Lets celebrate and eat cake!

Littleport parkrun # 56 - 13/07/2019

The star of the show today was Ethan Cole, who today reached a 'double landmark' at todays event having ran 50 parkruns and has volunteered at 25 events. Despite these amazing achievements he was a little embarrassed to be stood up and congratulated by the parkrun collective during the race briefing, being given by this weeks run director Justin Smith.

THANK YOU for the wonderful cake!






To celebrate Ethan's achievements his mum kindly baked a delicious cake for all the parkrunners and volunteers to enjoy, which so many of us did that the marshals & volunteers began to worry they wouldn't get a piece, thankfully there was enough slices left to reward the volunteers with for giving up their time.

This weeks high vis heroes were:
Nik BANKS, Ethan COLE, Tarquin COOK, Diane CRAVEN, Rachel DRAY, Susan GREEN, Peter GREEN, James LEE, John MCGIVERN, David MURFITT, Amanda MURFITT, Charlotte NEVISON, Francesca PALMER, Janette PALMER, Andrew SCARLETT, Justin SMITH, Breda WALTON, Rachel WIDGER, Kyden WIDGER

There are many roles to with so why not take a look at the list and sign your self up to help run Park run one week?
FIND OUT MORE ---> https://www.parkrun.org.uk/littleport/volunteer/
SEE THE ROLES ---> https://www.parkrun.org.uk/littleport/futureroster/

I started volunteering after an injury prevented me from running, I still wanted to get up on a Saturday and be apart of the great parkrun community. Simply being thanked by a runner for giving up your time is such an amazing (and slightly addictive) feeling!

This week saw 207 people (and dogs) lace up their shoes, turn on their gps watches to run, jog and walk the 5km.
A HUGE WELCOME to the 20 new first timers.
CONGRATULATIONS to the 67 individuals that achieved PBs today
Fastest Female - Chloe SLEE 21:30
Fastet male - Alex METCALFE 16:46

SEE THE FULL STATS --> https://www.parkrun.org.uk/littleport/results/weeklyresults/?

I read an interesting article the other day on Runners World website about the average UK 5km times.
It details the average 5K finish time in the UK as 00:33:54.
If your interested in finding out more read the full article here --> https://www.runnersworld.com/uk/news/a27814981/average-5k-10k-time-uk/

This week a runner accidentally missed out the final lap. We know its a short lap, we know you may be tired but it is important to complete all 3 laps before coming into the finishing funnel. Please listen to the briefings each week, particularly if you are new to the event or returning after a break as things (like fences being erected) can change.
Interestingly, a few weeks ago a runner ended up running an extra lap!

During todays event there were a few minor accidents, fellow runners falling over and bumping into things!
What is really nice to see and hear about when these incidents happen is how other runners help pick their fellow runner up, assist in checking them over and seeking further assistance if needed from the marshals. Even the faster runners take time once they have finished to stand on the course sidelines to cheer and encourage the other runners on.
The community is simply AMAZING and I am so proud to be apart of this Littleport parkrun community!

Janette x