Longrun Meadow Parkrun #137 – 14th May 2016 No corners cut on our watch!

A slightly chillier morning than we anticipated! However, that did not stop all 304 of you attending this morning's run, along with those important volunteers who helped to make it happen.

It was great, as usual, to be able to host tourists from: Wolverhampton, Nottingham, Peterborough and South Africa! A huge welcome, and feel free to join us anytime. The same goes to our 26 first timers.

Another great day for PBs; well done to all 58 of you. Apologies for not writing all 58 names, but here are a few: Rob Smyth - First man and PB, Laurie Husband, Paul Hake, Helen Jenkins, Georgina and Robert Turner (crossing the line at the same time), Thomas Prouse, Lincoln Andrews and Yvonne Loat.

The Centurion Headwear made its appearance again today and this time on the head of Barry Holder! Congratulations on your 100th Parkrun Barry, from us all. Congratulations to Roger Simon for completing his 50th run! We also have two of today's runners in arms reach of their important milestone - Pat Date on 99 and Rachael Holden on 49! See you both next week (don't forget the cakes ;-))

For all of you who thought you had escaped the paparazzi today, you did not! Dave was armed with his camera to capture your smiling faces!

I hope you all manage to enjoy the glorious sunshine, BBQs a go go! Good luck to all running in races tomorrow.

See you next week.

Cheryl Doherty