Longrun Meadow parkrun report 7th December 2019

Report by Nadine Prouse

The meaning of parkrun according to google.

“A collection of 5km running events that take place every Saturday morning at over 1400 locations in 22 countries across 5 continents.

parkrun events are free to enter and are run by volunteers supported by a small group of staff at its headquarters”


parkrun means so many things to many different people. For some it means being at the front and coming first week after week, note I didn’t say win, after all it’s not a race.

For others it’s enjoying racing against yourself and beating last weeks time or a recent pb but for the majority it’s about taking part in something inclusive.

I spoke to a few people today and asked them to sum up in a few words what parkrun meant to them. It was really interesting that the same words came up a number of times.

Community, fun, encouragement, fresh air, exercise, mental wellbeing, social and probably one of the best; “It’s always someone’s first time”.

So, if you’ve been thinking about coming along then you will never be on your own.

It has been so wonderful to see over the last few years the average time is getting slower and this means parkrun is attracting more and more people that just want to be active with likeminded people.

Having tail walked today I can 110% vouch that the parkrunners at the back put just as much effort. In. Walking is very much acceptable, and you will always be very welcome.

No one comes last at parkrun as that’s the tailwalker’s job.


Longrun Meadow First finishers today were

Men : 1st Adam Holland, 2nd Unknown and 3rd Mawgan Andrew.

Ladies: 1st Emma Rathbone, 2nd Nicole King and 3rd Emma Kiernan


There was a whopping 42 PB’s which I’m sure was due to the virtually dry course and 33 First timers to Long run Meadow.

Well done to the team from Bishop Fox’s school who completed their couch 2 5k today.

A big thankyou to all the volunteers too, who always wear the biggest smiles. Don’t forget to add your name to the list. I can promise you that you will find it very rewarding.

Visitors came from Australia, Frome, Lincs, Woolacombe, Pontyridd, Chippenham and also Bushy park. I had the pleasure of Les’s company who was visiting from Bushy park. Les is in the VM80-84 and today was his 393rd parkrun. Now that is inspiring!


Don’t forget Saturday 21st December is our Christmas themed parkrun. Always a fun event.


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