Leavesden junior parkrun is cancelled on 27 September 2020: COVID-19 (Coronavirus)

A change in the weather?!

What a fabulous morning we had at Leavesden, with 69 super juniors walking, jogging, skipping or running the 2km course. Even though it feels like it still hasn't stopped raining for any given 5 minutes, the course seemed to have dried up significantly. So we decided to go back to our normal route in the corner of the first field by the trees, as the mud was a lot less squidgy this week. This was proved correct as we got a whopping 14 Personal Best times this week, great work! We also had 5 First Timers which is lovely to see, we hoped you enjoyed our event as much as we do.

There were a number of wristbands given out this week to the following juniors:

Abigail C received her Ultra Marathon wristband (and also volunteered as timekeeper on the day), Oliva G and Flynn D received their Marathon wristbands, and Finlay G received his Half Marathon wristband. Well done to you all!

If your junior is due a wristband and you are yet to receive it, please let us know on the morning of the next run AFTER they have qualified and we will ensure they receive it.

As always, we had a fantastic team of volunteers keeping our juniors safe, so a big thank you goes out to:

Michelle ASHWELL, Wai Meng AU-YEONG, Amanda BARNETT, Emily BARNETT, Matthew BARNETT, Richard BARNETT, Katie BYFORD, Abigail C, Alannah DEAN, Stuart DEAN, Scott DONALD, Kezia E, Sarah HAWKINS, Martin HILL, Annette HOWARD, Gary HOWARD, Niamh MANGAN, Mark PINNEY, Jo SANFORD, Raphael S, Daniel SWAINSBURY, Katie SWAINSBURY, Mark Anthony TRAVERS, Suzanne WALLACE, Angela WILSON, Cameron WILSON

If you would like to become a volunteer for a future week, please email us in to leavesden-juniorshelpers@parkrun.com with your name and registered barcode number, as we are always pleased to see new volunteers, as well as our regulars.

Please ensure you check our facebook, twitter and news pages to stay up to date on any possible future cancellations.

Mark P.

PS: Here are the photos from today.


8th March 2020: A big jump in first timers

Sunshine (shock, horror!) greeted Stuart, Alannah and myself (50th time for me; I like round numbers) when we arrived at Leavesden Country Park to set up. The clouds did start to loom as the morning’s wonderful volunteers gathered; glad the rain held off!

Thanks so much:
Marshals: Geoff Cox, Stuart Dean, Scott Donald, Lucy D, Caroline Harris, Emily H, Annette Howard, Diane Hunt, James Martin, Noran McGovern, Rasmi Nanda, Aline Savalle, Daniel Swainsbury, Suzanne Wallace and Campbell Wilson.
First timers’ briefing & Warm up leader:: Katie Swainsbury
Timekeepers:: Amanda Barnett and Gary Howard.
Finish tokens:: Helen Cox and Imogen C.
Tail walkers:: Linda Walke and Eli W.
Barcode scanners: Richard Barnett and Matthew B.
Photographer: Alannah D. Her photos can be found here.
Token sorting:: Cameron W.
Run director & Run report writer: Wai Meng Au-Yeong.


Here are some of today’s 27 volunteers. Thanks so much!

Welcome to Emily, Noran and Suzanne who were volunteering with us for the first time! Congratulations to Noran for volunteering for the 50th time (49 in 5k parkruns then us). Gary volunteered for the 75th time at Leavesden juniors while Amanda and Stuart both volunteered for the 90th time (who will be first to 100?!).

Warm up

We could tell that there would be more juniors for our 137th event than the previous few weeks due to the louder hubbub of excited chatter. I was so pleased to see such a big crowd for Katie’s first timers’ briefing; quite possibly the biggest crowd I’ve seen!
Welcome to this morning’s 12 first timers:
Aidan B, Lewis C, Amelia W, Charlie K, Darcy G, Alfie Q, Ethan T, Chloe C, Charlie C, Amelie P, Isabel S and Poorani B.
Aidan, Charlie and Isabel were visiting from Verulamium, Aylesbury and Wardown/Houghton Hall junior parkruns respectively while the other 9 children were completely new to parkrun. Hope you all enjoyed yourselves and come back soon!

