Cavalcade of gratitude – Lloyd parkrun Report #443 by Eleanor Hunt

The course was distinctively less muddy as in recent weeks, and the weather was bearable; not too cold but noticeably windy in the open which created the illusion of a colder temperature.

Well done to all the 309 people who completed a parkrun today at Lloyd park! We were missing a number of local male runners who were off running in a Surrey cross country league match, but had a lot of runners from the ‘Zeros to Heroes” running group in their blue shirts. They mostly run at Bromley parkrun, but visit us every so often

Congratulations to the 27 with a new PB: Marc BURROWS, Sean MARSHALL, Sophia LORKE, Jim MEADOWS, Colin LYNCH, Sean HAYES, Stephen BRYARS, Aidan DIXON, Caz HEATH, Angeli PETRIDES, Jason KINKEAD, Becky THOMAS, Vicki OSMOND, Sophie DIXON, Liz KING, Heidi ALLEN, Adil BAWA, Sanjay AGARWAL, Thinesh THAYABARAN, Charlotte HILL, Sridhar SHANMUGAM, Richard FRANCIS, Sarah REA, Chloe MAYALL, Gary MCQUEEN, Robyn MATTHEW, Debbie WILLIAMS.

Well done too to the first 3 named men to cross the finish line today, Jordan O'Dongo (with a time of 20:00), Henry Le Jeune (20:30) and Phil Docherty (20:54). Also a huge well done to our first 3 female finishers this week, Ellie Osmond (who was 2nd overall with a time of 20:24), Jessica Moore (position 14, 22:06) and Sophia Lorke (position 25, 22:50). This week, for the first time in a while, we had a second runner as a female so amazingly well done to Ellie Osmond! As well as this, there were two unknown runners within the first 10 to finish so apologies if your name was missed: #DFYB (don’t forget your barcode!)

Thank you also to all the 23 volunteers: Jennifer BOOTH, Debra BOURNE, Alison BULLYMENT, James CARTER, Martin John CROSS, Aidan DIXON, Paul ELLIOTT, Nick FIANDER, Lez GONSALVES, David GRAVES, Stephen HEINEMANN, Alice HUNT, Eleanor HUNT, Colin JACKSON, Louise LAUDER, Madeleine LITTLE, Tom LITTLEWOOD, Janet MCQUADE, Jake MOIR, Kyra POWELL, Simon POWELL, Nadine PRYCE, Lisa RICHARDS, Chris SMITH, Jane SPARKS, Trevor STOTTEN, Stephen TYLER, Ron WEST and everyone else who made this event possible.

The runners did a good job of thanking the marshals today (which is appreciated): one marshal commented that he had a “cavalcade of gratitude” passing him.

We only had one milestone this week so well done to Gill Poole who completed her 50th run.

And congratulations to Gavin Hamilton who ran before his wedding today!

This week brought 3 runners with age gradings of over 70%: Ellie Osmond, Doreen Abbott and Liz Carter.

We saw 24 first timers and 22 first-time tourists who we hope enjoyed their run today and will come back again next week. See you soon!