Volunteer App arrives – Lloyd parkrun Report 456 by Eleanor Hunt

Greetings everyone, for Lloyd parkruns 456th event, we had quite mild weather [some runners and most volunteers might beg to differ!] with a brief appearance of some hail. In other news, Lloyd parkrun used the parkrun ‘Virtual Volunteer’ app for the first time today – Michael Proctor reported this went very well when barcode scanning.

Today we had 219 runners, with Rob Sherwood, Krzysztof Klidzia and Samuel Hansen finishing first in 17:04, 18:14 and 18:46 respectively. The first three females were Stevie Louise Lawrence, Laura McLellan and Molly Haviland in 19:31, 24:16 and 24:26.

Also, we welcomed 14 new first timers braving our hill. Well done to George Thatcher, Thomas Thatcher, Will Dobbie, Anish Chauhan, Joshua David Wheeler, Alfie Bailey, Caroline Bailey, Prasath Palaninathan, Gabriella Johansson, Andrew Scott-Taggart, Anna Macenhill, Joe Fletcher, Gabriella Dene and Olivia Lynch. Good job everyone and we hope to see you back again next week!

Well done to the holders of the 37 new PBs: Samuel Hansen, Steve Corfield, Levi Choutan, Luke White, Paul Hunter, Peter Whiteley, Carl Linkson, Jim Meadows, Charlie Bailey, Steven Marsh, Molly Haviland, Tim Hou, Carlos Rebelo, Caz Heath, Lauren Barnett, Alexander Omanadze, Joe Hague, David Whitehead, Andrew Jones, Vincent Milne, Robert Campbell, Kerry Kane, Susan Haynes, Beth Chambers, Heidi Allen, Rhian Thomas, Prashant Mistry, Ingrid Buchanan, Polly Albany-Ward, Sridhar Shanmugam, Tyler Benjamin, Ronnie Dann, Vishnuraj Maharajan, Ravi Patel, Mark Parker, Susan Wray and Kishore Pasumarthy.

Amazing work everyone!

Congratulations to the 8 people with high age gradings (over 70%): Krzysztof Klidzia (82.91%), Steve Corfield (80.65%), Rob Sherwood (75.98%), Stevie Louise Lawrence (75.83%), Lee Flanagan (74.85%), Simon Ambrosi (71.43%), John Punt (70.63%) and Graham Hansen (70.54%).

We had 14 tourists this week: Bob Pullen, Sofia Fernandez Rodriguez, Alexander Pullen, Karen Hoult, Orla McLarnon, Shirley Pullen, Deryck Chan, Rachel Mann, Neil Robertson, Jonathan Rook, James Pullen, Russel Morris and Rob Sherwood. Shirley Pullen and Karen Hoult ran with us as alphabeteers*, aiming to run a parkrun beginning with each letter of the alphabet.

The only milestone this week was achieved by: Mark Parker (completing his 50th parkrun). Well done!

Of course, this event couldn’t have taken place without all our brilliant volunteers so thank you to: Debra Bourne, Lucy Cheetham, Linda Daniel, Aidan Dixon, Paul Elliott, Nick Fiander, David Graves, Gemma Halliday, Graham Hansen, Benjamin Hansen, Joy Harris, Louise Lauder, Marta Linder, Dave Linkson, Colin Lynch, Neel Maniar, Robert McCann, Michael Procter, Nadine Pryce, John Punt and Stephen Rhys-Davies.

* Definitions of various parkrun tourism terms are available at https://abradypus.wordpress.com/2016/02/14/parkrun-tourist-jargon-buster/


PBs Galore! – Lloyd parkrun Report #455 by Eleanor Hunt

Afternoon all. We had rather mild weather today with, thankfully, no rain and little wind. This was the second week on our new course (thanks to the new cycle route) featuring a tarmac section.

Perhaps the highlight of the week was the astounding 44 personal bests achieved! Amazing work everyone!

Today we saw 233 runners, with speedy front runners Jonathan Pontin (Ravens), Isaac Flanagan (Croydon Harriers) and Nick Marshall (Croydon Harriers) finishing in 18:21, 18:58 and 19:01 respectively. The first three females were Jessica Moore (Croydon Harriers), Lauren Cotton and Sarah Walker in 22:27, 23:20 and 23:31.

