No limits! – Lloyd parkrun Report #482 by Debra Bourne

****Bring & share for the Lloyd parkrun Anniversary celebration NEXT SATURDAY, 19th October****

The middle of October and we’re definitely in autumn rather than summer now. Thankfully the threatening rain mostly held off, with the very lightest of showers not sufficient to move barcode scanning into shelter. Cool for standing around, it was warm enough while running (as I discovered for myself a little later in the day running in a team cross country race for my club, Striders of Croydon). Ground conditions were definitely beginning to get muddy, and one visitor went full-length in the mud on the turn up the hill – but commented that it had at least been a soft landing!

With both the women’s and men’s Surrey League cross countries being held in the afternoon, and several other races such as the Royal Parks half-marathon on the Sunday, as well as the unfriendly-looking weather earlier in the morning, our numbers were down slightly, with 191 human finishers. We welcomed five first-time parkrunners and 18 first-time visitors to Lloyd parkrun. Today’s ‘longest distance visitor’ note goes to Rob Thomson, visiting from South Africa, with honourable mentions to those from Jersey, Worcester, Wakefield and Tring – nice to get a return visitor, after I volentoured there in August before running the Ridgeway 86.

We were also visited by Matty Sinfield and a group of friends on “Matty’s M.S. parkrun Challenge”. Matty is running parkruns chosen letter by letter to spell out “multiple sclerosis” (Lloyd was chosen for the L in ‘sclerosis’) and raising money for the Multiple Sclerosis Society – you can read more and make a donation if you wish at

While we and many thousands of other parkrunners were starting our weekly parkrun, in Vienna, running history was being made: Eliud Kipchoge ran a marathon, 26.2 miles, in 1:59:40 – an amazing 20 seconds under the 2-hour barrier. This is not a new world record (he holds that, at 2:01:39), as it was run under special conditions, and having finished, Eliud was quick to thank all the pacemakers who had run with him and helped make it possible. However, his run has proved that it is humanly possible to run the marathon in under 2 hours – amazing! (And a new women’s world record of 2:14:04 was set by Bridget Kosgei at the Chicago marathon the following day, breaking Paula Radcliff’s 16-year-old record of 2:15:25 set in London in 2003).

Meanwhile, at Lloyd parkrun, 11 people defied the conditions to run a Personal Best, so congratulations to Kobi Blake, Maanik Manchanda, Oscar Pegler, Tom Goulding, Eryk Trus, John Kirby, Gerard Scanlan, Gordon Poon, Andrew Ralphs, Ramesh Navaladi and Suzanne Donnelly!

Neil Reissland led on age-grade, with 79.97%, while Graham Hansen, Barnaby Gray and Jennie Butler were also all well over 70%.

First back to the finish funnel was Jonathan Pontin (Ravens) in 18:50, followed by Neil Reissland in 19:13 and Barnaby Gray (Farnham Tri) in 19:57. For the women, Jennie Butler (Blackheath & Bromley Harriers) ran home in 21:45, 10th overall, with Zoha Jetha second in 24:52 and Patroulla Lorke (Emmanuel Runners) third in 25:01.

As always, the parkrun was held thanks to the efforts of a number of marvelous VOLUNTEEERS. This week I was Run Director and the volunteer team included Lisa Castle, Suzanne Donnelly, Martin Donnelly, Paul Elliott, Nick Fiander, Dan Forrester, Marcelo Kern, Tina Laws, Paula Lincoln, Jonathan Long, Robert Mccann, Lorraine Saunders, Trevor Stotten, Ian Taylor and Stephen Tyler. Many thanks to everyone who helped to pack everything back into the storage cupboard – and to my husband Aidan Dixon who did most of the washing up of water cups!

See you next week to celebrate our 9th anniversary!


15 years of parkrun! – Lloyd parkrun report #481, 5 October 2019, by Vivienne Little

The 15th anniversary of the first ever parkrun (with 13 runners at Bushy Park), and 244 runners completed the Lloyd park course this morning.

The weather was mild and though a bit soft in places the course was not as muddy as I had feared.

We welcomed 11 first timers at Lloyd park, and.20 “tourists” from other parkruns in London, the South of England and as far away as Gloucester.

First to finish was Matthew Stone from Selsdon Baptist Church Runners at 18:59 and an impressive age grading of 82.35%. Following him 19 seconds later was Nick Marshall of Croydon Harriers at 19:18. Third was Simon Ambrosi from Striders of Croydon at 19:42.

First female runner to finish was Antara Singh of Croydon Harriers at 24:01, second was Katherine Webb with a new PB at 24:33 and third was Cindy Woo from Holy Trinity Church, Wallington, at 25:22

Four runners achieved age grades over 70%. Well done to Matthew Stone, Micky Wheeler, Nick Marshall and Jeremy Morris.

