Longrun Meadow parkrun report 7th December 2019

Report by Nadine Prouse

The meaning of parkrun according to google.

“A collection of 5km running events that take place every Saturday morning at over 1400 locations in 22 countries across 5 continents.

parkrun events are free to enter and are run by volunteers supported by a small group of staff at its headquarters”


parkrun means so many things to many different people. For some it means being at the front and coming first week after week, note I didn’t say win, after all it’s not a race.

For others it’s enjoying racing against yourself and beating last weeks time or a recent pb but for the majority it’s about taking part in something inclusive.

I spoke to a few people today and asked them to sum up in a few words what parkrun meant to them. It was really interesting that the same words came up a number of times.

Community, fun, encouragement, fresh air, exercise, mental wellbeing, social and probably one of the best; “It’s always someone’s first time”.

So, if you’ve been thinking about coming along then you will never be on your own.

It has been so wonderful to see over the last few years the average time is getting slower and this means parkrun is attracting more and more people that just want to be active with likeminded people.

Having tail walked today I can 110% vouch that the parkrunners at the back put just as much effort. In. Walking is very much acceptable, and you will always be very welcome.

No one comes last at parkrun as that’s the tailwalker’s job.


Longrun Meadow First finishers today were

Men : 1st Adam Holland, 2nd Unknown and 3rd Mawgan Andrew.

Ladies: 1st Emma Rathbone, 2nd Nicole King and 3rd Emma Kiernan


There was a whopping 42 PB’s which I’m sure was due to the virtually dry course and 33 First timers to Long run Meadow.

Well done to the team from Bishop Fox’s school who completed their couch 2 5k today.

A big thankyou to all the volunteers too, who always wear the biggest smiles. Don’t forget to add your name to the list. I can promise you that you will find it very rewarding.

Visitors came from Australia, Frome, Lincs, Woolacombe, Pontyridd, Chippenham and also Bushy park. I had the pleasure of Les’s company who was visiting from Bushy park. Les is in the VM80-84 and today was his 393rd parkrun. Now that is inspiring!


Don’t forget Saturday 21st December is our Christmas themed parkrun. Always a fun event.



Saturday 2nd February. Longrun Meadow parkrun is CANCELLED today

Due to a hard Frost last night the course is unsafe to run with the slush turned to ice.

Stay in bed and see you all next week


Weather Warning – Possible course cancellation

1st Feb 2019

Hi All

The course is very slushy and if it freezes tonight we are likely to cancel.

Please don't come to Longrun in the morning without checking on our Facebook page first.  we will post by 8am at the latest.

Will try to post on this page if I can access the website!

Dave ED


Longrun Meadow parkrun 18th November 2017

Run Report Thanks to Dave Bullock

An overcast day on Longrun Meadow saw 377 people run and jog the 2 lap course. We welcomed 32 first timers today, with visitors from Bristol, Reading, Lincoln and South Africa. We hope you enjoyed running in the meadow and that we see you again. I am sure we will have more new runners soon as I noticed Taunton Running club had 51 people on their couch to 5k group that started this week. Impressive well done TRC. I know also that Taunton Running Forever also have a beginners group and they have been seen testing themselves at parkrun. Keep up the good work both clubs

The conditions must have been good today as 84 of you recorded new Personal Bests. For the majority this is what parkrun is all about. It’s not a race, it’s a social timed run in the park. The only real competition is against yourself. A mental battle, testing how far you are prepared to push your physical boundaries. Some days you feel good and don’t run how you want to. Other days you don’t feel great, you relax and run better. Personally I have failed to feel good and run the time I want. I think it may be age!!! A special mention must go to Joe Wharton who celebrated his 100th parkrun with a PB with an impressive time of 19:59. Joe has really embraced parkrun, as has the rest of his family. They have also volunteered on a regular basis. Thanks Joe for the chocolates, but more importantly the “Thank You” card given to the Core team. Really appreciated the kind words and it makes all the effort worthwhile.