First timers

Katie’s first timers’ briefing.

Congratulations to Callum C and Orla H who received their half marathon wristbands this morning and to Jude D who received his marathon band. Thanks so much to Jude’s adults who told me he was due a band!

Next junior parkrun, Finlay G, Oliver H and Charlie K will receive their half bands while Flynn D, Olivia G and Joshua H will be receiving their marathon bands. Abigail C ran her 50th junior parkrun and will be receiving her ultra band! Don’t forget that certificates commemorating these fab achievements can be found in your child’s profile via their results email!

Milestones 2

Congratulations on your milestones!

This morning, our first 3 boys were Joshua H (don’t forget to collect your marathon wristband next time!), Charlie S and Sebastian S and our first 3 girls were: Isabelle H, Charlotte S and Amaia D. Well done! 13 children achieved PBs so congratulations to Joshua H, Amaia D, Callum C, Noah S, Alex D, Samuel W, Arthur H, Lilly M, Abigail C, Benjamin M, Jack D, Leo M and Poppy B. It was lovely to see all 77 of our juniors warming up then dashing around our course with their adults. Hope you all enjoyed the fresh air, being active and spending time with others! No finish tokens were lost this week which is great as we need those for future events!


I was very happy to get some offers this morning to help at future events. If you have never parkrun before, please do register for free so you can be added to the volunteer roster which will count towards the purple volunteer 25 tee! Please see where the gaps are on our volunteer roster and email leavesdenjuniors@parkrun.com with the date(s) where you can help and the role(s) you fancy!

Do ‘Like’/’Follow’ our Leavesden juniors Facebook page and Twitter page for the latest news!

Enjoy the rest of your week and see you next Sunday!
Wai Meng
RD (8/3).


1st March 2020: Sunshine after Storm Jorge.

Happy St David’s Day!

For the first time in what felt like forever, it was sunny on junior parkrunday! 52 juniors ran, walked, skipped and squelched through the mud on our 136th event; made possible by 30 volunteers who were:
Aimee Peacock, Alannah D, Amanda Barnett, Angela Wilson, Cameron W, Campbell Wilson, Caroline Harris, Charlotte Hawes, Emily B, Ethan K, Frederick H, Gary Howard, Hannah H, James Martin, Jamie Bartlett, Jim King, Jos Bartlett, Kezia E, Linda Walke, Lucy D, Lucy W, Mark Pinney, Matthew B, Philip Wills, Richard Barnett, Scott Donald, Stella Elliott, Stuart Dean, Thomas W and Wai Meng Au-Yeong.


Some of the 30 volunteers who made our 136th event possible! Thank you so much!

Lovely to see 11 juniors volunteering this morning; don’t forget there are roles which allow juniors to get both a run and volunteer credit such as tail walker, first timers’ briefing, warm up leader and token sorting. If your junior doesn’t fancy tackling 2km, there are plenty of other ways to participate such as marshalling, giving out finish tokens, barcode scanning, timekeeping or capturing moments as a photographer! Most of the roles are straight forward; don’t be shy about trying something new! Please check out the volunteer roster to see how many more volunteers are needed and email leavesdenjuniors@parkrun.com if you can help!

Jnr vollie

Getting ready to marshal!

Welcome to this morning’s first timers Henry W and Isla H; hope you enjoyed yourselves and come again! Congratulations to Arthur H and Rosie D who received their half marathon wristbands and to Olivia B who received her marathon wristband! Adults: Do mention to the Run Director (in blue high vis) in the morning if your child has done their 11th, 21st or 50th junior parkrun so they can be presented with their wristbands at the pre-run briefing.
Next junior parkrun day, Orla H and Callum C will receive their half bands while Jake and Noah G-S will receive their marathon bands!

FT and wristbands 2

Welcome to this morning’s first timers and congratulations to our wristband recipients!

8 children achieved PBs, their fastest time on our course which is impressive considering how sticky the mud was! Congratulations to Robin E, Lilly M, Pearl S, Callum C, Erin H, Jack D, Leo M and Skala C. Whatever your speed, hope everyone enjoyed themselves whether you tackled our course and/or volunteered! Please do bring your friends next week to start their Sunday in the best way possible. Don’t forget your paper or https://parkrun-barcode.com/ barcode!