37 PBs this week! Congratulations to Ben Amey, Harishwar Rajkumar, John Williamson, Ethan Cort, Katherine Webb, Matthew McGuinness, Nithipan Vananathan, Ryan Pollock, Sam Calder-Bray, Justin Lansdowne, Maanik Manchanda, Dhanapalan Kulandai Vadivel, Lucas Tan, Jennifer Jones, Libby Lawrey, Zack Wroot, Umesh Mehta, Will Sherlock, Evie Bathmaker, Eryk Trus, Thahira Sulaiman, Terry King, Alex Kolodziejski, Sally Patrick, Bhavin Patel, Joanna Davis, Gordon Poon, Sahara Fergus-Simms, Probir Chakravarty, Andrew Ralphs, Monica Turton, Haochen Wang, Abi Blood, Sid Sasankan, Dara O’Donnell, Mohammed Khan and Christine Murkin. Amazing, well done all.

Milestone runs recorded for John Morides 50, and Alan Dolton from Striders of Croydon completing his 450th parkrun.

All this could not be possible without the amazing people who volunteer each week. Thanks this week to: Jennifer Booth, Debra Bourne, Martin Donnelly, Paul Elliott, Tim Fahey, Nick Fiander, Dan Forrester, Joy Harris, Colin Jackson, Julie Jordan, Marcelo Kern, Vivienne Little, Libby Marlow, Robert McCann, Jake Moir, Erik Schrijnemaekers, Lynn Seymour, Oliver Sinclair, Stephen Tyler and Andrew Whiting.


A dark and storm-free run – in Lloyd Park on Saturday 28 September 2019 (Lloyd parkrun #480)

It was a dark and stormy night. And a band of rebel runners were gathered in Lloyd cafe, sheltering from the rain. Their leader turned to one of them and said, Antonio, tell me a story, and the story ran thus:

It was a dark and stormy night. And a 297-strong band of rebel runners were gathered in Lloyd cafe, sheltering from the rain, after a surprisingly rain-free parkrun – it was a bit slippery in places, but no big muddy patches. The field was boosted by the Dulwich Runners vs Striders of Croydon mob match. Their leader turned to one of them and said, Antonio, did you hear about the runners from as far afield as Wimbledon Common and Southampton? And the 16 who ran without a barcode so didn’t get a run time (including a family group who finished in positions 257, 259 and 260 in 39 minutes?) I asked them to tell me a story, and the story ran thus:

It was a dark and stormy night. And a band of rebel runners were gathered in Lloyd cafe, sheltering from the rain. Their leader turned to one of them and said, Antonio, did you hear about all the new runners running their very first parkrun - Aimee RONAN, Dara O'DONNELL, Evie BATHMAKER, Karen NEWMAN, Mia RONAN, Sid SASANKAN, and Skye RONAN, as well as people running for the first time at Lloyd - Claire BOLTON, Kobi BLAKE, Jack RAMM, Philippa BRUCE, Nazim DABOUZ, Des WOLLASTON, Monica TURTON, Andrea CECCOLINI, Martin BELZUNCE, Eden GILBY, Ben RICHARDSON, Madi ROBINSON, Rosalind JOHNSON, Alexie SHAW, Sophie HARRIES, Thomas SOUTH, Alex LOFTUS, John YOUNG, Andrew THOMPSON, Sara ROLOFF, Richard MUSCAT, Gower TAN, Matthew WRIGLEY, Elena CHAPMAN, Oliver KENNEY, Yvette DORE, Edward CHUCK, Joe TWOMEY, Nicola MEHERAN, Rebecca SPENCER, Jonny HOUGH, Ben REVILL, Ebe PRILL, James HAWKER, Michelle LENNON, Belinda COTTRILL, Tom WILSON, and Ange NORRIS? I asked them to tell me a story, and the story ran thus:

It was a dark and stormy night. And a band of rebel runners were gathered in Lloyd cafe, sheltering from the rain. Their leader turned to one of them and said, Antonio, did you hear about the runners hitting a milestone – Anna CORBY completed her 250th parkrun, returning to Croydon from time in Durham and now Oxford; Graham HANSEN completed his 200th (both of whom shared great brownies and cakes); Tim FAHEY ran his 100th, Dan FORRESTER his 50th and Zachary BLAIR his 10th 5k run as a junior? I asked them to tell me a story, and the story ran thus:

It was a dark and stormy night. And a band of rebel runners were gathered in Lloyd cafe, sheltering from the rain. Their leader turned to one of them and said, Antonio, did you hear about the first runners home – for the women, Alexie Shaw (20.21) followed by Sara Roloff (21.20), plus the men Edward Chuck (16.56) and Jack Ramm (17.30), all of Dulwich Runners? I asked them to tell me a story, and the story ran thus:

It was a dark and stormy night. And a band of rebel runners were gathered in Lloyd cafe, sheltering from the rain. Their leader turned to one of them and said, Antonio, did you hear about the runners who managed a PB - Agnieszka GAWRYS, Alice BARLEY, Andrew RICHARDS, Andrew WHITING, Anna THOMAS, Azamat AZAMAT, Guy COCKER, Iuri MARTINS, Jodie WHALE, Julie CHARLES, Katherine WEBB, Kathiravan BALU, Laila MORRELL, Leah ADAMSON, Lorraine TURNER, Maia MORRELL, Marcia DU TOIT, Mohammed KHAN, Moorthy SUBRAMANIAN, Patrick WEBSTER, Peter LEE, Probir CHAKRAVARTY, Rebecca GOLIGHTLY, Robert LINDSAY, Ronnie DANN, Thahira SULAIMAN, and Vinny SIVZ? I asked them to tell me a story, and the story ran thus:

It was a dark and stormy night. And a band of rebel runners were gathered in Lloyd cafe, sheltering from the rain. Their leader turned to one of them and said, Antonio, did you hear about the runners who were age graded over 70% - Steve CORFIELD, Lee FLANAGAN, Robert LINES, Jennie BUTLER, George OGDEN, Nick MARSHALL Kyron-Bailee BURKE and Simon AMBROSI? I asked them to tell me a story, and the story ran thus:

It was a dark and stormy night. And a band of rebel runners were gathered in Lloyd cafe, sheltering from the rain. Their leader turned to one of them and said, Antonio, did you hear about the volunteers today – Peter ATTEWELL, Debra BOURNE, Richard CLARKE-IRONS, Narmada DE SILVA, Martin DONNELLY, Paul ELLIOTT, Michael GEORGE, David GRAVES, Benjamin HANSEN, Sandra HARRIS, Marcelo KERN, Rachel LINDLEY, Madeleine LITTLE, Colin LYNCH, Azra MATHIAS, Robert MITCHELL, Claire MITCHELL, Jake MOIR, Stacey SEYMOUR, Oliver SINCLAIR, Edmund SINCLAIR, and the run director, Vanessa WHEELER? Visitors today commented on how friendly and encouraging the marshals and other volunteers were, despite standing at some very windy corners of the course, and how welcoming Lloyd is, making it a super-friendly parkrun. Volunteering is very easy, and helps the parkrun run smoothly, so why not give it a go? And personal thanks to those who stopped and helped dust down the runner who went flying after tripping over a tree root.

One of our number left their running shoes behind, and an under-5 dropped a very small black woolly glove, all ready to be reclaimed via the Lloyd parkrun email address.

Thank you for running and reading – look forward to joining the parkrun next week.


Mown grass and firm ground – Lloyd parkrun #479 , Saturday 21st September 2019

A lovely sunny morning to celebrate the end of the summer/start of the autumn welcomed a fantastic 293 runners (plus dogs and buggies) today. I am told that the course was firm with the grass having been mowed.

Of the 293, 41 finishers were Lloyd parkrun first-timers, of whom 21 were doing their first ever parkrun – we hope to see them again soon. Johannesburg was the furthest that we saw any tourists travelling from!!

There were a couple of milestone runs today - Richard Clarke-Irons was celebrating his 50th parkrun and brought along goodies to celebrate, and Simon Powell was celebrating his 150th.

First to finish today was Lee Flanagan (Striders of Croydon) in 18:25, followed by Robert Lines (Selsdon Baptist Church Runners) in 18:43 and Nick Marshall (Croydon Harriers) in 18.52. The first lady to finish was Jennie Butler (Blackheath and Bromley Harriers) in 21:24 followed by Jennie Rowe (Striders of Croydon) in 22:12 and in 3rd place Alex Leckie completing her first ever parkrun in 24:19!! Well done

In the age-graded stats, there were 8 runners with results over 70%. These were Steve Corfield at 79.22%, Lee Flanagan 77.01 %, Robe Lines 76.94% and Jennie Butler 74.92%, along with George Ogden, Nick Marshall, Kyron Bailee-Burke and Simon Ambrosi.

We saw 50 runners obtain PBs today , so congratulations to Matthew Shires, Greg Kirby, Kyron-Bailee Burke, Nicholas Bryant, Matthew Grindrod,  Will Dobbie,  Nick Gill,  Ryan Pollock,  Simon James, Azamat Azamat, Jakob Bolle, Richard Clarke-Irons,  Stuart Nunn,  Ali Dewji, Nikita Makashov, Matthew McGuinness, Ian Flinders, Senthilkumar Sathyaraj, Thomas Barker, Neil Coleman, Erik Erskine, Gaz Goulding, Dhanapalan Kulandavadivel, Rebecca Balcombe, Katherine Webb,  Carrie Day, Magdalena Galant-Miecznikowska, Lamie Kendrick,  Will Sherlock,  Rebecca Golightly, Robert Campbell, Kiruthika Chinnappan, Leah Adamson, Katy Johnson, Eryk Trus, Gordon Poon, Slavka Kaczmarek, Matt Hayoukane, Claire Foley, Joe Lydon, Grace Magecha, Hannah West, Alice Barley, Haochen Wang, Lucy Haig, Julie Charles, Mehmet Erten, Janice Nugent, Nina Nduwaro and Louise Lauder.