Other PB’s today came from the following. It gets harder to get a PB when you have run a lot of times so the following PB’s are for those who have run over 10 times. They are also listed in order of who has run the most. So well done to: Louise Mackley 27:48, David Edwards 18:20, Clive Linththorne 27:23, Amy Wills 25:46, Joe Orme 18:21, Carl Moppett 24:12, Lisa Windsor 31:43, Iain Gibson 26:24, Milly Wingfield 28:48, Daniel Gibson 19:21, Jeannette Street 31:34, Edward Herbert 22:44, Simon Green 23:55, Lucy Knight 26:50, Emma Kiernan 19:38, Harriet Kelly 23:29, Gareth Parsons 31:46, Karen Dockings 25:16, Darren Purchase 31:55, Jason Louis 19:49, Emma Studd 22:57, Lucy Halford 28:43, Paula Bisatt 35:43, George Gilham 21:01, Ashley Dingle 27:29, Brianna Chapple-Hyam 28:31, Jemma Crowhurst 36:56, Megan Atkinson 25:17, Rebecca Santiago 34:05, Matt Jones 23:55, Cathrine Sharland 29:28, Dorcas Hanson 30:12, Andy Nation 20:45, Rohan Narang 29:01, Sunil Narang 29:02, Emily Severn 39:23, Percy Edwards 24:54, Louisa Ridgley 29:10, Mel Huggins 30:18, Kaye Frounks 36:50,

All of you guys couldn’t achieve your PB’s and the rest of us could not have run today if it was not for those that gave up their time to volunteer. They are my unsung heroes, so a huge thanks you to Andy George, Barry Holder, Bridget Norris, Caroline Barratt, Christine Walton, Claire Martin, Derek White, Georgina Osmond, Jan Burton, John Ward, Martin Boizot, Mike Cadman, Miles Pearce Nic Monteiro, Nick Morris, Peter Williams, Sandra Williams and Sean Walton. If you have not volunteered yet why not sign up on the scanning table on Saturdays. If we all could volunteer every 20 times you run then the regulars can run more! The jobs aren’t difficult, they just require a bit of your time. Their first job this morning was to sort our new finish tokens. Some were not scanning well, by the lack of emails so far I think the new ones have worked well!!!

Thanks also to those that spent an hour on Friday putting bark chippings around the finish and the walk to the scanning table. Thanks to the DLO for sorting it, thanks Barry Holder and Craig Whitemore.

We are trying to conquer the muddy straight next week on Friday 24th 2pm start. If you can help and give us a hour or two to shift more bark shippings then it would be really appreciated. The more the merrier. If you have a wheelbarrow then bring it along, if you have a dumper truck I could kiss you!! You can park by the double gates on field 4

For those interested about the speedy runners and who did cross the line first the for the men William Collins 17:14, the 2nd runner forgot their barcode, ever present Marcus Albano crossed the line 3rd in 17:57. For the ladies: Emma Kieran 19:38, Sophia Wilson 21:03 and Samantha Wharton 21:08. A special mention must go to 10 year old Ryan Reed who ran 19:31 today



Longrun Meadow parkrun Number 182 – 18th March 2017

As I mentioned in my Run brief this morning, last night I was at the pub. I know it’s hard to believe for such a highly tuned athlete!! However a friend asked “So what this parkrun all about to make you turn up every week?”

For me and the reason why I got involved to set the event up some 3 .5 years ago was that’s it’s about the people. I was chatting today and 2 people said they love parkrun more for the social side than the run itself.

The first group of people are those that want to be physically active to improve their health and wellbeing. parkrun is inclusive, nobody is judging you even if you think your bum is a bit big or your beer belly has made your “six-pack” go south!! Yes, it’s impressive to see some of our athletes run around our 5k course in 17-20mins however I am inspired more by those who complete the course in 40 – 55 mins. Most would not describe themselves as runners and some may struggle to get around, but what is great is that they come back for more in an attempt to improve and get a PB. If I was sad enough to sit down and count, I could probably draw up a list of 200+ people who have started as non-runners, caught the bug, joined a club like Taunton Running Club, Taunton Running Forever, Taunton Athletics club or the Quantock Harriers and now run 10k’s, half marathons or even marathons. I am highlighting Kirsti Nelson and Ali Wassey are great examples, but really to congratulate them for their mad idea along with Duncan Gordon to run 4 half marathons in 4 weeks raising money for Charity. One down and 3 to go, good luck tomorrow

parkun is also inclusive of age. We have had a 4 year complete the course as well as an 84 year old. So the second group are the ever present people who have caught the parkrun bug like my hero Tom Moore. I won’t be rude and give away Toms age but he is in the final year of the 70-74 age group category!!. He started parkrun when Longrun started and now has run 174 parkruns, 159 of them at Longrun Meadow. Everyone has been run with a smile on his face and I think the only ones he has missed in 3.5 years are the ones where he has volunteered or been away. If he has been away he has made sure he has found a local run to take part in. Tom has also attended all the bark chippings spreading sessions.

