Incident at Lee parkrun

Most of you are probably unaware of the incident that took place this am.

A call came through from our Tail runner, Tonia Morrell about a runner complaining of chest pains. As it appeared to be much more than just requiring a 30 second breather, Tonia was fantastic in quickly passing it on to our run director, Pippa White.

What started off as a 3rd run for Paul Fleckney, soon turned in to something requiring the attention of an ambulance and a subsequent visit to A&E. The initial call started up a chain of events involving approximately 10 people.

Pippa quickly summoned Auz to assist with locating someone with 1st aid experience, with Andrea Edwards soon jumping in to help. We then had the likes of Jenny and Phillip Shilling, and Richard Law assisting with the proceedings too. With an ambulance on the way, would they know how to find the unfortunate soul waiting on a park bench? Richard was then replaced by Phillip, and took over the role of directing the ambulance team, when they arrive.

The RD is doing her role with perfection, making sure that support is in place, and parkrun can still proceed. Andrea was the initial 1st aid person on the scene, then moved on to constantly chasing the ambulance station requesting the latest ETA. Meanwhile, Pippa's car was not only parked in a charging zone, but the data equipment is safely locked away inside. Step forward Anna Clodfelter, so at least the car and equipment could be retrieved.

With Anna now on data entry duties, and ably assisted by Rebecca Wroblewski, the new OMG RD team took on the role without fuss.

On behalf of parkrun and also Pippa, we would like to take a moment in time to express our gratitude to all the people helping with this. I witnessed the core team and our wonderful volunteers mobilising in to action. I must admit, I was totally blown away by the speed, professionalism and care shown. I love what we have at Lee on the Solent parkrun.

We are now waiting on an update with how Paul is doing.