Dear Little Stoke parkrunners

We would like to make our community aware of recent discussions that have been taking place regarding our parkrun at Little Stoke Park.

The Parish Council has been supportive of Little Stoke parkrun for the past three years, but they have some concerns over the financial viability of the park as a whole. As a result there was a suggestion by the Parish Council that we could charge runners for participation in our events.

This was discussed at the full public council meeting on the 13th of October, which was attended by the Little Stoke parkrun core team and Brian Gardner, the Active Lifestyles Team Leader at South Gloucestershire Council, who originally initiated Little Stoke parkrun.

At the meeting it was noted that parkrun is always free to participants, generates no revenue at local level and does not pay for the use of parks and open spaces. We believe however that parkrun’s added value, through the range of positive personal and community impacts, presents a considerable benefit to local people, communities and the council, and even provides cost savings across a range of areas.

As always, we are committed to working with the Parish Council and supporting initiatives that might generate additional funding for the maintenance and general running of the park and we are keen to contribute toward any discussions around these.

At the conclusion of the meeting, the Parish Council decided to look at this issue again in six months.

In the meantime it's important that all our parkrunners help us to maintain good relations with other park users, local residents and the Parish Council.

In particular we need everyone's help to resolve the parking issues at Little Stoke Park. Please walk, jog or cycle to the park if you can. If you must drive, please car share if possible, use the car park at Little Stoke Baptist Church, BS34 6JW and follow instructions from the car park marshals.

It is also important that negative responses or disparaging comments are not sent directly to the Parish Council or posted on social media because this will not help our cause.

The most important thing for us as a parkrun community is to continue to develop our positive and strong relationship with the Parish Council and be proactive in securing their continued support for our event.

If anyone has any questions please feel free to email us at

Thanks for your continuing support.

Kind regards

Martin Dunne on behalf of the Little Stoke parkrun core team