Little Stoke junior parkrun 26/01/2020 | #262

What a Difference a Week Makes

This time last week saw clear blue skies and bright sunshine together with temperatures touching zero in the shade. It was slippery underfoot and tweaks to the course were made to ensure all were safe.

Roll on a week and normal British winter service was resumed, a dank overcast morning with temperatures reaching a balmy 7°C. We returned to the normal out and back winter course, firm under foot, apart from the usual short muddy start.

The festive season induced low turnouts now seem to be well behind us as we saw a lively crowd of runners, supporters and volunteers gather in good time for the usual pre-event briefing. The pre-event warmup followed and it was great to see mum and daughter team of Sophie and Enola Sparks Phillips, lead the group enthusiastically. It was their first time but you wouldn’t have known, they looked like seasoned professionals. Well done both.

A Few Numbers:
71 – The number of runners, joggers and walkers today.
5 – A big welcome to Darcie, Freddie, Emilia, Max and Rupert who were all taking part in their first Junior parkrun today. We hope to see you all again soon.
19 – Runners who achieved a personal best time for the course. Well done.
3 – Achievement wristbands presented before the run;
Marathon (21 events)
Leah Picton
Half Marathon (11 Events)
Riley Bruce & Taylor Bruce
Congratulations to you all
11 – Volunteers from North Bristol Running Group, a little bit of an unofficial takeover today and your help was greatly appreciated.

I know I have already mentioned the 11 volunteers from NBRG but they of course are only half the story and they were ably supported another 12 who gave their time to make the event possible. Thanks to the whole team.

Abby TROKE  •  Adrian GREGORY  •  Bob HOWELL  •  Christopher HIERONS  •  David PEARSON  •  David WALDOCK  •  Dnyanesh KARMARKAR  •  Enola SPARKS PHILLIPS  •  Evie TAYLOR  •  Fred HAWKER  •  James NOOTT  •  Jo TAYLOR  •  Joanna HOWELL  •  Joanne NOOTT  •  Karen COX  •  Lisa HAWKER  •  Maxine WALDOCK  •  Paula GREGORY  •  Rhiannon TAYLOR  •  Robert CORIN  •  Sophie SPARKS  •  Thomas RYDON  •  Tory CORIN

Anyone reading who would like to give a hand will be more than welcome, details of how you can get involved and support can be found here

(Thank you David Pearson for the run report.)


Run #259 Happy New Year

Happy New Year to all our runners and volunteers. We had a little bit of sunshine this morning that help to light up the hi-vis so we can thank the following volunteers:

Andy AIREY, James AVERY, Sally BEAVER, Lj CLARKE, Priscille FRANCETTI, Christopher HIERONS, Matthew HORNER, Joanna HOWELL, Joanne NOOTT, James NOOTT, Michelle PEARSON, David PEARSON, Lucy ROGERS, Holly RYDON, Thomas RYDON, Rhiannon TAYLOR, Mark TAYLOR, Evie TAYLOR, Abby TROKE

Well done to our 41 runners this morning for completing their runs. A special congratulation to Isha who has completed her half-marathon distance and picked up her blue wristband this morning.


Look forward to seeing you all in the park,

David Francetti
Run Director


Run #258 – Mild and a Little Brighter (29th December 2019)

With the excitement of Christmas now gone, new year fast approaching, the days getting longer and the weather man suggesting Sunday would be ‘mild and a little brighter’ we undertook our final Little Stoke Junior parkrun of 2019.

To be fair to the weather man he got it pretty much right which probably helped bolster an unsurprisingly small field given the time of year but of those who did attend festive excess was certainly not in evidence as the runners were put through their pre-run warm up routines.

Despite this small (but perfectly formed) field there were still highlights to be had:
First Timers – We had four first timers to Little Stoke this week, for two of these it was their first ever park run so well done to Evelyn Pingstone and Kara Lewis, we look forward to seeing you again next year. There were also a couple of visitors, Finlay and Hayden De’ath, who usually run in Newport, we hope you had an enjoyable run at Little Stoke.

Personal Bests – Whilst there were no personal bests posted a couple of the runners equalled their previous best times, today’s first finisher Niamh Walsh and Daniel Scopes, who posted exactly the same time as for his last Junior Parkrun two weeks ago. A great effort by you both.

Wrist Bands – Before the run there were two milestone wristbands presented. A half marathon band to Poppy Sutton and a full marathon band to Olivia Portingale. Well done to you both.

So all in all not a bad haul from a field of just 22 runners, walkers and joggers.

It was great to see the volunteer rota oversubscribed today with unusually, the volunteers outnumbering the runners!! More and new volunteers are always welcome so one or two unfamiliar faces today was good to see. If you do have a free Sunday morning coming up please feel free to throw your hat in the ring as a volunteer next year.

All that is left to be said is, enjoy the upcoming celebrations and we look forward to seeing you again next year, renewed, resolved and ready to run.

Happy New Year

Pictures of #258 at Little Stoke Junior Park Run -

Thank you to David Pearson for the fantastic Run Report and Andy Airey for the brilliant photographs.


Run #254 – 1 December 2019

The first day of advent lured thirty hardy runners outdoors this morning.

Today was a chilly one, by my reckoning. That might explain why seven of our 29 runners registered PBs, in a rush to get back into their extra layers at the finish.

We also had one first timer - hope the weather didn't put you off, Emily. Four of our runners completed milestone runs, so well done to Millie, Charles, Frederick (half marathon) and Maisey (full marathon). We hope to see you very soon to hand out your wristbands, as we did with George today.

Thanks also to the volunteers, who turn out week after week!  Special thanks to my guest RD, Evie.  You may have noticed from the lack of discernible improvement in the quality of the run report writing that I couldn't quite convince her to get involved in this part of the role!

