New Year

In line with previous years, We are Hosting A run on new years day at 9 am.
then if you wish Braunstone are hosting a run at 10:20 am.
Try this unique opportunity to run twice in a day.



We will not be hosting a parkrun on Chrisrmas morning this year.
Braunstone will be hosting one, as will one or two of the other local runs around leicester (melton mowbray, market Harborough, Corby, Kettering to name a few). Go to their webpages for further details.


New year

We are pleased to announce that will be hosting a run on new years day starting at 9 am. Then those that wish to can go over to Braunstone to run at 10.30, to complete a unique Double.

Please join us , feel free to bring along cake and chocolates.

We will not be hosting a run on Christmas day. however those that wish to can run at Braunstone.

Fern, Richard and the core team.


Car parking on 10 November

Contrary to an earlier announcement we will have our usual car parking arrangement with the University of Leicester on 10 November. There is an open day at the school so the car park may be a little busier than usual. Please also be aware that there will be some setting-up of equipment in the park for Remembrance day but this should not be on the parkrun route.


Interested in becoming a run pacer?

Have you seen our lovely new pacer bibs? Do you fancy having a go at pacing? Want to volunteer but not sacrifice a run? We have bibs for 20, 22, 24, 25, 26, 28, 30, 32, 34, 36 minutes as well as two blank pacer vests that you can add a different time to. This can be a fun and rewarding way to support others.

If you want to have a go, here are some tips from regular pacers:
1) pick a time that you can run comfortably, not one that is close to your fastest time;
2) have a go at running at your target pace before the pacing event;
3) try to pace fairly evenly, so that you don’t lose runners by going off too fast at the start, but make allowances for the uphill sections being a little slower
4) for 36 minutes or more pacing you might want to consider run/walk;
5) you can be chatty but don’t necessarily expect to get much response from those who are running their best pace;
6) keep an eye on your watch pace and remember that GPS watches can measure the course at 2.9 or 3 miles (it’s accurately measured but watch signals get interference from tree cover and don’t always follow your exact line around bends);
6) encourage those who are with you approaching the finish to give one final push as they sprint for the line.

If you want to give pacing a go let us know at

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