Event 280 – Run Report

It turned out cooler than I expected but ideal running weather which might have had  something to do with the huge 19 personal bests recorded. We done to you all! A huge welcome to the 12 parkrunners joining us for the first time. I saw lots of smiles so hopefully you all had fun and will be back. Full results here.20210829_080329862_iOS

Seb's Fantastic Warm UP

Finally and most importantly a big thankyou to our volunteer team this week, a great combination of first timers, old timers and press ganged relatives. Please do join us in a future week if you can: https://www.parkrun.org.uk/littlestoke-juniors/futureroster/


 Flying feet on their way to a PB.




Event #248 – Run Report

What a lovely morning did we have at Little Stoke juniors today!
After the last week's event being cancelled due to the ground being waterlogged, I was worried that this may be the case today. The weather was kind and despite the grass still being wet from the recent downpours, bits of mud slippery here and there on the path, it didn't prevent our 63 runners from completing their run!

Jemima and Noah have picked up their milestone wristbands and a few of those have been awarded today so watch this space for the next week's report!

There were 27 PBs! Congratulations to all!

Welcome to our first timers: Lara, Henry, Yash- we hope to see you next week as well!

We are saying good bye to Isaac today, who has his 15th birthday in a couple of days - we loved having you at Little Stoke juniors and wish you all the best at 5k parkruns in the future!

We wouldn't be able to stage the event safely without our wonderful volunteers - we need about 20 of them every week. Many congrats to Donna ABBOTT, who had her 25th parkrun volunteering shift this mornig and brought us some lovely cakes :)
The rest of the crew were no less amazing - many thanks go to:

If anyone would like to join our crew, let us know on littlestokejuniors@parkrun.com

Many thanks

Anna Lambourne
Event Director


28 July 2019 -Event 238 – Run Report

I started this briefing about 5 times, thinking about how to write about one piece of information that we talk about every week. It is however as important as ever, especially with holidays, beautiful British summer that graced us this year and many many running events that are happening across the country. We cannot stage the Little Stoke juniors without you - our amazing parents, carers, friends. We need about 20 of you each week for the event to go ahead. Last week we had 4, including the Run Director; this meant we had to cancel and we did it with a heavy heart. If you know that you are able to help, let us know via Facebook, Instragram or email - littlestokejuniors@parkrun.com - we send emails every week so why not to go to your parkrun profile and sign up to our volunteer appeals? This week we had amazing response from Frampton Cotterell Harriers who took over nearly every role! Many thanks to everybody who volunteered today: Donna ABBOTTJo ASTLEYAndy BARTONSarah BRADLEYPaul BURGESSKate DALLASChris FRENCHSarah HANDLEYEmma HARDINGEmma HARDINGAnna LAMBOURNEAndrew LAMBOURNEVesper LAMBOURNEMolly OVENDENKatie PINNINGTONJanet SMITHAlan SMITHSophie SPARKSLiz WINDETT

We have had a lot of new runners today. Big welcome to Joseph, Billy, Jack, Nathan, Olivia, Harry, Katelyn, Eliza, Ella, Asheligh, George, Emily, Eleanor, Isha and George - we hope you enjoyed your first Little Stoke junior parkrun and we cannot wait to see you again!

Congratulations to the new PBs go to Harry, Matilda, Hannah, Daniel, Theo, Noah, Jack, Enola, Joshua and Ruth!

We award milestone wristbands to those who run an equivalent of a half (11 junior parkruns) or full marathon (21 junior parkruns)  and an ultra  (50 junior parkruns). Congratulations to Isaac for collecting his orange ultra wristband, to Evelyn and Jack for collecting a full marathon green wristband! We are looking forward to seeing you all next week.

The cafe is now open in the park so why not pop in for a brunch or a cup of tea after the next event?

A few photos from today are available here:


Anna Lambourne ED


Run Report – Event #228

There was a slight complication this week at Little Stoke; the car park gate was opened later than usual.

The sky was truly spectacular with the sun and the clouds looking as though they had been painted. We gave a huge welcome to 6 new parkrunners: Rory MACPHERSON, Arun CURTIS, Daisy MARSHALL, Freddie COBAIN, Alex NOVELS-PRIOR and Albert RENDELL. It was also a day for celebration as Rebecca BLAKE was awarded her Marathon wrist band for completing 22 junior parkruns!