We had 8 tourists this week: Chris Bollom (from Poole), John Henry (from Finsbury), Sarah Walker (from Huddersfield), Paul Fletcher (from Bromley), Kasia Stachowiak (from Wanstead Flats), Marc Oakes (from Bromley), Jo Brooks (from King’s Lynn) and Sharon Boland (from Maidstone). Also, we welcomed 7 new first timers braving our hill. Well done to Vishnuraj Maharajan, Claudia Kool, Freda Kool, Grace Magecha, Ruben Arakelyan, Kelem Tahir and Hugh Fitz-Gibbon. Good job everyone and we hope to see you back again next week!

Congratulations to the 12 people with high age gradings (over 70%): Steve Corfield (80.24%), Robert Lines (75.33%), Lee Flanagan (73.68%), Andy Perks (72.68%), Nick Marshall (72.14%), Simon Ambrosi (71.86%), Oliver Wyncoll (71.43%), Isaac Flanagan (71.18%), Phil Richards (71.18%), Mark Dickson (70.69%), Jonathan Pontin (70.30%) and Richard Corby (70.07%).

Milestones this week were achieved by James Haywood (completing his 100th run), Christian Xavier (completing his 50th run), Peter Mulligan (completing his 100th run), Megan Bradnam (completing her 10th run), Elizabeth Bradnam (completing her 10th run) and Jo Brooks (completing her 300th run). Well done everyone!

Of course, this event couldn’t have taken place without all our brilliant volunteers so thank you to: Marla Acosta, Jennifer Booth, Debra Bourne, Ian Butler, Jon Dean, Jayden Douglas, Paul Elliott, Nick Fiander, Chao Gibbs, Jenny Hansen, Graham Hansen, Benjamin Hansen, Eleanor Hunt, Dave Linkson, Beverley Malin-Smith, Neel Maniar, Helene McCann, Robert McCann, Nadine Pryce, Erik Schrijnemaekers, Noah Tolfrey, Stephen Tyler and Peter Whiteley.


Welcome to spring – Lloyd parkrun Report #454 by Debra Bourne

We had a lovely spring-like morning for the 454th Lloyd parkun, the ground was quite firm and many more people were in shorts rather than running tights compared to recent weeks, although it is evident from the photos that there was still a bit of mist in the air. Welcome to spring!

After a walk round the back of the bowling green during set-up, we decided it was possible for us to return to our old route, instead of marking out a diversion as we’ve needed to do all the time the cycle path has been under construction. That was good, although several people expressed regret at being forced to run on tarmac around the back of the bowling green, ruining what had been a fully grass cross-country course, and a couple of runners had to stop after one lap to change out of their cross-country spiked shoes.

We had a total of 231 two-legged parkrunners today, plus of course an assortment of dogs. Today’s 14 first-time visitors included a couple of people from Leeds, who didn’t think we had much of a hill! We also welcomed 3 first-time parkrunners.

William Cole (Runhead AC) reached the finish funnel first, in a PB of 18:16, followed by Lee Flanagan (Striders of Croydon) in 18:58, hotly pursued by his son Isaac Flanagan (Croydon Harriers) who finished just two seconds later. For the women, Jessica Moore (Croydon Harriers) came in at 22:37 (21st overall), with Jodie Gray second in a PB of 23:26 and Lauren Cotton third in 23:41.

Age-graded runs over 70% came from Rob Lines, Lee Flanagan, Geoff Pennells, Thomas Beare, Isaac Flanagan, William Coles and Andy Perks – good running all.

Helped by the firmer ground, or possibly the joys of spring, 40 runners managed PBs, so congratulations to William Cole, William Lyon Tupman, Tom Andre, Jodie Gray, Matthew Hansen, Caroline McLellan, Chris Taruwona, Elisabeth Parham, Laura McLellan, Joshua Edwards, Hazel Perks, Molly Haviland, Jordan Leader, Matthew Campion, Robert Turner, Fred Nizzy Sivz, Darren Doyle, Gajalakshan Mohankumar, Eewei Chen, Les Todd, Sanjay Agarwal, Vincent Milne, Ciara Hayes, Terri Heywood, Luke Terry, Simon Liau, John Williamson, Jacob Omoefe Johnson, Janet McQuade, Eme Chan, Katy Johnson, Andre Markley, Chris Tompkins, Sridhar Shanmugam, Phil Mitchell, Leila Du Toit, Eric Lanquaye, Ashleigh Stevens, Mark Parker and Monica Turner.