The third group are those with a big heart who love the social side of parkrun and find it just as or even more rewarding to volunteer rather than run. They are happy to give something back to the community so you all can run. parkrun can’t operate without volunteers and thanks to the 750+ of you that actually have given up your Saturday mornings. Please don’t hesitate to volunteer by emailing Longrunmeadowhelpers@parkrun.com with your availability. A special thanks must go to stalwarts Jamie Hill and Jan Burton who are in the 100 club. However a special mention goes to our resident photographer Mike Cadman who is ever present to take those great photos many of you have said they love to see. What makes him turn up every week? I think it’s being part of the parkrun family!

A special thanks you also to the 18 volunteers who spent about 90 minutes yesterday afternoon to load, wheelbarrow and spread bark chippings on the muddy straight. Thanks also to the Taunton Deane DLO for providing them

Ok enough of the above what happened today?  This week 305 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 58 recorded new Personal Bests. The event was made possible by 20 volunteers.  We had visitors from Hull, London and ????, I hope you enjoyed the course.  29 were first timers and we hope you come back on a regular basis


Congratulations to Miles Pearce for joining the 50 club today and thanks for the cakes

For those who are interested in who does well Hannah Taunton, was first (first overall) over the line in 17:34, Kirstie Booth, was second (6th overall) over the line in 19:03. Caroline Norris was third (25th overall) over the line in 20:54.  Marcus Albano, was first (second overall) over the line in 18:15 Matthew Evans was second (third overall) over the line in 18:44 with Craig Whitemore was third (4th overall) over the line in 18:48.

See you next week



Longrun Meadow parkrun #175 28th January 2017

From a misty start we saw the sun welcome 327 hardy souls to Longrun Meadow for a puddle strewn parkrun.

We welcomed runners from Salisbury, Exeter, Suffolk, Northampton, Leicester, Bognor Regis, Milton Keynes and Barking. We also welcomed Gareth Rexworthy, Harrow who chose to run his tenth parkrun at Longrun Meadow.

Your RD for today Nic Monteiro reminded us that February 11th will see our Valentine themed fancy dress. Themes are red, hearts, flowers, cupid ….

Another reminder that next week February 4th we will have pacers running for the first time. The aim being to encourage those new to running, to start or to up their pace a little. Kirk Shepherd will be leading the pacers. Let me know if you want to volunteer as a pacer.

We are very grateful to the volunteers who made this event happen: Claire Allison, Josh Alvarez, Caroline Barratt, Michael Cadman, Kristiana Carrington, Kevin Dunn, Zoey Elston, Jamie Hill, Hannah Linton, Alexandra Linton, Yvonne Loat, Ed Loat, Nik Matravers, Nic Monteiro, Ian Newsham, Michelle Owen, Miles Pearce, Alison Wasey, Philip West, Kevin Willcocks, Liz Williams
If you’d like to volunteer please email in to longrunmeadowhelpers@parkrun.com

A big thank you once again to the scouts for providing tea and coffee at such reasonable prices, much appreciated in these colder months.

Today’s first to cross the line was Arthur Pease (JM11-14) of Avon Valley Runners, in 17:39 his first appearance at Longrun Meadow. Hot on his heels was Eliot Haimes (VM35-39) in 17:55. Eliot has been first to finish on 21 previous occasions.
Marcus Albano (VM35-39) of CSSC Sports & Leisure, was third over the line in 18:27.
For the ladie’s Kirstie Booth (VW35-39) of Taunton AC, was first (13th overall) over the line in 20:04.
Caroline Norris (SW30-34) of Pembrokeshire Harriers AAC, was second (17th overall) over the line in 20:14.
Elizabeth Heal (VW45-49) of Taunton AC, was third (37th overall) over the line in 21:50.
Of our 327 runners, 42 were first timers and 54 recorded new Personal Bests. Representatives of 31 different athletics clubs took part. Congratulations to all who got PBs today.
David Edwards 18:42, Scott Hunter 18:44, Richard Rowe 19:46, Max Earp 20.07, Andy Simmons 21:01, Spencer Earp 21:03, Julius Naim 21:08, Duncan Verel 21:41, Chris Wyatt 21:54, Jo Keogan 22:03, Rhys Hatherall 22:07, Darren Wakefield 22:39, Miranda Banwell 23:52, Josephine Currie 24:10, Tim MacDonald 24:24, Richard Toomey 24:38, Edgar Billett 24:58, Trevor Stow 25:02, Gary Barnes 25:27, Oscar Wadey 25:53, Adam Levine 26:16, Adrian Mcguinness 26:24, Joanne Langford 26:35, John Edwards 27:09, Rhys White 27:14, William Mackenzie 27:17, Michael Scott 27:36, Jana Smutna 28:19, Christopher Reah 28:20, Stuart Mackenzie 28:37, Zara Hunt 28:41, Seth Mountstephens 28:45, Andrew Crocombe 29:02, Megan Smith 29:03, Jack Lewis 29:33, Nick Sellick 29:34, Hannah Plowman 29:39, Laura Smith 29:47, Natalie Macdonald 30:45, Beth Greenslade 31:02, Sarah Venn 31:31, Karen Slade 31:33, Helen Robson 31:40, Anna White 32:17, Darren Wellman 32:28, Joanne Reah 32:59, Suzanna Horsfall 34:03, Olivia Mangnall 34:37, Rosy James 35:35, Lee Lawrence 38:17, Sharon Hayes 38:29, Samantha Sipthorpe 38:37, Bonnie Bow-Thompson 38:50, Martine Thurtle 41:01.

