Saturday 2nd February. Longrun Meadow parkrun is CANCELLED today

Due to a hard Frost last night the course is unsafe to run with the slush turned to ice.

Stay in bed and see you all next week


Weather Warning – Possible course cancellation

1st Feb 2019

Hi All

The course is very slushy and if it freezes tonight we are likely to cancel.

Please don't come to Longrun in the morning without checking on our Facebook page first.  we will post by 8am at the latest.

Will try to post on this page if I can access the website!

Dave ED


Longrun Meadow Parkrun #120 16th January 2016 (-1 degrees)

I'm not sure about you guys, but I feel that chilly run was much needed to kill off those lingering bugs and breathe in (as much as I could) that wintery air.

I didn't clock that many people who were brave enough to conquer the icy puddles - wanting to feel their feet this week! What I did see was the lovable 'muddy section' turn into what felt like a session at Airhop (other trampolining centres available).


A huge welcome to our tourists, I apologise I didn't manage to hear where you all came from, but did clock Langport and Cotswolds. Was great to have you join us!


Onto our stats! The first male runners in today were: 1st Gary Standinger 17:45, 2nd Keith Paul 18:23 & a new PB! and 3rd Marcus Albano 18:55.

The first females were: 1st Hannah Taunton 18:33, 2nd Emily Currie 20:47 & a new PB! and Jessica Brown 21:14. Must be something magical happening at 2nd position for those PBs!


There were 20 new PBs today and as it would take too long to name (fingers still numb), I have taken one from each minute! But huge well done to ALL 20 of you!! Here are a few: Willian Rees, Simon Moulding, Charlie Tingay, Peter Sanderson, Brian Coles, Paul Patchett, Helen Moffatt, Chris Manuel, Nat Prowse, Katie Higham, Sue Pratchett and Lindsey Haigh.


I very much enjoy teaching sports to children, so I always feel it is fantastic to see juniors involved in the Parkrun. Today we had 20 out of the 180 park runners. Well done to you all, you should feel very proud!


A huge thank you to our volunteers who without them, we couldn't run! Didn't quite turn into snowmen yet! Don't forget to do your bit and volunteer if you haven't already!!


Well, not much more to say.....oh wait! I do believe our very own top fella completed his 50th run today! As records would have it, the first run recorded was 9/11/13. In this time, he has clocked up 11 PBs and volunteered a whopping 99 times (puts us to shame!) I know you will all share in huge congratulations to our wonderful Mr Dave Bullock! Thank you for the cake and all you and your team have done to help make Parkrun a success.


Enjoy your weekend!


Yours in shivering!

Cheryl Doherty


Longrun Meadow parkrun #113 28th November 2015

This week, 194 of us braved the threat of rain to run the 113th Parkrun at Longrun Meadow. Did you know that since 5th October 2013 4,108 different runners have run a total distance of 130,515 km with 6,009 Personal Bests?! Today we had 17 first timers and 19 Personal Bests. 17 different running clubs were represented, and we had tourists from Little Stoke & Windsor.

Our resident photographer Mike Cadman is off on his Travels for the next 3 months. We will miss you greatly Mike! The highlight of my Saturday afternoon is scrolling through your photographs, praying I look like I am actually running!!! Neil Haigh ran his 50th run today, and Sarah Capstick her 100th. Well done guys, we look forward to seeing you in your new T-Shirts (available through your profile on your email results) soon.

1st man home was Ian Radford in 17:52. This was Ian's first time at Longrun Meadow, we hope to see you again soon. Eliot Haimes was second in 18:05. Third man was unknown. Hannah Taunton was the first lady home in 18:16. Hannah has come first an amazing 67 times out of 83 runs. This just shows the hard work that she puts in; well done Hannah!! Second lady was Jessica Brown in 21:32 and third was Molly Brown in 22;25.

