malcolm FRY • Mrs DOYLE • Rebecca ROWE • Marti DHESI • Liz SALTER • Trevor ROTHWELL • Saty KANDOLA • Gregan WARD • Emma TEEVAN • Helen BRAITHWAITE • Lisa ROBERTSON • Elizabeth BUCKINGHAM-JEFFERY • Tommy O'MEARA • Adam STRATH • Jeremy POPE • James CRICKMORE • Eleanor NABNEY • Morgan NABNEY • Portia NABNEY • Steph ZOKA • Anita LENNEIS • Caroline WHITE • Kathryn REAY • Sophie ROBERTSON • Joshua BRAITHWAITE • Simon PACKMAN • Alice RHODES • Georgie ACTON • Frances OSBORNE • Penny SPOONER • Nathan REAY • Meena LEKHI • Hussain AL-ZUBAIDI • Shahnaz HASSAN • Peter BARFIELD • Graham PATTON • Seb BARFIELD • Edward COADY • Jen MAYHEW

Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Leamington parkrun Results Page.

The male record is held by Matthew ARMSTRONG who recorded a time of 15:22 on 6th October 2012 (event number 77).
The female record is held by Charlotte TAYLOR who recorded a time of 17:09 on 23rd February 2013 (event number 97).
The Age Grade course record is held by Monica WILLIAMSON who recorded 94.26% (19:44) on 29th September 2018 (event number 391).

Leamington parkrun started on 23rd April 2011. Since then 17,449 participants have completed 151,468 parkruns covering a total distance of 757,340 km, including 24,394 new Personal Bests. A total of 1,720 individuals have volunteered 11,002 times.