This week’s volunteer heroes were Sarah Allport, Keith Booth, Jennifer Booth, Debra Bourne, Marc Burrows, Robert Butlin, Steve Corfield, Aidan Dixon, Paul Elliott, Nick Fiander, Chao Gibbs, David Graves, Jenny Hansen, Benjamin Hansen, Eleanor Hunt, Jennifer Little, Neel Maniar, Azra Mathias, Jake Moir, Kyra Powell, Nadine Pryce, Sarah Read, Matthew Stone and Stephen Tyler. Thank you, everyone!

Finally, good luck to everyone who is running in the Croydon Half Marathon tomorrow – enjoy earning your medals – and many thanks to those who are volunteering.


Half-marathon season – Lloyd parkrun Report #453 by Debra Bourne

It’s spring, which means we’re nearly into marathon season, and runners are entering half marathon races as final tune up runs – or of course, are running a half marathon as their main race. There are quite a few around if you know where to look. This morning, by the time we were finishing, the Selsdon Half Marathon runners were streaming down Coombe Road. Next Sunday it will be the Croydon Half Marathon, organized by Striders of Croydon. The course is two laps on roads encircling our lovely Lloyd Park, and the medals have just been delivered and they are really great! You can still enter: http://bit.ly/CroHalf and on the day.

Arriving a little late at the park this morning (08:10, rather than 08:00), course set-up was already in progress, and Joanna Scanlan was waiting for me, to help with setting out the last section, which still needs checking and changing each week at present due to the construction of the new cycle path. The ground is drying up nicely, presently still a bit soft in places, but not really muddy – it has been quite a dry winter, and most visitors have failed to experience the true glory of the Lloyd parkrun winter mud! Sadly I missed seeing the deer further into the park – regular set-up volunteer Nick Fiander had that privilege.

Finally everything was ready, this week’s volunteers were all briefed, and the first timers were briefed, before we all headed down to the start area for a quick general briefing and the count-down: three, two, one – go! I always love watching everyone heading off, from the fastest runners to the tail walker, with excited dogs being controlled and people arriving late and (quite properly!) dashing down to the start area in order to turn around and run back along and past the pavilion.

We had a respectable field of 219 parkrunners today, including eight first-time parkrunners and 10 tourists, from close by, such as Roundshaw Downs and Riddlesdown, and further away, including Portsmouth and Coventry.

Simon Ambrosi (Striders of Croydon) was first back to the finish funnel, in 18:55, followed by Nick Marshall (Croydon Harriers) in a PB of 19:05 and David Ogden (South London Harriers) in 19:11. For the women, Amy Miller (Blackheath & Bromley Harriers) finished first ( 17th overall) in 20:53, followed by Jessica Moore (Croydon Harriers) in 21:27 and visitor Katie Carew-Robinson (City of Portsmouth AC) in 23:05.

Highest age-grade runs came from David Ogden (82.88%), Matthew Stone (79.42%), Steve Corfield (79.36%), Graham Hansen (75.62%), Amy Miller (73.26%), Nigel Davies (73.11%), Simon Ambrosi (72.69%), Matthew Saunders (72.30%) and Nick Marshall (71.79%).

For 34 people, it was PB time, so congratulations to Nigel Davies, Nick Marshall, Ifetobi Salako, Jonathan Long, Zoha Jetha, Jon Saunders, Chris Taruwona, Tim Allen, Caz Heath, Mark Whatling, John Williamson, Neil Blackley, Andrew Smith, Andrianna Hadjimichael, Richard Hooper, Jeeshu Ganguly, Joe Ingram, Jordan Leader, Steve Dixon, Libby Lawrey, Tim Stephens, Thomas Barker, Heidi Allen, Darren Doyle, Emma Moir, Michael Hazell, Eme Chan, Helen Green, Andre Markley, Abi Blood, Eric Lanquaye, Gisele Malin, Samantha Malin and Angua Bediako.

