Run #246, 29 September – dodging the downpour

Technically speaking, the last run of summer was two weeks ago on 15 September. The summer course lasted only one week into autumn, as the last few days of rain forced us onto the winter course.

We issued a few basic reminders for running on our out-and-back course and it turns out that when the youngest runners are age 4, knowing left from right is not always a given!  Despite that, I think we avoided head on collisions and, you never know, it might even become a learning opportunity....

My biggest concern was the weather which had been pretty dicey all weekend, oscillating between bright sunshine and torrents of rain on a fifteen minute cycle.  Fortunately, we seemed to manage about 45 minutes without an untimely drenching.  We are always happy to send all our runners home dry (and bypass the hi-vis laundry challenge)!

38 children crossed the finish line and in spite of the inclement forecast, we had three first timers.  We also had six PBs.  Thomas and Jemima hit their half and full marathon milestones and we look forward to giving our their wristbands next time they run.  Well done to everyone who took part and enjoyed their run this morning.

Whilst I only need to obsess about the effect that the weather will have on the run every now and again, it is pretty much a weekly concern that we will have enough volunteers for the event.  I don't know how well read our run reports are, but to all the people who do volunteered today and I know that many of you do so regularly, thank you.  I would just urge all of our parents and supporters to give a thought to helping out every now and again.  Doesn't need to be every week and it's a great way to watch and support the run.  parkrun relies entirely on the efforts of volunteers, so please don't assume that someone else will be there every time.

Whilst that might be it for the summer, we'll still be right back next week, or is it left....!?

Mark, RD