Run 279 – 22 August 2021

Despite the monsoon we had on Saturday, I'm giving two thumbs up for the Little Stoke park drainage, because the clouds cleared and our course was spot on this morning. We had 44 runners today and barely a cloud in the sky. Well done to everyone who took part and it was great to see all the smiling faces at the end as well as the start!

We had five runners taking on junior parkrun for the first time - I hope you enjoyed it and we'll see you back next weekend. We had nine PBs and congratulations if that was you.

We're not giving out wristbands in the briefings at the moment, so if you think you've hit one of our marathon milestones (11, 21 or 50 runs), have a word with the RD at the end of the event and we'll happily sort that out for you. We gave half marathon band to Jacob today and a full marathon band to Olivia. There are a couple of other people who've passed milestones recently (including Joshua today), so check your status on the result page if you think that might be you.

We've picked up an extra item of clothing this week.  If you left behind a small pink hoody, and have recently been to the moon, it's in our box and you can have it back next Sunday!

Finally, no run report is complete without saying thank you to the volunteers who made today (and the run up to today) an absolute pleasure.  I think we had the A-team out today with many of our regulars involved.  We were joined by Will, who's volunteering for his bronze DoE award over the autumn.  The runners are indebted to you all for showing up every week to get the run on and, of course, any of our parents who would like to help out in future are most welcome - just send us an e-mail (see the volunteer pages).