What’s Great About parkrun?

What’s great about parkrun?  We've been given some fab facts and figures about parkrunning in South Gloucestershire:

• It’s bringing new people into physical activity every week – in a survey of new-to-running runners recruited to Run England in South Gloucestershire during 2015, none of the questions were about parkrun but 34 of 110 respondents said that parkrun motivated them to take up running;

• It’s growing – the figure above is dwarfed by the total number of different participants in South Gloucestershire parkruns: 11,924 (this will be well over 12,000 by the time you read this);

• It’s free – parkrun removes cost as a barrier to participation;

• It’s local – local people support their local parkrun: e.g. at Little Stoke 1,831 (46.6%) of registered parkrunners are from BS32 and BS34 and over 60% live within a 5k radius;

• It’s inclusive – anyone who has ever been to a parkrun can’t help but notice the wide range of ability and age;

• It’s helping people to improve – 14,718 pbs at South Gloucestershire parkruns since 2012;

• It’s enabling sustainable community cohesion – over 1400 people have volunteered to ensure that parkrun takes place every week, the majority being South Gloucestershire residents;

• It’s ‘mentioned in dispatches’ – a key priority for action in the South Gloucestershire Physical Activity Strategy is ‘Promoting partnership working on programmes including Walking for Health programmes and local parkruns, school gates running, recreational running groups and routes within South Gloucestershire’;

• It’s helping us achieve government targets – parkrun can be part of our (at least) 5x30mins per week of moderate to vigorous physical activity - note the reference to walking above: if you leave a little more time to walk (or cycle) at least part of the way to parkrun you’ll be increasing your activity total and also easing pressure on parking;

• It’s the Best in the West - local parkruns won the Outstanding Contribution to Physical Activity and Sport award at the 2015 West of England Celebration of Sport;

• It’s an Olympic legacy – all of this has happened since the London Olympics and Paralympics;

• It’s fun – just look at the happy, smiling faces of families and other participants in any parkrun.