Personal Bests today were Hannah Taunton (18:16), Liam Mounter (20:54), Zeke Rawlins (22:22), James Andrews (22;25) Matt Keers (23:05), Simon Moulding (23:11), Daniel Bloomfield (23:17), Carol Lloyd (27:22), Helen Morgan (28:57), Alan Calder (29:14), Alistair Cohen (29:23), Paula Kedward (30:52), Michael Blinco (31:32), Nat Prowse (32:27), Michelle Owen (33:29), Sally Murray (35:15), Hester Rees (38:42), Joanna McLeod (39:16) and Lindsey Haigh (39:45).

parkrun is a brilliant place that brings together people of all abilities, all with a common goal - to complete 5k! Some people only run on a Saturday morning, others like Lynda Smith have normally clocked up 7 miles by the time my alarm clock goes off. Whatever your reason for running, having a place to come together, once a week, where we all support each other is vital.

Thanks to all the volunteers that make this happen week after week. We would not be able to continue without volunteers, so if you haven't done so before please sign up. It's really rewarding to be giving encouragement to others. Sign up at Parkrun or at

Right, time for Strictly!! See you all next week. Lindsey Haigh


Christmas Day parkrun & New Year

We will again be holding a Christmas Day Longrun Meadow parkrun but NOT on New Years Day.

Obviously the usual Saturday events will happen on Boxing day and 2nd January 2016


Longrun Meadow parkrun #63 – ‘Silly Santa Session’ – 20 December 2014

The Meadow was awash with Santas, Mrs Santas, Little Santas and Canine Santas, even Superman Santa put in an appearance.  There were also elves, angels, reindeer, a turkey being chased by the chef, the pregnant Virgin Mary, Robin and Batman, and a guy dressed in a dinner jacket and bow tie.  Also in abundance were daft hats, silly socks, tinsel, festive earrings, tutus and even fairy lights.  What an interesting group of people we are!

There were 219 runners this morning including 20 first timers and visitors from Wolverhampton & Bliston AC, Queens Harriers & AC (not sure where that is) and Bristol and West AC.  Local running clubs were well represented: Running Forever RC – 21, Taunton AC – 10, The Peacock Firm – 5, Taunton Running Club – 4, Quantock Orienteers – 2, Quantock Harriers – 2 and Bishop Henderson School – 2.

It was very slippery on the muddy section, especially on the second lap and it was surprisingly warm, particularly when running in cosy fancy dress costumes.  I think this all helped to ensure that only 18 runners recorded a pb today.  These were Josh Abbot – 20:01, Harrison Date – 21:58, Andrew Kemp – 34:27, Jeremy Browne – 28:11, Tom Newman – 28:10, Louis Butt – 32:47, William Ladd – 28:08, Duncan Shaun – 22:17, Barry Jones – 28:00, Suzy Cole – 27:53, Jonny Cole – 27:44, Jessica Whiting – 36:08, Leo Eiserbeck – 41:31, William Styles – 22:22, Mark Aspden – 22:28, Barbara Cosgrove – 33:44, Harrison Eiserbeck – 28:56 and Elizabeth Hester – 32:06.  Well done to all of you.

First man home today was Dan Clarke of Taunton AC (for the 14th time) in 17:42.  Daniel Miles also of Taunton AC took second place in 18:39 with Sam White of The Peacock Firm coming third in 19:02.  First lady home was Steph Newbury of Running Forever RC (for the 2nd time) in 20:55 with Caroline Norris taking second place in 21:05 and Sam Wharton of Running Forever RC coming third in 22:45.  Well done, excellent work.

Lucy Keitch (JW11-14) completed her 10th parkrun today, all at Longrun Meadow so has earned her parkrun 10 t-shirt.  Nobody completed their 50th parkrun with us today but keep an eye out for Christmas Day – there could be some extra celebrations then if people tear themselves away from their new presents!

I don’t know how much any of you study the results every week?  Ok, possibly not as much as me!  Anyway, recently this strange little orange arrow symbol has started to appear in the ‘total runs’ column – Strava?!  What’s that all about then?

Many thank to this week’s festive volunteers.  Music at the far end was very welcome and there was plenty of great cheering going on.  I hope you enjoyed looking at everyone’s costumes.  If you’d like to volunteer please contact and find out how much fun it actually is.

