17th October 2021 #157: My final RD shift!

Well done to all of our runners and parents for braving another soggy Sunday morning to come and take part at Leavesden.

As always, a massive 'thank you' to our volunteers Alison CASS • Amanda BARNETT • Angela WILSON • Annette HOWARD • Cameron WILSON • Campbell WILSON • Emily BARNETT • Gary HOWARD • Helen PLANT • Helen TERRY • Jamie BARTLETT • Jenny EDWARDS • Kezia ELLIOTT • Lucy WILSON • Mark PINNEY • Matthew BARNETT • Melissa KNIGHT • Niamh EDWARDS • Philip WILLS • Rasmi NANDA • Richard BARNETT • Stella ELLIOTT • Wai Meng AU-YEONG • Wanda BROCKIE • Will KNIGHT • William TERRY


Special mention has to go to Mark who was volunteering at Leavesden for the 100th time and to Rasmi for his 50th event. Thank you to both of you for giving up your time so generously.

Marky Moodle

We welcomed Evan, Benjamin, Amara, Benjy, Cerene and Isaac for the first time. We hope that you had fun and that we see you here again soon!


The first timers' briefing led by Mark.

Amongst our regular runners, Robin has now completed 21 junior parkruns and received his marathon wristband. Congratulations!


Congratulations on your wristband!

There were 13 personal bests run today - maybe the thought of getting out of the rain and in to the cafe for a hot chocolate spurred you all on? Well done to Oliver, Leigh, Ralph, Hudson, Sarah, Oliver, Matilda, Holly, Joshua, Evan, Joshua, Robin and Callan.


Enjoy the rest of your Sunday and we look forward to seeing you at Leavesden again soon!
Jenny (RD)

PS: Photos of our 157th Leavesden juniors can be found here. Thank you so much to Jenny for being Run Director at Leavesden juniors and hope to see you again soon! (Wai Meng)


10th October 2021: Run director debut!

A rather drizzly start but no shortage of sunny faces at Leavesden junior parkrun on Sunday! With four first timers joining – Nishka P, Harrison G, Ewan B, and Callan G (and a first timer Run Director), the wealth of experience from the superb volunteer team was even more appreciated than usual – thank you to an amazing team.




Lots of our juniors seem to thrive in the rain, and we had a massive 12 PBs this weeks, including Freddie H, Oliver S, Victor D, William G, Maisie H, Chloe D, Samuel E, Isobel T, Win F, Olivia D, Arthur T, and Abigail L. We also had a second completed Jr parkrun by Darla M, who is still 6 months off being old enough for a barcode! Congratulations also to Olivia L for getting her half marathon wristband, and Jessica W who just missed the presentation but we’d love to clap again next week! Honestly though, any under 14 who gets up on a Sunday and brings their energy and happiness with them to a drizzly morning is absolutely a WINNER, especially our stalwart U10 volunteer Cameron W, who has now volunteered 44 times.


A move (regression?) from Haikus, this week a limerick:

Our juniors love their Sunday parkrun
It’s great in the blazing hot sun
But it is even better
When the ground’s that bit wetter
First timers, PBs, too much fun!

All runners, poets, and volunteers welcome next week. Have a great week.

Run Director

PS: Here are this week's photos by Wai Meng.


#155 London Marathon Day

As I write this I am watching the amazing runners completing the London Marathon. One of our own Run Directors Mark is at the event and we wish him all the best! I wonder how many of our junior parkrunners will go on to complete a marathon - inspired by their time with us.

Today we had, on a rain free but slightly muddy course, 46 fabulous runners complete the event. Isabelle was the first finisher, with a great time of 8.42 followed closely by Freddie 10 seconds later. We welcomed Max - who joined us for his first junior parkrun. We hope you had a great time!

Congratulations to Zachary and Rory who collected their half marathon wrist bands and Eleanor who got her marathon one.

Of course these events are not possible without our amazing group of volunteers! So thank you to:
Wai Meng AU-YEONG, Amanda BARNETT, Emily BARNETT, Matthew BARNETT, Richard BARNETT, Jamie BARTLETT, Jos BARTLETT, Wanda BROCKIE, Alison CASS, Kezia ELLIOTT, Charlotte HAWES, Annette HOWARD, Gary HOWARD, Melissa KNIGHT, Will KNIGHT, Rasmi NANDA, Aimee PEACOCK, Helen PLANT, Daniel SWAINSBURY, Katie SWAINSBURY, Steve THOMAS, Mark Anthony TRAVERS, Linda WALKE, Angela WILSON, Campbell WILSON, Lucy WILSON. Special mention to Helen Plant who volunteered for the 100th time at parkrun! Remember - we are always looking for more people to help, so please get in touch!