Many thanks to today’s wonderful volunteers: Stephen Allport, Jennifer Booth, Debra Bourne, John Chambers, Jayden Douglas, Paul Elliott, Nick Fiander, Agnimitra Ghosh, Jenny Hansen, Benjamin Hansen, Eleanor Hunt, Louise Lauder, Colin Lynch, Neel Maniar, Joanna Scanlan, Les Todd, Noah Tolfrey and Stephen Tyler.

I’m going to be away from Lloyd parkrun quite a few weeks over April to June, due to work and races. Please support Jenny, Richard and anyone else who takes on the Run Director role over this period, by VOLUNTEERING - if you’re not sure about it, ask me (I -will- be around next Saturday). If anyone wants to try giving the briefing to the first timers, writing the run report or doing results processing (any of which can be combined with running) please email me. We would also like to recruit some more people for Run Director and Number Checker, so please let me know if you’re willing to try those.


Tourists, tourists, everywhere – Lloyd parkrun Report #452 by Debra Bourne

Last week, with many of our regular runners off at South Norwood parkrun for mob matches (two – one a Striders vs. Harriers Croydon derby, the other a meeting of the church running groups), numbers were down somewhat. This week, our numbers were added to by a sizeable influx of parkrun tourists.

Many of the tourists were there to support one runner in particular, John Butcher. John, who is 87 years old, was running his 242nd parkrun – at his 100th different parkrun venue. Reaching 100 different parkrun locations makes him a member of the Cowell Club, named after Chris and Linda Cowell, who were the first male and female parkrunners to reach that (unofficial) parkrun milestone. John was wearing a distinctive parkrun tourist bobble hat, while many of the other tourists sported the “Cow cowl” – a distinctive black, white and yellow neck-scarf that can only be purchased after you have reached parkrun’s Most Events table (20 parkrun venues, usually): If you look at these closely you will see that they feature cow heads – and there was one on the front of John’s bobble hat as well. It was my pleasure as Run Director today to present John with a framed listing of all his parkrun venues, in order. John also holds records at many parkrun venues for his age class, and today added Lloyd parkrun to that list as well, setting a VM85-98 record of 39:34.

Other notable tourists were the Pattison family. Matt and S-J Pattison’s stories feature in my book “parkrun: much more than just a run in the park” – Matt was quoted (p166-7) talking about the friendships made or re-kindled by parkrunning, and the joy of bringing family and friends together. Sarah-Jane’s story features near the end of the ‘Bounding dogs and bouncing buggies’ chapter, where she talks about starting parkrunning after her third son, Flynn was born, pushing him in the buggy. Five and a half years later, Flynn is parkrunning himself, has already reached the 50-parkruns club and is about to reach the 20 venues mark to have his own place on the Most Events board, and today greatly enjoyed running through Lloyd parkrun’s mud. His oldest brother, Dexter, who like his parents is already in the 250-club, was not so happy about the mud, while Clark (100-club) didn’t seem to mind much one way or the other. I wish all of you many more years of happy parkrunning.

All of today’s runners were treated to another edition of the ‘wandering course’ forced on us by the construction of the new cycle path. This week a diversion round the fencing at the top of the sports field produced an extra, short, uphill section, which several people complained about as they passed the marshal standing there – along with comments that we keep changing the course (yes – don’t blame us, blame the council) and about the rather blustery wind – although one runner, after finishing, noted that she was relieved it had at least been against her on the downhill, not the uphill. The mud came in for comment as well, of course, with some tourists commenting ruefully that they had brought trail shoes but arrived a little late, so the trail shoes were still in the car!

Today’s first finisher was a visitor, Jack Leafe (South Derbyshire Road Runners) in 18:57, followed by Lee Flanagan and Simon Ambrosi (both Striders of Croydon) in 19:44 and 19:55 respectively.

Jenny Rowe (Striders of Croydon) was first woman at 22:59, followed by Kyra Sethna-Macintosh and Gulcin Erten (both Croydon Harriers) in 23:55 and 24:19.