For the run itself, we had an impressive number of PBs: Riley BRUCE, Niamh WALSHJoseph DAWEHarry BURCHELLRory EVANSElsa WALSHLuke TOMLINSONIsaac SMITHTaylor BRUCEGus BAILEY-PRICETalasi WELSHNoah CORIN and Sophie RUNDLE-EDWARDS.

Parkrun is free to all and it is important that everyone enjoys themselves. Remember that if a child wants to walk, jog or sprint, that is OK; it is a run and not a race. Although the volunteers will give encouragement, the enjoyment of the participants is paramount. At parkrun we aim to instil a life long love of running; anyone being overly pushy or giving excessive encouragement to the point a child is distressed will result in the opposite. Encourage your children and teach them to love running.

We are very grateful to the volunteers who made this event happen: Andy AIREY, Margrielle BLAKE, Robert CORIN, Stephanie EVANS, Craig F, David FRANCETTI, Priscille FRANCETTI, Rosalind HONIGHT, Yasmin HONIGHT, Anna LAMBOURNE, Andrew LAMBOURNE, Vesper LAMBOURNE, Christopher O'DONOVAN, Laura ORNA, David PEARSON, Jo SANDERSON, Jo TAYLOR, Evie TAYLOR, Lily TAYLOR.

Many thanks,



Run Report – event 224 – 7 April 2019

It was a sunny day after all! With all the threats of rain or at least wind and clouds, it was a nice surprise to see you all in the beautiful sunshine!

We started the day with thanking all our volunteers - as you may know from Mark's earlier post or from today's briefing, David Francetti has stepped down from the role of the co- Event Director. Big thanks to David for his involvement so far and all the help and time he has invested in running the LSJP.

We are also very grateful to the other  volunteers who made this event happen:Donna ABBOTT, Andy BARTON, Sarah BRADLEY, Peter COOMBS, Robert CORIN, Bob COX, Stephanie EVANS, Priscille FRANCETTI,  Frankie HALE, Fred HAWKER, Lisa HAWKER, Andrew LAMBOURNE, Vesper LAMBOURNE, David PEARSON, Deborah REDMOND, Paul REDMOND, Paul SMITH, Karen TAYLOR, Sue WRIGHT, Jamie WRIGHT, Melanie YOUNG!

We had a few first timers that we hope to see again - Niamh WALSHAshleigh GODSELL and 2 others whose names we couldn't capture as there was no barcode printed - remember, we are unable to accept the barcodes presented on digital devices.

The spring in  the air and in people's steps made it possible for several PBs - congratulations to Craig F, Charlie Butterworth, Connie Rendell, Liam Stone, Freddie Rendell, Grace Booth, Henry Burrows, Joshua Barry, Jack Hamblin, Lyra Hambly, Esme Selby, Freya Hambly!

Joshua Barry collected his half marathon wristband- good luck with your running!

If you would like to see a few  photos from the event, have a look at our album

See you all next week

Run Director Anna (aka Totoro)



Event 204 – not quite winter – 4 November 2018

Just one day before bonfire night, so not quite winter yet, but we did welcome back the winter course before the ground becomes unwelcoming to run on.

We also welcomed Isabel to her first parkrun and Daniel to the half-marathon club today.

Thanks to all the volunteers - you are all amazing for turning out in the 'not quite brilliant' weather and we couldn't do it without you. Thanks also to Craig for remembering the warm-up without the sheet and filling us in on the basketball score during the briefing.

In case anybody hasn't seen it, we had an article about our 200th anniversary run in the Stoke Gifford and Bradley Stoke Journals this month.  It's beyond me to find a link to these on the internet, but it's a good summary of what we are up to and nice to get some positive press for parkrun at Little Stoke.

See you all next week.



Run Report 201, 14th October 2018

There was a lot of fun to be had on such a wet day, new obstacles were introduced due to the downpour and although it was fairly wet, there were 21 runners this morning, 4 with personal bests and 2 first timers; congratulations to all. A special mention to Finley who has now completed 11 parkruns and is due a wrist band next week.

A big thank you goes to the volunteers who made this run possible- the commitment of our fantastic team shows through, especially when the weather is unpleasant.

We stayed with the summer course as the grass was not too soggy. I had hoped for better and the weather forecast on Wednesday was a fine cloudy morning, Friday it now said rain but it should stop at 9am, Sunday it was obvious it was going to rain and hard.

Now that everything has had a good rinse in the rain, it is slowly being dried ready for more (hopefully less wet) fun next week.

See you soon,



Double century – 7 October 2018

Event #200!
Anybody remember Costa Rica beating Greece on penalties in the last 16 of the Brazil world cup?  How about the techno beat of Gecko Overdrive by Oliver Heldon and Becky Hill.  Me neither...

