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Good evening everyone,

Just to let you know we have 2 special events coming up, as well as our weekly runs:

FEBRUARY 29th - Our first club takeover of the year, Gosport Road Runners takeover, it is also our 250th event, and it is also leap day!! Will we get any ladies proposing to their men at parkrun? We will have to wait and see! To mark this special day, we have decided to have a Superhero themed dress up event, and would love to see lots of you dressed up as your favourite Superhero! Gosport Road Running club members will be filling the volunteer roster, providing a full set of pacers and hopefully  lots of cake!

MARCH 7TH -  parkruns all over the world are joining in a celebration of female participation by hosting a special event, ahead of International Women’s Day the following day. We would love you to join in the celebrations by bringing along a female friend, colleague or family member and walking, jogging, running or volunteering at Lee-on-the-Solent parkrun. There will even be a special selfie frame! You could even just come along to watch or cheer, we will be showing our support by encouraging as many women and girls as possible and everyone to join in with our purple themed event, we would love to see a sea of purple, whether it be wearing your volunteering vest, purple hair or carrying a purple balloon, lets see what you come up with! men too of course!

Just a small taster of what's to come in 2020, we have lot's more planned :)

Maggie and team

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5k Your Way, Move Against Cancer – Join us for our 10th event!

5k Your Way, Move Against Cancer - Join us for our 10th event!

Hi Lee parkrunners!

I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for your support of 5k Your Way, Move Against Cancer this year; particularly the Lee parkrun core team and volunteers who regularly promote the group, be it at the event or on social media. It’s very much appreciated.

For those of you unaware of 5k Your Way, Move Against Cancer, it’s a community-based initiative to encourage those living with and beyond cancer, families, friends and those working in cancer services to walk, jog, run, cheer or volunteer at a local 5k Your Way parkrun event on the last Saturday of every month. Sue Rourke set up the south’s first event and we couldn’t be prouder that our home of 5k Your Way, Move Against Cancer is Lee-on-the-Solent.

This initiative was founded by Lucy Gossage, Oncologist at Nottingham City Hospital, a 12 times Ironman Champion and Gemma Hillier-Moses, International Runner and Founder of MOVE charity who was diagnosed with cancer herself at the age of 24 in 2012. Lucy and Gemma are both hugely passionate about supporting people living with and beyond cancer through the power of movement, also supporting the wider cancer community.

This month, on Saturday 28th December, we at Lee-on-the-Solent celebrate our 10th event and we’d like to encourage anybody who is interested or intrigued to pop over and say hi beforehand, perhaps join us for part or all of the parkrun (we’re mostly walkers with some runners amongst us), or join us for some tea and cake at Leon’s Bistro afterwards.

We meet at 08.40 by the war memorial between Olympia Amusements and the short stay car park, for a pre-event briefing. You’ll see us by the benches all in blue!

As you may know and may have spotted us before, the ambassadors are myself, Sue and Jane and we are your 'go to' for each event and will run/walk with you if you wish. We have the loveliest group of regular attendees; some we already knew and some we have met along our 5k Your Way journey. It is always a pleasure to meet with friends, old and new and we welcome any newcomers with open arms. A special thank you and shout out to our now friends; those who were once newcomers, who were brave enough to give us strangers a hello at a tough time and we couldn’t have been happier to have bonded, listened and laughed over a leisurely strong or Victoria Sponge!

The 28th December probably isn’t the most popular day for parkrunning is it? Let’s be honest! But surely it’s the best time to get some fresh air, burn off the turkey and stuffing, make some new friends, invite your own friends and family to share the experience and get a headstart on your ‘keep fit’ new year’s resolution?!

Find us on Facebook and drop us a message: Lee on the Solent 5K Your Way, Move Against Cancer (@lots5kyourway)

We hope to see some of your lovely faces at the end of the month and perhaps next year.

Wishing you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy and Healthy New Year. Have a great December, Lee parkrun family and thank you again for being the home of our 5k Your Way.

Becky Garnett


Special events at Lee-on-the-Solent parkrun

Dear all,

It's hard to believe we are in October already! We have a number of special runs/events coming up, so here they are below, as always we rely on a number of volunteers to make these happen, so if you can help out please let us know by emailing the address at the bottom of this post.

26th October - Halloween dress up themed event, this is always very popular, we are also giving people a chance to pace, so are looking for pacers every 2 minutes from 19 - 39 and a run/walk pacer

9th November - Everyone has a pair of brightly coloured snazzy socks right? Let's brighten up a cold November day by wearing your most outrageous coloured socks!

