Event 253 – Leaves are falling on West Park

Great autumnal parkrun everyone, lots of leaves and the coat line was back on the pipe of the cricket building with a cooler parkrun,

This week 354 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 31 were first timers and 65 recorded new Personal Bests. Representatives of 42 different clubs took part.

Seemed to be quite the week for chasing your personal bests and being paced by your family and friends. So huge well done to you and we may not have a pb bell but we can still cheer & congratulate you!

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The event was made possible by 29 volunteers so a massive thanks to everyone for giving up their Saturday morning to support the event
Rachel ARGENT • Michael BLAND • Sue BAILEY-DOUGLAS • Sharon STREET • Ivy ROCCHELLI • Lisa WAKEFIELD • Ben WAKEFIELD • Emma BOOTH-RIGBY • Lisa MACHIN • Bethan DAVIES • Amanda LARKIN • Robert MITCHELL • Ray EDWARDS • David SEWELL • Katie HAYWOOD • Jessica LARKIN • Denise COX • Steph HART • Margaret PARR • Lianne CLARK • Wendy LAUBERTS • Alison HENSHAW • Steve WHITE • Ewan HAYWOOD • Matilda BLAND • Michael CARTWRIGHT • Julia GILLARD • Thomas WAY • Ed WAY

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***Our challenge to you *** the roster is looking empty over the next coming weeks!! Can you if you haven’t volunteered this year with us join in to support the event!
It also gives our more permanent volunteers a week off or allows them to participate instead!! *****
Email us dates and preferred roles!
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Congrats to Rich on his 300th parkrun

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We would also like to put a shout out if anyone wants a guide runner, he is always happy to help just let us know and we can contact to arrange.
Don’t forget to share any milestones with us or celebrations as we love to hear all your stories & news.
See you all another parkrun Saturday.

Event 251 : The wet and wetter, biblical wet parkrun and Halloween special.

Wow what can we say, it started off a light shower and got wetter, heavier and even sleet at one point.

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There was no escaping the rain and everyone was soaked. The weather dampened our Halloween special parkrun a little but the hardcore participants finished the course.

Definitely worth upgrading paper / laminated barcodes for the cards or wristbands to avoid soggy unreadable personal barcodes!! https://parkrun-barcode.com/GetBarcode

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Well done for those who dressed up and made a fab effort! Hopefully our festive parkrun events at Christmas will be a bit drier for santa costumes and festive attire!!

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This week 297 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 30 were first timers and 31 recorded new Personal Bests. Representatives of 29 different clubs took part.

The event was made possible by 27 wet soggy volunteers:

Rachel ARGENT • Vaughan MORRIS • Sue BAILEY-DOUGLAS • Andrew MARSHALL • Bill SHEPPARD • Nick BROWN • Ben WAKEFIELD • Bethan DAVIES • Roland HYETT • David HUGHES • Gavin WILKINSON • George BRINKLOW • Katie HAYWOOD • Denise COX • Steph HART • Paul WAKEFIELD • Margaret PARR • Edwina HUBBARD • Lianne CLARK • Robyn TAYLOR • Ewan HAYWOOD • Mike HAYWOOD • Mel STARKINGS • Michael CARTWRIGHT • Julia GILLARD • Thomas WAY • Ed WAY

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Huge thanks to the volunteers who got wet and cold for over an hour to stage the event. True heroes this week!

We hurried to tidy up and keep things dry but the bibs were soaked. Went home for a wash and as lunchtime approached the glorious sunshine came out to play! A day of two halves with slightly relieved Cross country marshals and participants on West park to see the sunshine. Steph, Bill and Nick went on to help out at the British Masters XC race!

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The sweeties got a bit damp and forgotten as you got home quick to get dry and warm, so will save these for another event!! See you again soon all!


Community Household Collections and Parking – Advance Notice

The community household waste collection service is being provided at the West Park recycling centre on a number of Saturday mornings over the coming months.

This is an extra free service to residents for the disposal of small bulky waste items and small electrical items. West Park has been a highly popular location for the service in the past.

A refuse collection vehicle and a caged vehicle will be parked at the recycling centre for residents to bring their waste items for disposal.

The recycling centre at West Park is being used for a community collection between 8am and 1130am on the following Saturdays: -

23 October, 13 November, 18 December, 8 January 2022, 15 January, 5 February

Therefore on the above Saturdays the recycling centre won’t be available for parking at all on the left side of the West park car park whilst the community collection is underway (although the rest of the car park will still be available as usual on the right side and won’t be affected).

You will not be able to park as shown below ............

May be an image of road

So we are giving you advanced notice to ensure you use the events field carpark, which can be utilised more than it is at the moment. This means to allow more time to get to us, this does not mean parking without care and causing other issues either in West park leisure centre by parking on the sides and not in allocated parking spaces.

The photo below was the events field carpark at 8.50am last Saturday ... plenty of space for you all!!

May be an image of road and tree

Or causing issues in the local residential streets blocking or parking close to road junctions or blind spots.

You can always run, walk, jog or cycle to us also!! Or car share!

Also great to utilise this community waste service collection.

Thanking you in advance and your consideration for parking in the coming weeks


Long Eaton parkrun #247

We were blessed with great running conditions this week and we even managed to get packed away and breakfast cobs consumed before the rain came down.

Thank you as ever to the fantastic volunteers this week. The event can't go ahead without them and it gets very frustrating that we more often than not get to Friday evening without a full roster. Please; if you are a regular parkrunner, spare three or four of your runs per year to volunteer.

347 runners were perfectly clocked across the line by our South Wales massive. David and Gemma now have jobs for life. Well; at 09:00 each Saturday, anyway!

Well done to the 46 first timers who joined us, and the 61 who picked up PBs. Didn't you all do well?!

I would like to remind our runners and volunteers that if you have to travel by car to get to us, please use the leisure centre car park, the overflow car park on the events field or one of the town centre car parks (0.75 of a mile to the start, so a gentle warm up). Parking on grass verges or blocking resident's driveways is not acceptable.

See you next week for more 5k shenanigans hosted by Lisa and the team!



Event 245 – The start of Autumn

A super 373 came to join us here at Long Eaton parkrun

Thanks to our amazing team of volunteers whom without we would be unable to stage the event. So please consider helping out and supporting, if you have a big race weekend and want a rest, unfortunately injured you can lend a hand to cheer your running friends on. All can be shown on the day, join the email for volunteer pleas and message us at longeaton@parkrun.com. Take a look at the roster and see if you can help out once week.

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Here's this weeks super heroes -
56 first timers some at the first timers briefing here and 63 PBs recorded, Ring the bell for you all here on the write up well done all!
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Unfortunately we can not have additional announcements fior the run briefing like before to celebrate millstones due to gathering you together for too long in a closer grouping. We had some milestones to celebrate for Richards 100th and a pb! John for his 50th 1st time with us also with a pb!
May be an image of 3 people, people standing, outdoors and text that says '50 didas'
May be an image of 1 person, standing and outdoors
Also noted Adam Trembirth for his 50th also!
So please come see the Run Director for a picture so we can get you in this report!
If you discover them and taken home, please return back to us!!
Enjoy the rest of your week all and see you on the 25th September.
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