Littleport parkrun is cancelled on 2021-03-06 – COVID-19 (Coronavirus)

Pre-Christmas parkrun report from Cathy

Pre-Christmas celebrations came to Littleport’s 79th parkrun this morning with Santas, elfs, reindeers, doggies wearing various festive jumpers and even Spiderman (Ian Barnish 23.27) and Batwoman (Lisa Long/Redman 28.51) brought their super-powers to bear getting into the festive spirit.
One of Littleport’s parkrun organisers James Lee confided that he had to change the whole course overnight because of the appalling wet weather we had been experiencing without which re-planning the event would have had to be cancelled due to waterlogged conditions.
christmas 1

Christmas 2

christmas 3
The 116 participants all thoroughly enjoyed the experience and there was much encouraging going on by everyone as they passed each other when completing the laps around the tarmac. Our four- legged friends from Luna to tail walking companion Roo, who made a rare appearance coming out of semi-retirement, also obviously enjoyed their parkrun too.
This certainly is a social occasion and feels like parkrunning/walking is being a member of one big happy family. There is plenty of support there for all who join in this great pastime from the volunteers to participants. And everyone was pleased to welcome back one of our regulars Nicky Garrett who has been out of action since August. Nicky was accompanied by tail walker Kath Gerighty and doggie Roo (previously mentioned) and did exceptionally well finishing the course in an impressive time of 58.23.
Parkrun/walk is all about having fun, and it gets that bit sweeter when you happen to achieve a New Personal Best, and this is what happened to both Julie Murfitt and Andrea Sullivan who really pulled out all the stops and certainly looked the part in their festive Christmas jumpers. Julie who was taking part in her 13th parkrun achieved her New PB of 34.25, while Andrea completing only her 4th clocked a fantastic New PB of 34.32.
Congrats also to Joanne Bruno who had just returned to parkrunning/walking due to ill health last week must be delighted with her effort this morning finishing in an impressive time of 41.28. Quite a few mother and daughter combos like Sarah McConnell and her mum, Lizzie Hyslop, were close behind Joanne finishing in a time of 42.29 and 42.38. It was good also to see many more regular parkrunners return and they were Don Abeysekera (23.02) young Ethan Cole (24.37) Sarah Lund (24.58) Michelle Berry (27.47) Leigh Marshall (28.21) Ruth Feltell (28.27) James Lee (27.34) Amanda Murfitt (27.35) Charlotte Nevison (28.52) Jane Hill (29.48) Clare Dell (29.48) Janette Palmer (30.02) Francesca Flack (31.04) Caity Ross (32.12) Emma Davis (35.25) Cathy Gibb de Swarte and Ruby Reindeer (35.35) Lucie Melen (36.34) and Clare Andrews who received her 50th volunteer shirt last Saturday clocked 38.38 despite carrying an ankle injury.
Well done to all who achieved New PBs and they were: Estivy Perez (22.40) Cailtan Burke (23.07) Amy Southward (23.28) Laura Upstone (27.35) Carlin Reeve (28.04) Stuart Byrne (28.15) Anthony Sale (29.36) Louise Parfitt (31.41) Henry Fairpo (32.28) Julie Murfitt (34.25) Andrea Sullivan (34.32) Martin Palmer (35.04) Eleanor Stewart (37.29).
And the first person over the finishing funnel was Alex Metcalfe who clocked 17.43.
Thank you for all those hardworking marshals who braved the cold this morning and they were: Nik Banks, Allistair Berry, Kath and Terry Gerighty, Nicola Gilbert, Susan and Peter Green, Liz Hyslop, John Lagrue who was happy to give this morning's briefing, Poppy and James Lee, Martin Lewis, Lucie Melen (conducting the first time briefing), Amanda Murfitt, Janette Palmer, Hannah Sanderson, Hilary Sanderson, Lionel Smith, Lizzie Sparrow, Michelle Tilbrook, Breda Walton and Jo White.
Why not come and join us for our next parkrun on Saturday 28th – you are all welcome to join in the fun.


Festive parkruns at Littleport.

We will not be holding a Christmas Day parkrun this year, but plan to hold a 9.00am event New Year’s Day. This will enable runners to do comfortably either March or Brandon Country Park parkruns at 10.30, the only opportunity to do the double this festive season as all Christmas Day events are to be held at 9.00 am.

Volunteers are required for New Year’s Day so shake off that hangover with some fresh air and help at your favourite parkrun event if you don’t plan to run please.

If you look to do either days please post up on the Facebook page for lift shares as we all know parkrun is better with friends.
Happy Christmas and parkrunning new year everyone.

The Littleport Event Team.


This weeks report is from our very own Cathy.

Cathy (centre) enjoying the pre-event banter.

Cathy (centre) enjoying the pre-event banter.

