Longrun Meadow Parkrun Event 165 2016-11-26

Afternoon fellow Parkrunners  Welcome to this weeks report. Hope you all had a good start to the day with not too many getting wet feet. 214 Runners, visitors from Plymton (hope you enjoyed the hot chocolates) Burnham-on-sea, Preston and Wells.

Parkrun have teamed up with ERS to provide durable ...
Plastic personal barcodes. Allows you to record emergency contact details and making a small contribution to parkrun costs. Ive seen them and as a barcode scanner at times to have that instead of a crumpled up sweaty barcode to scan would be a great help!
Volunteering is a great way to help out, make friends and have fun! Even being a TailRunner is a great way to take the pressure off running too slow or fast. Thanks to Emilie Janaway! Each week the volunteer sheets are out or do it online at longrunmeadowhelpers@parkrun.co.uk Also thank you to Bishops Hull Scout Group tea stand!
Big shout out goes to the Volunteer team this week who helped cut the flooded corner off and put gravel on potential trip hazards left behind from the bad weather at the start of the week.

1st Man in this week Gary Standinger 17:19 PB! 2nd man Rob Simon 18:50 and 3rd man Craig Whitemore 18:53

1st Lady Hannah Taunton 17:30 thats 11 seconds faster than your last PB. Now was it due to a good night out or your new hair style?! 2nd Caroline Norris 20:27 3rd lady Samantha Wharton 22:20 Brilliant effort everyone one.

We had 14 First Timers and 36 PBs...... Amazing effort to gain it whether its your 3rd run to your 122nd. The PB list of fame...
Paul Green, Leanne Taylor, Stephanie Smith, Nik Matravers, Genna Burnard, Andy George, Iris Medin-Moppetr, Sophie Barrett, Clare Barlow, Tara Gale, Jon Scott, Lisa Howes, Adam Levine, Gary Barnes, Philip West, Aaron Bisgrove, John Edwards, Stuart Vile, Steve Upham, Vicky Hanna, Lorraine Ayres, Christine Walton, Ben Dayer, Nicola Carter, Ian Potter, Robert Turner, Wendy Margrett, Naomi Moore, Becky Laver, Norman Ngao, James Stone, Graham Foster, Robert Squibb, Adam O'Shea, Ian Salter and the some of the top 3 men and woman.
Welcome back this week to Rob Odams who has survived a horrific crash and recovered enough to run again!

Next week is the start of December!! Hope everyone is looking forward to the festive season. No my tree is not going up until December! Looking forward to seeing you all next week. Remember Jnr Parkrun tomorrow!
Sarah-Elizabeth Fudge


Longrun Meadow parkrun 19th November 2016

Happy parkrun day! There is much to report this week …

It was cold and wet today, at least at the start. It obviously warmed up as many runners discarded their outer layers after the first lap. 243 runners took part today, including 16 new to parkrun, and visitors to Longrun Meadow from Carlisle, Hull, Plymouth, Brighton, Isle of Wight …. Welcome all! I am sure there were newcomers among the “unknowns” too, so welcome to you too – try and bring a barcode next time.

For the first time (as far as I can discover) the first runner over the finish line was female. Hannah Taunton came in once again under 18 mins – at 17:45 despite the puddles she was only 4 seconds off her pb. Well done Hannah, you keep amazing us!

Second today, and first male, was Chris Hamilton in 18:04, followed by Elliot Haimes (18:37). Second female was Emma Kiernan (20:09) while Sophia Wilson was third lady in 20:47.   Congratulations on your pb, Sophia.

I counted 18 pbs today, including (to mention just a few) Matthew Harker, Robert Turner, Nicole Wyatt, Heather Mayne, Andy George, Michael Threlfall, Steve Upham and Nat Prowse (who took a whole minute off the previous pb and is now so close to going under 30 mins). Great running everyone!

Before the start, Dave thanked those who had donated to help buy the new defibrillator, which is now available for use. Of course, we hope it will never be needed, but if it is it could well save a life. The core team will be trained to use it.

One milestone that we know of – Ella Pal ran her 50th parkrun today. Very well done, Ella! We said happy birthday to Becky, who ran today.