Alongside myself volunteering today were Debra Bourne as the ever-enthusiastic run director, Jenny Booth, Robert Butlin, Martin Donnelly, Jayden Douglas, Martin Drake, Nick Fiander, Agnimitra Ghosh, Graham Hansen, Benjamin Hansen, Louise Lauder, Alexander Lorke, Adam Lucas, Libby Marlow, David Ogden, Geoffrey Pennells, Joanna Scanlon and Stephen Tyler. Thank you all so much for helping.

Finally just a reminder of Striders of Croydon‘s Switchback 5 next Sunday, 29th September. As Debra mentioned this is a 5 mile run starting in Lloyd Park, going up into Addington Hills and back down finishing in Lloyd Park.  I have done this for the past 2 years and can highly recommend it to anyone who is unsure.  I will be back next week to make it 3 years in a row and to celebrate with cake at the finish. Hope to see you there or if not then hopefully back at Lloyd parkrun soon.


Dew on the grass – Lloyd parkrun Report #478 by Debra Bourne

We were lucky enough to have another warm, sunny and dry morning, great weather for running, although the dew was lingering on the grass, particularly where it had not been cut, making it a bit wet although thankfully not slippery. With the long grass on the hill having been mown, it was easier for runners to spread out both going up and down the hill.

Similarly to last week, we had a good number of runners, nearly reaching the 300 mark. It’s amazing to me looking at such a large field, when I remember the first time we hit 60 runners. Today, 39 of the runners were at Lloyd parkrun for the first time, with 17 of those being first-time parkrunners – welcome all! One of the visitors was from Jersey, others were from locations such as Norwich and Aldershot, in addition to many visitors from around London. I was pleased to see David Wood back to get his first official finish here, after sadly having forgotten his barcode on his first visit a few weeks ago.

First woman home today was Jenny Rowe (Striders of Croydon) in 22:12, followed by Laura McLellan in 22:46 and Patroulla Lorke (Emmanuel Runners) in a PB of 24:14. For the men, Adam Hudson (Sutton & District AC) finished first in a PB of 18:06, followed by Lee Flanagan (Striders of Croydon) in 18:19 and Rob Lines (Selsdon Baptist Church Runners) in 18:51.

A fantastic 52 participants (about 1 in 5 of those who were not running here for the first time) managed a PB, so congrats to Penny Brown, Sharon Gordon, Hitesh Magecha, Ottilia Chadenga, Lucy Haig, Rachael Summers, Ahila Rupan, Vicky Arnott, Francesca Ravenhill, Grace Magecha, Adriana Martins, Terry King, Chris Isted, Kelly Godden, Thahira Sulaiman, Kristina Cunningham, Ade Adewunmi, Angela Martin, Iuri Martins, Andrew Whiting, Carly Wood, Finnian Oldam, Kathiravan Balu, Lynn Nunn, Siobhan Hayes, Phil Wells, Jayne Brackenborough, Heidi Allen, Maatin A, Ankit Rai, Bernard Stapleton, Dhanapalan Kulandai Vadivel, Richard Jay, Nicholas Bull, Thomas Finch, Patroulla Lorke, Stuart Nunn, Hemanth K, Sheridan Smith, Darren Doyle, Azamat Azamat, Martin Donnelly, Richard Ellison, Daniel Finch, Tommy Newman, Mark Nortje, Greg I, Jeremy Morris, Greg Kirby, Marcelo Kern, Adam Dustin and Adam Hudson. Looking through, PBs came from people running anything from their second to their 244th parkrun and age groups from under-10 to 70-plus. Richard Jay was so surprised to take about 70 seconds off his previous fastest that he emailed to check all was well with his result!

Some great age grade performances as well, with Steve Corfield at 79.97%, Lee Flanagan 77.43%, Adam Hudson 76.89%, Rob Lines 76.39%, and Mike Goodwin, Chris Light, Jeremy Morris, Simon Ambrosi, Tim Rowe, Jason Hudson and Viv Mitchell all over 70%.

Our wonderful volunteers were Sheila Carpenen, Joseph Cosgrave, Linda Daniel, Jon Dean, Emily Dean, Chloe Detanger, Nick Fiander, Agnimitra Ghosh, Christine Hewett, Colin Jackson, Marcelo Kern, Nicola Kidd, Michelle Klein, Hannah Luffman, Colin Lynch, Libby Marlow, Ben Parry, Michael Procter, Erik Schrijnemaekers, Rosemarie Stevens and Stephen Tyler – and I was Run Director.