21st December - Our main Christmas themed dress up event, and maybe a bit of music to get us in the Christmas mood :) we would also like to have a pacing event, this time even numbers every 2 minutes from 18-40 and a run/walk pacer

25th December (Christmas Day) 9am start - What a wonderful way to start Christmas day before tucking into the turkey and chocs! This is always a really special run with a fabulous atmosphere, a lovely way to start the day

28th December - Normal Saturday run

1st January (New Years Day) 10.30am start - What a brilliant way to start 2020, this is the only day of the year that you can run/walk at 2 different parkrun's and get results for both, please travel carefully if you are thinking of doing a double parkrun.

4th January - Normal Saturday run

Please find the link to the Christmas/New Year compendium, this is where events declare whether they are hosting an event on Christmas and New Years Day, there is no expectation from HQ, it is down to individual events to decide, and we have until December 17th to declare!


We hope you can all join us for some or all of these events, if you have any questions/would like to volunteer please email us leeonthesolent@parkrun.com

Thank you,

Maggie (Event Director)

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News and events coming up

Good evening everyone,

We are looking forward to Saturday already, it is the end of the month, so we welcome back Sue and her walking group from 5K Your Way, Move against Cancer


Staff and patients from Stubbington Medical Practice will also be joining us :)

On 1st June we are joining in with GP Pledge to parkrun, we would love to see medical staff in their uniforms or some medical fancy dress, this will be a pacing event, pacers every 2 minutes from 18 - 40. We will be welcoming The Willow Group practices, patients and staff to this event, we are also looking for pacers.


On 22nd June we have our junior takeover, if you have a junior that would like to try a role then let us know ( our juniors under 18 must be accompanied by an over 18 if out on the course or tail walking).

Finally Lee-on-the-Solent is looking to expand its Run Director team, if you are interested in finding out more please request to join our group https://www.facebook.com/groups/217168898772233/?epa=SEARCH_BOX

We look forward to seeing you all soon

Maggie, Event Director


5K Your Way, Move Against Cancer

Local nurse with incurable cancer to get support group with a difference up and running.

People living with and beyond cancer in the Hampshire area are being encouraged to get active as part of a new support group launching in Lee-On-The-Solent on the 30th March 2019. The group invites those living with and beyond cancer, their families, friends and those working in cancer services to walk, jog, run, cheer or volunteer at a local parkrun event on the last Saturday of every month.

Physical activity has been shown to have a number of important benefits for people living with cancer. It reduces cancer related fatigue, helps to preserve cardio respiratory and muscular fitness and improves psychological well-being. It may also reduce treatment side effects, reduce the risk of cancer recurrence and prolong survival. However, despite these benefits, an NHS report found that only 23% of people living with cancer achieve the recommended 30 minutes of moderate activity 5 times per week. Parkrun, a free weekly event in which participants walk, jog or run 5k, offers one opportunity for people to become more active.

Local nurse and university lecturer Sue Rourke, 46, was originally diagnosed with kidney cancer in November 2018, before learning it had spread and become incurable in February 2019. Having been an avid parkrun participant she was thrilled to learn of 5K Your Way, Move Against Cancer, a national initiative which combines a cancer support group with parkrun. Founded by Lucy Gossage and Gemma Hillier-Moses, there are currently 5K Your Way events at 12 locations in the UK and 3 in the Republic of Ireland, however the event at Lee-On-The-Solent will be the first in Hampshire and the South Coast. At the event, to be held on the last Saturday of every month, the group, led by Sue, will participate in the Lee-On-The-Solent parkrun either by walking, jogging or spectating before socializing over a drink and cake in a local cafe.

Sue, who took up running in 2016 and completed a marathon in 2018 said ‘Being diagnosed with incurable cancer was devastating and terrifying. Setting up the 5K Your Way event here in Lee-On-The-Solent has allowed me to reach out to others in a similar situation so we can support one another, build friendships and enjoy the physical and social benefits of parkrun.’

