Lloyd junior parkrun is cancelled on 1 November 2020: COVID-19 (Coronavirus)

Lloyd junior parkrun Event Report 15th March 2020 – Event 164

Event 164: The Ides of March


The Ides of March may have been unlucky for Julius Caesar, but not so for our 55 resilient and plucky athletes who joined Lloyd the Lion for our 164th junior parkrun.


Bolstered by lots of lovely people from Good Gym, Duke of Edinburgh students, stalwarts, parents and helpers (special mention to Nicki Clark, a parkrun volunteering legend) the bountiful high viz heroes created a course which was event ready and... boom the runners were off!


In spite of the blustery conditions an amazing 13 runners smashed their records and achieved PBs. Congratulations to; Casey, Thomas, Oliver, Henry, Rhean, Emily, Lara, Debarun, Noah, Oscar, Iva, Aarya and Harriet. A warm welcome to first timers; Anna, Thomas, Leo and Tiger; only another ten runs before you’re awarded your half marathon wrist band.


Looking ahead please keep an eye on our social media streams. Where possible we will run, but our actions are governed by parkrun HQ. Latest news is here. Looking forward to seeing you again for our next event.

Thank you to John for the photos this week, while Stephen was taking pictures at Croydon Half Marathon.


Lloyd junior parkrun Event Report 8th March 2020 – Event 163

Event 163: The magic of the parkrun weather fairy


Early Sunday morning and the curtains started to twitch around Lloyd Park and the surrounding area, wondering what would the parkrun weather fairy bring today? Would there be another Sunday storm brewing? But wait, what's this? The sky was blue and the sun was shining, hooray!

The first volunteers arrived at the park and helped by three of our Duke of Edinburgh volunteers, Gulcin, Tugce and George, they scattered across the park armed with stakes, cones and arrows to build the route around the park avoiding the beautiful daffodils and the muddiest bits of the park as much as possible.

As it got closer to 9am the clouds rolled in and it started to look rather grey as Michael delivered the notices. But the smiles brightened as Casey and Lara D were awarded half marathon wristbands for completing 11 runs and Tohma was given a marathon wristband for 21 runs. Well done!



"Will the rain hold off?" everyone wondered. Steve and Daisy got everyone star jumping, swimming (watch out for the sharks) and gorilla stomping to warm up ready for the run. At the start we waved to Tim, Sarah and Daniel as our first three marshals and Michael said GO!


And with that 88 junior runners set off, grown ups in tow, around the field as the parkrun weather fairy waved a magic wand and the sun reappeared! Daisy, Steve and Lloyd the Lion followed to make sure everyone got round safely, whether they were running, jogging, walking or side skipping. It is great to see everyone have so much fun as they pass by.


Welcome to Lara O and Stephanos completing their first runs at Lloyd junior parkrun. We hope you had fun and come back again soon.

The parkrun weather fairy magic worked on 21 junior runners today, well done to Luke, Harrison, Daniel, Matthew, Lara, Martin, Edwyn, Thane, Abbie, Sebastian, Ezra, Oscar, Maya, Amber, Isla, Eileen, Iona, Elena, Lydia, Josh, Emma and Alexander who completed their fastest runs with us at Lloyd juniors.


The course was cleared away and the team were having coffee and processing the results before the rain came down. Perfect timing parkrun weather fairy! There were a few issues with the results but we think we have them sorted now, please get in touch if you think anything looks odd.


A big thank you to the volunteers who made the event possible, everything crossed for more sunshine next week. Photos are available here.

PS. The Croydon Half Marathon is taking place next week on the roads around the park, please take care when leaving the park. If you'd like to cheer them on after junior parkrun they go up Coombe Road, twice!


Lloyd junior parkrun Event Report 1st March 2020 – Event 162

Event 162: St David’s Day junior parkrun


With 82 keen junior runners today’s Lloyd junior parkrun was another absolute success!


For the first time in weeks the sun was shining over the course. Runners and their families arrived and were briefed by Run Director David and led in a warm-up by the ever-enthusiastic Chris.


Several wristbands were awarded before the run – congratulations to Douglas, Joshua, Abbie, Summer, Anika and Debarun for completing 11 runs and receiving half marathon wristbands, Maahi for completing 21 runs for a marathon wristband and Rico for 50 runs for an ultra marathon wristband.


Despite being slightly muddy underfoot, the run itself saw the continuance of pleasant weather with 11 Personal Best times recorded including first finisher Arthur who ran an amazing 7:25 on his second run with us, the first run was back in November 2016 at our second event! Well done Casey, first girl for the 11th time, who also set a personal best. Well done to also to Jed, Bela, Sophie, Olivia, Emily, Tamia, Oscar, Cartyr and Matilda on their fastest times at Lloyd juniors.


Along the way “super snapper” Stephen took many photos (here) and provided high five encouragement to all the runners. The volunteers help is, as always, much appreciated: setting up the course, giving directions and offering support to the runners!


I have really enjoyed volunteering at junior parkrun as part of my Duke of Edinburgh Award and experiencing all the roles has given me some key skills. Tail walking today was a great start to my Sunday morning.




Lloyd junior parkrun Event Report 23rd February 2020 – Event 161

Event 161: Third time lucky!


Wasn't it great to be back at Lloyd Park today after two weeks of cancellations due to the storms? At the third attempt event 161 took place with 59 runners and 24 volunteers. We may not have had a named storm to contend with this week, but it was still windy!

Well done to Max and Michael who collected their wristbands for completing a marathon of junior parkruns (21 runs).



Michael and Steve did some great swimming and Gorilla Stomping in the warm up, helped by Andrew with the aid of his crutches and a few juniors up on the bank! We'd love to have more juniors leading the warm up, you can volunteer to do this and still run. Let us know if you'd like to have a go.



Once the run got going, conditions underfoot were 'pretty good' for Lloyd Park. Still muddy of course, but less boggy than we have seen in recent weeks. Super congratulations to Darcey Mae, Alexa, Jousha, Sean, Freddie, Zofia, Lara, Martin, Max, Toby, Sophie, Georgia, Oscar, Hazel, Emma, Abigail and Olivia who ran their fastest times at Lloyd Park today. They may have been wind-assisted in some directions, but I'm sure they were also wind-hindered in other places so the achievements are well deserved.



A huge thank you to all the volunteers who cheered and clapped and helped everyone to complete the course. Thanks to the support from GoodGym, Nikki, Hannah, Samuel, Magdalena and Dovile who covered 5 of the volunteer spots today! We love welcoming new volunteers, so please get in touch or speak to one of the team on the day if you'd like to find out more.



Welcome to Bela, Bette, Nima, Matthew, Ezra and Victoria who ran with us for the first time. It was a tough week for your first run but we're so pleased you came and conquered Lloyd Park. If you can do it on a day like today, it will be easier next time!



Stephen captured the day on camera and the pictures are here.

PS: While it was third time lucky for event 161, it was unlucky for token 13. We took the tokens home this week for a good swim in the sink to clean them up, but token number 13 was either eaten by the warm up shark before making it to the sink or ran away as it didn't fancy a bath! If you find it please bring it back next week.



Unfortunately with ongoing high winds and heavy rain we have made the difficult decision to cancel Lloyd junior parkrun again this week. We hope this will be the last Sunday Storm and we'll be back again next weekend. Please tell your friends.

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