Run #283 19 September 2021

What a beautiful morning for an event. No wind, dry, nice sunshine to enjoy. Please may we put the following names in glorious sunshine:

Emma DOWNIE, Hannah DOWNIE, Stewart DOWNIE, Priscille FRANCETTI, Jeffery HARDY, Dan HEELIS-ADAMS, Isabel HEELIS-ADAMS, Sophie HEELIS-ADAMS, Jamie HICKS, Christopher HIERONS, Dnyanesh KARMARKAR, Leah PICTON, Michelle PICTON, Suzanne POWER, Evie TAYLOR, Jo TAYLOR, Mark TAYLOR, Hayley WORTH

Of these volunteers, may I pick out Suzanne Power for special mention who came all the way from Stroud to be with us today to help us put the event on. She is a parkrunner newcomer and has done one parkrun event and now one volunteer role. It is delightful to see this attitude. Thank you Suzanne.

Should any of the many parents and/or guardians, who are present in the morning to watch their children, merely wish to continue watching their children but also slip on a high vis and assist as a marshal (essentially doing the same role) then we would love to hear from you for volunteering. We need 20 volunteers to put the event on in conformity with health and safety. We look to have the roster filled by 12:00pm on the Saturday before - otherwise no show. We need to know by this time as if we have to cancel we need to do so and inform others who have at that point come forward to volunteer so that they can re-organise. This is only fair.

We bent the rules this time with extra time for sourcing volunteers given that it is so great to see all events re-emerge. I really mean all events - from Aardvark AGMSs to Zyzzyva spotter societal sejourns. So please do help our (your) children in our (your) community by stepping forward.

Great running today by our 45 runners. There were 6PBs - great job. We were delighted to welcome a first timer too. We hope that you will all be back for more.

We look forward to seeing you in the park next week.

Best wishes,

David Francetti
Run Director

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