Those interested in joining the event are encouraged to register on the parkrun website,http://www.parkrun.org.uk/ and print your unique barcode number out and bring it with you,  before meeting at 08:40 on the 30th March 2019 at the Coastwatch hut, Beach Road car park, Marine Parade East, Lee-on-the-Solent, PO13 9BP. For further information contact Sue Rourke on lots.5kyourway@gmail.com



Lee-on-the-Solent parkrun # 193 – 02/02/2019

I always look forward to spot of parkrun tourism at Lee, and we left home early this bright and chilly Saturday morning, to facilitate arrival in time for "volunteer briefing". The husband had decided to volunteer for the first time (as one of the funnel managers - a brave move for a first-time volunteer - never mind at Lee with its extended funnel  - but he is naturally bossy and can be shouty when he needs to, which is an essential attribute of a good funnel manager, of course). 


In mid-December I injured my Achilles which has frustratingly meant no running for me for the past few weeks. Being so close to the 50 club (49 today!) I have been doing my best to maintain my parkrun streak, either walking in an official capacity as a tail walker or today just walking. Walking at a parkrun is perfectly acceptable and word is spreading; the average time to complete the 5k is far slower now than ever before. For those who are new to exercise, or perhaps recovering from injury, surgery or illness, low-impact power walking is a fantastic alternative. Power, or speed walking, is defined as the act of walking with a speed at the upper end of the natural range for the walking gait, typically 7 to 9 km/h. To qualify as power walking as opposed to running, at least one foot must be in contact with the ground at all times. Here are some tips:


1             Warm up with a casual walk for five minutes or so

2             When you're warm, stretch your muscles to prevent injury. Perform calf, quadriceps, hamstring, hip flexor, shoulder and tricep stretches

3             As you walk, keep your back upright; position your head in a neutral position that is in line with your spine. Tighten your glutes and abdominals. Keep looking forward - not at the ground.

4             Strike the ground with your heel first rolling through the foot onto your toe, using your hips to push you forward, pump your arms as you walk, maintaining good posture. 

5             Cool down by slowing your pace and dropping your arms, continue decreasing your pace until your heart rate begins to return to normal

6             Stretch!


Today ​381 of us ran (or walked) an alternative course, known as "Route C". The reason for changing the route this week is a preparation exercise for when the slipway at Daedalus occasionally needs to be shut, because Route C avoids the slipway.


After the briefing in sub-zero temperatures, we lined up for the start in the usual place. We were off ... along to Browndown; the marshals doing a wonderful job ensuring that everybody stayed left all the time, warning us to avoid the icy patches. We then headed all the way up to the turning point (just before Daedalus slipway), where we turned to go back down past the start and the funnel. Just before the sailing club, we then doubled back before finishing into the funnel from the opposite end to usual. Congratulations to Jodie GOODALLTony COURSE and Bina WILSON on joining the 50 Club today!


Lee-on-the-Solent parkrun #192 Run Report

A blustery morning dawned down at Lee-on-the-Solent but that didn't stop 533 of us getting out of bed and putting on our trainers. Today there were tourists from the Bahamas and some place called Fareham?

There were also some milestones to celebrate today including my own. Myself, John Hills, Debby Madeira and Stuart Wood ran our 50th parkruns. Mark Ellis ran his 100th, Penny Nash ran her 150th parkrun and Brian Woodhall volunteered for the 50th time. Brian, we salute you!

Honor was our wonderful RD today and despite result challenges, still gave us a fabulous and well run parkrun. Honor was supported by 41 volunteers, all giving up their time to ensure we could all have another free timed run.

The start may have been a little congested but we all managed to get round and 87 people managed to score themselves a PB! Well Done to those 87! A huge well done to the 53 first timers too. I hope you'll come back and join us again.

Don't forget next week sees us running route C! This is my favourite course as there is no shingle to contend with! That's not the only difference. We keep left throughout the whole run, we run towards Browndown and turn as usual, we then run towards Daedalus slipway, but turn before it whilst still keeping left. We then run back down towards Browndown but turn just before the sailing club and then run back towards the start. We finish by entering the finish funnel the opposite direction to what we normally do! So who's going to join us for a No Shingle Bimble? It could be a great opportunity to bag a PB!

If you can't make the No Shingle Bimble then the week after is pretty exciting too as Fareham Crusaders are hosting their annual Lee-on-the-Solent parkrun takeover. They will be providing pacers for the odd numbers between 19 minutes and 39 minutes. Another chance to bag a PB!

See you all next week!

Lee-on-the-Solent parkrun
Event number 192
26th January 2019

This week 533 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 53 were first timers and 87 recorded new Personal Bests. Representatives of 27 different clubs took part.

