Lloyd junior parkrun Event Report 11th August 2019 – Event 135


Event 135: A blustery day


We were pleased to see the park in one piece after yesterday's gales, it was still a bit windy but the rain stayed away providing another great morning for some fun at Lloyd junior parkrun. 71 runners completed the two laps to mark event 135.

We welcomed Oscar, Sophie, William and Harriet, running for the first time. We hope you enjoyed the course and come and see us again soon.



Congratulations to Shray and Lucy who both had great runs at the front of the field, Shray achieved a PB and first finisher for the first time. A big thank you to Lucy who then joined the tail walker and helped Libby complete her 11th run.

Well done to Luke, Bailey, James, Poppy, Debarun, Arya and Arrietty who also all ran their fastest times at Lloyd junior parkrun today.

A big cheer to Emily, Aishwarya and Sarvam who collected their wristbands today for completing 11 runs.



There were a lot of unknown runners today. Please register and bring your printed bar code every week so you can see your name in the results. Unfortunately we also lost two tokens today. If you find token 38 or 58 please return them as we need them next week!

Many thanks to all the volunteers today including our Duke of Edinburgh award helpers, Hari, Jamie and Tugce for their support today. Thank you also to the Leonard family providing four volunteers, including Angela and Tom volunteering for the first time. Thank you to Madeleine for coordinating our volunteers and not forgetting the marshals for cheering everyone on and to Stephen for taking the photos. You can see the rest of the pictures here.


Lloyd junior parkrun Event Report 4th August 2019 – Event 134


Event 134: Are you here for junior parkrun or the Vanguard Way marathon?


A very busy Lloyd Park greeted us on Sunday morning with organisers and competitors preparing for The Vanguard Way marathon and half marathon alongside us. Did you know The Vanguard Way is a long distance trail of 66.2 miles (106.5 km) from Croydon passing through the counties of Surrey, Kent and East Sussex to Newhaven, on the south coast? The marathon uses part of the trail running from Lloyd Park to Selsdon, Farleigh, Chelsham, Woldingham and onto Limpsfield, and then returning back the same way.


We prefer to stay in our somewhat smaller playing fields of Lloyd Park and we were pleased to welcome 71 junior parkrunners to event 135. Well done to those who received their wristbands today - Ben and Isobel for running the marathon distance within the park over 21 weeks, and Alexa, Jacob and Minnie for completing the half marathon distance (11 runs).


Welcome to first time runners at Lloyd junior parkrun, Mathias, Anneke, Sky and Debarun presenting their new barcodes for the first time. Welcome to Kobi and Scarlett who have run a couple of times elsewhere before and also to Elizabeth Rose who has run a massive 166 times (mostly at Bromley juniors) before her first visit to Lloyd Park. We hope you all enjoyed yourselves and will come and see us again soon. Welcome back to Minnie and Luke (Winchester juniors), Ben (Portrush juniors), Sophie, William, Miranda (Stanley Park juniors) all visiting us again!

Congratulations to Aaron, William, Akein, Rohit, Luke, Alexa, Ellis, Charlie, Charlotte, Minnie, Maia and Eliana on setting new personal bests (PBs) at Lloyd juniors! Hooray!


A big thank you to all our volunteers who helped to make the event a success. It can be tricky filling the roster in the summer holidays, so if you'd like to get involved please let us know. Check out some more photos of the day here, and we look forward to seeing you all again next week.

And finally... if you’d like to explore more of Lloyd Park and the surrounding area there are some new marked walking routes of various lengths that start and finish at the cafe. Striders of Croydon are holding a family day to celebrate on Saturday 10th August at 1030. You can explore on your own or join a guided walk or run. The routes can be found here.


Lloyd junior parkrun Event Report 21st July 2019 – Event 133


Event 133: Visitors from afar (and Crystal Palace!)


This was the second of only 2 runs in July as the ever popular Lloyd Park hosts another Festival which prevents the run taking place next week (28th July).

The weather was kind as we had warm sunshine and with a dry surface of newly cut grass to run on, conditions were great which may explain some really good times. We had a total of 91 runners even though some regulars were away, perhaps doing a spot of junior touristing elsewhere as summer holidays have started. If you do run somewhere else while you're on holiday we'd love to hear about it. Post on our facebook page or email us and we can add it in the news.



We welcomed some tourists of our own and it was good to see new faces from Crystal Palace, Toby and Jasper joining us. Another big welcome to Tabitha and Edward who joined us from Park View junior parkrun in Lytham, Lancashire, (441 km, 220.5 junior parkruns away!) and Harvey from Eastbourne (102km, 51 junior parkruns away!)

We also welcomed 13 first timers, bringing their shiny new parkrun barcodes, Tomas, Maxim, Jacob, Louis, Ivy, Frederick, Ellie, Isla, Layla, Morgan, Dhruv, Dhilan and Zayd. We hope you enjoyed our event and will come back and see us again soon (but not next week as we are cancelled).

We saw one runner break the 8.00 minute barrier, well done to Kyron- Bailee who ran a personal best of 7.42. There were also PBs for Robbie, Morton, Erin (first girl), Xavier, Oliver, Tohma, Shray, Corin, Rico, Rohit, Misha, Alexa, Lily, Maia, Eliana and Safiyyah. Congratulations!

Congratulations also to Kyron-Bailee and Shray who received their half marathon wristbands for 11 runs, and Ben and Oliver who received their marathon wristbands for 21 runs.