See you all when we do it all again next week.

Jamie Hill


Longrun Meadow parkrun Event number 174 21st January 2017

Run report thanks to Dave Bullock

On a beautiful freezing and crisp morning 301 brave runners braved the elements to run the 2 lap Longrun Meadow course.  Numbers have picked up in January with today being the 3rd consecutive week there has been over 300 runners.  How long will many of you stick to your new year’s resolution?

Welcome to the 36 newcomers today, we hope you enjoyed our course and that you come back on a regular basis and get the parkrun bug.  We had visitors today from

A special thank you to all the volunteers who wrapped up warm, and helped us out so we all could run.  A couple of juniors today as well who looked a bit cold at the end.  I hope you have thawed out now.

Congratulations to Graham Cartwright for completing his 50th parkrun today and to our regular juniors Zac and Milly Monteiro who celebrated their 14th Birthday today.  The have run an impressive 136 & 128 parkruns respectively - respect

Again the reverse route proves to be popular, certainly helping with congestion at the start with large numbers allowing runners to get off to a faster start.  65 of us agreed with new Personal Bests.  So hears the list of all those that have achieved a PB and have run Longrun 5 or more times.  Janet Pollard, Wendy Kelvin, Hannah Taunton, Chris Fitzsimmons, Gill Taunton, Dave Bullock, Kirk Shepherd, Elizabeth Heal, Colin Robins, Mary Brown, Helen Rowe, Daniel Fowler, Paula Summerfield Walters, Sallie Durman, David Edwards, Scott Watkins, Richard Smith, Mark Always, Kat Perry, Rhys White, Sharon Hooper, George Sherwin, Stuart Vile, Rachel Nicholls, Andy George, Joanne Langford, Samantha Key, Shirley Yuan, Nicole Orme, Marc Arscott, Darren Wakefield, Mark Bysouth, Kevin Stratton, Karen Curtis, David Pomeroy, Chris Mercer, Paul Green, Sadie Ellison, Naomi Moore, Thomas Greenslade, Shelley Clothier, Emma Kiernan, Adam Levine, Rowan Sheppard, Millicent Aspden, Megan Atkinson, Mark Gerrard, Kate Reed and Andrew Sheppard

For the women, Hannah Taunton of Taunton AC, was first over the line in 17:25 to gain a new PB.  She is now only 5 seconds off the course record.  Kirstie Booth of Taunton AC, was second over the line in 19:29.  Emma Kiernan of Axe Valley Runners, was third over the line in 19:53.  For the men, Robert Tuer of Hercules Wimbledon AC, was first over the line in 17:04.  Eliot Haimes was second over the line in 17:10.  Scott Watkins of Bristol and West AC, was third over the line in 17:19

See you all next week



Longrun Meadow parkrun 10th December 2016

On a damp December morning 212 runners completed the 2 lap 5k course to start the weekend on a high.  The numbers were a bit lower than normal but its par for December with all the Xmas parties and shopping to do!!  We welcomed 13 were first timers, with tourists coming from Bromley, Bedford Lakes, London, Worcester, Chepstow.  We hope to see you again.