The event was made possible by 42 volunteers:

Paul ATKINSON • Miranda CARRICK • Stuart NICHOLSON • Rebecca WROBLEWSKI • Kaarina MAY • Jenny SHILLING • Maggie ATKINSON • Janet LINDLEY • Peter LINDLEY • Michael BOWERS • Marie BOWERS • Jane BLATCH-GAINEY • Colin BATES • Gavin LLEWELLYN • Pearson ATKINSON • Louise MILWARD-LAWSON • Jackie BRADY • Rebecca PATERSON • Elizabeth LLEWELLYN • Lewis BEVAN • Honor READER • Henry PRICE • Elaine CHAPELHOW • Biddy RUSSELL • Christine GANT • Richard MACKAY • Bill SWANTON • Jacqui TORRENS • Lee TORRENS • Graham HAYWARD • Peter STEWARD • Tina MACKAY • Chris BLATCH-GAINEY • Brian WOODHALL • Hayden YOUNG • Mark ROUND • Christine LAIDLAW • Rob WINZAR • David OLDHAM • Jon FLYNN • Mia-Rose GANT • Mike SMITH

Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Lee-on-the-Solent parkrun Results Page.

The female record is held by Jen ELKINS who recorded a time of 17:46 on 1st January 2017 (event number 81).
The male record is held by James BAKER who recorded a time of 15:54 on 28th April 2018 (event number 151).
The Age Grade course record is held by Penny FORSE who recorded 96.26% (22:45) on 7th July 2018 (event number 161).

Lee-on-the-Solent parkrun started on 4th July 2015. Since then 9,084 participants have completed 66,741 parkruns covering a total distance of 333,705 km, including 12,794 new Personal Bests. A total of 826 individuals have volunteered 6,338 times.


How it all works!

A little bit about behind the scenes each Saturday, you may wonder why you get shouted at to stay in order, take a token, don't cross the line twice, and please do not duck out of the funnel before taking a token!! With many new people joining us at Lee, I hope this gives a little insight into how it all works.

 Well here's how the parkrun magic works.

You'll notice at the start line and at the finish line that there will be two people with stopwatches, we are also trialing the Virtual Volunteer App on a mobile phone.

The stopwatches start when the Run Director shouts GO at the beginning of the run and every time someone crosses the finish line our timekeeping volunteers click a button to record a time and a finish position.  This is why we ask people not to cross the line twice, or we end up with more finish times/positions than we should have.

We also politely ask that you do not stop and ask the timekeeper your time, they are trying to concentrate hard, one timekeeper might have clicked more than the other, one timekeeper may be on a different number to the tokens, it is a straightforward role, which we love having new people try, but it needs concentration, with no distractions, and you will not be told your time.

We have recently extended our funnel, but it is important that you keep moving down it, holding your left hand out, palm up to receive your token, this also helps keep the funnel moving. With the double funnel in place at the moment it is important to keep moving, bunch up to the person in front and have your left hand out palm up, and listen to the funnel managers.

Next you make your way along to the finish token volunteers who will hand you a token with a position number on it.  This number *should* correspond to the position on the stopwatch when you crossed the line.  This only works if you stay in your finish order until you have collected your token, and if everyone that crosses the line takes a token.  

If someone refuses to take a token (it happens!) then it can cause a problem.  Let's say someone finishes in position 30 with a time of 24:15.  They don't take their token.  The next person finishes in position 31 with a time of 24:20 but because the last person didn't take their token they get token 30.  This means that later on they will be assigned the time that goes with position 30, not with their correct time in position 31.

 So please, even if you know you have forgotten your personal barcode, take a token and just hand it back to the scanners further down the line, or place it in the large flowerpot, It's really important.

 Occasionally someone with a clipboard might ask your name at this point.  We try to write down a finish time and a name for every 20th or so runner - this allows us to check that the tokens and finish times haven't got out of sync.  We can adjust the results later where we find a discrepancy, but we don't always know exactly where the problem is.

 After you have collected your finish token you head off to the barcode scanners.  Here you will be asked to produce your personal barcode and your finish token.  Both of these are scanned and it is this process that ties you to your finish position.  It is really important that BOTH barcodes are scanned - don't give your token back until it has been scanned as the scanners get very upset if they only have half the data they need.

 Once everyone has finished, the stopwatches and scanners are handed over to the core team and we start processing results. We plug in the scanners and the stopwatches and upload the data to the parkrun website where it matches the times to the runners.  So if you see a bunch of people huddled round a laptop mumbling swear words and possibly crying softly while you are eating your post run bacon butty you will know that somebody somewhere didn't take a token or threw it back in the tub before it was scanned and now the results have gone haywire!