A bout of Somerset Malingering Plague meant that I was unfit for anything more energetic than drinking hot chocolate and taking a turn with the cow bell. It was lovely to support the runners, and I am sure the fresh air helped. It’s also nice to feel involved, which is one good reason to volunteer occasionally. Sign-up sheets are on the table in the Oak Barn each week, or you can visit the website to check the roster, then email longrunmeadowhelpers@parkrun.com. As always, a big thank you to all the volunteers without whom parkrun can’t take place.

The hot chocolate was provided by Bishops Lydeard Scouts from their individually custom-built tea trolley. Hot choc, tea and coffee are all a very reasonable 50p, except for their exciting new special – hot chocolate with marshmallows, whipped cream and chocolate sprinkles for £1. Check out Kev’s photo in this week’s album.

See you next week!

Yvonne Loat


Longrun Meadow parkrun 5th December 2016

Longrun Meadow parkrun welcomed 37 first timer today with tourists coming from Little Stoke, Coventry, Cardiff, Pontypridd and the home of parkrun – Bushy Park. We hoped you enjoyed Longrun

You cannot run without volunteers so thank you for all those who gave up their time so you could run. It was great to see a couple of juniors helping out today. Jack Odams will be a regular for a few weeks as he completes his Duke of Edinburghs award. Alicia Andrews volunteered as she was injured. None of the jobs are daunting so if you have not volunteered yet they why don’t you sign the volunteer sheet on run day or email Longrunmeadowhelpers@parkrun.com with your availability.

268 runners complete the 5K course today, with a couple more starting their parkrun journey by completing 1 lap. The conditions were ideal for running this morning with 59 runners making the most of cool, sunny and windless conditions as they recorded a PB. A special mention must go to Andy George who I spoke to after the run. He started running as he wanted to improve his health. He has now run 9 times, getting quicker each week to record 8 PB’s on the bounce. He said it has also helped him mentally as well.

I ran on Wednesday with Running Forever and I chatted to a GP about an article I read about the ease of prescribing a pill or the prescription of going on an exercise plan. The conclusion was although most doctors realise the benefits of exercise the limited 6-10 appointment time makes prescribing a pill the easy option as prescribing an exercise programme takes so much more time. The awkward conversation, the right exercise plan and the time required to follow it up.   Personally getting the parkrun “bug” has helped me over the last 3 year. Apart from the 2 stone weight loss, I feel fitter, both physically and mentally. The Longrun Meadow parkrun family has really helped. I am sure a lot of you feel the same.

Anyhow back to the run today! Damn the little tackers are getting quick! Two Under 14’s in the first 3 to cross the line in the men’s standings. Lee Dart of Exeter Harriers, was first over the line in 17:34 and Tom Heal of Taunton AC third over the line in 17:38. Only Chris Hamilton second in 17:36 stopped the junior domination.

Junior power also came on top in the women’s standings with Under 14 Charlotte Brown of Taunton AC, was first over the line in 21:32. Emily Rowe was second over the line in 22:34. Sarah Capstick of Running Forever Running Club, was third over the line in 22:35

Just an update on what’s happening over Christmas.  We will do our fancy dress parkrun on Saturday 17th December.  I am sure we will have prizes for the most creative of you.  We will also be running as normal on Saturday 24th December.  For those who fancy 2 parkuns in 2 days we will also be running on Christmas Day 9.00am start.  Saturday 31st December is also business as normal.  At present we won’t be running on Sunday 1st December so that we don’t get in the way of junior parkrun.  There is a slight possibility we could start at 10am and perhaps help the junior parkrun beforehand.  We will keep you posted

Dave Bullock


Longrun Meadow Parkrun #158 –

Run Report thanks to Linda Forsyth
Happy Birthday to Us!

Hard to believe that 3 years ago the core team stood about by the barn wondering if anyone would come along for the first ever parkrun in Taunton. Happily many did, and the event has continued to flourish. Today 277 runners joined us to celebrate our 3rd birthday, including visitors from Tewkesbury, Bristol & Epsom.

The chosen theme for the day was leather the traditional gift for a 3rd anniversary and we had an interesting array of variations on this theme. Well done to the Stig lookalike who completed the run in full motorbike leathers and helmet, must have been a bit warm. Also Kev who looked just a wee bit too comfortable in his lederhosen with oompah musical accompaniment, too much time in the Bierkeller Kev?

Centurion for the Day was Ali Wasey who celebrated her 100th parkrun today. Nice t-shirt Ali, you were going too quickly for me to read it properly … something about Magnum ice creams? Paul Cooper chose to dazzle the field with a suit of alarming brightness to mark his 50th birthday. Apologies to anyone with a hangover: that must have made your head hurt.