See you on Christmas morning.  Don’t forget that Shirley and Adam won’t be there with teas and coffees on Christmas Day or on 27 December but they will be back in the new year.  I hope they have a good Christmas break – they’ve certainly earned it.

Val Perigo


Christmas Day Run at Longrun Meadow

We are holding a Christmas Day run a gain this year 9.00am start at the barn.
What better way of relieving the guilt for over indulgence on turkey, mince pies and booze than to start the day with a 5K run at 9.00am.  We may not have a full compliment of volunteers but we have had enough mad core team agree to come and help.
We are also having a fancy dress (optional) themed run on Saturday 20th December. So find your Santa hats and elf ears and come on down.  Last year we all sorts as you can see!!!




Longrun Meadow parkrun #55– Getting colder! – 25 October 2014

Cold, cloudy and dry this morning.   The first runners came through with plenty of mud on them but they must have used it up because everyone else looked pretty clean.  As always there were some pretty impressive sprint finishes from all positions in the field and some exhausted and happy looking people at the finish line.  It doesn’t matter whether you come first or last or somewhere in between, you’re all up and running at 9am on Saturday morning and by 10am you’ve all achieved something so you’re all awesome!

We had 288 runners this morning including 44 first timers.  We had visitors from Australia, France, Ireland, Isle of Wight and Northampton.  There were representatives from 25 different athletic clubs including ‘Old Deers’ – this appears to be connected to the Reed’s School in Surrey and Ashley Mansfield, who has run with us 5 times now, is the only Old Deers parkrun member at the moment. There were 7 runners aged 70 or over and 58 runners aged 17 or under.

Last week 2 of our runners ran their 50th parkrun with us.  Lesley Westgate has run 22 of these at Longrun Meadow, 22 and Killerton, 3 at Yeovil and 1 each at Parke, Southsea and Westport.  Alistair Gregory has run 37 of his at Longrun Meadow with 3 at Killerton, 2 each at Forest of Dean and Southampton and 1 each at Havant, Eglinton, Netley Abbey, Keswick, Plymvalley and Eastleigh.  This week  Shaun Grinter joined the 50parkrun club having completed 46 runs at Longrun Meadow and 4 at Killerton.  Congratulations to Lesley , Alistair and Shaun – I’m looking forward to seeing you in your well earned red parkrun 50 t-shirts.

Four of our female junior runners, Katie Higham, Ellie Blight, Kira Prentice and Lucy Martin  completed their 10th parkrun with us last week and will soon be the proud owners of a white parkrun 10 t-shirt.  Katie, Ellie and Lucy have run all 10 at Longrun Meadow and Kira has run 9 at Longrun and 1 at Little Stoke.  Kira and Lucy also recorded pbs last week of 28:22 and 29:00 respectively.  This week another 3 of our juniors (all males this time) joined this club with Korben Cardosa, Jack Payne and Alasdair Simpson completing their 10th runs – all at Longrun Meadow.   Well done ladies and gentlemen.

There were 70 pbs this morning including Karen Monteiro.  Karen has been slacking a little recently so hasn’t had a pb since March.  As always the Monteiro family were out in force to support her, Nic even moved his chair to the finish area once his wife had run past him on her first lap and son Ed leaving her for dust right at the start.  The twins, Zac and Milly, let Karen beat them (maybe she paid them?) but anyway, they still get the last laugh because Mum now has to wash all that kit! Very well done on 24:30 Karen – I’m only jealous.

Isabelle Ashton has run with us 5 times since 30 August and has recorded a pb each time, starting with 36:24 and completing the course in 31:54 today.  Other pbs include Stuart Bellworthy – 23:26, Ben Everard – 24:03, James Denslow – 23:02, Louis Worth – 26:08, Kim Date – 31:57, Craig Whitemore – 20:09, Harrison Date – 22:23, Harriet Manning – 28:43, Suzanne Crane – 26:29, Maria Richards – 29:41, Chris Larcombe – 23:14, Tom Whitworth – 23:18, Peter Cawse – 20:30, Caroline Norris – 20:15, Stuart Lloyd – 26:49, Steve Payne – 23:42, Beverley Osborne – 33:16, Benjamin Grant – 24:21 and Kevin Manning – 20:12.  Well done everyone.

