Run Report 27/11/2021

When you volunteer for the role of Run Director you know that there will be a point in the week when you begin to wonder if you are going to get enough volunteers to allow the event to go ahead. At Linford Wood we need a minimum of around 20 volunteers to ensure that the event is marshalled adequately, the course is set up before, and closed down after, your times are recorded, tokens scanned, results processed etc. etc. Hence, the appeals for volunteers get slightly more desperate through the week until sometime on a Friday evening when you finally have enough names and you can give yourself a small pat on the back in the knowledge that the event is going ahead. Imagine getting to this point on the Friday and gradually realising that there is the possibility that a storm (named Arwen) is going to blow through in the night with damaging high winds and a bit of snow thrown in for good measure. Suddenly you are faced with the possibility of having to cancel the event and all the chasing around in the week could be for nothing.
Luckily the only Arwen who made any impression on the course was Arwen Wilcock who got herself a PB along with 12 others on a cold and blustery day in the woods.
We had 12 first timers including Lauren Dalzell and Anna Shtern Zhmaylik who ran their very first parkrun.

The event was made possible by 25 hardy volunteers:


Kevin KEMP • Nick FAIRBROTHER • Jeremy HILL • Sheniah ASIAMAH • Peter RODWELL • Julia RODWELL • Andrew CHILCRAFT • Clare BOFFEY • Dan SHIPLEY • Vivien BLACK • David MOSLEY • Paula SCOTT • Jim EASTMENT • Jon EVANS • Don BRANT • Ceri MOORE • Paz PRIETO MARTIN • Dorothy YEATES • Jenny EVANS • Martin OLIVER • Ryan SCARBOROUGH • Daniel BLACK • Iarina SAVA • Michael GOULD • Cameron CRESSWELL

All looking suitably wrapped up against the cold.

If you would like to volunteer for any future events then please email us at

Paul Skipper was first male home in 18.59 and Sopes Hallam first female in 22.38 both recording PB's.
Matthew Brooks was our age grade champion with 75.66%.

There were 2 milestones achieved well done to:
Jo Down for getting to 50
And a special well done to Owen Bailey for getting to 100

Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Linford Wood parkrun Results Page.

The male record is held by Paul MARTELLETTI who recorded a time of 15:13 on 2nd December 2017 (event number 75).
The female record is held by Elle ROCHE who recorded a time of 18:24 on 21st December 2019 (event number 183).
The Age Grade course record is held by Paul MARTELLETTI who recorded 88.39% (15:13) on 2nd December 2017 (event number 75).

Linford Wood parkrun started on 16th July 2016. Since then 8,058 participants have completed 46,259 parkruns covering a total distance of 231,295 km, including 7,794 new Personal Bests. A total of 950 individuals have volunteered 4,994 times.


Run Report 20.11.21

How fantastic to be back at Linford Wood parkrun! Linford Wood is such a beautiful parkrun and at this time of year it is truly stunning with trees of all colours throughout the woods and along the redways.

184 runners,joggers and walkers were supported by 25 fabulous volunteers:


Thank you all.
If you would like to volunteer in future please contact the team and join in with the Hi-Viz heroes. It really is fun to watch the event from the role of a volunteer.


This week saw a good few special milestones including:
50 parkruns for Shirley Fitzsimmons and Michael Strydom, with a PB to boot!
100 parkruns for David Pym
200 for John Collin Pratt
Congratulations to all of you.
Plus, a massive 20 PBs were achieved this week, amazing!

There were 20 first timers and visitors too, and 23 clubs were represented. Did you have fun? Will you be back soon? You will be most welcomed by the team here at Linford Wood. Of the 20 first timers, 7 people opted to run their first ever parkrun here. See you next week folks!


One lady, also on her first parkrun, was celebrating a very special occasion. Barbara Joyce, happy birthday to you. What a way to start your birthday celebrations and how fabulous were your wonderful team of supporters.

Already looking forward to my next visit as either a jogger or volunteer. I’ll be back soon folks,
Lorayne Macfarlane


Christmas & New Year 2021-22

Both Christmas Day this year and New Year's Day 2022 fall on a Saturday!

We are very excited to invite you to join us on these days for some festive parkrun shenanigans!

Both events will start at the normal 9am start time and if you'd like to help make these happen, simply email us your parkrun ID number and which day you'd like to volunteer.

And don't forget to don your best festive running gear!

2018-12-25 19.06.22

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Run Report 13/11/21

This weeks run report is brought to you by Lindsey Weston

A total of 167 runners, joggers and walkers completed Linford Wood’s 1-lap course through the woods and neighbouring estates, with the mild autumnal conditions helping 16 runners to a PB this Saturday.

Congratulations to first male through the finish funnel, Alfie Blaber, in a PB of 19:23 and first female, Gemma Bond, in 22:54; best age-graded female was Pauline Turner with an impressive 82.43% and best male age-graded was tourist Henry Morrison at 71.45%, which also secured him number 2 position.

We welcomed 21 First Timers to Linford Wood: comprising 15 tourists from near and far. There were also 6 parkrun debuts, including Alyssia Kendall in the VW10 category. We hope to welcome you all back again soon.

