Christmas and New Year events

There won't be a Leavesden juniors event on Christmas Day, Boxing Day or New Year's Day. Please check out the Christmas and New Year Compendium page for parkruns which are holding a Christmas or New Year's Day event. If you fancy volunteering on those days, I'm sure that parkrun's team would be very happy to hear from you! Our first Leavesden juniors of 2022 will be on 2nd January.


An overview of Leavesden junior parkrun.

Welcome to Leavesden junior parkrun! Please do read this article if it's your first time or if you need a refresher.

Leavesden juniors is a free 2km run/walk/skip for 4-14 year olds every Sunday at 9am in Leavesden Country Park (north side). Children can participate at whatever speed they like; have fun! If it’s your child’s first ever parkrun, please register them, print out and bring their personal barcode. Feel free to register yourselves too so you can volunteer in the future! Ideally your child will take part with their personal barcode on them (either in a lanyard, or pinned on their clothes etc). * Unlike Saturday parkruns, dogs cannot accompany volunteers or participate unless they are assistance dogs.*

Please note: children who are over 14 with special educational needs (SEN) or those with a registered disability, for whom social interaction and physical activity may be difficult but important can take part in junior parkrun. Please contact us if you have any questions.

Getting here:
Please use the postcode ‘WD5 0NX’ where you can enter the free car park via College Road. If on your drive you see a ‘Leavesden Park’ sign with a green background, please ignore it as Leavesden Park is a collection of offices. The brown background ‘Leavesden Country Park’ signs with the three happy stick people are pointing to the right place!

Brown sign

Follow this sign! PS if someone can find a bigger version, that’ll be appreciated.

Keeping in touch:
We very rarely cancel (yes, we go ahead if it’s raining). Please do ‘Like’ or ‘Follow’ our Facebook page and Twitter page where any news and updates will be posted. Do check on the morning of the event just in case there is urgent news. You can also ‘opt in’ to our volunteer emailing list via your child’s results email which leads us nicely to the next section:

Awesome Volunteers:
Leavesden juniors is free as it is run entirely by volunteers. It is absolutely essential that we have enough volunteers each week for the event to go ahead. The children can run the course without their adults as they are always in sight of a marshal who can show them the way. We need a minimum of 12 marshals and a tail walker each week and with the other roles, normally need at least 19 volunteers in total every week. Adults, children and those working towards their Duke of Edinburgh volunteer section are most welcome! The vast majority of roles are really straight forward and can be explained on the event morning. If you need a role where you need to nip off as soon as possible or want a particular position so you can meet your child; this can be accommodated. Please speak to the Run Director! Run director and pre-event set-up needs a little more training; we are currently looking out for more people who want to help with pre-event set up! Volunteer ‘takeovers’ by groups (who want to promote a theatre show, their running club etc would be most welcome. Please contact us!


Come give volunteering a go!

On the day
There is a first timers’ briefing at around 8.55. Please do arrive before then so you can hear a description of the course and what happens at the finish. The Run Director (in blue high-vis) will then give a pre-run brief. Please do be quiet during the briefing as safety announcements are relayed and most excitingly the presentation of milestone wristbands happens. If your child’s last junior parkrun was their 11th, 21st or 50th, please do speak to the Run Director beforehand so your child can be presented with their wristband!
We then have a warm-up before making our way to the start where the children (and their adults) tackle the 2 km course at whatever speed they want.

Our course by volunteer Mark Pinney.

As mentioned at the end of the video, children only (Adults: please don’t enter the finish funnel!) enter the finish funnel at the end of their parkrun. Our lovely timekeepers ‘click’ in each child as they enter the funnel and the children (keeping in finish order) receive a finish token at the end of the funnel. This is when they will use their personal barcode where a volunteer will scan the personal barcode followed by the finish token. The volunteer will take back the finish token as we need it for the next week. It is important for children to only cross the finish line once and to stay in finishing order to ensure everyone gets an accurate time. Coming out of the finish funnel will result in other children getting the wrong time.

Please note that only paper or barcodes will be accepted. Barcodes on phones will not be accepted. Feel free to still join in and print out your child’s barcode (libraries have printing facilities) for the next week.

