Event 247: The Athletics Effect!

After all the rain recently it was great to see the sun shining at Little Stoke Park this morning.  Not only could everybody stay dry, there was no hi-vis drying required, hurray!

There was a great turnout of 67 runners this morning.  Could this be due to the October sunshine or is there another underlying reason here?  Did Dina Asher-Smith and Katarina Johnson-Thompson inspire people to have a go at running this morning perhaps?  Out of interest I looked back over the attendance numbers to discover that the event today attracted the highest number of runners since August 2017.  The world athletics championships were taking place then too when Mo Farah was winning the medals. Coincidence or not, who can say?

In amongst the runners this morning there were 5 first timers who we will hopefully see again soon.  A whopping 22 runners recorded new PBs - well done to all of you.  If it was the summer course I'd be questioning the accuracy of the course set up but we can't really get it wrong with the winter course so just speedy running!

As we head into autumn we hope to maintain the good level of support and see you all again soon.

Until next time.

Jo, Run Director