Council Email to LotS (April 2016)

For anyone not with us Saturday morning and to remind everyone to please be considerate to all. This is the exact email received with no edits.

We have had a complaint in from a member of the public regarding the Park Runs, please see below:

I'm contacting you to voice my concerns regarding the park run at Lee on Saturday mornings @ 9 am.

The promenade is being taken over by hundreds of runners who run along one side & back along the other forcing pedestrians off the path.

I have been shouted at, told to get out the way and had runners run at me only to dodge round me at the last moment. It is intimidating to say the least, it is a footpath for goodness sake not a running track.

I look forward to your response.

I have responded asking they to keep me informed should any future incidents arise.  I have also informed them that with the Fareham Park Run starting up it is likely that the numbers will be reduced.

I know you give a talk before each run but could I please ask you to re-iterate the need for general courteousness towards other users of the promenade.  If it is at all possible could you ask that there are no more than 2-3 runners, running abreast of each other.

If you have any comments on the above please let me know and I trust you will be taking the action suggested unless I hear otherwise.

Kind regards