Please do volunteer – we had 22 volunteers this week and we need about that number every week to make YOUR parkrun happen. If everyone volunteered 2-3 times for every 50 runs, we’d never be short of volunteers and my role as Volunteer Coordinator would be a lot easier…

See you next week!


Business as usual in the Park – Lloyd parkrun Report #477 by Jenny Booth

It was a dull, overcast morning, although by the time the last runners came in there were signs that it was getting brighter. There was a bit of chill in the wind for the volunteers standing around the course and on the finish line, but it did not seem to bother the runners very much. 280 runners completed the run today, thirty-nine of them running at Lloyd parkrun for the first time, and twenty running their first-ever parkrun. I also counted seven dogs of assorted sizes.

First home today was James Lyne of South London Harriers in a new personal best time of 17.03. Next came Simone Luciani of Striders of Croydon in 17.39 followed by a Lloyd Park first-timer, Jacob Harrison of South London Harriers in 17.54. All three recorded age grades of over 70% as well. First Lady to the finish funnel was Amy Miller from Blackheath and Bromley Harriers in 20.46. Close behind her came Sophia Lorke of South London Harriers in 22.17 and Sarah Belaon, another runner from Blackheath and Bromley club in 23.11.

The course was dry and firm and the weather pleasantly cool for running. As a result of these conditions, and helped by two pacers, fifty runners recorded new personal best times. Congratulations to James Lyne, Theo Flanagan, Flo Sivz, Ryan Moore, Tom Harmer, Andrew Welsh, Greg Kirby, Jeremy Morris, Greg I, Kyron -Bailee Burke, Joshua Wheeler, Will Dobbie, Michael Procter, Darren Doyle, Hemanth K, Craig Rees, Zoltan Benedek, Michael Barrett, Les Todd, Asha Pavithran, Magdalena Galant- Miecznikowska, Natalina Manni, Lamie Kendrick, Alfred Gooch, James Nicholson, Lisa Rouse, Joel Baldwin. Michael Miecznikowska, Neil Prior, Kathiravan Balu, Prashant Mistry, Ruth McPake, Nicky Whiteley, Susan Hyde, Marcia Mullen, Holly Chapman, Terry King, Grace Magecha, Adriana Martins, Davis John, Caroline Hine, Amirah Adewunme, Abi Blood, Narmada de Silva, Janice Nugent, Eliane Martini, Ruth Davis, Kathryn Kane, Grahame Jones and Penny Brown. That's a lot of great running.

We had lots of milestones as well. Peter Attewell completed his 300th run. Peter has been very loyal to Lloyd parkrun and run here 271 times but he has also visited 24 other venues. Michael Procter ran his 150th parkrun, with a PB to boot. Michael started running at parkrun in November 2015 and 114 of his runs have been at Lloyd Park. Peter Cleavely clocked up his fiftieth parkrun, some at Lloyd Park and some at South Norwood, and Sharvel White also ran her fiftieth, all of them at Lloyd Park.

There were some excellent age grades today. As well as those already mentioned Steve Corfield and Krzysztof Klidzia achieved over 80% while Jack Burton, Benjamin Harrison, all three Flanagans (Lee ,Theo and Isaac) Craig Purle, Simon Ambrosi, Tom Harmer, Andrew Welsh, Maximilian Lorke, Jon Dean, Amy Miller, Jeremy Miller and Matthew Stone all recorded over 70%.

It was good to see some new faces among the volunteers today, although we do seem to depend on a very loyal and hard-working band of regulars. The Set up team today was made up of Nadine Pryce, Erik Schrijnemaekers, Colin Jackson, Narmada de Silva and Nick Fiander, and the marshals were David Graves, Carmel Spanswick, Joseph Cosgrave, Richard Spear and Kevin Field. At the finish funnel Madeleine Little and Ben Parry captured the times and Ben Hansen handed out the position tokens, while Libby Marlow took the photographs. Steven Harmer, Marcelo Cern and Erik Schrijnemaekers scanned the barcodes and sorted out the tokens so they can be used again next week. Roberta Gilkinson was the tail walker seeing everyone safely home. She was left stranded when the two people she was with at the back of the field dropped out and she had to run to catch up with the rest of the field. If you know you are not going to do two laps it is always helpful to let the tail walker know. Graham Hansen tackled results (not quite straight forward this week but with the help of "trainees" Marcelo and Narmada it did get sorted ). Hortense Julienne helped to put all the equipment away after the run and we all finished up in the Café.


Long-distance visitors – Lloyd parkrun Report #476 by Debra Bourne

The last Saturday in August saw a very pleasant day – sunny, dry and warm, but not too hot, attracting nearly 300 runners - we had 295 finishers, somewhat more than we have had for a few weeks including 21 first-timers, 16 of whom were running their first ever parkrun – welcome, and we hope to see you again soon.

