13th June – event 270

The sun was shining as we welcomed 29 runners to this morning's event. We extend a very special welcome to the 5 new runners who were here for the very first time. We hope to see you all back again very soon.

Congratulations to the 11 runners who recorded a PB today. A huge clap also goes out to the amazing 5 who have now completed the marathon distance and the 4 who have now completed the half marathon distance over several events, well done to you all.

We need around 20 people each week to run this event and we're always grateful for volunteers who sign up well before the weekend. Thanks to this week's volunteers

Bob TURNER  •  Craig DAVIDGE  •  Craig F  •  David FRANCETTI  •  David PEARSON  •  David SHARRATT  •  David WALDOCK  •  Dnyanesh KARMARKAR  •  Elaine BARNES  •  Emma DOWNIE  •  Jamie HICKS  •  Lj CLARKE  •  Louise DUGGAN  •  Mark TAYLOR  •  Matthew HORNER  •  Maxine WALDOCK  •  Michelle PEARSON  •  Rhiannon TAYLOR  •  Sharon HICKS  •  Susannah BANNON

We look forward to welcoming you all again next week.





6 June – event 269

Our second run back and not quite the super weather of last week.

Four PBs and five first time runners this week, so if that was you, well done and we hope to see you again in the park very soon.  We keep our fingers crossed that the 5k Saturday runs will start back soon and this will allow us to welcome back our 11-14 year old runners.

Thanks to all of the runners and to all of our volunteers.  We need around 20 people each week to put the run on and we're always grateful for volunteers who sign up well before the weekend.  We've got some new run directors this year and we've been showing them the ropes over the last couple of weeks - good luck Sharon for her first event next week!


30 May 2021

Thank you to our amazing fluorescence of Hi Vis volunteers who have waited for 14 months to put on this event. It was so great to be with friends enjoying the fresh air in our beautiful local park. I hope that our runners and their families in the community felt this way too.

The name in lights are:


Well done to all of the runners with 5 PBs being posted. Now, over to Susie for the run report:

Oh how wonderful it was to welcome back 14 runners to Junior parkrun! It’s been a long wait but finally we are back and what a wonderful day for it! The sun was shining, the sky was blue and everyone arrived with a beaming smile from runners to volunteers. The kids have grown and some are now old enough to participate finally!

We arrived early as myself and my partner haven’t been here before but we were made to feel very welcome by Run Director David who showed us the ropes. It was a struggle to remember exactly how to mark out the course as it’s been a long time since they used the summer one but between everyone we cracked it.

Best wishes,

David Francetti

Run Director


Run #267 – 15 March 2020

A rainy one.

Amongst all the madness of March 2020, there were fourteen brave souls who were mad enough to head outdoors this morning.

Still, the weather did not put off Harry and Oliver, who completed only their second ever run. That's an unremarkable statistic, you may say, until you consider that their first run was on 29 June 2014 (event #1). I won't name names, but only one of you beat your time from six years ago! Don't leave it until run 533 before you come back, because I think you'll be over-age by then...

Personally, I'm very grateful to everybody who ran.  Putting on the run takes a bit of effort during the week, so it's good to see that we have some people wanting to take part, whatever the weather.  Hopefully, we'll start to see that improving as we head to easter because it has been pretty terrible since the start of Feb.

On that note, I'm even more grateful to the team of volunteers, many of whom turn up week after week.  I've noticed that we are increasingly relying on the goodwill of parkrun supporters who don't have children running in the event.  I know it was only a small crowd this week, but we do need an absolute minimum of fifteen volunteers, no matter how many children run.  I'm sure that all the parents really value the benefits of junior parkrun on Sunday morning, so if your children are happy to run on their own, please think about if you could volunteer too.  Details of how to get involved are on the roster pages of our website, or on our facebook page each week.

Finally, in these rather dynamic times, we plan to keep our junior parkrun going and that's the advice that parkrun HQ is giving all of the event teams at the moment.  Keep an eye on the website for any updates to that advice (it's not hard, there's a massive red banner at the top of every page) and we'll be following whatever guidance we're given.

Hope to see you all next week - plus perhaps a few of you who didn't venture out today!!



#264 Running Up a Storm

Well there were no weather warnings but, by gum, it was a bit blowy. The biggest congratulations today really have to go to the volunteers. It is fantastic to see such commitment standing, cheering and smiling in such dismal weather. The fluorescence (collective noun) of hi-vis heroes are:

Donna ABBOTT, James AVERY, Noah CORIN, Robert CORIN, Tory CORIN, Zachary CORIN, Priscille FRANCETTI, Lisa HAWKER, Christopher HIERONS, Matthew HORNER, Dnyanesh KARMARKAR, James NOOTT, Joanne NOOTT, David PEARSON, Michelle PEARSON, Deborah REDMOND, Paul REDMOND, Holly RYDON, Thomas RYDON

Congratulations go to Zach and Felicity who collected their blue half-marathon wristbands today.

Alfie put in a great effort and got a PB (even in this weather) - what a run!

Hope to see you in the park soon,

Best wishes,

David Francetti
Run Director

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