First man home today was Terence Fawden of Highgate Harriers (for the 5th time) finishing in 16:52 with Dan Clarke of Taunton AC hot on his heels in 17:04 and Sam White of The Peacock Firm taking 3rd place in 18:10.  First lady home was first timer Steph Newbury of Running Forever RC in 20:10 with Caroline Norris close behind with a pb of 20:15 and 3rd placing going to Sam Wharton of Running Forever RC in 21:10.  Superb running speedies.

Thank you to all this morning’s volunteers, especially the 4 members of the Fudge family.  To volunteer please contact

See you again next Saturday, I might even run.

Val Perigo


Longrun Meadow parkrun #41 – 19 July 2014

When I was woken up by the pouring rain this morning I kind of regretted offering to do the risk assessment on my bike and persuading my friend to run today’s parkrun with me.  I figured that staying in the barn drinking tea was a much more pleasant prospect.   However, I was wrong, we didn’t get wet at all, apart from the sweat of course, and it certainly wasn’t as hot as it had been last week.  I had a lovely run.

I arrived at the meadow and set off on my bike lap.  Oh, how much quicker it is on a bike!  It got me thinking though, I’d still probably have struggled to keep up with some of the faster runners, even on my bike.  Anyway, the course was fine, a few lovely puddles and just a tiny bit of mud.  The Gorilla was safely in situ and by the time I’d got there, the gate had been opened ready for the snack wagon’s arrival.

On the second lap, by the Gorilla, and just behind me, Jerome Timbrell was encouraging Catherine Timbrell and Kelly Chapman on by doing his well-practised monkey dance.  He was also urging Thomas Hasler on by shouting that they were all catching him up.  It was all very entertaining.  It seemed to work for all concerned as the whole group passed Sophie Mouly and I just before the finish!  By the way, does anyone know if ‘the Gorilla’ has a name?  Or can we name it?

We had 3 visitors from Dundee Hawkhill Harriers today – James (JM15-17), Ryan (JM11-14) and Jack Donald (JM10).  They brought their parents along to run with us too – Angus and Joyce.  The whole family ran fantastically well with James taking first place – I’m told that he runs for Scotland!  Was lovely to have you all here today, I hope you enjoyed it and that we’ll see you again on your next visit down here.

Another first timer today was Noah Holland (JM10) who ran with his Mum, Laura.  Noah finished with an impressive sprint and a great big smile on his face.  Well done Noah, I’m sure we’ll see you again.

We had 230 runners today with 40 first timers and 51 recorded personal bests.  Today’s pbs included Paul Lambert – 25:18, George Shepherd - 18:47, Donna Huddy – 29:24, Nadine Prouse – 26:12, Leslie Pallant – 37:52, Catherine Timbrell – 37:28, Stephanie Woolfenden – 24:39, Deborah Thorpe – 31:41, Kerry Smith – 28:53, Paul Matravers – 28:15, Sam Tull – 25:22 and Paul Hazeldine - 21:16.

First man home today was visitor James Donald of Dundee Hawkhill Harriers in 16:55 with Dan Clarke of Taunton AC taking second place in 17:03 and William Nicolle of Taunton AC claiming third place with a pb of 18:10.  Hannah Taunton of Taunton AC was first lady home for the 18th time in 19:39 with Natasha Blunt taking second place with a pb of 20:01 and first timer Sarah Hawkins coming third in 20:47.  Well done to all of you.  Once again, some great times there.

This morning’s volunteers were as fabulous as ever with a bit of extra hard work from Benny the dog.  Benny cheered us all round by barking madly as we went passed – I hope he got some treats for his efforts.  Steph Parlour volunteered for the first time today and, as so many others have, commented how much she’d enjoyed herself.  If you’d like to help contact us at – your parkrun needs you!

Have a good week with plenty of running and I’ll see you next Saturday morning at 9am for our weekly parkrun fix.

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