We recently changed our roster slightly to include one more marshal by the gaps in the hedge at the top of the park, which means that we need a minimum of seventeen people to put the run on. Whilst we rely a lot on keen parkrunners who don't have children running, it would be great to see more of the parents of the children participating to get involved in running the event (and it would make it easier to fill the roster up every week). You can register for our volunteer appeals on the volunteer tab of our website.

Try and stay away from the early December chocolate temptations and we look forward to seeing you all back in Little Stoke soon.



Run #253 24 November 2019

Thank you all for coming to join us in the park for the run this morning in the mist. Fortunately, our course was highlighted by the hi-vis vests of these wonderful volunteers:


Well done for Niamh who collected her green wristband having completed a marathon distance of runs with us a Little Stoke.

A special round of applause for our wonderfully lead (much needed) warm-up with Evelyn and Brad.

Please click here to see the photos from the event.

Hopefully see you in the park soon,

Best wishes,

David Francetti

Run Director


Run # 252,17 November 2019

A wonderful November Junior Parkrun! Well done to all our runners and supporters.
We were delighted to welcome 49 brilliant runners this morning and see twelve PBs set. Well done to Matt who entered the half-marathon club and picked up his celebratory blue wristband. Congratulations to Harper on completing the ultra-marathon distance and who goes home with an orange wristband.

Thank you to the fantastic team of expert volunteers who made this morning’s parkrun possible. We were very fortunate this week to have a full roster by Friday tea time - thank you so much.

Big thank you to Martyn, our Parkrun Volunteer Photographer, for the most amazing pictures of our Junior Parkrun. Flickr link will be posted on our Facebook page.

Fred and Lisa Hawker
Run Directors



Run 249

Thank you all so much for turning up on a bright but chilly October morning. Well done for everyone who celebrated a milestone run - Molly in particular has run over 100 parkruns and celebrated it with a first finisher.

Thank you to our photographer for posting such great pics to celebrate our 249th event. They can be found here.

This event could not be put on without volunteers so for all of those who made the effort - a big round of applause. Olivia lead the warm-up wonderfully.

Best wishes,

David Francetti

Run Director


Event #248 – Run Report

What a lovely morning did we have at Little Stoke juniors today!
After the last week's event being cancelled due to the ground being waterlogged, I was worried that this may be the case today. The weather was kind and despite the grass still being wet from the recent downpours, bits of mud slippery here and there on the path, it didn't prevent our 63 runners from completing their run!

Jemima and Noah have picked up their milestone wristbands and a few of those have been awarded today so watch this space for the next week's report!

There were 27 PBs! Congratulations to all!

Welcome to our first timers: Lara, Henry, Yash- we hope to see you next week as well!

We are saying good bye to Isaac today, who has his 15th birthday in a couple of days - we loved having you at Little Stoke juniors and wish you all the best at 5k parkruns in the future!

We wouldn't be able to stage the event safely without our wonderful volunteers - we need about 20 of them every week. Many congrats to Donna ABBOTT, who had her 25th parkrun volunteering shift this mornig and brought us some lovely cakes :)
The rest of the crew were no less amazing - many thanks go to:

If anyone would like to join our crew, let us know on

Many thanks

Anna Lambourne
Event Director


Event 247: The Athletics Effect!

After all the rain recently it was great to see the sun shining at Little Stoke Park this morning.  Not only could everybody stay dry, there was no hi-vis drying required, hurray!

There was a great turnout of 67 runners this morning.  Could this be due to the October sunshine or is there another underlying reason here?  Did Dina Asher-Smith and Katarina Johnson-Thompson inspire people to have a go at running this morning perhaps?  Out of interest I looked back over the attendance numbers to discover that the event today attracted the highest number of runners since August 2017.  The world athletics championships were taking place then too when Mo Farah was winning the medals. Coincidence or not, who can say?

In amongst the runners this morning there were 5 first timers who we will hopefully see again soon.  A whopping 22 runners recorded new PBs - well done to all of you.  If it was the summer course I'd be questioning the accuracy of the course set up but we can't really get it wrong with the winter course so just speedy running!

As we head into autumn we hope to maintain the good level of support and see you all again soon.

Until next time.

Jo, Run Director


Run #246, 29 September – dodging the downpour

Technically speaking, the last run of summer was two weeks ago on 15 September. The summer course lasted only one week into autumn, as the last few days of rain forced us onto the winter course.

We issued a few basic reminders for running on our out-and-back course and it turns out that when the youngest runners are age 4, knowing left from right is not always a given!  Despite that, I think we avoided head on collisions and, you never know, it might even become a learning opportunity....

My biggest concern was the weather which had been pretty dicey all weekend, oscillating between bright sunshine and torrents of rain on a fifteen minute cycle.  Fortunately, we seemed to manage about 45 minutes without an untimely drenching.  We are always happy to send all our runners home dry (and bypass the hi-vis laundry challenge)!

38 children crossed the finish line and in spite of the inclement forecast, we had three first timers.  We also had six PBs.  Thomas and Jemima hit their half and full marathon milestones and we look forward to giving our their wristbands next time they run.  Well done to everyone who took part and enjoyed their run this morning.

Whilst I only need to obsess about the effect that the weather will have on the run every now and again, it is pretty much a weekly concern that we will have enough volunteers for the event.  I don't know how well read our run reports are, but to all the people who do volunteered today and I know that many of you do so regularly, thank you.  I would just urge all of our parents and supporters to give a thought to helping out every now and again.  Doesn't need to be every week and it's a great way to watch and support the run.  parkrun relies entirely on the efforts of volunteers, so please don't assume that someone else will be there every time.

Whilst that might be it for the summer, we'll still be right back next week, or is it left....!?

Mark, RD

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