Loch Neaton parkrun, Watton is cancelled on 26 September 2020: COVID-19 (Coronavirus)

Loch Neaton parkrun #56 Saturday 14th March 2020

Well done to all 90 of you who participated today on quite a nice day at Loch Neaton. Few showers to begin with but then they disappeared.

First past the post today were: Nabil Adl 19:47 and Louise Rowe 27:36 well done to them.

We welcomed visitors from Bury St Edmunds, Norwich, Shipdham, Dereham, Drayton Cubs.

Congratulations to Susan Bayliss on her 50th parkrun, and Happy 51st Birthday to Richard Tucker.

As always a huge thank you to our bumper crop of volunteers who this week were: Adam LUCAS • Becky WALTON • Beryl BUNNING • Carla BURRIDGE • Dave WALTON • Eileen KIBLER • Elizabeth DALY • Emma POTTER-CAMPBELL • Jane LAMBERT • Jessica-Hope FRENCH • Jill COOPER • John BUNNING • Julian BURRIDGE • Louy HOWES • Mandy FRENCH • Mark BUNNING • Paul WALPOLE • Richard COOPER • Rosalie E DOCKRAY • Samantha HOWES • Sarah DAGLESS • Sarah LAKE • Steve CURTIS • Tim PITTICK • Vanessa BARR • Victoria HISLOP • Wendy GAMBRILL

Thank you to Dave for the photos, here’s a selection for you.

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Loch Neaton parkrun Saturday 7th March 2020 – 1st Birthday and International Women’s Day

Happy birthday to me, happy birthday to me. Yes it was our 1st birthday  and what an amazing year it’s been. Huge thank you to everyone who has supported us this year.

And as if that wasn’t enough we were also celebrating International Women’s Day.

Well done to all 107 participants, first over the line was Ashley Gilbert in 19:21. First Lady on international women’s day: Maddison Kelly in 20:57.

Welcome to all newbies and tourists from Orpington, Milton Keynes and Dereham!

Happy 18th Birthday to Amy Gibb today, and unknown birthday to Andrea.

Big shout out to Run Director Beryl who not only is celebrating her birthday, but also her 50th Wedding anniversary.

Thanks for all the donations of cakes.

Few piccies celebrating our lovely ladies in purple.

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Loch Neaton parkrun #54 Saturday 29th February 2020 Leap Year

Happy Leap Year - real honour to be able to do a parkrun on 29th February, just unfortunate that the weather did not want to play ball.

Well done to all 53 of you in the appalling conditions. First past the post were: Alistair Shearer 21:24 and Elizabeth Daly in 22:50. A warm welcome to all visitors and first timers.

Huge thank you to the Wayland Hares for their volunteer take over, much appreciated and thank you for your support. The Hares were represented by: Adam LUCAS • Becky WALTON • Beryl BUNNING • Carla BURRIDGE • Carol FARNHAM • Carole PRESTON • Darren DADE • Dave WALTON • Dawn GIBB • James WOOLER • Jane TALBOT • Jeremy DRISCOLL • John BUNNING • Joshua MOORE • Julian BURRIDGE • Louis PRESTON • Margaret DEVINE • Mark BUNNING • Mark PRESTON • Mark SMITH • Neil MESSENGER • Nicky GINGER • Rachel Rv BAKER • Santana HUCKLE • Sarah DAGLESS • Steve CURTIS • Tracey JOHNSON • Wendy GAMBRILL

Thanks also to Carol Preston who helped to process our results. Next week is our birthday and International Women's Day. So there will be cake, bring a female friend, colleague, family member and you are encouraged to dress in purple.

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Loch Neaton parkrun #51 Saturday 8th February 2020

Greetings from Loch Neaton where we had the lovely surprise of 2 Ambassadors joining us today, the lovely Ian Edwards who is our Ambassador and the lovely Nickie Sale who is a parkrun Ambassador in South Africa.

Nickie has kindly written our run report today.

A cold morning morning greeted us with Storm Ciara not getting in the way or dampening any spirits. I had a bit of a battle getting there today but managed to arrive in time for the pre-run briefing which was being delivered by today’s RD Sarah.

Sarah was a true star managing to get everyone’s attention during the pre run briefing, raising a few laughs, celebrating one parkrunners 70th birthday as well as making sure everyone knew about the route change (back to the normal route after heavy rain had forced changes).

The route was a 3 lap and a short lap on a sports field. I had the pleasure of their Ambassador, Ian Edwards accompanying me round the whole way - thank you Ian for walking most of the way instead of your usual run.

As you made your way up to the sports field, you soon became aware of the beauty of this route. You could see other parkrunners on the route and the view was also wonderful. And yes, there was still a fair amount of mud to negotiate on the route but that only added to the fun.

There were many very friendly marshals on the route, all cheering us on and encouraging us all the way. Despite the cold, they were all wrapped up in huge coats and scarves and everyone of them was smiling and clapping each time we passed them. As Ian and myself got approximately half way round our final lap, we found we had managed to walk fast enough along with a couple of small sections of jogging to catch up with the tail walker on his second lap who today was James, proudly wearing his tail. James was happily walking along with a young lady, supporting her and encouraging her. In South Africa, there are many many more walkers at parkrun than at UK parkruns, with the tail walker rarely coming in under 1 hour. So it was wonderful to see parkrun in the UK being so positive and encouraging of walkers joining in parkrun. This is something which I know parkruns across the world are trying to do, and here at Loch Neaton was definitely achieved. The finish funnel was no different, every parkrunner was greeted with smiles and cheers, from the RD, timekeepers, funnel managers, tokens, scanners and photographer, the welcome at the finish was fantastic.

I have to say one of the things that Ian and myself chatted about whilst doing the parkrun was that parkrun is about the community. It is a community event, run by the community for the community. The Loch Neaton parkrun completely epitomized the community ethos of parkrun. For me, as someone who is used to parkruns with 1000+ parkrunners at times, this small by comparison parkrun, is truly wonderful hidden gem in Norfolk and one not to be missed. Thank you to a wonderful team for a fantastic parkrun.



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