Milestones were achieved by Joseph Gookey (who also gained a PB!), Andrew Pitts and Xand Chamberlain – all joining the 25 club; Ryan Brown joined the 50-club, and Lindsay O’Kane reached her 250th parkrun. Those new t-shirts are waiting!!

A special club mention goes out this Remembrance weekend to runners from 678 (Rifles) SQN AAC, with Mark Prockter as the first runner from the club through the finish funnel, finishing in 7th position overall.

To those parkrunners who struggled today (I count myself in your company): well done for getting up and making it around the course! Personally, I don’t always enjoy the running element of parkrun, but the legs-like-lead are soon forgotten and what endures is the sense of achievement and friendly atmosphere. The cheers from the volunteers at Linford Wood as we round the first corner never fails to put a smile on my face; the marshals who give me a personal round of applause; a word of encouragement from the quick finisher already walking home through the woods as I am in the final 1K gives me a boost; the joy of simply being in the great outdoors. A personal “thanks” to Rob who I’d met at the start line and waited to see me finish, and John Pratt who helped me along that final 1K through the woods.

And last, but by no means least, thanks to this week’s volunteer team without whom Linford Wood parkrun event 214 couldn’t have happened: Adam Stone • Alison Mead • Amanda Harding • Arwen Wilcock • Cameron Cresswell • Daniel Black • David Mosley • Don Nisbet • Dorothy Yeates • James Taylor • Jayden Chamberlain • Jenny Evans • Julia Rodwell • Kevin Kemp • Leilani Graham • Lindsey Weston • Martin Oliver • Nick Fairbrother • Nicky Saunders • Paula Scott


Thank you Lindsey.

To offer your services as volunteer at an upcoming event, email
Please sign up for volunteer request emails. Log in to your profile, select email options, and opt in to Linford Wood from the drop-down list. Thank you!
The Event Team
Linford Wood parkrun



Run Report 06/11/21

Linford Wood parkrun
Event number 213
6th November 2021



Fun fact: Every time you start Linford Wood parkrun there's not actually anywhere to finish.

Hands to wrists, off shoot the speedy ones, clearing the way for the peloton to follow. Friends, couples, families, buggies, over-excitable dogs with their handlers clinging on, joggers, jeffers, walkers and tail-walkers are all waved merrily on their way to greet Dorothy.

Two minutes...

Cones, flags, banners, spikes, tape, tokens, first aid kit and the all important AED among other things are all scooped up from the briefing area by a small army of volunteers. With laden arms, Barcode Scanners, Timekeepers, Finish Token distributor, Funnel Manager and Run Director take 4.7k off the distance and head down the finish straight.

Seven, eight...

Cones are strategically placed. Spikes dug into the ground, tape woven between them. Flags staked as if claiming lunar territory for the first time.

Eleven, Twelve...

One of these days we'll have a super-speedy tourist greeted by a collection of bemused volunteers- flags, cones and clip-boards in hand- wondering how long billy-whizz has been stood behind us waving their barcode!
New volunteers are briefed on their roles.

Fifteen, Sixteen...

Fortunately this is not that week and we have just enough time to run a quick sweepstake among us as to how many parkrunners are in attendance. Guesses range from the conservative 120 up to the generous 250 mark - but a lot can hinge on how many people jump out of their cars at the last minute.


Eighteen-thirty, Eighteen-forty...

A cry goes up, "First finisher incoming!", and we're up and running!

Cadan Hoare was a long way from his home parkrun of Durham but he was first into the finish funnel just ahead of the more local Lloyd Cross and Thomas Philip Reddall.


Redway Runners Alice Richardson and Sophie Atkins were the first ladies into the funnel, closely followed by Ella Illingworth. Some great times from Alice and Ella taking the step up from junior parkrun to the 5k event.

Simon on Finish Tokens announces dryly that he won't hand out any more tokens after 152. It takes us a second or two to remember his sweepstake guess. Fix!
Suspicously, 153 was Unknown, but well done to Florence Yates in her 1st parkrun for getting her hands on 154.


Congratulations to all 25 of you that recorded new course PBs! We also welcomed visitors from Kettering, Folkestone, Crystal Palace, Durham and Devon amongst others, including Ian and Iona who recorded a wonderful little video of their trip.


The final scores on the doors was 175 runners, walkers, jeffers and joggers for event number 213. Funnily enough, none of us could remember our guesses in the end. Except Simon.

A massive thank you to all our volunteers; Mya Billington, Nicola Billington, Daniel Black, Vivien Black, Jeremy Burey-Abraham, Fahim Choudhury, Nick Costin, Cameron Cresswell, Sheila Dickins, Nik Edwards, Jenny Evans, Jon Evans, Nick Fairbrother, Lucy Hacking, Laura James, Martin Oliver, Simon Page, Sonny Ramtohul, Hilary Ryan, Ben Thompson and Dorothy Yeates.
A special thanks also to Richard and Elliot Paragreen who were volunteering for the first time.


See you next week!

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