Jon Dean, as Run Director, asked if we had any visitors from outside the London area, and the first voice that was raised said “New Zealand” – so we didn’t think anyone could beat that – although we also had a visitor from India and another from Brazil – a really wide-flung range of visitors.

First to finish was Jonathan Pontin (Ravens) in a PB of 17:14, followed by Lee Flanagan and Krzysztof Klidzia (both Striders of Croydon) in 18:30 and 18:37 respectively.

Rachel Lindley (Striders of Croydon) was first woman in 19:20 with Jessica Moore (Croydon Harriers) second in 23:11 and Jodie Gray in 23:39.

Highest age-graded were Krzysztof Klidzia, with 81.83%, David Ogden with 81.25%, Barnaby Gray with 78.74%, Rachel Lindley with 78.62% and Lee Flanagan with 76.67%. Other runners over 70% were Jonathan Pontin, Chris Light, Theo Flanagan, Chris Morton, Isaac Flanagan, Simon Ambrosi, Craig Purle, John Isaacs, and Geoff Pennells.

It’s also great to note that Richard Pitcairn-Knowles set a new male 85-89 record for Lloyd parkrun of 36:44.

More than a tenth of the runners – 31 people – ran a PB, so congratulations to Neil Prior, James Bashford, Bradley Possell, Davis John, Katheryn Kane, Samuel King, Ade Adewunmi, Joe Lydon, Martin Potter, Catherine Noronha, Narmada de Silva, Jodie Moir, Joel Baldwin, Phil Wells, Andrew Whiting, Alfred Gooch, Lizzie Meadows, Duncan Forsyth, Kathiravan Balu, Luong-Hoc Duong, Matthew Shires, Dan Lewis, Ottilia Chadenga, Greg Kirby, Darren Doyle, Libby Lawrey, Adam, Lucas, Jonathan Pontin, Thomas Finch, Michael Thomas – and particularly to Michael Proctor, running a PB on his 149th parkrun!

Several people reached milestone runs this week. Thomas Meadows reached the 10-club (for juniors only). Ian Flinders reached 50 parkruns, Marguerite Ewen reached 150 parkruns… and I finally reached 100 parkruns!

Many thanks to this week’s volunteer heroes: Jon Dean was Run Director so that I could run, and the rest of the team included Ben Amey, David Appleton, Robert Butlin, Narmada de Silva, Aidan Dixon, Jayden Douglas, Gulcin Erten, Bob Ewen, Marguerite Ewen, Nick Fiander, Marcelo Kern, Colin Lynch, Libby Marlow, Erik Schrinjemaekers, Christian Xavier – and me as your Run Report writer.

Lloyd parkrun will be back same time same place this Saturday.


Run in the Sun – Lloyd parkrun Report #475 by Jenny Booth

The 7.41 train to West Croydon cancelled, no trams to Lloyd Park and the 466 bus diverted - all this before I even got to Lloyd Park only to discover that the Fairground had encroached on the opening stretch of our course. I did warn runners to be careful as they would be tightly packed together at the start but as the loud hailer died on me after a couple of seconds, I suspect they didn't hear me. However the runners seemed to get to the first corner all right without tangling themselves up, so there was no pile of writhing tripped up bodies to deal with.

We waited for them all to return. First home was Jonathan Pontin of Ravens who completed the course in 17:35, a new Personal Best time. The second finisher had no barcode unfortunately and the third was a Lloyd Park regular, Krzysztof Klidzia of Striders of Croydon in 18:46.  The ladies were led home by Jodie Gray with a new Personal Best time of 22:03. Next behind her were Jessica Moore of Croydon Harriers in 22:48 and Emily Griffiths, in her first run in Lloyd Park although she has many parkruns under her belt, in 23:55.

In all 236 runners completed the run. It was pretty hot and several runners were welcomed to the line by a two delightful children equipped with water spray guns, very refreshing on a warm day as I can vouch after my soaking. One of the timekeepers was actually told he was lucky to have sprained his ankle as that meant he didn't have to run in the sun! We welcomedten parkrun virgins (at least one of whom assured me he would come back) and 19 tourists including runners from Clapham Chasers, Saltaire Striders and A S D Luivan Settignano. One of our runners reached a milestone today: Lamie Kendrick joined the 50 club and all of her fifty runs have been at Lloyd parkrun.

The course was hard and firm this morning although the grass has got very long and was surprisingly wet (guess who was wearing her sandals). As a result a good number of our athletes clocked up personal best times. Congratulations are due, as well as to those already mentioned, to Henry Mitchell, Flo Fivz, Tom Butler, Fred Nizzi Fivz, John McGrath, Greg Kirby, Azamat Azamat, Simon McCaffrey, Martin Donnelly, Sheridan Smith,  Sophie Griffiths, Fred Segers, Darren Doyle, Craig Rees, Dhanapalan Kulandai Vadivel, Magdalena. Galant-Miecnikowska, Andrew Briscoe, Joel Baldwin, Elizabeth Bankes, Moorthy Subramanian, Angela Martin, Kathiravan Balu, Ade Adewunmi, Joe Lydon, Kamalakkannan Duraikkannu, Julie Charles, Charlotte Bush, Janice Nugent, Martin Potter, Issy Sivz, Ottilia Chadenga and Jodie Moir.

