Closure of Little Stoke parkrun


It is with great regret that we are announcing the closure of Little Stoke parkrun.

This is a disappointing outcome for everyone at parkrun, the dedicated team of volunteers who have worked so hard on the event since 2012, and of course the participants who have benefitted so much from a free, local, accessible 5k every Saturday morning in Little Stoke Park.

Since the vote, on the 12th of April, by Stoke Gifford Parish Council to introduce a charge for Little Stoke parkrun, we have made attempts to engage with the council to offer alternative ways of contributing to the sustainability of the park. Every parkrun is a partnership between the landowner, the volunteer team and the local community, and unfortunately we were unable to convince Stoke Gifford Parish Council of the true value of the event. Our intention has never been to force parkrun onto the Council, but instead to demonstrate the benefits that weekly, free, fun, physical activity provides to their community.

Therefore, as the Council has now revoked our permission to run in Little Stoke Park for free, we have taken the difficult decision to bring things to a conclusion and, for the first time, permanently close one of our free, weekly, timed runs.

Tom Williams, Chief Operating Officer for parkrun, said:

"Over the past 12 years parkrun has grown from 13 runners in one park to 150,000 runners at 900 locations around the world, every week. Key to this success has been our determination to remove as many barriers to participation as possible, with cost being one of the most critical. Stoke Gifford Parish Council's initial request for us to charge our runners £1 per week went completely against our most fundamental principles and, as a free event, their subsequently revised requirement for parkrun to contribute financially to the maintenance of the park is also something we are unable to do. From the outset, and despite significant efforts from many people inside and outside of parkrun, we were unable to convince them of the true value that a parkrun event provides to its local community.

“Personally I feel a great sense of sadness, however I also feel a phenomenal sense of pride in how the Little Stoke parkrun community have dealt with this extremely challenging situation. From start to finish they have gone above and beyond what I would ever have expected from a volunteer team, and they could have done no more.

“If there is a positive to be taken from this experience it is surely that we have all been motivated to consider what our wonderful areas of open space mean to us, and how important it is that we do everything we can to ensure they remain fully accessible to their local communities. It is also critical that we do everything we can to support our local authorities and landowners, ensuring our parks are there for future generations to enjoy just as much as we do.”

Becky Bushnell, co-Event Director of Little Stoke parkrun, said:

“We are all really disappointed that Little Stoke parkrun has found itself in this position. The past eight months have been a difficult time for the volunteer team as all we have ever wanted to do is run, jog and walk in the park with friends. We are feeling the huge sense of loss of the community that has built up over three and a half years.”





Event Cancellation -Saturday 28th May

Dear Little Stoke parkrunners

As you know, when Stoke Gifford Parish Council made the decision to charge parkrun for use of the park in April, they gave us until 28th May to reach an agreement with them or leave the park. During this period parkrun UK have been in discussion with Stoke Gifford Parish Council who have now asked for more time to answer some of the issues raised.

Whilst we wait for their full response in order to determine the long term future of the event, we have taken the difficult decision to cancel this Saturday's run (28th May) on safety grounds.

We appreciate that this will be frustrating to our runners and volunteers, but the last thing we want is the strength of feeling to boil over from either parkrunners or local residents. We have been taking things week by week and been very grateful for the wonderful atmosphere and friendly parkrun spirit at the events that we have been able to hold.

We hope to provide you with a further update next week. In the meantime, we really appreciate your understanding of the difficulties Little Stoke parkrun has been facing. Please take the Little Stoke spirit with you wherever you are running this weekend.

The Little Stoke Team


Little Stoke parkrun team



Event Cancellation – Saturday 21st May

We are really sorry for the short notice, but we have just been made aware of another event in the park that means we have to cancel this Saturday's run (21 May).

A fun fair has arrived in the park which combined with the new football pitch fence and our lack of a summer course mean we won't have a run this week.

We loved the tourism photos from your parkrun adventures this Saturday and look forward to seeing more Little Stoker's out and about on the 21st.

The Little Stoke Team


Time For A Big Spring Clean!

Back in February we signed up to take part in South Gloucestershire's Big Spring Clean picking Saturday 23rd April as our event date. April is known for its rain showers and we didn't know quite what the weather would hold in store when we plumped for the 23rd... With sunshine and blue skies it couldn't have been a better day for it!


Little Stoke parkrun volunteers got kitted up and once we'd finished playing with familiarising ourselves with the equipment we split up into small groups and started looking for litter.


After an hour or so we had filled a fair few bags with general waste and also managed to fill a big bag of recyclables. Great effort team!


#loveparkrun #lovelittlestoke



The support we saw on Twitter and Facebook last weekend was phenomenal. We loved everybodies #lovelittlestoke posts and pictures and got messages of support from all over the country and the parkrun world! We're sorry that we haven't been able to respond to everything.

As HQ say here the best way to continue to support us is to show us how great your parkrun is. Please go and enjoy your local parkrun, run, jog, walk and volunteer in the sunshine this weekend. We know we have your support.

The Little Stoke team.

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