Run Report – event 224 – 7 April 2019

It was a sunny day after all! With all the threats of rain or at least wind and clouds, it was a nice surprise to see you all in the beautiful sunshine!

We started the day with thanking all our volunteers - as you may know from Mark's earlier post or from today's briefing, David Francetti has stepped down from the role of the co- Event Director. Big thanks to David for his involvement so far and all the help and time he has invested in running the LSJP.

We are also very grateful to the other  volunteers who made this event happen:Donna ABBOTT, Andy BARTON, Sarah BRADLEY, Peter COOMBS, Robert CORIN, Bob COX, Stephanie EVANS, Priscille FRANCETTI,  Frankie HALE, Fred HAWKER, Lisa HAWKER, Andrew LAMBOURNE, Vesper LAMBOURNE, David PEARSON, Deborah REDMOND, Paul REDMOND, Paul SMITH, Karen TAYLOR, Sue WRIGHT, Jamie WRIGHT, Melanie YOUNG!

We had a few first timers that we hope to see again - Niamh WALSHAshleigh GODSELL and 2 others whose names we couldn't capture as there was no barcode printed - remember, we are unable to accept the barcodes presented on digital devices.

The spring in  the air and in people's steps made it possible for several PBs - congratulations to Craig F, Charlie Butterworth, Connie Rendell, Liam Stone, Freddie Rendell, Grace Booth, Henry Burrows, Joshua Barry, Jack Hamblin, Lyra Hambly, Esme Selby, Freya Hambly!

Joshua Barry collected his half marathon wristband- good luck with your running!

If you would like to see a few  photos from the event, have a look at our album

See you all next week

Run Director Anna (aka Totoro)



New event director

I just wanted to welcome Anna Lambourne into the role of co-event director.  Anna has been a regular at Little Stoke for the last few years and will be known to many of you.  She is an undoubted parkrun enthusiast and I look forward to working with her.

Can I also put my thanks on record to David Francetti for his efforts in the role over the last two years?  David is stepping down to pursue his calling in local government, and we wish him the best of luck with that.  We live in interesting times...!

It just so happens that Anna is also our run director this weekend and we hope to see lots of you in the park, to start her ED career in style!








Run Report – Event #223

A great ParkRun this morning, thank you to everyone who ran, supported and volunteered - a great turnout especially with the clocks going forward.

We had four timers (Hollie DARTONHenry BURROWSKieran SHEPHERDRoisin SHEPHERD) that we welcomed to Little Stoke Junior Parkrun, we loved having you at Little Stoke Park and hope to see you again soon! Samarth NAHAR picked up his half marathon wristband - congratulations on your 11 parkruns.

We had 11 Personal Bests!!! A massive congratulations to Craig FCharlie BUTTERWORTHMaya SUTHERLANDElsa WALSHMatilda WLyra KINGSamarth NAHARHarry MORLEY-CANNOscar MURPHYJoshua TREW and Evan HOUNSOME.

It was a lot of fun today and it would not be possible if not for the volunteers.  We need around 20 volunteers each Sunday to make the junior parkrun possible.  If you know you will be free to volunteer, please let us know at, on facebook or Instragram.  This weeks thanks go to: Andy AIREY, Zachary CORIN, Robert CORIN, Tory CORIN, Noah CORIN, David FRANCETTI, David GOODWIN, Fred HAWKER, Lisa HAWKER, Vesper LAMBOURNE, Anna LAMBOURNE, Andrew LAMBOURNE, Sam OVENDEN, Deborah REDMOND, Paul REDMOND, Rob SIMS, Mark TAYLOR, Evie TAYLOR, Rhiannon TAYLOR, Jo TAYLOR, Joshua TREW, Abby TROKE, Liz WINDETT  This cannot happen without you!

See you next week.

Run Director Fred


Run Report – Event #222

Spring has arrived in style with a blue sky and blazing sunshine. It was a marvellous day for parkrun and we had a great turnout.

We had a first timer (Elsa WALSH) we loved having you at Little Stoke Park and hope to see you again soon! Evelyn SMITH and Matthew HART picked up their half marathon wristbands - congratulations on your 11 parkruns.

With the sun out and the weather (slightly) warmer we got 19 Personal Bests!!! A massive congratulations to Hannah SUTHERLAND, Thomas MAGGS, Caden MOSLEY-MACKENZIE, Rebekah PANTLIN, Ellen WARD, Harry BURCHELL, Toby SMYTHE, Will HART, Isabelle MORGAN, Grace BOOTH, Simi DESAI, Lyra KING, Daniel SCOPES, Samarth NAHAR, Jack HAMBLIN, Tyler WONG, Oscar MURPHY, William NUNN and Isabelle WOODWARD!

It was a lot of fun today and it would not be possible if not for the volunteers that we had. We need around 20 volunteers each Sunday to make the junior parkrun possible and so if you know you will be free, please let us know at (our email has now changed), on facebook or Instagram. This weeks thanks go to: James  AVERY, Robert  CORIN, Tory  CORIN, Bob  COX, Gail  CZEREPINSKI, Tomek  CZEREPINSKI, David  FRANCETTI, Anna  GILBERTSON, Fred  HAWKER, Lisa  HAWKER, Andrew  LAMBOURNE, Vesper  LAMBOURNE, David  PEARSON, Michelle  PEARSON, Paul  SMITH, Rhiannon  TAYLOR and Andrew  TREW.  This cannot happen without you!

See you next week,

Run Director Andy


Run Report – Event 216

When I saw the state of the grass at Little Stoke this morning, I was wondering who would be the first finisher to show us how to conduct a slide tackle across the finishing line - it was wet and slippery following the recent rain, but thanks to the firm tarmacked/concrete path, we did not record any slips or trips.

We had a few first timers - Freddie VOGAN, Oliver CAVE, Erin WHITFORD, Eleanor BARKER, Alfred BARKER, Emily CAVE - we loved having you at Little Stoke Park and hope to see you next week!

Max ORNA picked up his half marathon wristband - congratulations on your 11 parkruns-  we are hoping that the love of running will stay with you :)

Despite a bit of a miserable weather (after all, this is England!) and slippery ground, it WAS, after all, a day for PBs! Congratulations to setting your new bests at Little Stoke to Connie RENDELL, Luke TOMLINSON, Freddie RENDELL, Esme LANE, Elijah SUTHERLAND, Liam STONE and Max ORNA!

Now we had a few minor blops with the number of feet going through the funnel - I am in awe of our timekeepers who did amazing job and did not lose the plot when some of our juniors went through the finish line, then run back to catch up with their siblings/friends and then went again through the funnel - please can everybody go once only through the funnel and not attempt to cross the finishing line again(or give us impression that you are about to cross it) - this goes for the parents as well. You were great today and remembered at the last moment to swerve away - Thank you!

Now as you know we need around 20 volunteers each Sunday to make the junior parkrun possible. Let us know at (our email has now changed), on facebook or instagram if you're happy to help! This weeks thanks go to: Donna ABBOTT, Andy AIREY, James AVERY, Andrea COFFIN, Robert CORIN, Tory CORIN, Neil EVANS, Joanna HOWELL, Anna LAMBOURNE, Andrew LAMBOURNE, David PEARSON, Michelle PEARSON, Paul SMITH, Evelyn SMITH, Mark TAYLOR, Evie TAYLOR, Liz WINDETT - we wouldn't be able to do it without you!

See you next week,

Run Director Anna


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