run #237 – 14 July 2019 – the run that nearly wasn’t…

Last week, Andy Murray and Serena Williams left it very late to declare their entry into the Wimbledon mixed doubles, only announcing the night before the first round.

We had a very similar experience with our last few volunteers, only stepping in on Saturday evening. I'm really grateful to everyone who did come forward, but I really hope that we can get the roster filled up by Saturday morning over the next few weeks. You can sign up for volunteer reminders on the 'Get Involved' page on this website.

And what a shame it would have been if we hadn't been able to put the run on.  Here are all the things that might not have happened:

- 45 children running in lovely weather

- 9 first timers at Little Stoke, of which 5 were brand new to parkrun - you're all welcome back!

- 9 personal bests, including a few from our scottish visitors

- 1 bee sting.  Ouch - hope you're feeling better!

- 1 ultra-marathon wristband handed out to Noah

- 2 milestones completed for Daniel and Niamh.  We look forward to giving out your wristbands next week.

Thank you to everyone who ran, who helped and who watched.  You all make junior parkrun amazing - especially in the summer!  I look forward to seeing you all next time.