Imagine waking up early on a Saturday morning and hearing the rain being battered against your window by the winds of Storm Hannah and thinking, “I know, I’ll go and run a parkrun today!” Most would have stayed in bed but 302 of us thought it seemed like a good idea.

I’m not sure we all thought it still seemed like a good idea whilst we were out there being blown sideways mind!

So 302 people, including tourists from London and Bedford. 15 people thought Storm Hannah’s winds were the best day to try out their first parkrun! Folks, if you stick with it after today, runs in the Spring are going to feel like a doddle after today.

Now to the actual run, the wind felt like it was behind us as we headed towards our first turnaround point at Browndown. However, once we turned around, after of course thanking the marshal stood on the cone, the wind hit us sideways.

The good thing about Lee-on-the-Solent parkrun are the glorious views of the Isle of Wight, however today whilst looking out to sea you got a face full of sea spray! But nothing could have prepared us for the wind (did I mention it was windy today?) as we passed the volunteers at the finish funnel. The volunteers were actually picking up the finish funnel as we ran past! The wind blew us sideways as we passed the car park and got to the top of the mini mountain.

It felt particularly important to thank all of the volunteers as we passed them by today. It was difficult running in that wind but I feel they had the worst job of standing there out in it for an hour or so. Please remember to thank the wonderful volunteers as they’re giving up their time to support the runners on a Saturday morning. Or why not give volunteering a try yourself? It’s so rewarding.

The wind hit us like a brick wall as we hit the Daedalus slipway! I wasn’t looking forward to it on the way back and on the way back the wind and shingle conspired against a fellow parkrunner trying to pull her buggy through. I grabbed hold of the buggy with her and shouted “Let’s Go” Hopefully we didn’t give the baby too much of a bumpy ride!


I was pretty pleased to see the finish funnel as I’d been blown all over. I imagine 19 people who recorded new PBs were too. Well Done you! A PB? In that wind? I salute you!

Did you all remember your barcode so you could get your PB registered? Remember at parkrun the rule is “No barcode, No time, No exceptions”

Now next week is something to look forward to! It’s event number 200! There will be pacers every 2 minutes from 18-40 minutes. A great opportunity to land yourself a new PB! And at the end, there will be cake! If you’re a secret Mary Berry, why not bake a cake and bring it down to help celebrate?