A huge thank you to our volunteers, a few of the core team are on holiday during August so please get in touch if you would like to help cheer everyone around the course. Thank you to our Duke of Edinburgh volunteers, they coped brilliantly with a flurry of 8 runners in 8 seconds on timing (Daniel) and tokens (Hari). And a big high five to the little siblings donning small hi vis jackets to cheer on their families and other runners! Well done to Jack leading the warm up and Chris supporting as Run Director both for the first time.

Two important reminders to finish with, please make sure you give your token back! If you find token 64 in a pocket, please bring it back next time. And finally there is NO Lloyd junior parkrun next Sunday (28th July) due to another festival in the park. We are back on 4th August. Please tell your friends! Follow us on facebook and twitter to keep up to date with our news.

Check out the photos from this week here, taken by Alex, Claire and Chris.


Lloyd junior parkrun Event Report 14th July 2019 – Event 132


Event 132: Pancake flat?


By Matthew

All four of my family came to parkrun today. I came to run, the rest to volunteer - Marshal, Token Support, and Barcode scanning. You could bring your family to help as well. There was no run report writer so I agreed to do it to help out on my Dad's birthday because I knew he'd like that.


I found it easy to run today even though it was a bit wet. A little message for all the runners, please remember not to cut the corners, it's always best to follow the proper course.

Well done to Anirudh and Zoe (ultra marathon, 50 runs), Elena (marathon, 21 runs), Noah and Tamia (half marathon, 11 runs) who collected their wristbands today.


Also well done to all the PBs (Pierre, Raphael, Josie, Henry, Tommy, Kaisei, Jack, Ellis, Otis, Leo, Lottie, Jessica and Bonnie) and the 8 brand new runners (Tohma, Tyler, Emilio, Dara, Kiera, Ayana, Rishaan and Safiyyah).

Afterwards we had pancakes with bacon and maple syrup, they were nice.

Thanks to all the volunteers. Well done to Nick volunteering for the 25th time today, often with additional support for giving out mini high fives! He can now claim a V25 parkrun purple tshirt as a thank you for his help.


Thank you Stephen for the photos. You can see more here.

EDITOR NOTE Unfortunately we may have to cancel again on 28th July. There will be another festival in the park. Please keep an eye on our news page, Facebook and Twitter for updates.


Lloyd junior parkrun Event Report 30th June 2019 – Event 131


Event 131: 93 runners, 24 volunteers and one lion


REMINDER: There is no Lloyd junior parkrun next Sunday (7th July) due to Race for Life.

Back in May, parkrun HQ organised a snapshot survey where every junior parkrun was asked to count the number of people in the park on a Sunday morning who had come for the event. Well, the national results are in and we are amazed, for every 100 junior parkrunners there are 117 other people in the park! On average 46 adults took part in the run with their juniors, 47 adults spectated and there were 24 volunteers (and one lovely lion!)



The parkrun stats for 30th June showed that there were 258 junior parkruns in the UK, with 17,915 junior parkrunners (which means another approx. 16,600 adults running or spectating) and 4,996 volunteers. It is brilliant that so many people are starting their Sunday mornings with so much fun!



Back to Lloyd Park in the sunshine today and we had 93 junior parkrunners, including 6 brand new first timers Joe, Charlotte, Christopher, Corban, Leo and Charlize. Welcome also to Isobel completing her 51st run but running at Lloyd juniors for the first time visiting from Wimbledon (which was cancelled due to the tennis).

Congratulations to Freddie, Arya and Inara who received their marathon wristbands for completing 21 runs.



The lovely weather (thanks parkrun weather fairy) helped 17 junior parkrunners to complete personal best times. Well done to Kyron-Bailee, Ted, Raphael, Oliver, Rico, Shray, Boaz, Elise, Nicole, Harry, Elizabeth, Alexa, Ellis, Wren, Misha, Matilda and Hazel. Great running! Well done to Dalila for matching her personal best on her second run, that's brilliant consistency to get the same time two weeks in a row (and also known in the parkrun world as a Groundhog Day).



There were 9 unknown runners today, please remember to bring your printed barcode every week to register your result. Please remember to hand your token in after the run to be scanned. If anyone finds token 80, please can you bring it back next time?

A huge thank you to our 24 volunteers, particularly Michael D, Sarah and Tugce all volunteering for the first time today. Having run with us 55 times, Tugce will be volunteering with us as part of her silver Duke of Edinburgh award, welcome to the team!

Thanks to Daniel and Hari who are also completing their Duke of Edinburgh bronze awards with us. Thank you also to Stephen for the brilliant photos (here) and to Lesley B, Michael D and Jon who helped with a lot of litter picking before the run started.


It was great to have so many helpers this week! It really helps encourage the juniors around the course with your cheering and high fives. If you'd like to help out in future weeks (especially during the summer holidays when some of our regulars will be away) please get in touch! Email us at lloydjuniors@parkrun.com if you can help or want to find out more.

Remember Race for Life will be taking place at Lloyd Park next Sunday (7th July) so we won't be able to run. Good luck to Madeleine and Dylan (and the Linkson family), and anyone else taking part! If you'd like to support Madeleine and Cancer Research UK you can do so (here)

We will be back on 14th July and look forward to seeing you then. If you fancy some parkrun tourism, Crystal Palace, Bromley, Reigate Priory, Nonsuch and Bushy are all on next weekend. Why not give one of them a try, just don't forget your barcode!

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