Top age-graded runs came from Matthew Stone (76.29%), Lee Flanagan (71.88%) and visitor Anne Ramsden (70.61%).

Wendy Field reached the 50-club today, while Jamie Taylor reached the 100-club – please both remember to log onto your profile, follow the link and claim your T-shirt. Mark Tittle was delighted to reach 150 parkruns, and Lynn Seymour reached her 200th parkrun, with several people running at Lloyd parkrun today to be there for the occasion – they will have to come back again in about a year to see her reach 250!

Many thanks to all of today’s volunteer heroes, without whom no parkrun could take place. Nick Fiander, Erik Schrijnemaekers, Marcelo Kern and Paul Elliott arrived early for course set-up. John Chambers and Stephen Tyler (the Ref) were today’s timekeepers, while Noah Tolfrey handed out the finish tokens. Kyra Powell, Eleanor Hunt and Ben Hansen scanned everyone’s barcodes, and Joy Harris, Krzysztof Klidzia, David Graves, Nick Fiander and Aidan Dixon were your marshals. Dave Linkson took the photos, Joanna Scanlan and Eliane Martini were the tailwalkers and Joanna Scanlan processed the results. Aidan, Richard Corby and the Ref did much of the post-event clearing away. And special thanks to Foong Cheek, who did a bit of everything, from helping Aidan set out the finish funnel to starting up the third, backup-backup, stopwatch (which turned out to be rather important today) to handing out fliers for the Croydon Half Marathon.

Finally, do consider running the Croydon Half Marathon, which is being held by Striders of Croydon on Sunday 31st March. The course is two laps of roads pretty much around the outside of Lloyd Park. We have fantastic specially-designed medals for the runners, while local sports shop The Winning Margin is sponsoring the technical T-shirts. Anyone willing to marshal during the race would also be very much welcomed – ask me for details! (https://www.nice-work.org.uk/races/CroydonHalf)


Absent Friends – Lloyd parkrun Report #451 by Jenny Booth

Many of our regular runners were at South Norwood battling for the honour of their clubs in a mob match, but we still had 177 runners at Lloyd Park, with ten tourists and six absolute parkrun novices. They all owe a debt to the indefatigable Nadine Pryce who reached the park at 7.30 to make sure the course was ready in time and the adjustments made necessary by the continuing work on the cycle track were all in place. She and the rest of the set-up crew did an amazing job.

It was pretty cold and a bit on the windy side although the worst of the wind came later. The course was not too bad for this time of year, but the mud was building up nicely for those at the back on the second lap. Twelve of our runners didn't seem to mind the conditions and recorded personal best times. Congratulations are due to Zoha Jetha, Sophie Griffiths, Sam Clarkson, Dan Donaldson, Darren Doyle, Jacob Omoefe Johnson, Jane Rose, Paul Kerr, Eric Lanquaye, Abi Blood, Mark Parker and Nicole Seymour.

First to the finish funnel was Daniel Bagley of Holme Pierrepoint RC. It was his first parkrunat Lloyd Park and he finished in 17:59. We waited for the rest of the field to come home, wondering whether they had managed to manoeuvre their way through the cones, but then Jonathan Ponting of Ravens arrived in 19:34, followed by a Lloyd parkrun regular David Ogden of South London Harriers in 19:53. Deborah Whiston of Defence Sports and Recreation was First Lady to finish in 21:30, followed by Jodie Gray in 24:20 and Zoha Jetha with a new personal best time of 24:46. Deborah, Daniel and David all recorded age grades of over 70%.

Three runners reached personal milestones today. Jasper Chong joined the ten Club for junior runners while Andrew Harrison and Gunther Preissner, the oldest runner in the field today, both completed their 50th parkruns.

