Lesnes Abbey Woods Visitors Centre Very Latest

We were invited to attend a Lesnes Abbey Woods “stakeholders” meeting at Bexley Council’s offices this week in order to be updated on progress of the development of the park and to allow us to give our feedback. Here are a few points that may be of interest to junior parkrunners and their Sunday morning “taxi services”.

The park have set up a new Facebook page which we will link to ours so you can keep track of events that may be coming up in the park. It will also allow local people to see that we exists and maybe join us on a Sunday.

The new visitors centre is just about finished and is awaiting sign-off, however it cannot open until the landscaping around the building is complete. This is proving to be a slight problem as the overall contractor of the park development has gone into administration and the council are currently trying to arrange to retain the sub-contractor to complete the work. A very optimistic opening date is for the Autumn school half-term holidays but is more likely to be a little later.

The centre will have toilet facilities.

The kiosk has been put out to tender and the council are hopeful of finding a tenant who will operate throughout the year and early enough on Sunday mornings for parents and volunteers to get a drink and something to eat.

And, good news for the volunteers, is that the storage container on Abbey Road that we currently make use of will be moved close to the visitors centre, so the set-up on Sunday mornings will be made much easier.