Another year gone meant the award for the annual points competition with Craig Whitmore scooping the male prize, although as he turned up in a leather dress today we are having to rethink whether this award still stands. Women’s champ for the year was Sarah Capstick. Junior awards went to Milly Monteiro and Ben Davies.

We ran the course in reverse today and it must have been a success as there were 68 PBs recorded. Far too many to list but they included Gill Taunton, Nik Matravers, Zac Monteiro, Andy Buswell, Chris Gibbs, Tom Moore and a brace of Loats; Ed & Matthew. Obviously the change agreed with you, we might try it again.

There were 25 runners making their Taunton debut and 10 who chose today to start their parkrun journey. Hopefully we’ll see you regularly. Nice to see a group of girls from Wellington School join us for the morning.

First over the reversed line today were Chris Hamilton, Marcus Albano & Daniel Talbot with the ladies being Hannah Taunton, Caroline Norris & Louise Evans. Well done to them and the other 271 of you.

Prior to the run, Event Director Dave Bullock told everyone that Longrun Meadow parkrun team are trying to raise money to buy a defibulator. We really hope we’ll never have cause to use it but to have one so close to the run might well make the biggest difference possible to anyone who did have a serious heart problem on the course.

There is a link below to the fundraising page, please donate if you are able. http://www.parkrun.org.uk/longrunmeadow/aboutus/

If everyone who ran today donated £1 we’d be very close being able to buy this lifesaving bit of kit.

Enjoy the rest of the weekend

The Mad Cow on the Timer


Longrun Meadow parkrun 28th May 2016

Good afternoon parkrunners,

No doubt many of you are glowing in contentment and self-pride at having completed another parkrun this morning (all with the exception of Craig W that is who is no doubt giving himself another strict talking to for not improving on his time ;-)). And why not? parkrun is a great reason to get up early and focus on the mental and physical challenge that lies ahead, with the added bonus of burning calories and sharing the fantastic community atmosphere that is so engaging at Longrun Meadow. Goodness knows what a Saturday morning would hold without it, although one thing is sure, we would all be the poorer for it.

297 runners toed the line in near perfect conditions this morning, GPS watches primed and laces tightly tied. Amongst the regulars, we welcomed visitors from Cardiff, Coventry, Plymouth, Milton Keynes and Liverpool as well as a young runner from Japan. I hope you all enjoyed the experience that Longrun Meadow parkrun offers and you will come back to visit us again soon. There were also 21 first timers and a massive 42 PBs – that is 14% of us; very well done to all of you.

With no runners reaching big milestones this week, there was unfortunately no cake! However, do not despair, Jannette Blair and Simon Bolam are well on their way towards the 50 marker, with Andy Buswell in the final stretch towards his 100, so with any luck normal cake feasts will be making a comeback soon!

First man past the post today was James Watson (16:38) second Phil Burden (16:39), and third Soren Adams (16:48) I don’t want to highlight your age too much Philip, but with an age-grade percentage of 89.10% that is seriously good running. Onto the ladies and, with the absence of several superb female runners, Caroline Norris scraped past the post first (20:37) in front of Tilly Woods (20:39) in second and Macey Barrett (21:33) in third. Tremendous effort by Macey in the JW11-14 category – keep it up!

Now a mention to our 16 volunteers who decided to ditch the trainers this week so we could all run; many thanks to you all. Please do volunteer from time to time, it really is the only way that parkrun can continue to operate; you can email one of the core team at longrunmeadowhelpers@parkrun.com to book a slot. Finally, a word to Mike Cadman – our resident photographer who has had to retire from photographic duties for the time being until his hip operation. Wishing you all the best Mike, stay in touch and hopefully we will see you skipping through the tall grasses at Longrun before too long. Thank you to stand-in Graham Foster for taking the snaps today. longrunmeadowhelpers@parkrun.comlongrunmeadowhelpers@parkrun.com

Have a great weekend all and hopefully see you again next week; same time, same place for ‘you are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream’…

Caroline Norris


Longrun Meadow Parkrun #137 – 14th May 2016 No corners cut on our watch!

A slightly chillier morning than we anticipated! However, that did not stop all 304 of you attending this morning's run, along with those important volunteers who helped to make it happen.