We had a great team of volunteers today. Stephen Tyler and Noah Tolfrey with the stopwatches and Jayden Douglas with the numbers were stationed at the funnel, while Kyra  Powell, Lucy Cheetham and Eleanor Hunt scanned all the barcodes. The marshals were Simon Powell, Keith Booth, Christiane Martini and Les Todd, and the tail walkers were Trevor Stotten and Susan Wray. The set-up team was Nadine Pryce, Simon Powell, Madeleine Little, Paul Elliott, Mark Burrows and Jon Bridges. There was no photographer unfortunately – so if you like to see the photographs you might like to volunteer to take them sometimes. [And the Run Director, Number Checker and Run Report Writer was Jenny Booth! – Debra]


Results processing problem 9th March

The results have now been processed and are online. If you have not got your result email/text and are not listed in the results, but think you should be, please contact lloydoffice@parkrun.com ith your name, parkrun ID, and finish position/time (as available).


Results processing problem 9th March 2019

There was a problem with processing the results yesterday. I'm about to sort it out, so please be patient for just a little longer - I'm only just getting to it having had a snooze after completing the Samphire 100 Endurance Run. Debra Bourne, Event Director


View from The Corner By The Tree – Lloyd parkrun Report #450 by Aidan Dixon

Spring has sprung--or not, depending on whether you count it from the first of March, or from the solstice on the 21st. The unseasonably warm and dry February has given way to slightly more tradional weather for the time of year: grey and damp. The mud still lingers of course, or should I say it clings on? It certainly did to my boots, although I'm given to understand it wasn't any worse than usual today, at least by the time of the Surrey County Cross Country Championships, anyway. Personally, I suspect the parkrunners just trod the water out, like grape treading. I hope the cross countriers were grateful.

As it does every year, the SCCCC giveth and the SCCCC taketh away. Some of our regular runners were saving themselves for the Championships, but as always other Championships runners chose to join us as a warm-up. We had 40 first-timers today, most of whom had parkrun elsewhere before, but we had nine runners completely new to parkrun. Welcome one and all, and we hope you enjoyed yourselves. If you were here for the Championships, we hope you'll join us again next year and if you were here for parkrun then we hope to see you again next week.

I have to say, I was impressed to learn that we had somebody run with us on their way back home from Gatwick Airport--luggage still in tow!  Equally impressive were the couple with a baby. parkrun rules say you can run with a baby in a buggy, but for safety reasons a baby in your arms or on your back can only be walked with. So one partner ran while the other walked with the baby, then once the first had finished, they handed the baby over so the second could finish at a run. Teamwork!

We had 266 runners today, from no less than 37 different clubs, thanks no doubt to the SCCCC.

First to finish was Patrick Lucas (Croydon Harriers) at 18:28, followed by William Cole (Runhead AC) at 18:43 and Simon Ambrosi (Striders of Croydon) at 18:58. On the distaff side, first place went to visitor Sarah Davis (Rugby & Northampton AC) in 21:58, second to another visitor, Claire Oxlade in 24:45 and third place to our own Zoha Jetha, on only her third run with us, in 24:47, which was also a PB!

There were 24 PBs in all today, so congratulations to Abi Blood, Sam Clarkson, Neil Coleman, Sophie Dixon, Luong-Hoc Duong, Paul Grace, Chris Hudson, Angela Hudson, Charlie Jeffrey, Noor Jetha, Zoha Jetha, Lamie Kendrick, Paul Kerr, Nakisha Kiely, Jason Kinkead, Simon Liau, Carl Linkson, Corinne McPartland, Gajalakshan Mohankumar, Jay Patel, Gabriella Roe, Almat Suleimenov, Luke Terry and George Toms.

Susan Wray, Peter Whiteley and Daniel Voss all reached 50 runs today. Lez Gonsalves reached 200; not an official milestone, but remarkable all the same, especially as almost all have been here at Lloyd. Bravo, all!

Looking at the age-gradings, David Ogden scored 81.33% and Krzysztof Klidzia just missed an 80% at 79.28%. Sarah Davis, Graham Hansen, Simon Ambrosi and Phil Richards all cleared 70%. Well done!

Last but by no means least come those without whom this couldn't happen: our volunteers: Sarah Allport, Jennifer Booth, Debra Bourne, Linda Daniel, Aidan Dixon, Jayden Douglas, Paul Elliott, Jodie Gray, Benjamin Hansen, Eleanor Hunt, Colin Jackson, Marcelo Kern, Louise Lauder, Azra Mathias, Kyra Powell, Erik Schrijnemaekers, Noah Tolfrey and Stephen Tyler.