After the event
Come join us at Woodlands Café for a beverage, breakfast and a natter! The results will be processed by a volunteer and you should get a results email eventually. As mentioned before, it’ll be helpful if you ‘opt in’ to the volunteering emailing list via the link in that results email. If your child has done a ‘milestone’ run (11, 21, 50 or 100), a certificate can be found in your child’ profile via the link in their results email.
Hope you enjoy yourselves and come back next week! We’ll be there to start your Sunday mornings with free activity (as long as there are enough volunteers of course!)

See you next time,
Wai Meng
Volunteer Run Director.


22nd Dec 2019: Festive parkrun!

As you may have seen on our Leavesden juniors Facebook and Twitter pages, this Sunday is a festive themed junior parkrun!

Please come wearing your Santa hats, elf ears, reindeer antlers, tinsel ‘borrowed’ off the tree, red noses, festive jumpers (or red/green clothes!). fancy dress; whatever you may have! Please don’t worry if you don’t want to dress up; the most important thing is to enjoy your free 2km. Just don’t forget your paper or barcode! There will be a little edible treat after you finish!


Some inspiration! Photos by Helen Plant and Matthew B.

Last but not least, a huge thank you to the 22 wonderful people who volunteered to make this week’s event possible. The volunteer roster was filled a week beforehand without me needing to make any appeals!

See you this Sunday!
Wai Meng


Vote for Leavesden Country Park!

Leavesden Country Park has been nominated for 'Best Park 2019' and it'll be appreciated if you could give Leavesden your vote! Lots has opened in the last few weeks and it'll be lovely to show our support as there's so much to enjoy (besides our junior parkrun of course!).

Click here to vote!

Vote collage


3rd Feb 2019: sNOw event.

Snow can be wonderful, until it starts to melt and temperatures stay low.
Not much could shift the stubborn ice, despite today’s balmy ‘heat’.
Oh how sad I was, to have to cancel the event but I could not resist,
Writing a mini announcement, just to test, posting pictures directly, into WordPress.

Our snow covered first field.

Our snow covered first field.


Slippery slope leading to the football field.


The second field


Most of the path was already covered in ice.


Video guide to Leavesden junior parkrun

I had an idea that a video of the Leavesden juniors course complete with finish funnel routine would be very helpful. Prospective juniors and their adults might not be sure what to expect and want to see the course before experiencing it for themselves and I hope this video will take away that barrier to participation.

I found out quite by accident that Mark Pinney, a regular Leavesden volunteer is a parkrun tourist who films the parkruns he visits with a headcam before uploading them to his YouTube channel MarkRun. He very kindly agreed to film the Leavesden course and edit this YouTube video which you can view by clicking below.

Hope you find it helpful and encourages you to come and give us a go! (Wai Meng)

Many, many thanks to Mark Pinney for filming and editing this video


Volunteers’ evening get-together: Come celebrate our 1st birthday on 20th June

It’s Leavesden juniors’ first birthday on June 24th and to celebrate, the volunteers are invited for a get-together on Wednesday 20th June! Join us for a drink and/or food at The Royal Oak, Abbots Langley at 7.30 to celebrate our junior parkrun and the volunteers!

Check out the menu here and if you fancy joining us for food, please confirm by May 31st so we can book a table. You can do so by emailing or commenting on our Facebook event page.


Calling Leavesden juniors’ volunteers! Food and drink ahoy! Photo by Huw Hamer

Hope you can join us!
Wai Meng
(on behalf of the Leavesden RDs)


Leavesden juniors Spring get-together

After a very successful brunch get-together in the New Year, we are organising another brunch event on 29th April. It will again be held at The Paper Mill, Apsley after junior parkrun at 10am. Children are very welcome and the brunch will be £10 for adults and £5 for children.

If you can come, please contact via our Facebook event page or email Leavesden juniors as we need final numbers by 8th April so the tables can be booked with the venue.


Easter and Spring Colours dress up this Sunday!

Leavesden 1st April announcement

Hello everyone,

This Sunday, 1st April, come to Leavesden juniors in Easter dress-up (rabbits, hares, chicks or lambs?!). If you don't have a dress-up outfit, you can herald the start of Spring by wearing a Spring colour like yellow, white, green and/or brown! I wonder how many people will dress up as leaves..

See you on Sunday!
Wai Meng
Run Director (1/4)


10 December 2017 – Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow

We have cancelled this morning's event due to the overnight snow, which is still falling and is forecast to continue to fall throughout the morning. Normal service should be resumed next Sunday and we look forward to seeing you then and at our other events over the Christmas and New Year period.


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