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Just to let you know that Little Stoke park is closed on Boxing Day, which is a Sunday this year.  Accordingly, there will be no event on 26 Dec 2021, but we believe that both Page Park and Eastville are currently planning on running that day, if you think you need to get your children up and out that morning.

We will be back as normal on Sunday 2 Jan 2022.  No excuses.


Run report for 24/10/21

parkrun rainbow

A lovely run for the first of the year using the winter course - in reverse to previous years. This seemed to work well with the warm up on the concrete area by the Scout hut and then all runners walking down to the start together.

27 runners participated in a little light rain, under the arch of a beautiful rainbow. There were 4 new runners (welcome!) and 4 people got personal bests. Well done to everyone who ran today, and thank you as always to our wonderful volunteers, without whom the event would not run each week. See you next week!


Run #283 19 September 2021

What a beautiful morning for an event. No wind, dry, nice sunshine to enjoy. Please may we put the following names in glorious sunshine:

Emma DOWNIE, Hannah DOWNIE, Stewart DOWNIE, Priscille FRANCETTI, Jeffery HARDY, Dan HEELIS-ADAMS, Isabel HEELIS-ADAMS, Sophie HEELIS-ADAMS, Jamie HICKS, Christopher HIERONS, Dnyanesh KARMARKAR, Leah PICTON, Michelle PICTON, Suzanne POWER, Evie TAYLOR, Jo TAYLOR, Mark TAYLOR, Hayley WORTH

Of these volunteers, may I pick out Suzanne Power for special mention who came all the way from Stroud to be with us today to help us put the event on. She is a parkrunner newcomer and has done one parkrun event and now one volunteer role. It is delightful to see this attitude. Thank you Suzanne.

Should any of the many parents and/or guardians, who are present in the morning to watch their children, merely wish to continue watching their children but also slip on a high vis and assist as a marshal (essentially doing the same role) then we would love to hear from you for volunteering. We need 20 volunteers to put the event on in conformity with health and safety. We look to have the roster filled by 12:00pm on the Saturday before - otherwise no show. We need to know by this time as if we have to cancel we need to do so and inform others who have at that point come forward to volunteer so that they can re-organise. This is only fair.

We bent the rules this time with extra time for sourcing volunteers given that it is so great to see all events re-emerge. I really mean all events - from Aardvark AGMSs to Zyzzyva spotter societal sejourns. So please do help our (your) children in our (your) community by stepping forward.

Great running today by our 45 runners. There were 6PBs - great job. We were delighted to welcome a first timer too. We hope that you will all be back for more.

We look forward to seeing you in the park next week.

Best wishes,

David Francetti
Run Director


Event 282 – Run Report

The sun was shining down on us today which led to a fantastic turnout of over 50 runners! It clearly made them run faster too as we had 31 personal bests!! Well done to everyone who ran today.

Thank you as always to our brilliant volunteers who helped us put on the event today - we really couldn't do it without you. If anyone would like to volunteer to help in the future, please email us at with your parkrun ID, we're very grateful for your support.


Run 279 – 22 August 2021

Despite the monsoon we had on Saturday, I'm giving two thumbs up for the Little Stoke park drainage, because the clouds cleared and our course was spot on this morning. We had 44 runners today and barely a cloud in the sky. Well done to everyone who took part and it was great to see all the smiling faces at the end as well as the start!

We had five runners taking on junior parkrun for the first time - I hope you enjoyed it and we'll see you back next weekend. We had nine PBs and congratulations if that was you.

We're not giving out wristbands in the briefings at the moment, so if you think you've hit one of our marathon milestones (11, 21 or 50 runs), have a word with the RD at the end of the event and we'll happily sort that out for you. We gave half marathon band to Jacob today and a full marathon band to Olivia. There are a couple of other people who've passed milestones recently (including Joshua today), so check your status on the result page if you think that might be you.

We've picked up an extra item of clothing this week.  If you left behind a small pink hoody, and have recently been to the moon, it's in our box and you can have it back next Sunday!

