Longrun Meadow parkrun 18th November 2017

Run Report Thanks to Dave Bullock

An overcast day on Longrun Meadow saw 377 people run and jog the 2 lap course. We welcomed 32 first timers today, with visitors from Bristol, Reading, Lincoln and South Africa. We hope you enjoyed running in the meadow and that we see you again. I am sure we will have more new runners soon as I noticed Taunton Running club had 51 people on their couch to 5k group that started this week. Impressive well done TRC. I know also that Taunton Running Forever also have a beginners group and they have been seen testing themselves at parkrun. Keep up the good work both clubs

The conditions must have been good today as 84 of you recorded new Personal Bests. For the majority this is what parkrun is all about. It’s not a race, it’s a social timed run in the park. The only real competition is against yourself. A mental battle, testing how far you are prepared to push your physical boundaries. Some days you feel good and don’t run how you want to. Other days you don’t feel great, you relax and run better. Personally I have failed to feel good and run the time I want. I think it may be age!!! A special mention must go to Joe Wharton who celebrated his 100th parkrun with a PB with an impressive time of 19:59. Joe has really embraced parkrun, as has the rest of his family. They have also volunteered on a regular basis. Thanks Joe for the chocolates, but more importantly the “Thank You” card given to the Core team. Really appreciated the kind words and it makes all the effort worthwhile.

Other PB’s today came from the following. It gets harder to get a PB when you have run a lot of times so the following PB’s are for those who have run over 10 times. They are also listed in order of who has run the most. So well done to: Louise Mackley 27:48, David Edwards 18:20, Clive Linththorne 27:23, Amy Wills 25:46, Joe Orme 18:21, Carl Moppett 24:12, Lisa Windsor 31:43, Iain Gibson 26:24, Milly Wingfield 28:48, Daniel Gibson 19:21, Jeannette Street 31:34, Edward Herbert 22:44, Simon Green 23:55, Lucy Knight 26:50, Emma Kiernan 19:38, Harriet Kelly 23:29, Gareth Parsons 31:46, Karen Dockings 25:16, Darren Purchase 31:55, Jason Louis 19:49, Emma Studd 22:57, Lucy Halford 28:43, Paula Bisatt 35:43, George Gilham 21:01, Ashley Dingle 27:29, Brianna Chapple-Hyam 28:31, Jemma Crowhurst 36:56, Megan Atkinson 25:17, Rebecca Santiago 34:05, Matt Jones 23:55, Cathrine Sharland 29:28, Dorcas Hanson 30:12, Andy Nation 20:45, Rohan Narang 29:01, Sunil Narang 29:02, Emily Severn 39:23, Percy Edwards 24:54, Louisa Ridgley 29:10, Mel Huggins 30:18, Kaye Frounks 36:50,

All of you guys couldn’t achieve your PB’s and the rest of us could not have run today if it was not for those that gave up their time to volunteer. They are my unsung heroes, so a huge thanks you to Andy George, Barry Holder, Bridget Norris, Caroline Barratt, Christine Walton, Claire Martin, Derek White, Georgina Osmond, Jan Burton, John Ward, Martin Boizot, Mike Cadman, Miles Pearce Nic Monteiro, Nick Morris, Peter Williams, Sandra Williams and Sean Walton. If you have not volunteered yet why not sign up on the scanning table on Saturdays. If we all could volunteer every 20 times you run then the regulars can run more! The jobs aren’t difficult, they just require a bit of your time. Their first job this morning was to sort our new finish tokens. Some were not scanning well, by the lack of emails so far I think the new ones have worked well!!!

Thanks also to those that spent an hour on Friday putting bark chippings around the finish and the walk to the scanning table. Thanks to the DLO for sorting it, thanks Barry Holder and Craig Whitemore.

We are trying to conquer the muddy straight next week on Friday 24th 2pm start. If you can help and give us a hour or two to shift more bark shippings then it would be really appreciated. The more the merrier. If you have a wheelbarrow then bring it along, if you have a dumper truck I could kiss you!! You can park by the double gates on field 4

For those interested about the speedy runners and who did cross the line first the for the men William Collins 17:14, the 2nd runner forgot their barcode, ever present Marcus Albano crossed the line 3rd in 17:57. For the ladies: Emma Kieran 19:38, Sophia Wilson 21:03 and Samantha Wharton 21:08. A special mention must go to 10 year old Ryan Reed who ran 19:31 today