Lee-on-the-Solent parkrun updates July 2022

Hello all,

Well Saturday's parkrun marked a year of our return, and what a year it has been, we have been able to bring back club takeovers, pacers and enjoyed events such as the Queens platinum jubilee where we sang a rousing rendition of Sweet Caroline, the video taken by RD Cate of everyone singing, had thousands of views and was seen by many around the world! We even had a mention on radio 2!

Following an Run Director meeting yesterday, we have a few bits of news for you, and would also love your help.

As you know we operate a double funnel system at Lee, and this works well with the poles and bases, especially in the windy weather in winter! You may have noticed the 2 red/white poles and bases at the timing line are slightly different than the rest, the bases are made of hard rubber, and are very resilient, the 25 other bases are plastic ones that are filled with gravel, unfortunately a lot of these are worn/broken and need replacing, we are looking to replace around 20 bases and poles, costing approximately £300, here is where you guys can help out, we last asked for donations to buy a mobile defib, and we were overwhelmed with your generosity, and we are asking for donations again to replace these poles and bases, the only way to donate is through our paypal page, we know times are tough, so anything you can afford will be greatly appreciated, the link is below, any pennies left in our pot will stay there until we need to buy anything else for the event. The money we had in the pot from our defib fund was recently used to purchase a new PA system.




We also discussed tail walkers at our meeting and we usually only have one at Lee, we will be opening up another slot on the roster to have 2 tail walkers going forward, so if you can see it's free and you fancy tail walking please email in.

As I said previously we have been able to bring a few roles back, and now we can offer token sorting after the event, to be done in "on the water" cafe over a cup of coffee,, usually by 2-3 people, and pre covid this was very popular, as you can also take part in the event, so if you can see this is free on the roster and you fancy this role please email in.

This week, unfortunately we had an incident where a park runner ran into a railing, causing some damage to his knee, every week in the first timers welcome, and main briefing we do make you aware there are obstacles on the course, please be aware of them. If you run past an obstacle shout out to those nearby or put your arm out to warn the person behind you, thank you all for looking out for each other.

As some of you will be aware, the council will be charging for parking in the car parks and seafront road from 8am from August 1st. You will no longer have free parking until 10am, this has been campaigned and petitioned against but unfortunately to no avail! So please remember this for Saturday 6th parkrun.

This leads me nicely to 6th August, where we have the vegan runners providing pacers for you, we will confirm how many and the pacing times shortly, but we have around 10 pacers so far.

That's it for now, if you any comments/questions the email address is leeonthesolent@parkrun.com

See you all next week,

Maggie and the RD team, Honor, Cate, Cliff, Dom, Jacqui and Stacey



Lee parkrun is almost too hot to handle!!

I love Lee parkrun; despite touring most weeks with my son now, I always return to Lee and feel at home.  Lee has been in my heart since the beginning. I remember the test event, the first ones, the core team as it was then (some faces are still here), and the parkrun stats about who had attended the most events and that they resulted in a mini awards celebration on each of Lee's birthday. I'm the volunteer that always runs with a speaker blasting out music at special events (I have Spotify lists for Halloween and Christmas), and I also love a bit of fancy dress too! When I'm at Lee, I'm all in!
Lee is a beautiful course in all conditions, but it can also be so exposed that the simple out and back on the flat can become a complete badass challenge! Wind. Rain. Sleet. Hot, hot sun. There is no shelter. Aaagghhhhh!!! Today was the burning sun. Despite the Public Health Warning that we may hit the hottest temperatures on record next week, 411 parkrunners turned up for the event. How incredible is that? There was minimal breeze, and plenty of red faces from the effort, but still there were smiles all round. That's the joy that parkrun brings - Lee or any of them!
If you're finding the temperatures too much, but still want to keep your parkrun routine try some of these tips to keep you running.
**Wear sun cream - once your skin is burnt it raises your temperature as your body tries to deal with it.
**Wear light coloured clothes and preferably shorts and a vest top - light colours don't absorb the heat, and no one is worrying about your legs (they're too worried about their own) so let the breeze get to them.
**Put on sunglasses and a visor/hat - your eyes won't tell your brain it's so hot if it's darker, and the hat helps to keep your face in shade for longer.
**Use a buff - if you put it in cold water, or even in the freezer, and then use it around your neck, or your wrist then as these are heat temperature control points it helps again trick your brain and keep you cooler.
**Keep hydrated - this one is a must! Before and after as a minimum, but it's ok to carry it on you for even a 5k when you wouldn't normally in these temperatures. A soft flask can fit in a pocket and squash down once emptied.
**Get into the shade once you've finished - with the rise in temperature in your body and the atmosphere whilst you've run then giving it a helping hand to cool down asap is always going to help!
**Slow down! Although some of us like to push ourselves at parkrun it's ok if you don't for a week or too. Maybe your body will even thank you for the break and come back even faster!
A massive thank you as ever needs to go to the core team and volunteers who made today's event happen. If I'm not there beforehand I'll see you on the 17th September when Fareham Running Club do their annual takeover. I can't wait!!!
If you'd like to see some fantastic photos from today please take a look at Peter's album; they're brilliant!



Lee-on-the-Solent Parkrun 4 June 2022, #298: God Save The Queen!

