What Can I Do To Help? Give us 5 minutes…

Since we posted the article about the discussions we have been having with Stoke Gifford Parish Council quite a few of you have been in touch to ask what you can help.

There is one simple thing that would make a huge difference: car parking.

The popularity of Little Stoke parkrun means that the car park fills up fast. We have  an agreement with Little Stoke Baptist Church (BS34 6JW) where there are approximately 25 spaces available and would encourage you to use them on a Saturday morning. The are entrances to their car park on Kingsway/Collins Avenue and there will be a marshal there to guide you.
It is 320 meters (0.2 miles) from the Baptist Church to the park but that short walk will go a lot further in the long run.

Baptist Church to LS Park

Once the spaces at the Baptist Church are full we would ask that you park legally and sensibly in the areas surrounding the park.

Set that alarm 5 minutes earlier.
Walk those extra few meters.
Make the difference for your parkrun.

We're counting on you.
Thank you.

Little Stoke parkrun team