Hot! – Lloyd parkrun Report #403 by Debra Bourne

Returning after three weeks (unusually) away from Lloyd parkrun, it was very nice to be back. There was one major difference from four weeks ago, however: the weather! I was last at Lloyd parkrun in somewhat warmer “more spring-like conditions” after the previous week’s snow and strong winds – now we’ve been catapulted into high summer – temporarily, at least – with bright sunshine and temperatures over 25C – crazy for April. The ground has dried up rapidly with the last few days of hot sunshine, leaving the course on the hard side, and with baked ruts in some areas, such as the bottom of the hill.

The beautiful weather brought lots of people out and despite losing a number of people who are resting for the London Marathon or Mini-Marathon (juniors) tomorrow (best of luck, all of you!), we had 238 finishers plus a number of dogs. Thirteen people ran or walked their first ever parkrun with us today, and eight completed their second parkrun (and all got PBs). We also had 11 visitors to Lloyd parkrun for the first time, including David McCall, based at Nonsuch parkrun, who has been parkrunning so long his ID number is only in triple digits, with other visitors from Rugby, Harrow, Roundshaw Downs, Tooting Common, Banstead Woods and Riddlesdown.

Our first finisher today was Joe Elliott (Clapham Common Chasers) in 18:04 on his first run with us, hotly pursued by Lee Flanagan (Striders of Croydon) in 18:13. David Ogden (South London Harriers) finished third today in 19:21. He did, however, lead the age grading, with an impressive 81.35%, and the fourth finisher, Steve Corfield, graded 78.35% (19:47), with Lee at 77.22% and Joe at 71.40%. Graham Hansen, Geoff Pennells, George Clare and Paul Cripps were also over 70%.

For the women, junior Valerie Parocki (Hercules Wimbledon AC) finished first in 23:42 (67.32% age graded) followed by Gulcin Erten (Croydon Harriers) in a PB of 23:47 (age grade 67.13%) and Amy-Rose Poole in 24:11. Highest age graded was Jo Quantrill of South London Harriers with 78.21%.

A fantastic 47 people ran PBs – so very well done to everyone who has stuck it out over the winter, battled through the mud and is now seeing positive results from that. These included Miriam De Souza finally going under 25 mins on her 48th parkrun, and David Alderson PBing on his 40th Llloyd parkrun and 392nd parkrun overall – it’s never too late to PB! Congrats to all 47 of you: Phil Docherty, David Alderson, Richard Taylor, Philip Coley, Ryan Moore, Edward Hall, Peter Whiteley, Gulcin Erten, Stephen Allport, Mark Watson, Carl Linkson, George Clare, Alex Morrall, Miriam De Souza, Ian Andrews, Adrian Ham, Luke Morrell, Michael Forteath, Steve Price, Tina Anderson, Kyle Cheatley, Jeremy Monksfield, Charles Allanson, Nick Moore, Zsofia Jones, Heiman Cheng, Jane Sparks, Carlos Rebelo, Amy Butler, Ian White, Kundiona Zata, Sophie Sinclair, Tracy Kirby, Chelsey Wilcher, Tamsin Bosch, Sophie Cook, Louise Richards, Nikki Riley, Jennifer Flippance, Sally Leung, Molly O'Shea, Megan Bradnam, Elizabeth Bradnam, Emma Jennings-Hester, Lydia Goromonzi, Emma Brown and Hortense Julienne.

Many thanks to today’s volunteers: Nadine Pryce, Bob Ewen, Danyal Nawaz and Pav Mootoosamy helped me with setup; Steve Tyler (the Ref) and Oliver Little clicked the stopwatches in perfect synchrony and Jenny Booth as Number Checker made sure they were okay, while Jenny Little handed out the finish tokens. Louise Lauder, Angelina Damonsing, Danyal Nawaz and Matthew Crossley scanned barcodes, I took the photos, Paula Bryan and Michael Procter were Tail Walkers and your marshals round the course were Ian Taylor, Andy Randall with Callum Randall and sibling, Margo Ewen, Tony Hunt, Robert Kidd and Jonathan Pontin.

And well done Neil Witherow for running his 150th parkrun! (And bringing goodies.)

Lloyd parkrun will be back same time, same place next week. Meanwhile, happy running!