While we are congratulating people there were also some high age grades: well done Matthew Stone and Krzysztof Klidzia  (both over 80%) and Steve Corfield, George Ogden, Jack Burton, Craig Purle, Nick Marshall and Jonathan Pontin (all over 70%).

What really made the run today was an outstanding bunch of wonderful volunteers. Our marshals were Hortense Julienne, Hannah Luffmann, Sam O' Dongo and Joseph Cosgrave, and the early birds of the set- up team were Nick Fiander, Colin Jackson, Heidi Allen and Marc Burrows. At the finish your times were captured by Ben Newbery and Ben Hansen and you were given your finish tokens by Lucy Cheetham and Jayden Douglas, while everything was scanned by Darren Over, Marcelo Kern and Lucas Kemperman. Libby Marlow took the photos – have a look at them. Stephen Rhys-Davies gave the First- Timers briefing. Tim Fahey was the tail walker and he and Joseph Cosgrave collected all the signs on the way back. Results were in the capable hands of Graham Hansen and Marcelo Kern and were available before I even reached West Croydon station. Well done, everyone.


A Blast in the Park – Lloyd Parkrun Report 473, 10 August 2019 by Madeleine Little

##Disclaimer : parkrun does not own Shrek or any other recognisable characters in this report. # #


Location: at the top of Lloyd Park hill, aka The Swamp.

A huge gust of wind blows through Lloyd Park and all the lighter weight animals are blown away from the hilltop. They go tumbling down the paths and disappear from view squeaking, squawking or squealing, depending on their inclination.

Only one intrepid individual remains in sight.

It's Donkey, clinging desperately to a tree by his two front hooves: “Halloooo?? Shrek? Are you there Shrek?”

Another blast of wind comes through and then a green head emerges from under the muddy patch bubbling in the corner of Lloyd Park. A swift shake of the head and gloopy mud flies off his ears and snubby nose. He heaves a sigh of exasperation which helps increase the wind speed by 10%.

Shrek: “Yes Donkey. Was there something you wanted or are you just here to annoy me as usual?”

Donkey: “Well I need a little help here my friend. It’s so windy I’m having to hang on really tight to this tree so I can have this chat with you.”

Shrek scratches his chin; “Well I suppose I could lend you a hand” and he reaches out, grabs Donkey and sits on his tail to stop him rolling off in the wind.

Donkey: “Whoa – this so much better. Now everything is the right way up instead of being sideways on. But I still wonder why you are at the top of the hill where it's so windy instead of down there by the clubhouse in the sun and showers,”

Shrek: “I'm up here because my home is up here you Donkey. Now, did you actually want something other than the pleasure of my company?”

D: “Well you know what day it is don’t you? It’s Saturday and that means it’s parkrun day. Yay!! I can’t wait to see all the parkrunners trying to run round the park in this howling gale.”

S: “Oh yes. It should be great fun. In fact I think I can hear them coming now.”

At that moment a horde of windswept runners headed towards them over the brow of the hill.

S: “Isn’t that Lee Flanagan in the lead? I think he came in first last week as well. And there goes his son Isaac. One day he'll be the one in front."

D: “I think there’s a lot more of them than I expected this week especially after so many of them nearly drowned last week and the week before they were going round the wrong way in that funny loop."

S: "Yes, I was wondering if it was Halloween and I'd been asleep for a few months. It’s nice to have the Status Quo back at Lloyd Park. I didn't enjoy that Butterfly festival very much. There weren't any butterflies."

D: "I see Sonay Erten is doing her 50th run today. Good for her as she brought some goodies with her. So did Dhillon Sen because he did his 50th run last week."

S: "Aye. And I believe there are a whole raft of milestones coming due next week too. I've counted through 189 runners so that's not bad for the holiday season."

D: "A lot of visitors, including one blown in from Russia, and new faces this week. 14 first timers and we have quite a lot of new volunteers too."

They sit and muse for a while as the runners pass by. More gusty winds; this time Donkey sniffs and nearly passes out.

D: “Shrek? Have you been at the baked beans again???”

... and the stats bits:

Lee Flanagan (Striders of Croydon, was followed in my Isaac Flanagan (Croydon Harriers) and Nick Marshall (Croydon Harriers), in 19:17, 19:23 and 19:29.

Jennie Butler (Blackheath & Bromley) led the women home in 22:00, with Laura McLellan following in 23:43 and Jessica Moore (Croydon Harriers) in 24:05.