See you next week!
Wai Meng
Volunteer (1/3)

Emily was our main photographer and her photos can be found here. I took a few snaps too but my settings were off (Oops! Every day is a learning day). The photos can be found here.


See you next week! Bring your friends!


A gusty run for 30 intrepid juniors!

Well, that was a tough one to call. When the weather forecast changed yesterday from fine to strong gusts, the whole Leavesden team pondered what to do. We checked the course out on Saturday and again early Sunday morning...no flood damage, no trees down, all looked ok, so we decided to go ahead. The course was certainly muddy in places and there were some gust of wind but overall the rain stopped and the children ran.

A huge thank you all the volunteers who turned out to support us and enable the event to go ahead. Wai Meng AU-YEONG, Geoff COX, Margaret COX, Alannah DEAN, Stuart DEAN, Kezia ELLIOTT, Louise FLOWER, Charlotte HAWES, Hannah HAWES, Annette HOWARD, Gary HOWARD, Diane HUNT, Aimee PEACOCK, Mark PINNEY, Helen PLANT, Claire SINGLETON, Mark Anthony TRAVERS, Eli WALKE, Linda WALKE, Rupert WALKE, Mark WELCH, Angela WILSON, Campbell WILSON. Not only were they there supporting all the children, and were huge support to me! So thank you.

If you choose to stay at home today, we totally understand. However, we were delighted to welcome 30 children, some of whom were tourists visiting at the last minute as their local parkrun had been cancelled. We hope you enjoyed yourself and we would love to see you again. Not sure how some of you managed this, but there were a number of PB's..well done to Freddie, Grace, Sebastian, Thomas L, Thomas M, George and Robin.

Well done to Max - our first finisher today with a time of 8.44 and a huge thank you to Hannah as our tail walker, a lovely even position 30.

Thomas collected his half marathon wrist band - he had achieved this in December but often has other commitments on a Sunday which meant he cannot attend every week. Remember, we are pleased to see you when you can make it - all of you.

So I am off to dry some high vis vests and have a cup of tea. I look forward to seeing you all (hopefully with no more 'gusty' winds), next Sunday.


Here are this week's photos!


Event 134…02.02.2020

Some weeks... it just feels like it goes to plan. By Friday the volunteer rota was full (always a relief), on the day the event went smoothly, results were processed quickly (only one person with no barcode). More importantly as RD I got to chat to some new children and their parents, lots of fantastic volunteers (who always make my day). It was lovely to look around the playground after and see lots of children playing, and lots of families and volunteers enjoying the café and a catch up. For me parkrun is and will always be about more than just the run. I love the sense of community and belonging that this event gives so many, so run well, but enjoy the social side too.

I know that some children found it hard today, conditions were muddy, cold and windy. So well done for completing the run, if that was you. You should feel proud, and know that not every run will feel epic, but taking part is epic!

So for our first February run we had 65 runners. We all done and dusted in 20.03 minutes. Thanks to Charlie and his mum for being our tail walkers this week. This has now become a popular volunteer position and is taken until March! Well done to Catherine who secured a PB and was our first finisher today. In fact we had 10 PB's today, which is amazing considering the conditions.

Lovely to hand out three half marathon wrist-bands. Well done to Freya, Ethan and Erin.

Thanks again to all our amazing volunteers! Wai Meng AU-YEONG, Alannah DEAN, Stuart DEAN, Kezia ELLIOTT, Edward Oliver GREER, Sophie Eila GREER, Charlotte HAWES, Hannah HAWES, Annette HOWARD, Gary HOWARD, Rasmi NANDA, Aimee PEACOCK, Mark PINNEY, Helen PLANT, Matt SINGLETON, William SINGLETON, Daniel SWAINSBURY, Charlie SYMONS, Dawn SYMONS, Mark Anthony TRAVERS, Linda WALKE, Rupert WALKE, Angela WILSON, Campbell WILSON. Please get in touch if you are able to help us out over the next few weeks.

Have a great week everyone.


PS: Here are today's photos.

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