There is nothing like a parkrun to help lift your spirits, and the support from many Littleport parkrunners/walkers who were wearing pink for one local parkrunner who’s partner had just undergone a mastectomy and cancerous lymph node removal was quite amazing
A huge thank you goes out to all the organisers and volunteers who had to physically change the course because of the dangerous muddy and wet conditions down The Drove which had a new layer of straw over it.
The organisers had posted on Littleport parkrun facebook beforehand about the important changes which included a specific warning!
“Please be aware it is still slippery on the altered route so run to the conditions. The other option was to cancel and no one wants that.”
Littleport parkrun organisers have always pulled out the stops to make this local popular event happen every Saturday, and all the runners, walkers, children and doggies were just delighted to take part.
And the runners/walkers didn’t disappoint either with everyone being careful along the new slippery pathway and we were delighted to report that there were 17 New Personal Bests and 11 parkrunner/walkers took part in their first ever parkrun at Littleport
There were 139 taking part with Alex Metcalfe who was completing his 90th parkrun finished as the first person over the finishing funnel clocking a time of 19.03. And not far behind Alex was young powerhouse Alfie Pipe who was representing Tailenders and clocked an amazing New Personal Best of 19.12.
Congrats goes out to the amazing Sarah Lund who finished as the first female over the finishing funnel in a time of 24.51 completing her 17th Parkrun of which 14 were here at Littleport.
Amongst the rest of the New Personal Best achievers were Charles Hutchens (22.26). Anna Ambrose (25.06). Nathaniel M. Hagan (25.28). Alex Trense (26.20). Susan Thornton (29.02). Helen Hill (29.19). Gemma Wright (30.08). Lonely Goat RC’s young Ethan Tempest (30.20). Paul Bone (30.29). Kimberley Attrill (32.13). Terry Brown (32.51). Diane Read (34.31). Tara Aver (38.08).
Great work Joanne Oxley (Bruno) who admitted not feeling up to Parkrun this morning but is so happy she did because along with her running buddy this morning Lizzie Sparrow helped her to achieved a superb New Personal Best of 39.40. Ellie-May Beeton (41.24) and Andrea Sullivan (41.27).
Kath Gerighty gave the First Timers briefing, while Don Abeysekera as Run Director did really well giving his first ever main Parkrun Briefing.
Ruth Feltell who always loves running the parkrun thoroughly enjoyed her new role as tail walker and ensured that Camilla Cheung completed her 112th Parkrun, while Caity Ross had returned after an absence of 3 months still recorded a very impressive time of 34.28.
Superwoman herself Lisa Long (Redman) who usually runs every event that’s going, has been recovering from an operation herself was for the consecutive Saturday volunteering and did an excellent job as the Funnell Manager.
There are many unsung heroes who not only run or walk the Parkrun but work tirelessly behind scenes including our amazing organisers and volunteers and there were more than usual this morning because of the change and expansion of the course.
So take a bow you amazing Hi-Viz warriors – Kath and Terry Gerighty, Amanda Murfitt, Camilla Cheung, Don Abeysekera, Marion Leonard, James Fisher, John McGivern, Rachel Dray, Gill and Mike Davis, Stephen Biddle, James and Poppy Lee, Cathy Gibb-de Swarte, Lucie Melen, Lisa Redman, Caity Ross, John Lagrue, Ben Cook, Debbie Fisher. Breda Walton, and Ruth Feltell.

Littleport parkrun event statistics
Problem with results? please contact
Any questions? Please visit our support site
Number of events: 72
Number of runners: 2,687
Number of runs: 12,798
Number of first finishers: 55
Number of clubs: 203
Number of PBs: 2,928
Average number of runners per week: 177.8
Average number of runs per runner: 4.8
Biggest Attendance: 308
Average run time: 00:31:07
Total hours run: 0Years 276Days 16Hrs 8Min 55Secs
Total distance run: 63,990km
Female record holder: Rachel SWEATT - 17:52 - Event 58 (27/07/19)
Male record holder: Josh HOLMAN - 16:19 - Event 1 (23/06/18)
Age graded record holder: Tina JONES - 91.03 % - 25:17 - Event 65 (14/09/19)


Mud but no rugby – Justin Smith



Event 72, 2nd November 2019

As per mentioned at today’s event brief, we should all be proud of ourselves when we get out of bed early and turn up for parkrun on a Saturday morning: we deserve even more kudos when it is wet, windy, muddy, and we are missing part of the rugby! The Run Directors were craning their necks in giraffe-like-fashion to watch runners in the distance as they entered the muddy drove: it looked like fun! We were jealous! The wonderful Cathy Gibb-de-Swarte ran with a huge flag, in order to celebrate the rugby and run! She looked rather grandiose what with the flag and the mud on her face!