Six runners broke the 70% age grade: Matt Stone (77.78%), Jon Dean (75.81%), Lorraine Hewett (74.09%), Lee Flanagan (73.55%), Jennie Butler (7288%) and Nick Marshall (70.32%) – great running!

Congrats to the PB runners: Lorraine Hewett, Matthew McGuinness, Roo Stewart, Azamat Azamat, Darren Doyle, Michael Barrett, Angela Martin, Laurie Assemat, Thahira Sulaiman, David Mason, Dale Bentley, Wayne Anderson, Kathiravan Balu, Purvi Maniar, Toni Dowding and Georgina-Lauren Thompson.

And thank you to the volunteers helping before, during and after the run: Peter Attewell, Lesley Bassett, Michael Bassett, Debra Bourne, Marc Burrows, Andrew Crossley, Aidan Devaney, Nick Fiander, Lee Flanagan, Ian Garton, Roberta Ann Gilkinson, Joy Harris, Christine Hewett, Marcelo Kern, Nicola Kidd, Madeleine Little, Claire Mitchell, Ben Newbery, Simon Powell, Erik Schrijnemaekers, Richard Spear, Chris Taruwona, Ian Tucker and Christian Xavier.


A tourist’s eye view – Lloyd parkrun Report # 472, 3 August 2019, by Helen Segebarth

It was a beautiful summer’s day, very warm, dry, sunny and clear. Run Director Debra Bourne welcomed us when we arrived and did the first timers’ briefing so those of us that were new to Lloyd parkrun knew where to go and what the course was like. We were told that in winter months it can be tricky underfoot but as it was a lovely summer’s day that was not going to be an issue. We soon realised that Debra is THE Debra - of ‘parkrun: much more than just a run in the park’ book fame - thanks to her t-shirt and the book stand on the table! We bought the book a couple of years’ ago and it is an excellent read.

I am sure there were other tourists joining us (from Lincoln) this week at Lloyd parkrun but I did not spot any other apricot T-shirts so I don’t know from where they came. There were representatives of 24 different clubs taking part.

20 volunteers gave their time to make Lloyd parkrun a huge success this week: Stephen Tyler • Robert Ewen • Debra Bourne • Lez Gonsalves • Nick Fiander • Colin Jackson • Erik Schrijnemaekers • Natasha Sudan • Foong Cheek • Helen Segebarth • Christopher Tsantoulas • Sheila Silveira • Marcelo Kern • Peter Whiteley • Chloe Morton • Louise Lauder • Nicola Kidd • Stephen Siu • David Graves • Venky Ramakrishnan

Thank you very much for encouraging us, cheering us on and keeping us safe. Please do volunteer for a future event as it is great fun and a way to see parkrun from a different perspective. In particular, please do step forward if you would like to learn how to results process – it a role you can do and still run.

Many thanks to Stephen Siu for taking loads of great photos and for Robert Ewen for pacing 30 minutes. Christopher Tsantoulas spent Friday night in A&E due to a wasp related incident but he still ‘flew’ round the course in under 20 minutes and then ‘buzzed’ over to barcode scan – very well done for running and volunteering! Richard Corby got a special mention in the pre-run briefing as he is leaving for pastures new. He will be very much missed and all at Lloyd parkrun are very appreciative of all his work as Run Director. We wish him all the best for the future.

This week 260 people ran, jogged and walked the course. Very well done to everyone! Congratulations to the 38 runners who recorded new personal bests this week. Lee Flanagan was the first male finisher and Rachel Lindley first female finisher while Chloe Morton, as tail walker, ensured everyone completed the course safely.

There were 26 people running at Lloyd for the first time of whom 13 were running their very first parkrun – brilliant! Dhillon Sen ran his milestone 50 parkrun and Tracey Walters ran her 100 milestone. Lloyd regular Aidan Dixon got a mention in the pre-run briefing for running his milestone 50 parkrun last week at Fell Foot parkrun.Look out for the email to claim your t-shirt. Fabulous achievements and congratulations to everyone!

Lloyd Park has plenty of lovely facilities to enjoy. We set off passing the pavilion, café and outdoor gym and then ran alongside the tram line for a short while before heading in to the trees. There was then an undulating section that went through the disc golf course (I had to ask about the baskets to find that out!). After running round a meadow and then up and down a small hill we headed back across the cycle track and towards the bowling green. As it is a two lap course we got to enjoy it all over again before finishing near the café.

Unusually for us, this week John and I had not travelled specifically to run a particular parkrun. We actually came to Croydon because we are huge ‘Terry & June’ fans and wanted to see where the original opening credits were filmed. We even had a go at making our own version of the opening credits 2019 style yesterday! Of course, as avid parkrun tourists we knew we could also get to enjoy another new parkrun location. Many thanks for making us so welcome at Lloyd parkrun.

Thanks for reading. Lovely to meet you all this weekend. Enjoy parkrun.

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