A huge shout out to Aimee and Charlotte, who were shadowing me today as they are becoming new Run Directors at Leavesden. You will be amazing!

Right - I am off to see who I can spot running the London Marathon and to get myself registered for the 2022 ballot! Have a lovely rest of your Sunday and see you next time.


PS: Here are this week's photos.


26th Sept 2021: thank you Helen for this report!

Another junior parkrun day
The 154th event - hooray!
Being slightly damp and overcast,
Didn’t stop us having a blast.
24 volunteers bore witness
To incredible displays of fitness.
62 juniors walked, skipped, ran
Before heading over to barcode scan.
20 runners achieved a PB,
Plus 3 first timers, so nice to see!
I’m sure you’ll agree we all have fun
At awesome Leavesden junior parkrun!

Congratulations to the juniors who received wristbands this week:
• Freddie H (Half-Marathon = 11 Junior parkruns)
• Raphael S (Ultra-Marathon = 50 Junior parkruns)

A big WELL DONE to you for your ongoing commitment to junior parkrun!


Special congratulations to Stuart Dean, one of our Run Directors, for volunteering at Leavesden junior parkrun for the 100th time last week. Bravo and thanks for all of your help!


Many thanks to all of our volunteers today:
Soong-Kong AU-YEONG, Wai Meng AU-YEONG, Russell BARNES-HEATH, Amanda BARNETT, Emily BARNETT, Matthew BARNETT, Richard BARNETT, Alison CASS, Alannah DEAN, Stuart DEAN, Kezia ELLIOTT, Sara HEAD, Annette HOWARD, Gary HOWARD, Melissa KNIGHT, Will KNIGHT, Andy MITCHELL, Rasmi NANDA, Aimee PEACOCK, Mark PINNEY, Helen PLANT, Mark Anthony TRAVERS, Philip WILLS and Lucy WILSON

We would always love to have new volunteers to help run the event. The roles are all very straightforward and you’ll receive training on the day. Go on, give us a try… you know you want to!

Have a great week and see you next Sunday for our 155th event!

Helen Plant


Today’s photos: by Matthew B and by Wai Meng
Social media: Facebook and Twitter.
Today was Beth I’s last junior parkrun as she turns 15 next week. Her first event was on 2nd July 2017 (Leavesden’s 2nd ever event!) and she has run 79 junior parkruns in total at very impressive speeds! Congratulations on today’s PB, best of luck with your Saturday parkruns and hope we see you again at Leavesden juniors, perhaps as a volunteer!
(Wai Meng)

BI collage

Photos from 2017, 2018 and 2021!


19th September 2021: Rasmi’s run director debut!

I am so glad that the rain predicted by the weather forecast didn’t fall on our 153rd Leavesden juniors.

Volunteers: Thank you so much to the 24 volunteers who made our event possible! A huge welcome to Rasmi who run directed for the very first time! Please do consider volunteering especially if your junior is now too fast for you as Leavesden juniors relies completely on the generosity of volunteers to take place.


Vollies list


Rasmi K Nanda,
Our latest run director,
Did a first class job.
By Mark Pinney

First timers: 8; welcome to Jacob R, Charlotte R, Win F, Emilia M, Samuel E, Ada F, James T (visiting from Ramsbottom juniors!) and Millie W.

First timers briefing

Wristbands: Congratulations to Eshan L and Cleo P who all received their half bands having participated in 11 junior parkruns. Freddie H will be due his half band next time while Raphael S will be receiving his ultra band as his 50th run was today!

PBs: 15! Natey I, Harry C, Chloe D, Cleo P, Freddie H, Joseph F, Sophie B, Jacob R, Henry W-G, Max R, Jack B, Sophie D, Joseph R, Vibhav S and Olivia D ran their fastest ever Leavesden juniors time. Nice!

Awesome juniors: Well done to all 71 juniors who ran, skipped and jogged around our course today. I really hope you enjoyed yourselves and come again! Don’t forget to bring your friends! Just remind them to bring their barcode ^_^


Photos:: Svetlana N took lots of photos today which can be found here.

Social media: Please like/follow us on Facebook and Twitter for the latest news and photos!

Take care and see you next junior parkrunday!
Wai Meng

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