With little wind 36 recorded new Personal Bests. So congratulations to Kate Drew, Chris Brown, Ben Wharton, Simon Malley, Paul Finnimore, Stephen Ponter, Michael Reep, Lloyd Taylor, Harriet Pryke, Miranda Banwell, Mark Kelly, Adam Bryant, Ben Dayer, Robert Turner, Anthony Denne, Mark Always, Stuart Vile, Alex Parris, Samuel Jordon, John Allaway, Steve Upham, Kate Reed, Peter Johnson, Alexandra Wade, Jon Scott, Andrea Medin, Samantha Key, Sallianne Green, Henry Pal, Karen Slade, Shelley Clothier, Nicky Smith,  Carole Speed, Paul Green, Diana Violet, Ross Masters

For me what I love about parkrun is that we get people of all shapes and sizes and ages, just happy to run and not be judged.  Today was no exception.  We hope parkrun has motivated some to lead more active and healthier lifestyles.  Today saw our 5,500 different runner take part, an amazing achievement

Today we had 2 birthday boys all in the veteran category, both an inspiration to all of us.  I just hope I am still able to walk at 70, let alone run 5k.  Joe Rowe celebrated his 70th Birthday and completed his 17th parkrun.  Thanks for the cakes Joe.  He even managed to get his clan run in canary yellow Norwich City Tops.  Tom Moore, my hero is 74 today.  He completed his 161st parkrun and only started when Longrun Meadow parkrun started just over 3 years ago.  He has not missed many.  Tom that’s a distance of 500 miles

We also had more cakes thanks to Bridget Norris who completed her 100th run today, dressed in her centurion hat.  She was supported all the way around by her husband Tim and daughter Caroline.  Jenny Sanderson also completed her 50th run today as well.

Thanks to all the volunteers who dedicated their time so we can all run.  A special thanks from me to all of you have embraced the volunteering spirit.  I noticed the roster was full for the next few weeks as well.

Just a reminder of the Christmas runs.  The 24th December run will be our traditional fancy dress run so, come in your tinsel, hats and whatever tickle your fancy.  No doubt there will be some prizes for the best outfit.  We are also running on Christmas Day, 9.00am.  Normally there is a great atmosphere, so come on down and start the day with a run and then have a guilt free day indulging on the festive fayre.  We will also be running as normal on 31st December.  The is no parkrun on new years day.

As for the run today if you want to know the placings, Hannah Taunton led the field home for the 2nd time. Male placings: Jonny Reep was first over the line in 18:23, Andrew Hanson was second over the line in 18:51, Rob Simon was third over the line in 18:58.  Female placings: Hannah Taunton was first over the line in 17:46, Kate Drew was second over the line in 19:03, Harriet Pryke was third over the line in 22:45.

Off to do some shopping now – cant wait – NOT!



Longrun Meadow parkrun #166 3rd December 2016

Good Afternoon fellow parkrunners

Thank You for coming we had 214 runners, Visitors from around the country (apologies having a blonde moment and can't remember where from) 35 PBs and 12 First Timers today. Running conditions were good no Muddy Puddles!!
Can not believe we are now in December, soon another parkrun Year over.... But Lots to look forward to including fancy dress and Christmas Day parkrun.. Great way to cl...ear your head and belly before the Christmas dinner hits..

parkrun wouldn't happen without our Lovely Volunteers, our photographers and most welcomed hot drink trolley! please check any free slots on the website

First man in today Rob Simon 19:02 second man Ian Salter 19:05 and third man Craig Whitemore 19:08
First lady in Caroline Norris 19:53 PB as well! Second lady Samantha Wharton 20:55 and Third lady Elizabeth Heal 22:54

Kevin Manning and Chris Sanders completed their 50th runs and Bod/Paul Matravers his 100th run... thank you for the chocolates x

Here goes the PB list... One day I hope to join you again lol..
Chris Sandersm Robert Squibb, Mawgen Andrew, Chris Mercer, Rob Brown, Oliver Powell, Jason Cook, Jason Nicholls, Graham Foster, Darren Wakefield, Tom Mercer, Becca Locke, Wendy Bowles, Adam Bryant, Ian Potter, Adam Tidmarsh, Stuart Vile, John Edwards, Gary Barnes, Adam Levine,Peter Johnson, Carl Moppett, Beth Wharton, Nikki Hill (remembered your barcode!) Darren Andrew, Sharon Tucker, Iain Russell, Nicola Price, Samantha Key, Nik Matravers, Shelley Clothier, Thomas Greenslade, Nicky Smith and Dawn Morton.... There all down! Always the fear the ipad will crash on me...

Enjoy the rest of your weekend whether it be Shopping, nights out or with your feet up! Hope to see you next week. Remember Junior parkrun tomorrow.

Bye for now
Sarah-Elizabeth Fudge

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