What a fabulous morning for a red, white and blue parkrun to celebrate Her Majesty’s Platinum Jubilee! Before the event, Run Director Cliff Shaw led the assembled 378 patriotic parkrunners all the way through a rousing rendition of Neil Diamond’s “Sweet Caroline”, which has been chosen as the jubilee singalong song by Radio 2 listeners. Lungs warmed up, we all sped off happily for our seafront 5k in the hazy sunshine. The volunteers had kindly brought cakes for the finish too – what more could you want?


First across the line was first timer Neil McClements from Tonbridge, and first woman was Lucy May. Andy Simpson achieved the highest age-grading this week at 82.06%, in second place. Congratulations to Siobhan Mitchell, Stephen Brown and Lisa Evens who all did their 100th parkrun this week, to Stephen Andrews who did his 50th, Geoff Williamson, William Clift and Jean Boltwood who all did their 25th. Also big well dones to James Reed, Richard Frost, George Brooks, James Wales, Ralph Fairrie, Heather White, Martin Chalk, and Mike Adams on their first ever parkruns! Welcome to your new hobby!


A huge jubilee thank you to this week’s wonderful volunteers - Alan OPIE, Ali YARWOOD, Allan JAMES, Blue DAVIES, Brian WOODHALL, Carolyn OPIE, Cate MULLEN, Christine LAIDLAW, Christopher HORSCROFT, Cliff SHAW, Colin BATES, Dominic SHEPHERD, Gabriel MULLEN, Graham MEPHAM, Hayley SPARSHOTT, Helen HORSCROFT, Honor READER, Jacqui TORRENS, Janet SHAW, Joy GODBOLD, Julvia ROIZ DE SA, Kaarina MAY, Katy BRADLEY, Linda DODD, Louise BRIDGES, Maggie ATKINSON, Michael BARKER, Paul ATKINSON, Paul TROTT, Pearson ATKINSON, Stacey READ, Stuart NICHOLSON, Sue SIMISTER, Sue TRIBBECK, Suzy ASHWORTH, and Tony PEELO.


What a beautiful day for a parkrun, sunshine, a slight breeze and the soothing smell of the sea, not to mention the most stunning views across the Solent to Hythe and the Isle of Wight.

Thirty six wonderful, amazing, altruistic volunteers, including a gaggle of pacers, made today’s parkrun happen, rapturous applause and huge appreciation to all of them.

Promptly at 09:00, 379 parkrunners, 173 female and 197 male, set off along the promenade to run out and back, then out the other way and back again. First over the line for the women was Lucy May at a superb 21.00, Brandon Chaplin hit the mark for the men with a swift 17:38, and a new PB. There were another 26 PBs today so congratulations to those of you who obviously had a lot of wheat that had been shredded for breakfast.

A big shout out to the 23 people totally new to parkrun and the nine people who obviously loved their first parkrun experience so much they came back for a second run, five of you got a new PB so Lucy and Brandon better keep looking over their shoulders. There were 13 runners new to Lee -on- the -Solent parkrun, hopefully you all loved it as much as we did.

A much needed post run natter, coffee and breakfast was had at ‘On the Water’, delicious food and great company by the sea. Thank you core team, volunteers and parkrunners for such a lovely memory.



It’s been such a long time since I have written one of these that I am not sure where to begin although the fact that I volunteered to write the run report in order to achieve the 25 volunteer credits milestone is probably not a bad place to start. All said my 25 volunteer credits pales into insignificance against Jacqui Torrens, today’s RD, with a mighty 150 volunteering credits (albeit an arbitrary milestone :P). Other memorable, and recognised, milestones achieved this week were Julie Stradling and Kevin Mitchell who both joined the 50 club this weekend. Congratulations to all milestone achievers this week at Lee-on-the-Solent whether announced, not announced or arbitrary.

As for the run itself, this week was my week to ‘walk’ (we have a 7 year old who isn’t the biggest fan of parkrun so my wife and I alternate weeks when we run the whole event or walk the first half and then pass over child caring duties so the other can at least run the last 2/3 km) which meant I started at the back with the lovely Rebecca Wroblewski (100 run and volunteer club) in the glorious early summer sunshine. With us was Cassandra (100 runs club). We were soon passing Pearson Atkinson (25 run club and 250 volunteer club) who was in the unenviable position of cautioning runners about rocks, it is an interesting experience seeing 300+ runners bearing down on you (even more so when wearing a Rod Stewart inspired wig).

After that it was over the hill and out along the prom discussing the intricacies of tail walking as well as an in depth discussion of running podcasts (and how much of a heartthrob Danny Norman is) plus the joys of touristing. Soon we were cheering on the runners as they headed back from Browndown towards the Shack.

Before we knew it we had turned round at Browndown ourselves and had started heading West. As we approached the amusement arcade smallest person spotted “mummy” heading towards us having completed her parkrun and the opportunity to run was available to me. By this time however I was more enjoying the walk and natter with Rebecca and Cass and so walked the whole course in their delightful company.

Congratulations to all of this week’s volunteers and runners especially Tom Slevin, first man, and Liv Taylor, first woman. Bigger congratulations to the 12 who completed their first ever parkrun and the 16 new to Lee runners. This week saw an impressive 37 PB’s. Well done to all 29 other volunteers and 350 other runners.

Finally this was also the weekend that the runniest and most volunteeriest parkrunners met - 




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