Finally, no run report is complete without saying thank you to the volunteers who made today (and the run up to today) an absolute pleasure.  I think we had the A-team out today with many of our regulars involved.  We were joined by Will, who's volunteering for his bronze DoE award over the autumn.  The runners are indebted to you all for showing up every week to get the run on and, of course, any of our parents who would like to help out in future are most welcome - just send us an e-mail (see the volunteer pages).


Event 277 Run Report

Despite the wind and rain, we welcomed 42 runners to Little Stoke for junior parkrun this morning. First timer Bibiane was the first across the line closely followed by Sebastian who, even before getting his breath back, took on the volunteer role of bar code scanner (thank you!). Toby and Emily brought our run to an end today with great times- well done. We also had another seven first timers- one who'd come from Gloucester and a phenomenal eleven personal best times!! Great running everyone and we're so impressed that the rain didn't put you off.

As always, thank you to our amazing volunteers today who braved the elements- two stepping up at the last minute. Thanks also to the parents who also offered to help while we were setting up and please let us know if you would like to volunteer at a future parkrun where you would be very welcome.

See you next week! Louise


Event 276 – Run report

Event 276 is complete with a sprinkling of rain and otherwise lovely running conditions. We had 28 runners including first timers, tourists, more returning 11 to 14 year olds, and milestones.

We had a photographer at this week's Little Stoke Junior parkrun and all photos can be found via this Flickr link.

Thank you to all the volunteers this week; we couldn't do it without you. We need around 20 volunteers each week to ensure the event can be run safely, so if anyone is able to volunteer for future weeks please view the future roster on our parkrun page and email

Thanks everyone,



Event 275 Run Report

After the really hot weather last week, it was a little cooler for the Little Stoke Junior Parkrun today where the rain and thunder held off! We had 29 runners, with a few first timers and some visitors joining us from Kings Weston and Page Park who unfortunately had to cancel their events. It was nice to welcome back two 11 to 14 year olds who can now restart participating in Junior Parkrun following the restart of Parkrun yesterday. :)

Unfortunately some of the runners at the front took a wrong turn and ended up seeing a little more of the park than usual. This was quickly rectified and all runners completed the Junior Parkrun safely. The first runner to cross the line was super fast with 3 people recording personal bests today - well done to all who took part!

We had a photographer at this weeks Parkrun and all photos will be uploaded shortly.

Thank you to all the fantastic volunteers this week, all very helpful and supportive, we literally couldn't do it without you. We need around 20 volunteers each week to ensure the event can be run safely so if anyone is able to volunteer for future weeks please view the future roster on our Parkrun page and email

Many thanks to all.



Event 274 Run Report

A beautiful sunny and rather hot morning for Little Stoke Junior Parkrun today! We had 37 runners, with a few first timers and some visitors joining us from Kings Weston who unfortunately had to cancel their event. The first runner to cross the line was super fast, 7 people recorded personal bests today and a half marathon wristband was also awarded- well done all!

Thank you to all the fantastic volunteers this week, all very helpful and supportive, we literally couldn't do it without you. If anyone is able to volunteer for future weeks please email


Event 273 Report

It was great to see so many happy faces running today, we hope everyone had a great time. Welcome to the 9 first time parkrunners and 3 running at Little Stoke for the first time. Special mention to two super keen 4 year olds running in their birthday week. We hope to see you all again soon. We also had 7 shiny new PBs.....I believe there was some sibling rivalry involved in at least one of them!

Congratulations to Sienna on collecting your well deserved and overdue half marathon wristband. We are not currently doing public milestone presentations for COVID reasons but if you are due one speak to the run director any week. Milestone wristbands are available for:

  • Half Marathon Club (anyone who completes 11 junior parkruns)
  • Marathon Club (anyone who completes 21 junior parkruns)
  • Ultra Marathon club (anyone who completes 50 junior parkruns)
  • 100 Club (anyone who completes 100 junior parkruns)

This week's volunteers were amazing and made my life so easy so a big thankyou to those below. If you can help next week (or any future week) please do email


20210711_081845148_iOSbSee you again soon!



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