Rain, Wind and Speed #70

Congratulations to everyone for Turnering* up on this wind chilled event.

Before I hand over to our roving, running reporter, George Shepherd, huge thanks to our windswept Volunteers, high-fives of praise to Bella and Charlie who pick up the green full marathon (21 runs) and orange ultra marathon (50 runs) wristbands respectively. Great committed efforts and well done to all of those reaching milestones today.

I shall now hand you over to George: -

The windiest Little Stoke Juniors we’ve had! 28mph winds today with a little rain. Also an unusually few number of people came to do the run we only had 44 people close to setting a new record for the least number of Little Stoke Parkrunners. All aside though, all the runners got a Celebrations** chocolate as a reward for the runners running through tough winds but mostly because it was Megan’s 50th run, WELL DONE MEGAN!!!!!! :D. Not very much else happened at juniors today quite normal except for the unbelievable winds sooooo…. See you next week!

By George Shepherd age 11 29.11.2015

On reading the above, if you turned out to run today, you can consider yourself an elite extreme parkrunner!

If you wish to write the run report, then please feel free and let us know; the email to send them to is littlestoke-juniorshelpers@parkrun.com (also the email to contact to be a wonderful volunteer).

Best wishes,

David Francetti
Run Director

* who does not love a mid-nineteenth century painting master reference?

** other individually wrapped chocolates in tubs are available.