The amazing Lisa Long supported the event as tail walker today, despite some recent surgery: she is amazing. Also amazing is Lauren Thomas, who celebrated her 50th parkrun: Lauren baked cakes (they were brilliant) and managed to enter the funnel as first lady finisher, despite the enormous helium-filled balloon the Run Director insisted she tied to herself! It was fantastic to see John McGivern back from his travels and on the course with his camera again! Thank you to all who undertook volunteer roles, with a special mention to the new volunteers, who were there to learn the roles and experience the fun!

98 tough runners ran at Littleport today.

We had 9 first-timers today, and some of field clearly had eaten their morning porridge, as we had 6 impressive personal bests! Fantastic!

The play list for music corner was inspired!

A massive thank you to today’s volunteers!

Thank you again, Littleport parkrun for supporting a future new event by hosting a second volunteer takeover!

Well done to all who took part!

Now for the stats!
This week 98 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 9 were first timers and 7 recorded new Personal Bests. Representatives of 12 different clubs took part.

The event was made possible by 23 volunteers:

Lisa REDMAN • Kay SWEENEY • Robert POPE • Andrew SCARLETT • Gayle TEMPEST • Barry GRAVES • Jonathan PRICE • Amanda MURFITT • Justin SMITH • Ben WATERS • Emma DAVIS • Nicola HILL • Michelle TILBROOK • Mhairi SMEETON • Dave ELLIS • Simon SMEETON • Liz HYSLOP • Janette PALMER • Breda WALTON • David WARREN • Megan OAKES • John BURBRIDGE • Bev LORKING

Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Littleport parkrun Results Page.

The male record is held by Josh HOLMAN who recorded a time of 16:19 on 23rd June 2018 (event number 1).
The female record is held by Rachel SWEATT who recorded a time of 17:52 on 27th July 2019 (event number 58).
The Age Grade course record is held by Tina JONES who recorded 91.03% (25:17) on 14th September 2019 (event number 65).

Littleport parkrun started on 23rd June 2018. Since then 2,687 participants have completed 12,798 parkruns covering a total distance of 63,990 km, including 2,928 new Personal Bests. A total of 316 individuals have volunteered 1,624 times.


Wind and mud! Justin Smith

Event 71, 26th October 2019

What a superb event for the hardy lot who turned up for Littleport parkrun in intermittent rain, wind, and guaranteed mud! This week the volunteers were by and large a takeover team for a new parkrun, starting at a town not so far away, soon! Rob and Jon led the event today, and we all celebrated the legend that is Andrew Scarlett: it was his 250th parkrun today! Let’s not even get into how many different parkruns this chap has ran! Congratulations, Andrew!

99 runners ran today, contending with the wind (especially on the back meadow) and the fun bit (the increasingly muddy drove)! The pacers today were Martin Lewis (35 mins), Andrew Scarlett (30 mins) and Justin Smith (25 mins): it was lovely when people thanked the pacers after the event: it is a rewarding volunteer role! The amazing Cathy provided loud verbal encouragement along with sharp photography skills!

We had 18 first-timers today and 17 personal bests! Fantastic!

Anyone who ran this week deserves huge respect: it was tough on that drove and the wind on that back meadow as we headed back to the gate, well, there were some expletives muttered under the breath!

A massive thank you to today’s volunteers!

Thank you, Littleport parkrun for supporting a future new event by hosting a volunteer takeover!

Now for the stats!This week 99 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 18 were first timers and 17 recorded new Personal Bests. Representatives of 10 different clubs took part.

The event was made possible by 28 volunteers:

Kay SWEENEY • Robert POPE • Andrew SCARLETT • Barry GRAVES • Debbie FISHER • Frederick CHEUNG • Camilla CHEUNG • Jonathan PRICE • James HALL • Sue STEARN • Amanda MURFITT • Martin LEWIS • Justin SMITH • Sophie MARTIN • Gareth MARTIN • Marion LEONARD • Mark LAPPIN • Cathy GIBB DE SWARTE • Michelle TILBROOK • Rachel DRAY • Janette PALMER • Breda WALTON • Ben SMITH • David WARREN • Louise PARFITT • Fiona WADDELOW • Tara AVER • John BURBRIDGE

Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Littleport parkrun Results Page.

The male record is held by Josh HOLMAN who recorded a time of 16:19 on 23rd June 2018 (event number 1).
The female record is held by Rachel SWEATT who recorded a time of 17:52 on 27th July 2019 (event number 58).
The Age Grade course record is held by Tina JONES who recorded 91.03% (25:17) on 14th September 2019 (event number 65).

Littleport parkrun started on 23rd June 2018. Since then 2,678 participants have completed 12,700 parkruns covering a total distance of 63,500 km, including 2,921 new Personal Bests. A total of 312 individuals have volunteered 1,601 times.