Both of these have specific relevance to 29 June 2014.  I really don't suggest you look up Gecko Overdrive on your preferred streaming service, but it was the UK's number one.

The other notable number one earlier that day was Little Stoke junior parkrun, which had its debut as the UK's nineteenth and newest junior parkrun.  Also in number one spot that morning were Leon Graham, in a very impressive time of 6.48 and he's still in fifth place on our all time list.  Our first girl was Alice Bridger Morales, who never ran with us again.  I don't know what you did to upset her, Ian...

Fortunately, most of our runners do come back.  As we look back over 200 runs, we've had 1,664 runners, completing 12,140 runs between them, or 24,280km.  I was hoping that would be comparable to running round the earth but we're not quite there yet (40,000km).  It's two and a half times round the moon, but I think it's quite chilly for the marshals up there.

Anyway, thank you to you all for turning out and for the effort that a lot of you put in to dressing up.  We depend on our runners to keep the event going this long.  A lot has happened to parkrun at Little Stoke in the last few years and we very nearly didn't have an event at all after 2016, so to see it flourishing now is great.

We don't often have a photographer but there are some smashing photos on our Flickr feed, if you'd like to check them out.  Thanks to all the volunteers, as usual, to Anna for baking and to Ian for organising the 200 sign.  The sign is on a road-trip round the UK and we were the first junior parkrun to make our mark.

Event #200!

Here's looking forward to another 200 runs, by which time we will have made it round the earth I'm sure.

Mark, ED

(And seriously, I mean it, don't look up Gecko - don't say I didn't warn you)


Run Report 195 – 2 September 2018

It was a lovely warm morning for parkrun. The sun however did not make an appearance and after last week, we were very pleased the rain did not either. I was glad to see that the works to replace the damaged path in Little Stoke park are underway and should be ready well before the winter. The ground is starting to recover, although there are still quite a few holes to navigate from the dry spell.

All of the volunteers are very proud to support this run where children can have fun and learn the love of running. We celebrate the achievements in numbers of runs and also personal bests. It is important that we support and encourage the junior runners, providing them with a fun and safe environment; it is a run and not a race.

I would like to give a warm welcome to Callum Barlow, Tristan Jones and Joshua Barry who completed their first parkrun today.  Matilda W received her Ultra Marathon wrist band which is an impressive achievement! Congratulations go to Craig F, Miles W, Thomas A, Joseph Hart, Mahir Toshniwal, Eleanor Towson, Millie Schwartz, Dougie Scriven and Joshua Trew that managed a personal best

We are very lucky at Little Stoke, as we have an excellent team of volunteers and we are always happy to have more. People volunteer when they are able and so there is no pressure to come every week. We also have a number of tasks that children can do or others that you could do with your child. If you wanted to join us through email or Facebook, you will be very welcome and the run director will ensure that you know everything you need to.

A special thanks goes to Andrea Coffin, Anna Lambourne, David Francetti, Evie Taylor, Fred Hawker, Helen Smith, James Teague, Jo Taylor, Lily Taylor, Lisa Hawker, Margrielle Blake, Mark Taylor, Martyn Wood, Michelle Craker, Piers Walker, Rosalind Honight, Sonali Apte, Stephen Honight, Vesper Lambourne and Yasmin Honight for being part of the team today.

Martyn Wood is the run director for next week, I will be a marshal next week and so I hope to see you then.

Andy Lambourne

Run Director


Run Report Event 194 – 26 August

What a wonderful weather we had! The heavens opened just as the first batch of volunteers arrived to set the course. From then, it could only get better – or could it?
The initial assessment of the field made it clear that there were a few irregularities in the ground, so we moved the start line ever so slightly to prevent injuries. A few cones were placed where some treacherous holes still lurked and posed danger to our runners.

With the rain taking on a bit more strength, the grass getting wet and slippery, we are happy to announce that no falls or trips have been noted. The runners were amazing despite the rain. And so were the volunteers!
Despite the Bank Holiday Weekend, the pouring rain and not one, but two running events taking place locally, they turned up to make our Little Stoke junior parkrun possible. Big thanks to:

We had a few first timers who enthusiastically said they would be back next week – big welcome to Dhruvi APTE and a young man who promised to get registered with the parkrun for the next time!

I hope to see you all next week – the hi vis vests have all now been washed and are drying nicely – long live the British Summer!

Anna Lambourne

Run Director

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