It was great, as usual, to be able to host tourists from: Wolverhampton, Nottingham, Peterborough and South Africa! A huge welcome, and feel free to join us anytime. The same goes to our 26 first timers.

Another great day for PBs; well done to all 58 of you. Apologies for not writing all 58 names, but here are a few: Rob Smyth - First man and PB, Laurie Husband, Paul Hake, Helen Jenkins, Georgina and Robert Turner (crossing the line at the same time), Thomas Prouse, Lincoln Andrews and Yvonne Loat.

The Centurion Headwear made its appearance again today and this time on the head of Barry Holder! Congratulations on your 100th Parkrun Barry, from us all. Congratulations to Roger Simon for completing his 50th run! We also have two of today's runners in arms reach of their important milestone - Pat Date on 99 and Rachael Holden on 49! See you both next week (don't forget the cakes ;-))

For all of you who thought you had escaped the paparazzi today, you did not! Dave was armed with his camera to capture your smiling faces!

I hope you all manage to enjoy the glorious sunshine, BBQs a go go! Good luck to all running in races tomorrow.

See you next week.

Cheryl Doherty


Longrun Meadow Parkrun #135 – More PBs Than You Could Ever Imagine

The sun came out again, and so did the runners with 297 of you running today. Not long until we hit that magic 300 again. There were 32 making their first run at Longrun and 19 doing their first ever parkrun. Hope you enjoyed it and that we’ll see you back soon.

We had visitors from Surrey, London, Cornwall, Hampshire and Gloucestershire, including one lady who was celebrating her birthday with a bit of par...krun tourism. We had 2 milestones today, 100 runs for David Bird and 10 runs for junior Max Watson. Hope you enjoyed claiming your milestone t-shirts.

Now to the PB count … an amazing 109 PBs achieved today! That’s about 35% of you, if I were to list you all we’d probably run out of internet so I’ll just say a huge big WELL DONE to you whether you knocked one second or several minutes off your time. Must have been something in the air today, hope it comes back next week as my PB is gathering cobwebs it’s so old.

First male finishers today with barcodes were Eliot Haimes (PB) with Scott Watkins (PB) and Keith Paul (PB). There were unknown runners in the mix but no barcode, no time, no exceptions. First lady over the line was Hannah Taunton (PB), followed by Louise Apsey (first timer) and Lyndsey Hollands.

We’re still looking for volunteers for the next few weeks with the 21st May looking very sparse … only a Run Director so far and she’s good but she’s not that good. Give something back a couple of times a year in the parkrun spirit. Sign up sheets at every run or email the address on the Longrun parkrun web page.

Enjoy the rest of the bank holiday weekend and come back and see us next week for another PB.

Timing this week so these PBs are all my fault


Longrun Meadow Parkrun #134 – The Sun Came Out to Play

After getting a bit of a soaking last week, we approached this morning’s parkrun wearing many layers and looking slightly distrusting of that yellow thing which appeared in the sky. Surely it wouldn’t stay long enough to see us all home (and dry).

Happily, the sun stayed out and 252 runners stayed dry, except those who were unable to avoid the puddles! We had visitors from Brighton, Ilfracome and Birmingham at our parkrun today and they had some lovely things to say about the course and the welcome they had received.

We welcomed 25 new parkrunners into the family today, it’s great to see so many new faces each week along with the old ones … and that’s not a reference to any regular runner who might or might not have had a bit of a big birthday this weekend … Gill Taunton!

The course must have been in good shape as there were 52 pbs today, that’s 1 in 5 runners beating their own pb this morning. I think this must be some sort of parkrun record. Well done everyone, hope you’ve been celebrating your achievement and we hope you’ll all be back next week to go even faster.

Celebrating her 100th parkrun this morning was Hannah Taunton, who was first lady over the line for the 83rd time. Hannah just missed a pb but she did achieve the best ever time for somebody running the whole course in a Roman helmet (Kirsti Nelson please note, Hannah kept the hat on ALL the way round). Second lady was Caroline Norris with Jessica Brown third home. Eliot Hames was first male finisher, Scott Watkins was second and Marcus Albano third over the line.