As you may have noticed, my name is among them, owing to a foolishly twisted ankle. May I take the opportunity to remind you that if you can't run for some similar reason, volunteering is a much pleasanter way to spend a Saturday morning than lying in bed feeling sorry for yourself? With the disruption caused by the cycle path construction, our set-up team perform herculean labours each week re-measuring and re-laying the course. Any assistance would be gratefully recieved--even if it's just to stand by the tree at the corner and warn people about mud on the path and rutted ground...


Misty hill-hop – Lloyd parkrun Report #449 by Debra Bourne

[Apologies for this being posted somewhat later in the week than usual - life outside parkrun got in the way]

It was as misty this morning as I’ve ever seen it at Lloyd Park at 8am. The sun was occasionally visible as a round object looking more moonlike through the haze, and the path works were invisible. While most of the setup crew went off to mark out the main course, a few of us walked round the final section and worked out what we had to mark this week to make it safe and produce the correct distance. Lots of short cones, plus some of the larger orange cones borrowed from Lloyd junior parkrun (thanks, guys!) enabled us to produce a curving route away from the holes left by heavy machinery.

There was an extra problem to be solved in that the finish funnel was not visible, even with the orange cones we placed before the taped area. However, Richard, who was marshalling today, sensibly moved after one lap to a good spot from which to point people in the correct direction, and as far as we’re aware everyone managed to find it!

The volunteer ranks were swelled by a contingent of Girlguiding volunteers, brought along by Jo Wheeler, and we also had several young people who are working towards their Duke of Edinburgh awards. The full roster of volunteers, without whom of course the parkrun could not happen, was Stephen Allport, Jennifer Booth, Debra Bourne, Marc Burrows, Eric Campbell, Lucy Cheetham, Richard Corby, Michael Davis, Adrienne Dawson, Aidan Dixon, Jayden Douglas, Robin Faulkner, Nick Fiander, Debbie Goodier, David Graves, Gemma Halliday, Eleanor Hunt, Colin Jackson, Marta Lindner, Dave Linkson, Beverley Malin-Smith, Azra Mathias, Vincent Milne, Nadine Pryce, Sarah Read, Erik Schrijnemaekers, Andrew Smith, Stephen Tyler and Jo Wheeler.

First to emerge from the mist was Simon Ambrosi (Striders of Croydon), finishing in 18:53, followed by David Ogden (South London Harriers) in 19:23 and his son George Ogden (also SLH) in 19:38. For the women, Laura Marshall (Croydon Harriers) returned first in a PB of 23:29, followed by Amy-Rose Poole in 23:42, also a PB, and Sarah Belaon (Blackheath & Bromley) in 24:06.

David Ogden ran 82.03% age graded, with Steve Corfield at 78.81%, Matthew Saunders 73.33%, Simon Ambrosi 72.82%, Thomas Beare 71.30% and George Ogden 70.88%. Lynn Nunn finished with a very respectable 67.76%, and Laura Marshall with 67.64%.

We had quite a few tourists, with 24 people running at Lloyd parkrun for the first time, but only seven of those being first-time parkrunners.

Congratulations to Parthasarathy Thandavarayan on reaching the 50-club, and to Jeremy Sinclair and Robert Ackerley for reaching 150 parkruns. Also Happy Birthday to Nadine!

A fantastic 32 runners – more than 10% of the field – ran a PB, so very well done to Robert Turner, Richard Stirzaker, Nicolas Duplessis, Simon Liau, Leila Du Toit, Jo Stoffell, Monica Turner, Laura Marshall, Jordan Leader, David Thomas, Makaela Mclean, Patrick Webster, Laura Mclellan, Jason Kinkead, Grant Bosworth, Sanjay Agarwal, Thomas Meadows, Daniel Lee, Paul Hunter, Sean Hayes, Prashant Mistry, Lee Levon, Daniel Hyde, Sridhar Shanmugam, Chris Tompkins, Aaron Vaz, Madeleine Burt, Aidan Dixon, Amy-Rose Poole, Matthew Radford, Joshua Edwards and Matthew Morton.

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