 Firstly we add in the ones whose barcodes didn't scan.  Each of these has to be typed in manually. That is why we have the 'no barcode, no result' rule.  Even if you know your barcode number, it takes time to type it in and search for the correct runner - the parkrun website is pretty busy around 10am on a Saturday and it can be a tad slow! If everyone did that we'd be there all day.  The manual entries are strictly for people who did bring a printed barcode but for whatever reason the scanners were unable to read it.

Next we go through and check the spot times, making sure that the people whose names we wrote down match the finish time we wrote down for them.  If they don't, we can add / remove blanks until they do match up, though we won't know exactly where the problem occurred.  Using the example above, if we had written down spot times for the runners in position 20 and in position 40 but there was a problem at position 30, we would only know that the error had occurred somewhere between 20 and 40 and would make the adjustment at position 40, the first one we know for sure is wrong.  Which means that everyone in positions 30-39 would have the wrong times.

Once we are happy that everyone is more or less where they should be in the results we click the button to send them off and the whizzy parkrun UK computers send out your text messages which, hopefully, has the correct time on it.

 Please remember that parkrun is run by volunteers who give up their time each Saturday to provide this event.  There are little things you can do to make life easier for the volunteers and help make sure the results are as accurate as possible:

  • Don't cross the line twice - duck out to the side if you have already finished and you've gone back to support someone else
  • Stay in your finish order until you have got your token.
  • Please take the tokens even if you don't want a result - just hand them back to the scanners, put in the flower pot.
  • Make sure you get both your own barcode and your finish token scanned before you throw your token in the tub.
  • Please don't ask our volunteers to take your name if you have forgotten your barcode - no barcode, no result.

Thank you for reading :)


What a difference a year makes….

I'm writing this to let you know my parkrun story. Running Christmas Day made me think about how the last year has changed me, and parkrun is a big part.

Last Christmas Day I was home alone for the morning. I had signed up to parkrun a few weeks before, and printed my barcode hoping I would be brave enough to go on my own Christmas Day. I worked Saturday mornings then so I wasn't able to do it at any other time.

I left my home at 8.30 and arrived at about 8.45, a grey, dreary day if I remember correctly. I sat in the car for what seemed like ages trying to decide whether to run or just drive home. I did brave it, listened to the first timers briefing and joined everyone else for the start. Nervously I ran the course in 39.28! I wouldn't say I enjoyed it but it made me feel good! Fast forward 12 months and I have changed my work hours so I can do parkrun on Saturday mornings and I have persuaded  a couple of friends to take part too!!! This Christmas Day I did my 40th run, 38 at Lee, 1 at Netley and 1 in Ludlow, Shropshire (that was hilly!!) and managed to get a pb, 31.16, over 8 minutes faster than last year!!! I feel fitter, and healthier and look forward to Saturday mornings!!!

A huge thank you to you all for organising this event, and to all your volunteers. I'm one who doesn't often say thank you, not because I don't appreciate it but because I'm concentrating on breathing and staying alive!!! But believe me I really do appreciate everyone who's there, and I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Hears to maybe breaking the 30mins in the next 12 months!!


Festive parkruns

With Christmas rapidly approaching, here are our arrangements over the festive period:

  • On Saturday 22nd Dec we're holding our fancy dress and pacing  Christmas parkrun, please come and join in the fun, wear your Santa suit or other festive fancy dress or even just a santa hat. There will also be some christmassy music.
  • On Christmas Day we will be having an extra run starting at 9am, come and join us, what a brilliant way to start the day!
  • On Saturday 29th December we'll be holding our last parkrun of 2018 at the usual time, 9.00am. Why not take the opportunity to wear your Xmas jumper or Santa hat one more time before it's put away for next year.
  • On New Year's Day (Tuesday 1st January) we'll help you kick off the New Year in the best possible way, a run with friends. We are holding a New Year's Day parkrun but starting at the later time of 10.30am. For those feeling energetic, there's a chance to do a double by running  another local parkrun before you come to Lee. Both parkruns will count towards your next milestone t-shirt.  Please see the Christmas and New Year Compendium to work out which ones are possible to get to and from safely.

If you have any questions about these events, please ask via facebook or email leeonthesolentoffice@parkrun.com


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