If you’re reading this then you’re probably a Longrun Meadow parkrunner and, if you are, then you’ll know that it doesn’t happen by magic, it happens because the volunteers make it happen. The volunteer rota is looking a bit bare for the next few weeks so please consider giving up your run for one week and help make it happen for others. If every regular runner volunteered once for every 20 times they ran we’d be delighted and it would let the regular volunteers get their running shoes on a few more times a year. None of the volunteer roles are difficult and many of them are suitable for children (with adult supervision). There’s a lovely purple parkrun t-shirt when you’ve volunteered 25 times and now it’s nearly summer, there’s less chance of hypothermia.

Have a great weekend


Run Director this week, tail runner last week, timer next week … please volunteer, I need a run!


Longrun Meadow parkrun #133 – This one’s for Little Stoke

In a week where parkrun was on the news and in the papers it was great to have 273 people to shepherd round Longrun Meadow. This week’s shenanigans served to remind me just how important parkrun is to me and caused me, and I suspect many others, to look at what parkrun has given us by way of achievement, friendship and muddy socks. It was great to hear that Taunton Deane Council fully support parkrun and what it brings to the community, and will be keeping it free. We’re all rooting for Little Stoke parkrun and hope their event stays where it belongs.   #lovelittlestoke

We had visitors from London and Ealing, hope you enjoyed your visit.   Fantastic to see 30 runners on their first visit to Longrun Meadow and an amazing 25 of those were on their first ever parkrun. Welcome to the family, we hope to see you back next week and the one after … it’s addictive!

The weather was kind during the week so the course had only a couple of sticky areas. However, the weather wasn’t quite so kind during the run with conditions more often seen in Scotland than Somerset. I was glad I had remembered my gloves and hat as well as my barcode. Huge thanks to the marshals out on the course who got a bit of a soaking but stayed cheery and supportive as well as the those at the finish who no longer have a barn to shelter in.

Today’s fast finishers were Oliver Berry (TAC) who was running with us for the first time, an unknown in second and Dan Wilde (TAC) in third. First lady finisher was Sarah Capstick (Running Forever), with Caroline Norris (Pembrokeshire Harriers) and Caro Wedgwood second and third.

A stonking 48 PB’s earned today. I applaud you all but I’d get an RSI if I listed you all. Enjoy the warm fuzzy glow of achievement and come back next week and smash it again. We had Carol Lloyd doing her 50th run and Oscar Pavey earning his 10 run tshirt. Well done!

If you’re feeling the parkrun love please volunteer to help out one Saturday, we can’t go ahead without 15 people who are prepared to give up their run and help others achieve their goals.

Linda the Tailrunner



parkrun Run Report 02/04/2016

This week at parkrun there were a whopping 260 runners! The busiest run of the year, with a total of 49 first timers and 26 different running clubs being represented! We welcomed a large amount of visitors today including parkrunners from Wolverhampton, Sheffield, Bristol, Bingley, Clevedon, Portsmouth, Pembrokeshire, Yorkshire, Bradford, Bournemouth, Hertfordshire and Cornwall.

A very well done to the 45 people who got PBs today – we hope to see more of them in the coming weeks ;). Four runners celebrated their 50th parkrun today – well done to Julie Morris, Simon Hancock, Lyndsey Hollands and Chris Gibbs who also got a new PB. Some of the other runners who got PBs today were: Samantha Lewis, Nick Hides, Clare Sealy, Matthew Capstick, Caleb Crook, Pheobe Hake, Daniel Thomas and Kyie Hollingshead.

In other news, Arthur the bear ran his 3rd parkrun at Longrun Meadow with his friend Matthew Loat, who helped him across the line. They both volunteered as tail runner last week - thank you J.

We were joined today by Hannah, who is making a short film about parkrun. She interviewed several people and filmed many of you runners. Hope you were all looking your best!

First to cross the line this week was Eliot Haimes with 17:26, second was Eric Evans with a new PB of 17:39 and third was Matthew Evans also with new PB of 17:49. Our first lady today was Penny Guess with 20:07, our second was Caroline Norris with a time of 20:44 and our third lady was Molly Brown with 22:01.

Thank you to the 19 volunteers that helped out at Longrun today. Many of the volunteers today are some of our regulars and were giving us a hand ahead of their run at Taunton Half-Marathon tomorrow – good luck to all of them tomorrow and also good luck to some of our visitors who are here for other events this weekend. As everyone knows, parkrun can’t run without volunteers so be sure to sign up and do you bit to help out our parkrun. 

Looking forward to seeing you all next week,

Milly Monteiro